Sunday, February 09, 2014

Sunita aur Shera

A lovely daughter in law through the eyes of a lusty Oldman I have thought about a long story for you, which is a mixture of some truly real moments and my fantasies. This is not a bang bang sex story So you can enjoy this and feel free to comments. 

Her name is Sunita. Ever since she got married to my only son, I was mesmerized by her beautiful charms When she first came as newly wed to our house six years ago, she was a symbol of grace, shyness and true Indian. Gradually as she grown into a more mature form she has added a fair amount of sexiness in her body as well as attitude. She used to cover her head with her sari as a token of respect towards elders but gradually when it disappeared even I don't know, now she often can be seen in her sleeveless gown or even in her tight jeans and loose shirt roaming here and there during her daily homely chores. She has also given birth to a lovely boy who is now two years old. I am her father in law (Sasur), my wife passed away few years back. Earlier I didn't used to get time to ogle her body but since my Voluntary retirement two years ago, she is my favorite time pass as after my son is gone for office there is no one in the house except me and Sunita and my grand son. She has even become sexier and fleshier since she gave birth to her son. I am sure she must have noticed me chasing her swinging ass, drinking her charms but I don't know how she feel about that but I cant help it I am a lusty old man who just think about sex. Though I have always thought about her but still I couldn't collect any courage to actually try to seduce her as I think she is very happily married to Sunil my lucky son. I am sure he must be banging her body with all his might and satisfying her sexual needs. 

Due to renovation in the house lots of work was going on and as I was retired I was looking after all these. Things went by smoothly until the coloring work started. They were three people coming for coloring the house two of them were around 40 years of age and one of them was just about 16 yrs old. Daily they come at 10 in the morning go to terrace and change their clothes for the white wash and after completing the work at 6 they change again and go back to the homes. It happened on the very first day of their arrival I was at terrace reading newspaper and also ogling my beautiful bahu who was also at terrace for spreading clothes after wash. The workers come and started changing their clothes on the far corner of the terrace. I was admiring the beautiful and sexy body of Sunita when I saw she was staring at something for a while, I quickly followed and stunned to find what I saw. My bholi bhali bahu very cultured decent and faithfully married to my son Sunita is staring at a dangling dick of a 16 year old. I was surprised to as in the process of changing his pants his very dirty and a loose underwear came into view and from that, his enormous dick(too big for boy of that age) was trying hard to escape that dirty underwear and Sunita has forgot herself while watching it hungrily. 

Suddenly the boy also met the eyes with her he quickly understands what she was staring at and smiled at her. He must know all about the effect of his assets. She quickly realized and lowered her eyes and started spreading the clothes but it was all too late. The boy kept smiling went down for his color work. She suddenly realized that I was also there and quickly turned her face towards me but I was totally engrossed in my news paper. She took a sigh of relief that I have not seen anything. But little did she knew that I am now the happiest man, because now I know that my decent looking sincere bahu in not just an homely lady she also loves cocks, big one and she doesn't mind if that comes out of a dirty underwear a young boy or from a Lungi of an dirty old man. Now my eyes are always on her as I was also looking after the coloring work and for these workers I asked her to prepare tea twice a day and when she prepare it she called, "Chai le jao". And they send the younger one for picking up the tray. He quickly came inside the kitchen and I was not missing any view as I know what to see from where. 

He came and smiled at her again and she quickly lowered her eyes like a thief. She picked up the tray and gave it to him and the street smart boy he is quickly grabbed her hand in the process of taking the tray. I could see a clear shudder in her body when her hand made contact with his, he didn't wait took the tray and went back. Sunita quickly see here and there but relieved to see that no one was watching. Now this become the routine every time he comes, comes with a broad smile and never fail to touch her hand while picking up the tray. She for the first few times have lowered her eyes in shame but third time she smiled back at him making this boys cock throb a little. She was very careful to see that no one in the house is noticing this. On the second day I was surprised to see that she was at the terrace well before their arrival. I was already there behind my newspaper and She today looked totally engrossed in her clothes work but I knew she was waiting for the guy to drop his pants the other two guys changed their clothes and went down. This kid has just deliberately delayed the act and quickly dropped his pants as soon as they went down. Again his enormous dick behind the dirty cloth of his underwear came into view I saw she had a quick glimpse and lowered her eyes but the boy carefully looked at me just to check what I was doing but when he was assured that I am too busy in my news paper he did the unthinkable that too on the terrace. 

With one hand he pulled his underwear down and with other hand he held the base of his enormous cock which was glistening in all his glory. It was almost around 10" rock hard with the thought of this sexy woman watching him. Though I also possess a good one but his was something special. So special it was that She was just shell shocked for a moment. He just gave few masturbating thrust with his hand then pulled his undie back and changed his clothes and went down. I could hear her panting and as an experienced dirty oldman I knew she has a wet pussy now. 

Now she started taking lot of interest in their work even get inside the room where this boy was painting the room on a high stool, all alone, I came just outside the widow to hear what they talk. 

"Kaisa laga madam?" The boy asked 

"Kya?" She asked 

" Humara kaam madam." 

"Achcha hai, kya naam hai tumahara?" She asked 

"Shera, aur aapka?" She was taken a back a little as she was not expecting him to ask her name. 

"Sunita" she replied . 

"Sunita tum bahut mast lagti ho.." She surprised again, the boy was quick. 
"Madam ye aapka budha kabhi bahar nahin jaata kya?" he was referring to me. 

