Friday, April 08, 2016

My Driver

It was my 18th birthday. I was now legally eligible to get a driving license. I expressed it to my dad and he readily agreed. So it was decided that from next week I learn driving. Dad told me that there was a agency “Prerna Driving Classes”right near our house who taught people how to drive and also assisted in getting a learners license plus driving license.
I went to their office. There was a man sitting at the reception who gave me a smile and asked me to sit. I told him that I want to get a 4 wheeler license. He took out a register and asked my details.”Name?” Lizzy, I said. “Age” ?18, I replied. He looked at me again. “Proof”? I showed him my college id card which read B Com 2nd year. He looked at the photo and then at me and gave me back my card. ”
When do you want to start the classes”? Tomorrow, “I replied”. Then in that case we cannot assign you a lady teacher as she is getting married and won’t be coming in for few months. If you want then you can start right away with a male teacher from tomorrow itself. I was confused as to what to say. I got up and told him that I will confirm with my parents and let him know later. He shook his head and went back to his work.
In the evening I talked to my dad and he told me that there is nothing wrong in a male teacher teaching me how to drive. On the contrary he was telling me that a male will have more control over the vehicle in case I loose control. I thought about it and then decided to go ahead with it. Next day morning I woke up early, took bath, dressed up and went to their office. The same guy was sitting there. I told him that I am ok with male teacher and enrolled myself.
He took the deposit from me and then got up from his seat So let’s start. I was confused. I did not expect him only to be the teacher. That was the first time I noticed him properly. He stood 6feet 2 inched tall, well built in his late 30’s. He asked me to follow him to another room where he had picture of various signals. He explained it to me one by one and I nodded my head as I was familiar with most of them.
He was satisfied with my knowledge and then showed me a dummy model of gear, steering brake accelerator and clutch. He sat on the seat and showed me how to shift gear and press clutch etc. Though it looked simple when he explained but when I tried it, he seemed to point out a lot of mistakes. All this while he never made an attempt to touch me but verbally explained to me what i was doing wrong. I was impressed by his gentleman attitude.
When I changed the gear without pressing the clutch, even when he had reminded me 100 times, he did not seem to get angry. I felt relaxed. After some attempts he let me go home and told me that tomorrow at 5 am, we will try on Santro on road. I was excited as i walked back home. I always wanted to drive a car to college. It would be a style statement. I was 5 feet 4 inches tall with a good figure. I had maintain my figure from school days.
Next day morning, all excited I ran to the driving centre and i found a Santro parked in front of the office. I wore a long t-shirt and a jeans. It was morning 5 am and the road was empty. He told me to come inside the office. He told me that most of the people come half sleepy in the morning and don’t concentrate and create horrific accidents. There was no one in the office. He told me to do some stretches so that my body can become more agile. He asked me to bend and touch my toes with my fingers. He went and stood behind me. I reluctantly tried to bend forward but I was unable to do so. He made me bend again for some more time all the time he silently stood behind me. He then asked me to lie on the carpet on my back and move my legs in cycling motion. I did that too. Once satisfied he took me to the car.
He asked me to start the car. I did it but it failed to start as I was not giving enough force to it. He asked me to move back and cautiously turned the key hard enough to start the vehicle without touching me. I stopped it and again tried it and this time I was able to start it. I was happy. He smiled at me and gave me thumbs up signal. He taught me how to put the car in gear and press the accelerator. It jerked to a stop every time I started it.
But after doing it a number of times I was now successfully able to move the car forward. I cautiously took the car for a round. But I then realized that I was a sloppy driver. I nearly went and hit a lamp post but for the timely action taken by him to press the brake by putting his leg between mine to stop the car to a sudden halt. That was the first contact of his legs on mine. He quickly pulled back his legs and told me to be more careful. I told him that I was not feeling very comfortable with power steering.
He told me to that he will guide my hands from then on. I again started the car but this time he slowly placed his hand on mine and slowly turned the steering so that the car won’t go off the track. I was wearing a half sleeve t shirt and don’t know why a shiver ran through my spine when he touched my hand. He then left my hand in sometime and let me control the steering. He then placed his hand on my bare arm and applied some pressure to control the car movements. I did not oppose to any of his moves which gave him more confidence.
He let me go home after 45 mins training and asked me come back 2moro same time. I went back home thinking about the events. I was not very happy about my driving skills but it was just the first day, can’t expect much. Dad enquired about my progress I told him what I had learned and he seemed impressed. Next day morning, I went back to the office. I wore a short shirt and jeans. He again took me to inside the office room and made me do some exercise.
He made me lift my hand up down left right etc and gave me a garam chai also. We again started the same routine story of starting the car, putting into gear. He now had confidently caught hold of my hands and guiding me to drive in a straight line. He lightened his grip on me and told me to change gear to 3rd. I did as i was told. I increased the accelerator and car started picking up speed.
He told me go easy on the speed. But i was somehow pressing the gas too hard. I looked at the speedometer and it read 70. I was shocked. I was going way too fast. I looked at him. He then did what i never expected him to do. He placed his hand on my knee and slowly lifted my leg thereby reducing the pressure on the gas pedal. He told me to look straight and drive and not to worry about the speed as he will adjust it by applying pressure on my knee. I slowly looked down to my legs.
He had initially kept his hand on my knee but now i felt that he was moving it up a bit towards by thighs I was unnecessarily imagining too much. I tried to concentrate on my driving. He meticulously applied pressure on my leg now to speed up or slow down the car.. His hand was on my thighs over my jeans now. I felt he was slowly rubbing it. I tried to ignore it. He then suddenly removed his hand from my thighs and analyzed how I was doing without his support. Without his hand i was pressing the accelerator too hard. I managed to cross 80 kms/hr mark.