"Kyon tumhe kya problem hai?" I was surprised she didn't objected to him calling me budha, 

" Nahin suke saamne mauka hi nahin milta."

"Kaisa Mauka?"

"Tujhe Kiss karne ka." He was smiling boldly looking at her closely monitoring her reactions.. She with open mouth looked angrily at her, but I was not sure for what she was angry for, his desire for kiss or referring her as "tujhe". But I soon find out. 

"Tum mujhse kitne chote ho aur phir bhi kaise baat karte ho."

"Main chota hoon? Tujhe subah chota laga?" smiling he rubbed his cock over his pants. 

She blushed at his gesture and remembering the scene of the morning.

"Bol na Sunita chota tha? Tere ghar main hai kisi ka? She didn't answered. 

"Wapas dekhogi?

"nahin koi aa jayega." Means she wants to look but afraid that someone might come. My dick has grown rock hard by then. 

As he was standing on a high stool ,She looked up at him again to be greeted by his rock hard dick coming out of his pants. 

"Dekho Sunita aur bolo chota hai kya?"

Now she was afraid but lust is taking care of her. She bravely looked at his throbbing cock may be comparing with all the cocks she has seen in her life including that of her hubby. 

"Nahin."She replied. He smiled proudly jumped down from the stool and came very close to her.. She was very afraid now not afraid of him I know but afraid of any family members presence there. 

His cock was touching the front between her legs over her saree.

"hath me pakad." He grabbed her hand and pull it down. She hesitatingly first touched it a little and wrapped her soft fingers all round his hot piece of meat. 
"mmm maza aa gaya.."

"kaisa hai?" His cock must have increased few cms more when he saw her blushing and smiling at the same time. He brought both his hands and grabbed her face as she was continuingly rubbing his shaft. He brought her face close and kissed full on her lips. He did it very slowly and smoothly but she never tried to stop it and her hand has gripped his cock even more tightly when their kiss was becoming more and more passionately and for some reason I was there just about to come in my pants but never tried to stop this act. But when I saw another worker was coming towards that room , I deliberately made some sound so that they will know that someone is coming. After taking my time I get inside the room and there they were as if nothing happened. He was painting very sincerely and she was instructing like a typical housewife about where he has left bad patch. 

"Are Sunita tum ho agar mujhe pata hota to main thoda aaram kar leta." I said 

"Haan papaji aap chahe to thoda aaram kar lijiye main dekh loongi aur time par chai bhi bana doongi." The other worker came into that room and said that two of them had to go early today and shera will be here up to 6 o clock. I readily gave them permission and also saw the face of Shera lit up a little. After he has gone I turned towards Sunita 

"Sunita par is kaam ke waqt tum ye saree mat pehno kharaab ho jayegi gown pehnoge to theek rahega." 

"par papaji in lohgo ke saamne." She was acting innocent. Having rubbed his dick just a while agao and acting innocent, what a bitch I though for the first time in all those years. 

"Are ye to bachcha hai kya farak padta hai." I spoke this a little louder so he could hear it easily. 

"Theek hai papaji main change kar leti hoon." She came after 10 minutes in a mouth watering night gown and like always I gave her appreciating looks. She is used to my looks and never gave an impression that she felt bad. But now I know that she must be loving my attention all these years. Her sleeve less gown of a very thin material will be too much for that young man I thought. I aksed her to make tea also for Shera. She nodded and went to the kitchen and my passionately followed her swinging ass. 

As soon as she prepared the tea she called "Chai le jao." And also gave my tea in the hall in between the kitchen and that room. I smilingly took the tea "mmm she looked mind boggling as always." I thought . Shera came out of the room to have his tea. I gestured him to sit in front of me and tell Sunita to bring his tea also here. Shera looked a bit disappointed that he couldn't get the chance of grabbing her once more in the kitchen. 

" To Shera kab se kar rahe ho ye kaam." I asked

"Jee do saal se."

"Dekho chahe do din jyada lag jaye par kaam badiya hi hona chahiye."

"Saab aap chinta mat karo ghar mein kisi ko koi shikayat nahin hogi." When he said kisi ko he lovingly looked at Sunita standing beside me. 

" Saab wo room to ho gaya aab ye bedroom karna hai, par iska furniture mujh se akele bahar nahi nikal payega." He was talking about the bedroom of Sunita and Sunil. 

" Koi baat nahin main aur Sunita hain na ."

"Saab Aap log." He looked elated but hesitated a bit.

"Kyon nahin ghar ka hi to kaam hai. Kyon Sunita?" I looked at her She was just dreamingly looking at him must be thinking about his dick, " haan theek hai" She blurted.. Shera got more than he bargained for. 

After tea all three of us went inside the bedroom and started moving furniture. Sofa was a bit heavy so Shera said ," Aap dono ek taraf se uthaiye aur main ek taraf se.." This was heavens for me as myself and Sunita have picked up the Sofa from one side and we were so closed that our bodies were almost crushing with each other her soft naked arm , the smell of youthness coming out was having a telling effect on me and the way her face showing the changes I was sure she also is getting the same effect by the touch of my body. Shera smiled at both of us. As he was getting the best view of her cleavage showing 1/3 of her milky boobs and her blushy face is treat to watch. There was quiet a few things in the bedroom but the shifting was never so enjoyable for anyone. 

Once I changed the scene deliberately and challenged Shera," kya Shera tum mujhe kamjor samajhte ho lo Ek taraf se main uthata hoon aur doosri taraf se tum dono uthao." 

And now we were lifting the bed and both Shera and Sunita's bodies were crushing with each other. Though I showed nothing from my face but I could feel the excitement building plus I was getting the view of her lovely globes and Shera too taking every opportunity by rubbing his body with her. Then there was one position when the bed was half in and half out they both were out of the door and was out of my view for a while and I heard " ouch" from Sunita. 

"Kya hua" I asked "Kuch nahin kuch chub gaya tha". 

"Kuch" I coudnt see that but I was sure that Shera must have grabbed her somewhere, may be her ass. The mere thought has given me an instant hard on. All this shifting has given all three of us a great excitement. After all the shifting He started the coloring I asked Sunita , " main thak gaya hoon thoda aaram kar leta hoon tum yahan dhyan rakhana.." She nodded. 

I went to my room which was upstairs She kept standing there watching me go inside the room and then moved towards the room where Shera was working. I wasted no time and quickly came back very carefully making no sound. And came close the window from where I could hear everything there was also an angle where I could see inside through the window but at the moment I don't want to take the risk. 

" Tera budha bhi rangeen lagta hai mujhe." I heard Shera talking about me. 

"Aisa kyon bol rahe ho."

"Dekha maine wo kaise tere se chipak kar khush ho raha tha. Tujhe bhi to mazaa aa raha tha." 

" Tum bahut badamash ho."

"Wo to main hoon hi."

"Tumne kaisi shaitani ki us waqt agar wo dekh lete to?

"Are kaise dekh leta wo budha par mazza aa gaya teri gaand bahut mast hai." I was shocked to hear him use this language. Now I was sure she will object it now, but I heard nothing of that sort. 

""aur dekh bhi leta to kuch nahin kehta usi ne to hamein saath mein chipkaya tha." 

"Phir bhi" . 

"Are tum dono saath mein rehte ho wo tere upar line nahin maarta kya." This I also wanted to know from her. 

" Bhahut koshish karte hain, par humare relation ki wajah se chup rehte hain shayad." I was shell shocked. She knew everything but acting innocent all these years or I was a fool that couldn't understand a woman once again. There she is sharing her family secret with an unknown lowly class young boy. 

" Tujhse se chipak kar bahut khush ho rah tha budha aur shayad abhi tere naam se muth maar raha hoga." 

"Dhatt aisi gandi batein mat karo."

"mujhe to gandi batein hi aati hai agar karni hai to ruko nahin to jao kaam karne do." But I saw no signs of her coming out. 

"to ye tera bedroom hai."


"Aisa shandaar bed hai tera bahut mazaa aata hoga." I heard no reply

"Aise mauka mujhe bhi nahin milega ki kisi sexy maal ko usi ke bedroom mein chod sakoon. God he is taking too much risk. I was expecting a slap sound. 

"Nahin aisi batien karoge to main chali jaongi." She was acting pricey like a girlfriend talking to his new boyfriend. 

I heard him jumped down from his high stool. I quickly placed my self at a place from where I could see them from the window but I have to be careful that they could also see me if they turn round. But to watch I have to take this risk my cock was aching in my pants. 

"Jaana chahti ho to jao par saari zindagi afsos karogi ." he grabbed her ass with both his hands and push her towards his crotch. She must be feeling his solid cock over her pubic mound. He put his lips over her neck and keep kissing in upward motion and came close to her ear. He began to chew her earlobes softly and I clearly saw she thrusts her ass towards him in excitement. It was still a mystery to me that how the boy in this young age knows to seduce the woman so expertly. He must have started fucking at the age of five I thought. 

Her back is towards me and I saw him grabbing the cloth of her gown and slowly pulling it upwards. She was quivering in his arms but not trying to escape. As a result of lifting of the gown her naked calf then back of her thigh came into my view. For so long I was dreaming to see her naked in front of me and now she is getting ready to be fucked by a man half of her age and that too in front of my eyes. I am the head of this house its my duty to save every family member from getting into the trouble, I should have stop this and kick this boy out of the house. But my cock, my lust, the voyeur in me stating otherwise, and whats going on inside is not without consent. The wife of my son is willingly thrusting her ass to meet the meat of this young boy and may be this will result in me getting her too. My thoughts interrupted when I saw her gown was totally lifted and shocked to see that she has not wore her underwear today. She when changed in the afternoon has done away with undies, smart thinking I must say. But at the moment I was mesmerized to see her naked spotless fleshy and firm ass which was being grabbed by a black pair of rough hands. The contrast in their body color is making the viewing al the more easy. He was squeezing her butts hard and kept kissing over her face her lips . His fingers were roaming freely over her smooth ass and getting inside the cleft and even trying to be inside her ass hole. Her face was not visible but shivering movement of her body is clearly making the statement of her exciting state. 

" Meri zip khol" He ordered. She complied quickly fumbled with his pants and soon his pants were down to his ankles. 

"Underwear utaar zaldi kar." She pulled his undies below his ass and it was so loose that it falls down from there and met his pants. Now it was obvious that his cock was meeting her naked wet pussy for the first time. He then started pushing her down and as she got down he lifted her gown all over making her totally naked except her bra and in no time he quickly snap of the bra too. As they will be lying down on the floor as the bedroom was without any furniture I too adjusted my position to get the better view. But at the moment he was still standing and she was on her knees. 

"Chal choos ise." He commanded

"nahin main ye nahin kar sakti."

"Kyon tere pati ka nahin leti kya."