I was really not able to control the speed. Suddenly a big truck came into view, even though it was at a considerable distance from my car. i started to panic and my hands begin to shake. As the truck came closer. I brutally turned the steering to the left making the car go off the road. He looked alarmed. He screamed at me to press the brake and i slammed the brake with all my might. The car skidded to a halt. I was pulled forward and my chest slammed against the steering wheel. He was pushed toward the windscreen..
I was still shaking. He told me relax. I was not able to. There was no other vehicle on the road. He slowly adjusted my seat so that i was now in a 150 degrees angle. He asked me to cool down and close my eye. My body was shivering. He then kept his hands on my shoulders and made me lie back on my seat. With his hands he closed both my eyes. My legs were shaking. He opened the window near my side and let the air hit me. I felt cold. He then slowly kept his hand on my thigh. He tried to slowly caress it.. I regained my senses and opened my eyes.
He again motioned me to close my eyes. I reluctantly closed it again. He started gently massaging my thigh. His hand now moved slowly towards my inner thighs. I felt a tingle of excitement between my legs. He asked me take in deep breaths. I took in a couple of deep breaths. I wanted to tell him to remove his hands from my thighs but something in me stopped me from telling him that. I kind a liked that feeling.
After a while he told me that he will drive back and he asked me come at 4:30 am the following day where traffic will be even lesser. I was feeling drowsy. I somehow managed to reach home got ready for college. All the while in college I was thinking about his hands on my thighs. Was it on purpose that he tried to massage it, was it just concern?
I wanted to find out. The next day morning I woke up early and decided to test him. I wore a shirt and a skirt. Not a mini skirt but it came till my knees. It was made of a thin silk material. As i walked towards the office, I had to hold the skirt from being blown up in the wind. No one was awake at that time, but I did not want to take any chance. I reached his office. I did not see him in the reception. I went inside the other room. I saw him sipping chai. He looked different today. He was wearing a short..actually a very short one… a tight one…he wore a t shirt on top.
He gave me chai.. I took it from him..sipped it. He told we can skip exercise…I was surprised.. I could feel that he had bigger plans in mind for me today…We both completed our tea and we got into the car. He asked me to take a different route today the one which ran parallel to the railway tracks and where there was nearly no traffic and most importantly no one at all to see us. I was scared but the excitement to find out what will happen made me act normal and follow his instructions…
I started the car and slowly drove it. He kept in hand on my skirt on my knees he told me that it was just to keep control on the speed. He was talking about how to keep looking at the rear view mirror and overtaking rules. I was so intently listening that i it was late when i realized that he had managed to push up my skirt a bit above my knees. I looked at his short. I could easily see the bulge in his shorts as I cud see the projection of his prick. I felt a shredder go through me. He then asked me a very silly question ”
Why are you so uncomfortable? why are you shifting so much in your seat? is it because your skirt is too tight around your waist? I did not reply. I was too stunned to reply.. He told me that I should wear correct fitting clothing while driving else the concentration will be shifted from driving. He kept staring at my stomach. I lied saying that the skirt was a bit tight around my stomach. I did not want to make him think that I was bad at driving.. He asked me to look at his shorts. he had an elastic one…
I could get a glimpse of his pubic hair peeking from the top of this shorts as he had worn it way too low and butterflies started flying in my stomach. My knees became weak. I told him meekly..”I am not having a elastic skirt”hmmm..” Let me have a look. he replied. No.. i will adjust it..i said in panic. He told me not to worry and concentrate on the road. I tried to focus on my lousy driving. He took his hand and held by shirt. Since my shirt was little long and came over my skirt. He then slowly lifted my shirt.
My heart was beating at the speed double of what the speedometer read then. He lifted my shirt till he could see top of my skirt. He looked at my skirt in amazement. There was a hook and small zip below it. By just loosening the hook wouldn’t make my skirt loose. He had to unzip it to loosen it. “looks like rocket science to me” he joked.. I giggled half heartedly.. “Ok, now what i can do.. Let me have a better look” I was shocked, stunned .. . He brought his hand back to my skirt and slowly unclasped the hook. I took a deep breath and my belly button went back in.
He then slowly kept his hand on my skirt and pulled down the zip. As the zip came down my red panty came into view. The skirt was totally loose around my stomach now. He let it hang loosely. My panty’s elastic was in full view for him. He was eyeing my panty. Since the skirt was a bit tight. He saw that a line had formed around my waist. “Awww” he said. poor girl. He traced that line with his fingers. My body trembled and i started pressing the gas harder. He suddenly shifted his hand on my thigh. He slowly lifted my thigh so that I wouldn’t press it further.
In that process my skirt rode up to my thighs.. I was in a total shape of undress in front of him. He kept staring at my stomach and panty. He then told me there will distractions on the road all the time so he will teach me how to drive when there are distractions. I did not understand. He told me that he will try to distract me but i should always try to concentrate on the road and not lose focus. I was scared but i replied yes.
He took a water bottle and then poured it into a plastic glass. He gave it to me to drink. I started to sip it. Suddenly he gave a push at the bottom and the entire water poured my shirt and my skirt. I screamed out at him.. He asked me to keep driving. Don’t lose focus from the road…..I was dripping wet on my shirt and the water was flowing below on my skirt. I kept driving. Good he said…I was feeling cold due the water hitting my skin. I shifted in my seat. He then told me sorry and he will wipe off the water. He took a towel from the back seat and wiped my hand. The water had gone into my shirt through the gaps of my shirt buttons.
He then looked at the 4 buttons of my shirt. I was shivering with cold. He told me not to worry and look straight. He kept his hand on my shirt and started removing the buttons from below. I was in panic. “what are you doing” i screamed. He told me relax but did not stop opening my buttons. In a jiffy he removed all four buttons. He told me not to panic and drive with concentrations as this is the ultimate test to check for my focus on the road ahead. He parted my shirt both ways. My white bra was visible to him now. I was driving in the road at 4:45 am, it was still dark with a man trying to strip me off my dress just to check my focus. I was feeling horny..
I let things unfold.. There was no one in view also as the road was so empty with a railway track running parallel to it. He then pulled my shirt back and asked me to come a bit forward. He removed my shirt by asking me to remove my hand from the steering one at a time. I was breathing hard now. I was in my bra now in front of an unknown man. I did not have the courage to look at him. He removed my shirt and kept it in the back seat. He took the towel and started wiping my neck. My breaths became deeper. my navel was rising and falling rhythmically. He brought the towel on top of my cleavage. My bra was also wet. He slowly wiped my navel and belly button. I was wet below.