"nahin unhone kabhi nahin kaha." This was a shock to me Sunil has not asked this sexy woman to suck his cock. God he must be a fool, so long I was thinking that as my son he would be very adventurous in bed but now it seems he is not satisfying her properly. It was quiet obvious as she has submitted herself so easily to this young boy and now I am ruing that why I have not taken any initiative I am now sure that I could have got her on first instance but I have wasted a lot of my precious time. At this old age not much time left for me. 

"Saala chutiya hai isme bahut mazza aata hai tujhe bhi aayega le muh khol jaldi kar nahin to budha aa jayega." Hearing that she quickly opened her mouth a little and he forced his dick inside . " thoda aur khol". 

At sixteen he was an expert realizing this was the first time for her he was taking it easy and slowly filled her mouth with half of his dick. I was also rubbing my cock over my pants. 

"Ab choos dheere dheere." He ordered bringing down both his hands over her tight breasts and caressing them softly. She started sucking on his dick and he was loving it. I have already came once in my pants. 

"Aaah wah mazaa aa gaya aise hi bahut mast kya choos rahi hai lag hi nahin rah ki pehli bar choos rahi hai wah mazaa aaa gaya saala chutiya hai tera aadmi to.

"Then he made her stop it and said, " chal let za , tune mujhe mazaa diya ab main bhi tujhe mazaa doonga. Aur ye to mujhe pata hai ke tere aadmi ne ye bhi nahin kiya hoga." He made her lie down and spread her legs. She has closed her eyes with shame. 

"Aye aankh khol" 

She opened her eyes questioningly. 

"Aankh khol kar mazza le Sharma mat tabh aur mazza aayega.." He spread her legs wide and knelt down between her legs and put his tongue over her pussy. " kya." 

She shocked "nahin". "chup chap mazza le" and started his expert act with his tongue on her clit he was sucking chewing and doing all sorts of things which have never been experienced by this homely housewife This was heavens for her and she was so excited that in no time he came all over his mouth and panting heavily. But the expert he is he still didn't stop and kept sucking her juices and with the help of all the wetness even making her asshole wet and inserting his finger in her asshole and pussy and even after getting an orgasm she was again a itchy state of excitement. I am again rock hard position and rubbing my cock for another one. He then stop for a while and asked, 

"Bol, maza ayaa" She nodded yes.

"karoge nahin." She asked which made me shocked a little.

" chudwayegi" he asked "haan" She said and closed her eyes.

"Ankh khol aur bol chodo mujhe." She opened her eyes

"chodo please."

" le khud pakad mere lund ko aur laga apni choot par." She lifted her body a little and grabbed his cock and put it over the entrance. 

He wasted no further time and one forceful motion pushed the entire length inside her we tunnel." Ahhhrghhhhhh" A cry shrieked out of her it was a mixture of pain lust joy and satisfaction he started fucking her furiously and she was meeting his every thrust. If I have not witness this I could have never imagined that this lady can fuck like that. At the moment she was fucking like a bitch in heat and this stud is taking mazza of the lifetime getting this lady as per his will and here I was masturbating with the thought of getting her soon. 

" AAAh chodo aaaahh"

"Tere pati ne kabhi choda hai aise."


"Kitna bada lund hai uska?"

"Bahut chota hai, aaaahh."

"Uchal apni gaand zor se ye le saali."

She was jumping upwards and he was fucking furiously and soon the orgasm was building and the lust flowing all over "aaahhhhhrrrgggg ohhhhhhhhh" She came like an earthquake, he came like a waterfall and I came like an oldman. 

That whole night I was thinking about Sunita and her fucking session with Shera. Why I was enjoying her fucking with someone else? She is my daughter in law no one has the right to fuck her except my son Sunil and if anyone should ever get a chance then it should be some family member I mean it should me only me. For all these years I was afraid to touch this homely faithful wife but now that I know that she is also a cock hungry bitch she also has the slut in her and when I know all her secret then why should I afraid of her and why I should let that son of a bitch Shera fuck her. The decision has been taken in mind that now or never I will let her know that I want to fuck her that's it. 

But next morning when again I saw her lusting greedily at Shera's cock while he was changing clothes I felt a little inferior and dropped the plan for today. But I have another plans. Today probably was the last day of their painting work and the last one was my own room that was a lonely room upstairs where I spend my lonely nights on my computer chatting with some beautiful sluts of Philippines. I quickly went inside my room and adjusted my powerful cam (used for showing my dick while chatting) in such a way that it could cover the almost whole of the room specially concentrating the bed and still placed in such a way that no body could imagine that its in on position and with its powerful mic on I started the web cam recording and then shut down the monitor. What was I doing? Have I become a total voyeur just wanted to see her fuck with that lucky bastard. No in fact that was just a bonus, but what I was doing was getting a concrete proof with me, as an experience player in this field I very well know these innocent housewives. They are more expert than a cheap whore in making fool of a man, specially their hubbies, I desperately wanted to give her the taste of my mature but powerful cock and don't want to take any chances. So my plan was set. I already got rid of the other two workers stating that just one room left now and only Shera can manage the work today. I told Shera to perform his task such that my computer is not disturbed. He agreed but started to put a cloth cover over the computer but I stopped him stating that it is already covered and I was planning to chage these covers, so go ahead. He was not sure but must have though " mere baap ka kya jaaata hai." And started painting. I came down in the kitchen and saw the beautiful swinging ass of my lovely bahu. She might have felt the pinch of my eyes over her lovely gaand as she turned quickly, 

"Arre papaji aap?" 

"Haan Aaj painting ka kaam to pura ho jayega." 

" haan aap bhi kai dino se kaam dekhte dekhte thak gaye honge." 

"Bahu ye Shera tumko kaisa lagta hai?" She got pale for a instance but quickly recovered and asked, 

" kyo papaji?" 

"Nahin Sunil ek driver rakhne ke liye keh raha tha , Shera ne bataya tha ki wo driving jaanta hai to maine socha…. Par aisi koi jaldi nahin hai do chaar din mein aadmi ka pata nahin chalta." 

" Waise to theek lagta hai, Aap Sunil se baat kar ke dekh lein." I saw a glimpse of lust in her eyes or may be its my imagination. 

" Bahu tum upar jaa kar kaam dekhti rehana main jara Sharmaji ke yahan jaa kar aata hoon." And I went out leaving them alone. I knew the work was only of one hour but I spent all my time till lunch and when I came back Shera has gone after completing the work. 

"Papaji ye shera ne mobile no. diya hai agar aapko driver ke liye baat karni ho to." 

"Are bahu tumne use bol diya?" She got a bit embarrassed but said

"maine socha kaam to khatam ho gaya hai agar use contact karna pada to."

"haan bahu ye tumne theek kiya."

"Mera kamra theek se ho gaya na." 

"Haan papaji maine beech beech mein dekh liya tha." I smiled. And after taking lunch I told her that I am tired and want a good sleep now. I quickly went inside the room and closed it. Opened the monitor and glad to see that it was still capturing the movements. I closed that saved the file and started it again. 

" Saala budha kahin ja ke marta kyon nahin, mera lund phadfada raha hai." It was Shera's voice coming out loud. But he didn't stop his painting and doing it very fast, wanted to save his time I guessed. I impatiently forwarded the clip of his painting work and stopped when I saw a movement out side the door. 

"Chai le lo" Sunita came in and put the tray on a table.

"Badi jaldi aa gayi chai aaj."

"kyon chai ki talab nahin lagi kya?' She asked smilingly.

"mujhe to nahin par ise bahut talab lagi hai." He rubbed his cock over his pants still on his high stool. 

"bahut badmash ho tum."

"kyon tujhe talab nahin lagi kya."

"Nahin to."

"to phir kyon aayi ye jaldi chai le kar. Aur muje wahin kyon nahin bula liya roz ki tarah?" 

" Wo to papaji bahar gaye hai isliye.." She quickly bit her lips but it was too late. 

" ohh to sale budhe ke jaate hi aa gayi choot marwane." He jumped from his stool and came close to her. 

" Aur kehti hai saali ke talab nahin lagi." He put his hand between her legs over her gown and grabbed her pussy and asked 

"Bol sali marwane aayi hai ya nahin." She nodded

"Bol marwane aayi hai ya nahin?"


"kya haan"

"marwane aayi hoon." She replied lowering her eyes.

"kya marwane aayi hai?" he teased her putting as little more pressure on her pussy. 
"Bol" seeing her quiet he shouted a little with a little more pressure on her wet lips. 
"Ch ch choot.".

"Saali ab mujhse kyon shrmati hai, jab marwati hai to marwati hai isme sharam kaisi?" 

He brought his other hand around her and grabbed closed to him and kissed her on her lips. 

"mmm saali tu to aur mast hoti jaa rahi hai. Aaj ke baad mere is lund ka kya hoga." 

"tum humare yahan driver ki naukri karoge?"

"kya sach mein.?"

"main sunil se baat karoongi.".

"mujhe do do gadi chalani padegi."

"do nahin ek."

"kyon ye gadi nahin chalani kya?" he winked pumping her left breast like a horn." She blushed and a slight scream. 

"To phir mera mobile rakh lena aur jab bhi job ki baat karni ho ring kar dena aur nahin bhi karni ho par choot mein khuzli ho rahi ho tab bhi ring kar dena." 

He grabbed her buttocks with both his hands and started kneading them roughly making her pant heavily. She brought both her hands behind her head and pulled him towards her and placed a sensational kiss on his lips and forced her tongue inside his mouth. God it was shear madness it seems she is in love with this guy and this furious kiss was pretty evident. The sight made me a little sad but it gave maximum pleasure to my cock that is rock hard and I don't know when it came out of my pants and my right hand has already grabbed it and rubbing it. 

kya baat hai jaan bahut mast ho rahi ho aaj." When their lips parted the lucky bastard immediately asked. 

"bus aaj last hai isliye."

" to aaj last din tujhe who mazaa doonga ki zindagi bhar mujhe yaad rakhegi." He removed her gown and threw in the corner. She was standing just in her bra and panty. What a body she has got and soon this marvelous beauty will be under me thinking I began to rub my cock furiously. He was kissing her all over like a mad dog like with his tongue making her body wet with his saliva and squeezing her soft flesh hard making red impression here and there. She was also reciprocating in a very competitive manner and sucking his lips and cheeks and even grabbing his bums hard. I was sure if my son could see her in this state he would have got a heart attack. I don't know from where these lovely women learn all these things. She was giving this young labor class boy, a joy of his lifetime making him mad with her active participation of lust fill session. She unbuttoned his shirt and grabbed it out of his body and with trembling hands she started to undo the buckle of his pants unzipped it and started to pull it down, She was looking a little violent in her approach. He helped her and his pants are now removed and thrown away now he is standing only in his loose and dirty under wear. She was on her knees he put his hand behind her head and pressed her face over his dirty underwear almost suffocating her, when he loosened the grip a little she forced her head back a little. Must be annoyed by the dirty smell I thought but it was not that. She grabbed his cock between her teeth over his dirty under wear. Oh god she was a perfect match to this pervert little buy. She has inserted both her hands behind under his underwear and squeezing his gaand very hard she was teasing him by scratching the cleft of his gaand by her finger nails and they way he was squeezing his butts seems like she has even inserted her finger or fingers in his asshole. 