There was a small mole near my belly button. He touched it with his finger. He told me he had a similar one on his stomach. Do you want to see it? I nodded in shame. He removed his t shirt and showed me his bare chest. He was speaking the truth even he had one on his stomach. Do you want to touch it he asked. I was driving slowly now. He took my hand and made me feel his mole on his stomach. Let’s take some break he replied as soon as we reached near a huge tree. The sun was slowly rising. I stopped the car. I was without a shirt and my skirt was unhooked and i was sitting beside a nearly naked man. It was really happening.
He kept staring at my body. There was some kind of tension in the car. Just to lighten up the atmosphere I asked him “Where else do you have a mole”? He laughed at that question. You do not want to see where that is. he replied. I wanted to play with him now. Oh come mom show me.. I am not that small too. “Don’t tell me I did not warn you” came the reply. I want to see it i replied.
Let’s play a game then, why don’t you find it out yourself? he said. hmmm… that interesting. I moved towards him and started checking his body. I made him lift his hand, made him turn around checked his legs, thighs, etc. It was nowhere to be seen. The only place to be checked was inside his shorts. What give up? he asked me.. so soon? i told him there is one more place to see, after that only i ll give up. “you can see where you want to see but you have to do everything on you own” he said.
My hands trembled as i touched his elastic of his shorts. My heart was hammering onto my chest, i slowly pulled his shorts, his tiny pubic hair came into view. He started laughing. I asked him to lift his butt so that i can pull his shorts down. He obediently lifted himself. I pulled down his shorts completely. I saw his penis. It was huge. it was standing erect pointing at me. I felt dizzy. I regained my composure. i started looking for the mole. I made him turn around. he was fully naked now. This butt was huge. There was mole on his right butt. i told him that. Found it.
He turned around. His penis was leaking some fluid now. I couldn’t take my eyes off his thing. Now it’s my turn he replied. I slowly nodded my head. He bend towards me and ran his hand on skirt and slowly pulled it down.. He again pushed my seat back, this time to the maximum extent possible. He brought his hand behind my back and unhooked my bra from behind. He pulled it out completely. I was topless now in an unknown road. He then reached for my panty and pulled it down. There was wetness below in my pussy. I felt wonderful lying naked in front of him. The cold air hitting my body made my nipples erect.
Shit!!! i saw a man near our car. I panicked.. But my teacher told me not to panic. As that man came near, we realized that he was around 70 years old and probably come to pee or shit. He seemed to be annoyed by our car. He did not try to look who was in the car, he just moved towards the bushes. My teach asked me ” Are you in a wild mood today?” Why don’t you go naked near that old man and pee in front of him and come back? What i yelled. It took me all my courage to stay naked in front him..peeing was too much to handle common why don’t you just try, He can’t fuck you even if he wants too. i thought about it for a min. I agreed.
I looked outside the car and saw no one was there. the old man was indeed there to pee. I slowly opened my door and walked straight to the old man. He turned around and got shocked to see a naked girl. he didn’t seem to believe it first. I told him hi and sat near him. i was enjoying his look of shock. My piss came out with a steady flow. he did not move at all. He was paralyzed looking at me. I got up.. looked around no one was there… The old man was so shocked looking at my body.. he was in cloud 9. i ran back happily to my car. My teacher was now shagging.. .. he told me drive the car naked for some time with the windows open.
He was enjoying looking at me enjoy..I started my way back to my house driving naked. The sunlight has come back and it was bright now. We put back our clothes. He asked me to come a bit more early and he told me he knows a place where we could have more fun. I went home satisfied. I went to my bathroom and masturbated 2 times. I was weak and my body felt good. i was eagerly waiting for the next day to come….I woke up early. Wore a t shirt with nothing inside and a skirt without panties.
I went inside the office. my teacher was sitting inside waiting for me. I went and hugged him. He went and closed the room. He tripped me off my t shirt and removed my skirt. I removed his shorts. his lips were eagerly searching for mine. He sucked at my lips like a hungry wolf devouring its prey. He pressed my nipples and sucked my breasts like a devil. He bend down and started sucking my pussy. My pussy was wet with his saliva and my pre cum. I was hugging him tight. I wanted him to deflower me today. He stood up made me lie on the bed. He took and cloth and tied my hands and legs on the bed.
You like to do crazy stuff huh. He said. I will show you what can be done. He left me tied to the bed. He had tied my legs wide apart. My pussy was flowing with juices It was 4:30 am now and time for practice. He asked to drive naked today all the way. The thought of taking risk brought back my energy. i drank tea from flask and ran naked to the car. He was at the driver’s seat today. He raced the car to a route which took us near the lake area. As we neared the lake, we saw there were boys around 18 yrs old not more than that taking bath naked..
He told me to go near them and wash myself and come back. I was terrified there were some 4 or 5 boys. They would easily tear me apart if they wanted. He said he will come for rescue if something happens. I wore my t shirt and skirt and went near lake little away from the boys. The boys stopped taking bath. They were looking at me in disbelief. What is a girl doing at 4:45am near the lake. I ignored them and started to clean my face with water. I put some water on my neck and arms and acted really tired. I stepped into the water. I looked around and saw all the guys staring at me.
I asked them is it water clean to take bath. All five nodded in unison. I told them i am tired after a long drive and wanted water to clean myself. I turned my back towards them and removed my tshirt and pulled down my panty and kept it on the shore and stepped into the water. They would have been stunned to see a naked butt of a girl in their life. I immersed myself in water and acted like bathing. The guys came near me. They were younger than me. I looked around and saw them standing near me don’t know what to say.. They looked all excited. They were also naked. i could see their penis.
I acted careless and played in the water for some time and got out and took my clothes and went back to the car. My teacher told me that i was outstanding. I caught him masturbating again. This time i took his penis in my mouth and sucked it clean. We then drove back home. Those days were the best days of my life and i ll remember it forever.