" Ohh saali bahut mast hai. Lagta hai bahut expert hai is khel mein mazza aa gaya." 
"gaand mein ungli ddal de haan yess ooffff haan haan off ssali rrand hai tu to." 

His dirty words were effecting positively and she was squeezing his buttock harder and even scratching and digging her nails in his fleshy gaand. She was also continuing with her chewing of his cock over his undie. He lowered himself down and unsnapped her bra and removed it. She broke her nibbling over his cock looked at him and in one swift motion brought down his undie . he lifted his each leg to completely remove his under wear. Now his naked cock was knocking at her luscious lips. She automatically opened her mouth and he trusted it inside and now her finger inserting in his asshole was clearly seen She was sucking his cock like an expert whore and he was thrusting his ass like a mad horse. 

" Wah ssali Sunita tune mujhe bahut mazza de diya aaj to main bhi tujhe aisa hi mazza doonga.." 

"Tera pati saala chutiya hai jo aisi rrand ko pyaasa rakhta hai. Le saali le mera maal kha le." 

The way she was using her hands over his ass asshole and his balls it was too much for him and he grabbed her head with hands and with volcanic jerks came in her mouth. She started to remove her mouth but her head was strongly held steady by him and he made sure that not a drop of his sticky cum is wasted outside. She has to gobble down all his sperm. When he was assured that his cum is all inside her mouth (if not throat) he made her stand and grabbed her body and kissed her full and inserted his tongue in her mouth. Must want to taste his own cum through her mouth. Their French kissing was going for long and I was sure that they wanted to finish every drop of the cum before starting another action. 

Shera was totally naked, his athletic body was looking truly impressive, due to his hard work he has this tremendous structure at this very young age and with a cock like this he can get as many women as he likes but my sweet daughter in law how hungrily she has dried his cock no one can believe if they don't see this, But has happened just a few hours back and I am watching it as its happening just now right in front of my eyes. Sunita was standing in the embrace of Shera only in her panties her firm round boobs were being mauled by Shera and they were kissing passionately and their hands were roaming over each others bodies. Shera's cock was beginning to grow again and soon it was solid hard and knocking on the panties right over her joy hole. He made her lie down on my low bed. Ohh her beautiful body is lying over my bed, its got to be me with her but this bastard is taking her as per his will. 

" tere sasur ke bed par chodunga tujhe kaisa lag raha hai."


Tera budha aayaa to."

"Wo jaldi nahi aayenge." 

Shera pulled down her panties and said 

"Taang chaudi kar" She obediently spread her legs wide. Shera knelt down between her legs and placed his tongue on the opening. She jerked by the sudden unexpected assault by tongue and looked questioningly at him. 

"Bus let kar mazza le, tune mujhe zitna mazza diya hai usse double mazza doonga." 
He again started licking her pussy lips also using his fingers to spread her wet lips, her clean wet lips (though not clearly visible to me but I and you all could well imagine.) She immediately gone mad by this new action and brought his legs upwards and locking his head between them. Her arousal was beyond control and her state was evident that she is getting her cunt sucked for the very first time. He was expertly using his tongue like a dog and she was surely a bitch in heat. 

"Ohh Shera aaahhhhh" She shreaked aloud and put her both hands over his head. She was thumping her ass upward to let his tongue a deeper access of her choot. He has made his figers wet with her cunt juices and inserted his finger in her ass . 

"ohh Shera ohh plz do it fast aahhrgggg ohhh." Shera took a break

" bolo jaan kaisa lag raha hai?"

"bahut achcha"

"kabhi kisi ne teri choot chati hai?"


"Tere pati ne?"

"Tere Sasur ne?"

"kya bolte ho Shera?" Shera laughed.

"Dekhna agar chance degi to budha bhi teri choot phle chatega?"

"tumko kaise maloom."

"Main jaaanta hoon bus itna jaanta hoon ki tera budha tere chodu husband se badiya chudai karega.". This was the happier moment for me and I thanked Shera for that. 

"Sunil ke bare mein aise mat bolo plz."

"kya galat bol raha hoon wo chodu hi hota hai jo itni shandaar choot ko pyasa rakhta hai. Aur agar tum shart lagao to main tujhe tere pati ke saamne chod sakta hoon.". Shera has left licking her pussy and came adjacent to her and both were lying lovingly in each others arms. 

"kya bolte ho shera mujhe marwane ka irada hai kya?"

"Are nahin teri marne ka irada hai wo bhi tere gaandu ke samne."

"are please use gaandu mat bolo." Sunita was using the word Gaandu.

"Aur agar tum aur shart lagao to main tere saamne tere pati ki Gaand bhi mar sakta hoon." 

"Shera bahut jyaada ho raha hai ab?"

"kyaon jyada kya?"

"Aisa bhi kabhi hota hai.?"

"Kya nahi hota?"

"aadmi aadmi ko cho aann karta hai kya." Shera laughed

"kya tujhe pata nahin ya mere samne bholi ban rahi hai."

"nahin sach mein kya aisa hota hai."

"Bilkul hota hai maine khud kai ladko ki Gaand mari hai."