Thursday, March 31, 2016


Exbii ke sabhi pathako, Aaj apko mere sath hui ghatna sunane ja rahi hoon, Jis ne mera pura jivan badal diya. Mai Gujarati hum magar meri ek dost ne yeh story Gujarati se Hindi me transfer karne me meri madad ki hai.

Mera naam Suman Patel hai, mai ek Gujarati Jain samaj se hoon. Mai bahot hi religious family me badi hui hoon. Gharwalo ne muze 12 tak padhaya. Ghar me paise ki ya kisi baat ki koi kami nahi thi. Mere stats 34-22-34 hai, meri kamar bahut hi patli aur najuk hai. Dikhne me mai bahut hi gori hoon aur sundar hoon, isi karan mere gav ke dhanik logon se mujhe rishte aye the, magar mere pitaji meri shadi kisi khandani aur religious ghar me karna chahte the. Shadi se pehle Gav ke sabhi ladke mere pichhe hath dhokar pade the magar mai ek achchhe khandan se hone karan maine kabhi galat kam nahi kiya aur na hi kisiko karne diya. Jab mai 20 saal ki ho gayi to mere parivar walo ne meri shadi hamare Jain samaj ke ek ladke se badi dhum dham se ki. Unka naam Bhuvan tha. Mere pati ke pariwar ka sadiyon ka business tha jo mere pati aur sasurji chala te the. Hamari Sadiyon ke demand pure Maharashtra aur Gujarat me thi. Mere pati Junagadh me office sambhalte the aur sasurji Mumbai se sadiyon ki delivery tatha order lane ke liye hamesha tour par rehte the. 

Mere pati bahut hi achchhe swabhav ke the. Muze kabhi kisi baat ki kami unhone mehsus nahi hone di. Hame ek ladka bhi hua, uska naam hamne Hitesh rakha. Pati sex ke mamle me achchhe the magar ek ladka hone ke baad aur business badhane ke silsile me unhone sex me interest kam kar diya tha phir bhi hamari married life achchhi thi. Aur maine kabhi sex ko itna jyada mahatva nahi diya tha. Jo milta tha usme such manti thi. Sara din gharke kamkajme ya pooja-archa me bitati thi. Hitesh abhi 5 saal ka ho gaya tha mai bhi 27 ki ho gayi thi. Sab kuchh thik thak chal raha tha.

Phir ek din sasurji Mumbai se Junagadh aye the. Unki batose malum pada ki ab umar ki vajah se unhe Mumbai se Junagadh bhag daud karne me bahot pareshani hoti hai aur unki tabiyat bhi kuchh dinose thik nahi rehti thi. Tab sabhi pariwar walo ne decide kiya ke mere pati Mumbai ka aur unke chachere bhai aur sasurji Junagadh ka kam sambhalenge. Mumbai me Borivali me hamara ek Flat tha. Mere sasurji wahi rehte the aur pati ko bhi wahi rehna padega. 

Uske bad kuchh din to thik thak gaye magar bad me mere Pati ko khane pine ki bahot taklif hoti thi. Tab gharwalo ne faisla kiya ke mai Hitesh ko lekar unke sath Mumbai me hi rahungi. Hitesh ka bhi school ka admission wahi karna tha. Muze bhi Mumbai jane ka soch kar khush this kyonki waha par Hum tino hi rehne wale the. Phir mere pati hum dono ko lekar Mumbai aa gaye, sath me sasurji bhi kuchh dino ke liye aye the. Hamari colony station kuchh 20 minute se dur thi. Waha ka mahaul bahut hi shant tha. Hamara Flat 7 floor ke building me 7th floor pe tha. Waha kul milake 4 flat the unme se do kai salose band the. Hamare Flat ke baju wala flat band tha aur uske agewale flat me koi rehte the. 

Jaise he hum lift se bahar nikle sasurji ne us kamre ki bell bajayi. Andar se karib 40 se 45 saal ke uncle ji ne darwaja khola. Uncleji lambai me mere hi jitne the, sar ke baal age se thode kam the aur thode sawle rang ke the. Tabiyat se umra ke lihaj thode hatte katte the. Sasurji ko dekhte hi woh khush hokar sasurji ke gale mile aur hum sabko unke ghar ke andar leke gaye. Ghar ekdum saaf suthara tha. Hamari tarah woh bhi 3BHK tha. Ek badasa Hall, Hall ke left me kitchen aur right me 2 bedroom. 

Phir sasurji ne hum sabse unka parichay karwa diya. Unka nam Sharmaji tha. Unki patni ka kayi salo pehle dehant ho chukka tha bachche aur baki pariwar gaav me tha. Unhone khud ne bahot paisa kamaya tha ab yaha par akele rehkar aaram se zindagi gujar rahe the. Ghar ka kaam karne ke liye ek Naukrani rakhi hui thi jiska naam Dulari tha jo kitchen me khana bana rahi thi. Hamare aane ke bad usne sabke liye coffee banane lagi aur mere sasurji ko dekhte hi unke pair chhune lagi. Umar me woh mere se kuchh saal badi lag rahi thi. Magar bhare pure badan ki thi. Uska sharir kafi sudaul tha. Dikhne me kuchh sawli thi magar sundar thi. 

Sasurji Mumbai me business ke karan ruka karte the so unki aur Sharma Uncle ki achhi dosti ho gayi thi. Sasurji ne phir Bhuvan se kaha “Beta agar tumhe kisi bhi cheej ki jarurat ho ya koi pareshani ho to bezijak Sharmaji se kehna ye hamare ghar ke sadasya hai”. Yeh sunkar Bhuvan khush hue aur kaha “Ha kyo nahi jarur kahenge”. Is tarah hamari aur Sharma Uncle ki mulakat ho gayi. Fir hum apne Flat me gaye. Hamara Flat well furnished or latest interiors se saja hua tha, bilkul Sharma Uncle ke Flat ki tarah, muze bahot achha laga. Mai bahot khush thi. 

Phir kuchh do din baad sasurji Junagadh chale gaye. Bhavesh ki admission ek achchhe school me kar di thi. Subah 9 baje use school ke liye taiyyar karna padta tha. School me le jane ke liye aur lane ke liye auto rikshaw ka intezam kiya hua tha. Jo building ke niche use lene aati thi. Colony ke zyada tar log rich family se hone karan sab apne apne ghar me door band karke pade rehte the. 7th Floor pe sirf Sharma Uncle aur hamara Flat tha baki ke do band the so waha pe koi ata jata nahi tha. 

Is tarah hamari routine life shuru ho gayi. Sab kuchh set hone ke baad Bhuvan bhi kamkaaj me lag gaye the. Wo do teen din yah par rukte aur fir kuchh din business tour ke liye bahar nikal jate. Lekin jab wapas ate to hame Mumbai ke achchhe se hotels malls me leke jate the. Muze yeh sab achha nahi lagta tha par Hitesh bahut khush hota tha. Mai gaon me traditional kapde pehanti thi isliye yaha ke ladkiyo ke modern kam kapde dekhar muze bahot ajeeb feel hota tha. Kabhi kabhi Bhuvan muze mazak me aise kapde pehanane ke liye kete to mai unko datati thi. Aise hi hamare din khushi khushi ja rahe the. Muze bhi ab yaha ki adat ho gayi thi. Ab business badh jane ke karan Bhuvan ko hafto bahar rehna padta tha aur phir 2/4 din ke liye aakar wo wapas chale jate the. 

Jaisa maine pehle bhi apko kaha tha ki ek bachha hone ke bad unhone sex me apna interest kam kiya tha. Tour se thak kea ate the aur kabhi kabhar muzhse sex kiya karte the. Jab wo muzse sex karte to mai bahot garam ho jati thi muze bahot achchha lagta tha lekin wo jaldi jhad jate the so muze achchee nahi lagta tha, lekin maine unse is baat ki kabhi shikayat nahi ki kyonki mai unse aur wo mujhse bahot pyar karte the. Sex ko maine itna important nahi samjha. Lekin kuchh dino bat kuchh aisa hua ke meri sari duniya badal gayi. Jo bhi hua usase mere pariwar par kuchh asar nahi hua, hamari family life, business ekdam thik tha magar meri personal life par bahot bada asar hua. Us ghatna ke liye mai zimmedar thi bhi aur nahi bhi.

Jaisa ke maine kaha Sharma Uncle akele rehte the, din bhar ghar me ya colony me hi rehte the, unko paiso ki koi kami nahi thi so ek khushhal zindagi ji rahe the. Unki dekhbhal ke liye Dulari ko rakha tha, dulari paas hi ke ek slum area me rehti thi. Uske pati hamesha bimar rehte the jis karan wok am nahi kar sakte the aur ek 9 saal ka beta bhi tha. In dono ke liye Dulari ko kaam karna padta tha. Sharma Uncle use beti kehke bulate the. Wo subah 9 baje unke ghar aati thi, ghar ka sara kam karti thi. Aur sham ko nikal jati 7 baje nikal jati thi. Sharma Uncle usko ghar chalane ke liye aur pati ki dawai ke liye paise diya karte the. Hamare floor pe hum sirf char log the Mai, mera beta, Sharma Uncle or Dulari. 

Sharma Uncle jab bhi mujhse milte the has ke bate karte the. Wo muze hamesha Bahu kehke bulate the. Kabhi koi galat bat nahi karte. Dulari bhi mere ghar aane jane lagi thi, woh mere ghar ka bhi baho sara kam karti thi jisase muze bahot madad milti thi. Hum dono ke relation Friends jaise ho gaye the. Who muze colony ki kai ladkiyo ke aurato ke affair ke bareme batati thi. Shuru shuru me to maine use data kyonki mai ek achchhe pariwar se thi magar badme muze ye sab sunane me maza ane laga. Mai Sharma Uncle ke ghar me bezijak jati thi aur unhone bhi muze kabhi nahi toka ulta wo muze hamesha bate karne ke liye bulate the. Tab mai Dulari aur Sharma Uncle bahot gappe hakate the. Kabhi kabhi to who aur Dulari andar hote the magar unke gharka door band rehta. Lekin who use beti kehke bulate the so muze kabhi shak nahi hua.

Ek din Hitesh ko school chhodne ke bad ghar ka sara kaam nibtakar mai TV dekh rahi thi. Tabhi Dulari ghar me aai. Dulari Rajasthan ke ek chhotes gaon se ayi thi so wo hamesh waha ka traditional dress he pehanti thi jo ki less wali tight choli aur ghagra. Aaj bhi usne yellow colour ki choli aur matching ghagra pehna tha. Kuchh der idhar udhar ki bate karke wo nikal gayi. Phir kuchh der TV dekhne ke baad mai boar ho gayi, socha Sharma Uncle aur Dulari se milke kuchh gappe ladaye. Mai jab unke ghar gayi to ghar ka darwaza khula tha mai be zizak andar chali gayi. Hall me koi nahi tha so mai right side ke bedroom ke taraf chali gayi waha bhi koi nahi tha. Mai pichhe mudne hi wali thi ki maine waha par ek Chitralekha magazine ka latest book dekhi aur mai woh kholke dekhne lagi, shayad wohi meri life ki sabse badi galti thi. Karib 15 minute tak main book dekhti rahi, tabhi muze kuchh siskariyo ki dhimi awaje ane lagi, wo sunkar jaise hi mai us bedroom ke darwaje tak aayi mere kadam wahi jam gaye. Bahar ka nazara dekhkar mere pairo tale se jamin sarak gayi. 

Flat ka darwaja band tha aur samne sofe par Dulari bina choli ke baithi thi aur Sharma Uncle uske bade bade stan samne se jor se daba rahe the. Un dono ko shayad pata nahi tha ke mai baju ke room me hoon aur vaise bhi mai bina bole andar aa gayi thi. Mere man me khayal aya Sharma Uncle jaise admi itni ghinauni harkat kaise kar sakte hai aur Dulari bhi unka sath de rahi thi. Muze bahot gussa aya magar mai abhi asamanjs me pad gayi ki unki is sthiti me main bahar nahi ja sakti. Dar aur sharam se mera haal bura ho gaya tha. Maine turant muh pher liya magar badme muze dhyan aaya 1 bedroom me mai khadi thi aur dusra bedroom bajume hi tha. Wo dono kisi bhi bedroom me ja sakte hai, jis bedroom me mai khadi thi agar wo log waha aye to. Mai bahot dar gayi magar kya karti, maine socha agar wo dusre bedroom me gaye to mai zat se nikal sakti hu par uske liye muze dono pe najar rakhni hogi. Magar yeh sab dekhne me muze bahot gussa aur usse zyada sharam aa rahi thi. Par kya karti is changul se bachne ke liye muze waha par dhyan rakhna zaruri tha.