"Aur mera man abhi teri choot se nahin bhara hai bahut tight hai saali nahin to teri Gaand bhi maarta. Par phir kabhi marronga teri gaand." 

" Tum kya paida hote hi ye kaam kar rahe ho ?"Shera laughed.

"Chal ulti ho ja" She looked afraid 

"nahin wahan nahin."

"Are gaand nahin maar raha."


"Ab jyada nakhre mat kar nahin to gaand mein hi pel doonga chal ulti hoja chupchap." He said in a stern voice. She quickly turned around and lay ther on her stomach. 

"Chal kutiya ban ja jaldi." She immediately got on all four.

"Wah kya gaand hai. He slapped lightly at her bums. With his fingers still wet he inserted one in her ass hole lubricating the hole. She turned her head with a worrying face. He assured her 

"Chinta mat kar aaj gaand nahin marronga." But it was not known what was in his mind. 

He spread her legs a little wide and spread her bum cheeks and put his tongue right on her asshole. Her whole body jolted with this. This was unimaginable and dirty for her. But she didn't stop him or say a word he inserted his tongue in her asshole a bit more and started the cleaning process and simultaneously his fingers were busy in roaming around inside her lovely pussy. He was living up to his promise to give her full mazza and I thought the enjoyment she has got today will make her a slut whole life. After doing this all for awhile Shera stopped slapped her ass a little harder and asked, 

"kaisa laga?"

"Bahut achcha Shera aab daal do jaldi please." Shera slapped her gaand harder and said, 

"Ab tu izzat mein baat karna chod aur meri bhasha mein baat kar tabhi chodunga tujhe." 

He slapped few more and last one was so tight smack that a cry came aloud of her mouth. 

"Teri gaand to laal ho gayi Sunita jaan."

"please Shera apna lund daal do please chodo mujhe jaldi." She was a bitch in heat craving for a cock only cock rock hard and Shera has got one. 

"Apne gaandu ko bula le" Shera referring this for Sunil.

"nahin uska nahin tumhara chaiye"

"to bol sunil gaandu ka nahin mere shera ka lund chahiye." Shera was teasing at her itcy state. 

"Sunil gaandu ka nahin mere Shera ka lund chahiye please shera apne lund se chodo mujhe, Sunil ko kuch nahin aata wo to sala gaandu hai tum chodo mujhe zor se please." 

It was enough for Shera and in her doggy pose he pushed his rock hard dick inside her slippery choot which was already dripping. At this moment he could have easily fucked her ass but he was a gentleman in this regard . 

"ohh yes Shera fuck me hard zor se please."

"Le saali raand pati ke peeche doosre se chudwati hai saali le pura le."

He stared fucking her furiously also slapping her ass and pincing her boobs She was getting it all . the long hard cock of Shera must be reaching the depth where no one else have gone so far and she who used to be homely housewife is now beating the cheapest whore of the town and thumping her ass backwards to meet the thrusts of this lucky bastard. The thumping sound of their fucking was so loud and clear on the show. And soon both were reaching the climax of their life their speed increased, their panting got louder and they both were crying aloud not afraid of anyone coming and catching them. 

"Thump thump Thump thump"

"oohh yes shera you are my darling yessss."

"le Sunita pura mazza le aahhh ahhhh ahhhhhh le saali."

"aahhhharrgghhhhh oohhhhh ooffffffffffahhhhhh hhhhhhhhh. "

My cock also shot my load so fast that it nearly washed the screen of my monitor where my lovely daughter in law was also getting the orgasm of her life with the lucky bastard. 

I masturbated that afternoon thrice and when wake up in the evening I still was looking very tired. I came downstairs where my lovely Sunita was doing her homely chores. Still in her sleeveless sexy gown and when I saw her face it has the most satisfied look of all time and why not she has been thoroughly fucked and was given the maximum pleasure of her life. But when she saw me it was a different story, she quickly came close to me and asked, 

"Are papaji tabiyat kharab hai kya aapki?"

"nahin "

"lekin aap bahut thake thake lag rahe hai."

"Bus theek se neend nahin aayi, ek cup chai pila do plz."

"Are chai ready hai main apko jagane aa hi rahi thi."

She quickly brought two cups of tea, we often take this evening tea together. How efficient looking housewife she was looking at that moment. After spending 55 years of my life I can still not adjudge a woman's behaviour. She can be the most devoted when praying to God, most sincere when caring about her family and most slutty when being humped by a solid dick. I could see all three versions of her in a single day. My two year old grand son was roaming here and there showing his cute mischief. He has also given lots of favours to her as he kept sleeping when his mother was being fucked here and there. 

"Sunil ka phone aaya tha wo aaj late ayenge aur kal hum sab logo ko Vapi jaana hai for a week." 

"oh badiya hai ek week ki picnic ho jayegi." 

We have a farm house at Silvasa near Vapi and Sunil has a small factory Unit there. We used to go there and I have enjoyed there when my wife was alive. But now its after a very long time. 

"agar Shera ko rakh lete to wo gaadi chala leta." I tried to pinch her somewhat and as I thought I could see her face changing pinkish. 

" Sunil ne kaha hai ki abhi train se hi chalenge he has got the seats reserved." 

"theek hai." I was a bit happy hearing that.

"Sunita mujhe tum se kuch zaroori baat karni hai jab tumhara kaam khatam ho jaye to mere room mein aa jana." I was determined to clear the air today only.

"theek hai papaji.." was her innocent reply. 

I was lying on my low bed when I heard her knocking the door.