Jab maine samne dekha to Sharma Uncle sirf lungi me the aur Dulari ke stan jor jor se daba rahe the, bich bich me mooh me lekar chus rahe the aur Dulari siskariya le rahi thi. Phir unhone ne uske muh me muh dalkar chusna shuru kiya aur dusre hath se uske stan daba rahe the. Yeh sab dekhkar mere badan me kapkapi mehsus hone lagi thi magar kya karti majboori me muze sab dekhna pad raha tha. Uske bad Sharma Uncle ne kissing karte karte hi apne hath se uska ghagra upar karne lage, jangho tak ane ke bad muze uski black panty najar ane lagi, wo panty ke uparse hi uski chut ko sahlane lage. Dulari waha pagalo ki tarah siskariy le rahi thi aur ye sab dekhkar mai pagal ho rahi thi. Phir maine socha ke ye sab dekhna bhi ek paap hai so mai zat se pichhe ho gayi, tab door ki kundi ki awaz ayi. Aur bahar ka mahaul shant ho gaya. Mai darke bed ke pichhe chhup gayi. Kuchh der sab jagah shanti thi, bad me phir se siskariyonki awaz ane lagi. Maine socha kuchh bhi ho jaye agar yaha se sahi salamat nikalna hoga to un dono pe nazar rakhni hi padegi. 

Yeh sochkar mai phir se door tak agayi. Bahar dekha to Dulari ab puri tarah nungi thi, Sharma Uncle ab use kissing kar rahe the sath hi unke dusre hath ki do ungliya dulari ki chut ke andar bahar kar rahe the. Ab mere badan me bhi garmi ka ehsas hone laga tha. Uske age jo dekha wo dekhkar mere tan badan me current jaisa laga. Sharma Uncle zamin par ghutno tale baith gaye aur Dulari ki dono tange failadi. Mai unse kuchh 20 feet ke fasle me thi. Dulari ki chut pe ek bhi bal nahi tha, ekdam saaf thi. Muze to apne bal saaf karne ka sochkar bhi sharm aati thi, aur Dulari ki chut itni clean shaved thi. Mai ye soch hi rahi thi ki maine dekha Sharma Uncle ne uske pair failane ke bad bina waqt gawaye apna mooh Dulari ke chut pe rakha aur zor zor se chatne lage. 

Wo sab dekhte hi muze ghinn ane lagi lekin maine dekha Dulari ke chehre pe bahot khushi thi aur wo khud apne hathon se Sharma Uncle ka sar apne chut se ragad rahi thi. Fir Dulari ki siskariya zyada ho gayi aur usne Sharma Uncle se kaha “Sahabji bas ab jaldi se muze chodo nahi to mai mar jaoongi”, utna sunte he Sharma Uncle ne use hath pakadkar bedroom ki taraf lane lage, mai dar gayi ab kya hoga, magar mera durbhagya ke mai jis bedroom me thi wahi use lane lage”. Mai dar kar cupboard ke baju me parde ke pichhe chhup gayi jo bed ke left side me tha. Waha pe muze wo log nahi dekh sakte the maine socha ab sab hone tak yahi pe chhip jaaungi aur sab shant hone ke bad nikal jaoongi. Magar itna sab dekhne ke bad mai ye dekhne ke liye utsuk thi ke age kya hoga? Yeh sochkar maine parda thoda sark diya aur bed par dekhne lagi. Sharma Uncle ne bedroom me ate hi Dulari ko bed pe dhakel diya. Maine dekha unke lungi me bada tent ban gaya tha. Fir unhone apni lungi sarka di, use sarkate hi maine Sharma Uncle ka lund dekha aur meri akhe phati ke phati reh gayi. Kariban 8” lamba aur kalasa tha, mere pati se dugni size ka aur thoda mota bhi, aise tana hua tha jaise ke lohe ka rod. Life me pehli baar mai paraye mard ka lund dekh rahi thi. Mai dar gayi aur man me khayal bhi aya ke ab Dulari ka kya hoga? 

Fir unhone apne lund pe thuk lagakar uski chut ke muh par lagakar ek jor ka zatka diya, usse kariban unka adha lund uski chut ke andar gaya. Wo thoda kasmasayi phir Uncleji ne use dhire dhire dhakke marna shuru kiya. Mai sharam ke mare pani pani ho rahi thi aur man hi man soch rahi thi ke ye dekhkar mai kitna bada paap kar rahi hu. Phir mai kuchh der ankhe band karke khadi rahi, kariban 10 minute baad muze Dulari ki jor jorse siskariya lene ki awaje aayi ‘aaaaaaaaaaaaah sahabjiiiiiii, dhireeeeeeeeeee se, aaaaaaaaaaah, bahut mazaaaaaaaa aaaa rahaaaaaaaa haiiii sahabji…….. aaaaaaaaah uuuuuuh aaaaaaaah maiiiiiiii jhaaaaad gayiiiiiii sahabjiiiiiiiiiiiii’. Maine ankhe kholi aur dekha Uncle ab jor jorse dhakke marne lage the aur Dulare ke chehre pe khushi thi. Kuchh der dhakke marne ke baad achanak Uncle Dulari ke upar so gaye. Mai samaz gayi unka kaam ho gaya. Dono ki ankhe band main socha yahi mauka hai jane ka. Maine bahar jane ke liye parda hataya, aur dhire se bahar ane lagi ke tabhi Dulari ne ankhe kholi aur muze dekha aur hairan ho gayi, mai dar gayi aur use chup rehne ko kaha. Dulari bhi samaz gayi aur usne Uncle ka sar apne sine me daba diya aur muze jane ka ishara kiya, mai dhire se wahase nikal ghar. 

Ghar jate hi mai bathroom me gayi aur bina kapde utare shower shure kiya aur uske niche baith gayi. Ab muze thoda sukun mila. Magar baar baar samne Sharma Uncle aur Dulari ka who nazara ankho ke samne aa raha tha. Mai man he man apne apko kos rahi thi ki meri galti ki wajah se muze kya kya dekhna pada, jo mere liye paap tha. Phir maine apne aap ko sambhala aur ghar ke kaam me lag gayi. Magar mera kam me man nahi lag raha tha. Hitesh ko school se lane ke baad khana kha ke mai thoda sona chahti thi. Magar jaise hi bed pe so gayi phir se wo sab ek movie ki tarah meri ankoke samne aa raha tha. Fir mere man me dusre khayal ane lage ke Uncleji Dulari ke saath kitni gandi harkate kar rahe the aur Dulari bhi kitne maze le rahi thi, aisa bhi karte hai ye mai soch bhi nahi sakti thi. Jaha tak mai aur mere pati ke sex lige ke bare me kahu to woh sex me zyada interest nahi lete the. Rat ko Hitesh ke sone ke baad muze thodi der chuma chati karke muze chod kar so jate the, yeh sab dus minute ke undar ho jata tha. Unka kam jaldi tamam hota tha. Karte samay wo mere kapde bhi nahi utarte the, bus nightie ko thoda upar karke panty niche karke dhakke markar mere upar so jate the, magar maine unhe kabhi is baat ki shikayat nahi ki magar aaj maine jo dekha wo dekhkar mera pura sharir jal raha, muze Bhuvan ki bahot yaad aa rahi thi. Ye sab sochte sochte mai so gayi. 

Sham ko mai TV dekh rahi thi Hitesh bhi khel raha tha tabhi Dulari andar ayi. Use dekhte hi muze gussa aya aur mai dar bhi gayi kahi usne Sharma Uncle se kuchh kaha to nahi. Mai use lekar bedroom me gayi aur gussa ho gayi.

Mai : Dulari tumhe ye sab karte hue sharam nahi aye wo bhi apne pita ke umar ke admi ke sath, aur uncle bhi is tarah ke honge ye muze pata nahi tha (ye sunte hi wo rone lagi).
Dulari : Maf kijiye bibiji muzse galti ho gayi, magar mai kya karu, sahabji ke karan mera ghar chalta hai, mere pati ki bimari aur bete ki padhai ka sara kharch wo karte hai, uske badle me unhe thoda sukh de diya to usme bura kya hai.
Mai : Tuze ye sab kehne me sharam nahi aati, aur wo bhi Uncle ji jaise umra me bade admi ke sath.
Dulari : Bibiji aap thik keh rahi hai wo umra me bhale hi bade ho magar mardangi me to ache ache jawan bhi unke samne har man jayenge (Uski bate sunkar muze gussa aya magar usne jo kaha tha wo bilkul sahi tha kyonki maine apni ankho se dekha tha). Fir bhi muze maaf kar dijiye bibiji ye baat aap kisise mat kahiye, warna mera pariwar ujad jayega (Ye sunkar muze bhi bura laga).
Mai : Thik hai Dulari jo ho gaya mai wo sab bhul jaungi magar tumne Sharma Uncle ko bataya to nahi ke mai bhi waha pe thi?
Dulari : Nahi membsab.
Mai : Thik hai kabhi mat batana maine tumhe maaf kiya.

Uske bad wo chali gayi. Magar bad me jab bhi kabhi Sharma Uncle nazar aate mai zat se sar niche karke nikal jati. Agar wo gappe ladane ghar bulate to mai kuchh karan batakar taal deti thi. Kuchh din me sab normal ho gaya, Bhuvan bhi tour se do din ke liye ghar aaye the. Us raat jab unhone muzse sex karna shuru kar diya muze Uncle aur Dulari ka kissa yaad aagaya. Wo sochte hue mai bahot excite ho gayi magar Bhuvan jald hi zad gaye. Muze bahot bura laga magar mai bina shikayat kiye so gayi kyonki mai mere pati se bahot pyar karti thi.

Dusre din wo phir tour pe nikal gaye. Dopahar ke waqt Dulari mere ghar me mere sath TV dekh rahi thi. Tab usne muzse puchha.

Dusre din wo phir tour pe nikal gaye. Dopahar ke waqt Dulari mere ghar me mere sath TV dekh rahi thi. Tab usne muzse puchha.

Dulari : Bibiji ek baat puchhu bura to nahi manengi?
Mai : Ha puchho.
Dulari : Us din apne shuru se sabkuchh dekha kya?
Mai : Us bare me kuchh mat puchho.
Dulari : Kyo bibiji?
Mai : Maine kaha na kuchh mat puchho.
Dulari : Kya apko wo sab achchha laga?
(Wo sunte hi muze gussa aya).
Mai : Cheee, Itni gandi harkate thi ki achchhi kaise lagengi?
Dulari : Usme ganda kya tha bibiji?
Mai : Jo tum logo ne sofe pe kiya.
Dulari : Jab pehli bar Sahabji ne mere sath wo kiya tha tab muze bhi ganda laga tha, magar kuchh pal baad muze aisa laga jaise mai swarga me thi, ab to mai khud unhe wo sab karne ko kehti hu (yeh sunte hi mai hairan ho gayi).
Mai : Bakwas band kar aur apna kaam kar.
Dulari : Nahi Bibiji aap se bhi agar apke pati ne bhi woh sab kiya to apko bhi bahot achcha lagega. 
(Itna sunte hi muze gussa aya magar ab uski bate sunane me thoda maza aa raha tha so mai kuchh nahi boli).
Mai : Aisa kabhi ho nahi sakta aisi gandi harkat mere pati kabhi nahi karenge.
Dulari : Bibiji ye sab apke sath nahi hua hai isliye aap keh rahi hai, jis din hoga aap to muzse zyada anand ayega kyonki aap bahot hi najuk aur komal hai.
(Uske muh se apni tarif sunkar mai bahot khush hui, magar jis bareme woh bat kar rahi thi wo mere pati kabbhi soch bhi nahi sakte the).
Dulari : Bibiji aur ek baat puchhu aap gussa to nahi karengi na?
(Ab uski batome muze maza aa raha tha aur mere sharer me garmi mehsus hone lagi thi, achchha lag raha tha).
Mai : Pucho.
Dulari : Apk pati bhi utni hi der karte hai jitna Sahabji muze karte hai.
Mai : Hat chup ho ja.
Dulari : Bataiye na pls…
Mai : Nahi wo to kuchh hi minute me… (bolte bolte mai chup ho gayi).
Dulari : Kya bat kar rahi hai aap, Agar sahabji ko aap jaisi sundar, sunahare badan wali, najuk ladki se karne ka mauka mila to wo apko chhodenge hi nahi.
(Ab muze gussa ana chahiye tha magar pata nahi mai apni tariff sunkar chup ho gayi, aur Sharma Uncle nazar ke samne agaye).
Mai : Ab chup ho ja, Sharma Uncle ka nam bich me mat lena.
Dulari : Nahi Bibiji aap unse bas ek bar sex karke dekhiye, aap janna ka maza payengi (Phir maine gussa hoke use kaha aaj ke bad yeh sab bate yahan mat karna aur use jane ko kaha).
Dulari : Muze maaf kijiye bibije (Itna kehkar wo nikal gayi).