"Aa jao." I was wearing my lungi and a Tshirt have very bravely removed my undies today. She came inside. 

"kya baat hai papaji bahut tense lag rahe hain aaj. Tabiyat to theek hai." She made herself comfortable on an easy chair very close to my bed, I sat down. 
"tabiyat to theek hai haan thoda tense zoroor hoon."

"kya karan hai."

"Tum aaj bahut relax lag rahi ho."

She blushed a little but didn't replied."
"Sunita jis wajah se main tense hoon usi wajah se tum relax ho."

A shock was pretty evident on her face. The pink shade is soon turning to pale. 
"kyaa m m matlab." She started stammering.

"Sunita jis din se white wash start hua hai meri nazar tum par hai." She is real afraid now. 

"Daro mat meri nazar tum par tab se hai jab se tum is ghar mein aayi ho." 

"aap ky kya keh rahe hain mujhe kuch samajh nahin aa r raha."

"agar samj nahin aa raha to ghabra kyao rahi ho." Her legs were literally trembling and I was enjoying her situation. 

"Sunil tumhe satisfy nahin kar paata hai ye baat sach hai." Her eyes got wide hearing this 

"bolo sach hai ya nahin?" I asked sternly. She immediately started sobbing. 

"Dekho rone se koi fayada nahin chup chap ankhen pocho aur mere samne meri ankho mein dekh kar har sawaal ka jawaab do." 

"bolo Sunil satisfy nahin karta?" She gestured No by moving her head.

"Shera ka lund kaisa hai." It came so abruptly that She looked at me with open mouth. Now she understood everything and as I came out in open there is no point in hiding the truth. 

"Dekho Suni mein saab jaanta hoon aur isliye jo poocjhta hoon sach sach batao nahin to tumhare liye ye kitna bura hoga tum imagine bhi nahin kar sakti. Ek minute ruko. Opened the monitor and just rewind the clip a little and played it. She was horrified when she saw herself enjoying the climax with Shera. I quickly closed it down and again sat on my bed and let her sit in front of me on the chair. 

" Ab har baat ka jawab dogi theek." She was starting to cry but I don't want that 

"Agar tum rona dhona karogi to mein tum se kuch nahin poochoonga phir main zo karoonga wo tumhare liye bahut bura hoga." She quickly stopped it seems she has decided something in her mind and sat properly and said 


Shera ka lund kaisa lagata hai."

"……….Achcha ."

"tum zo usse uchal uchal kar chudwa rahi thi, iss ghar ka khayal nahin aaya." I was enjoying this question answer session. My dick was flickering under my lungi. 
"aaya tha par."

"Tum pyaasi thi." She lowered her eyes.

"Sunita tumhe maloom hai main tumhari is jawani pe marta hoon?"

"maloom tha aap mujhe sexy nazaron se dekhte hain."

"kharab lagta tha.."

"nahin, par aap inke papa hain aur mere sasur , isliye ajeeb lagta tha."

"Dekho main manta hoon ki Shera majboot aur young ladka hai par wo kabhi bhi aapna rang dikha sakta hai tumhe blackmail kar sakta hai apne doston ko khush karnae ke liye bhi keh sakta hai, you don't know him so he can be very dangerous for you and for our family don't you understand that." It seems for the very first time she has thought about the consequences and she was really looking worried. 

"Mujhe pata nahin Sunil aisa kyon hai jabki main uska baap aaj bhi tumhe satisfy karne ka dum rakhta hoon." She looked at me and surely not impressed by what I said 

"Sach bol raha hoon Suni main Shera zitna young na sahi par tumhare jaisi kadak jawaan chokri mujhse chudwa kar bahut khush hogi." I deliberately using those filthy words. 

"Aur sabse badi baat hai isme tumhe bhi koi khatra nahin hai, ghar mein sirf hum tum rehte hai, tumhari aur meri dono ki bhook mit jayegi aur khandan ki izzat bhi kharaab nahin hogi." I tried to assure her, but she still was not convinced. I stand up parted the cloth of my lungi and my rock hard dick came out like a snake. She shockingly looked at me then at my cock and for the first time she seemed to believe in what I said, 

"Dekho ise kya ye kuch kam hai." She was mesmerized by what she saw. She was thoroughly fucked today a few hours back and I knew this is no time to have her but it was just a preface of what was going to happen between my bahu and me. I again covered my cock and sat down. 

"bolo mera lund kuch kam ha? Aur mera experience?"

"Par inka to bahut chota hai." 

"Haan pata nahin kaise hua aur usse bhi wo tujhe chodta nahin ye bahut buri baat hai." 

We were discussing sex in such a language as if talking about what curry she was going to make tonite. 

"Phir safety of the family bhi to zaroori hai" and I changed my tone suddenly to a very harsh one and said, 

"Aur Suni sabse badi baat ye hai ki tumhare paas doosri choice nahin hai, tum zaanti ho tumhara saara show mere paas recorded hai aur usse kya kya ho sakta hai tum smajh sakti ho," Then again said softly to her, 

"Main bus ye chahta hoon humare beech jo kuch bhi ho aapsi understanding se ho taki jab hum chudayi karein to dono enjoy karein aur mera lund bhi tum usi tarah khao jaise ke Shera ka kha rahi thi. Aab jao Shubham ko sambhalo aur khana banao Sunil Aata hi hoga aur phir humein kal se Silvasa mein picnic bhi to manani hai." I winked at her. She tried hard to smile, turned heavily and walked out of the room.