Magar bar bar uska ke han mere kan me gunj raha tha. Magar ye sab paap mai soch bhi nahi sakti yeh sochkar mai so gayi.

Dusre din mai jab Hitesh ko school auto tak chhodke ke upar ane ke liye mud rahi thi ke tabhi Uncleji samne se aagaye muze dekhte hi wo bole “are bahu aaj kal ghar aana jana band kar diya, humse kuchh bhul ho gayi kya”. Mai “Nahi Uncleji gharme bahot kam hote hai is karan mai aa nahi payi”. Unceji “Koi bat nahi dopahar me aa jana gappe ladayenge”. Mai “Koshish karti hu” itna kehkar waha se nikal gayi. Magar muze ek baat ka andaza hua ke aaj pehli bar Uncle mere pure sharir ko upar se niche ghur rahe the”. Muze kuchh shak hua to maine Dulari se puchha to usne kaha ke pichhle din Sharma Uncle ke sath sex karte waqt usne sabhi bate unhe bata di. Wo sunte hi mai gussa ho gayi aur Dulari ko bahut bura bhala kaha aur sochne lagi Sharma Uncle mere bareme kya soch rahe honge?

Dusre din mai ghar me akele thi tabhi phone baj utha, jab maine awaj suni to wo Sharma Uncle kit hi. Maine turant phone rakh diya. Kuchh der bad phir se phone baja jaise hi maine phone uthaya Sharma Uncle bole.

Uncle : Bahu phone mat rakhna muze tumse kuchh jaruri baat karni hai.
MaI : Ji Uncleji kahiye.
Uncle : Bahu Dulari ne muze sab kuch bataya, galti se tumne wo sab dekh liya, isliye tum humse naraz ho kya?
Mai : Nahi Uncleji wo sab bate mat kijiye.
Uncle : Bahu mai gharme akela rehta hu, kisi bat ki kami nahi hai, ab is umar me thode maze kar liye to kya gunah kiya? Agar chaho to mai tumhe bhi ye sab sukh de sakta hu.
Mai : Unlce aisi bate mere sath mat kijiye, mai waisi aurat nahi hu.
Uncle : Tum thik kehti ho magar maine Dulari se suna ke Bhuvan tumhe sex me khush nahi rakta isliye mai puchh raha tha.
Mai : Pls Uncleji wo sab hamari personal life hai, aap us bareme kuchh mat kahiye.
Uncle : Magar bahu bas ek bar mere sath sex karke dekho, tumhe mere jaisa mard chahiye jo tumhare sundar kamsin kali ke badan ka ras nichode (Itna sunte he mere badan kampne laga, magar maine apne aap pe control karke kaha)
Mai : Uncleji aap ke aur hamare ghar ke achhe rishte hai isliye mai sab sun rahi pls. aaj ke baad aisi bate mat kijiye.
Uncle : Thik hai bahu, mai aaj ke bad tumhare bare me galat sochna band kar dunga ek shirt par.
Mai : Kaunsi shart?
Uncle : Jab Dulari tumhare pas ayegi to tum apni nile rang ki sadi aur blouse jo kal tumne pehna tha wo ek din ke liye bhej dogi? (Yeh sunkar mai hairan ho gayi)
Mai : Magar apko wo kyon chahiye.
Uncle : Us bareme tum mat socha, Pls uske hath wo sab bhejdo mai kal se tumhare bareme galat nahi sochunga.
Mai : Thik hai Uncleji agar aap sach keh rahe hai to mai zarur bhej dungi. Magar aaj ke bat ap muzse koi galat bat nahi kahenge. 
Uncle : Thik hai bahu, mai tumhari taraf dekhunga bhi nahi.

Itna kehkar maine phone kat diya aur sochne lagi ke uncle ko wo sab kyon chahiye. Phir maine socha wo sab denese mere bareme sochna to wo band karenge. Kuchh der bad Dulari agayi to maine meri blue colour ki sadi aur blouse usko de diya.

Dusre din sham ko Dulari wo sab wapas dene agayi. Maine dekha wo thodasa langdakar chal rahi thi. Maine use puchha. 
Mai : Dulari kya ho gaya aise kyon chal rahi ho?
Dulari : Aap ke karan Bibiji (Ye sunte hi mai hairan ho gayi).
Mai : Mere karan wo kaise?
Dulari : Agar mai bata dungi to aap gussa ho jayengi.
Mai : Nahi karungi gussa, bata kya hua?
Dulari : Bibije aaj dopahar ko Sahabji ne apki sadi aur blouse muze pehenane ko kaha aur bed pe sone ko kaha. Badme me muze ghunghat odhne ko kehkar chup rehne ko kaha.
Mai : Phir kya hua? (Mai sunane ke liye betab hui ja rahi thi).
Dulari : Phir unhone muze apke naam se pukarna shuru kiya aur sham tak apka nam kehte hue muze khub zor zor se choda, muze maza to bahot aya magar abhi bhi meri kamar me bahot dard ho raha hai. 
(Wo sab sunte he sharam ke mare maine sar niche kiya, ab aisi bate sunkar ab muze gussa ane ke bajay gudgudisi hone lagti thi, mai bina kuchh bole sadi blouse lekar andar chali gayi aur samaz gayi Uncleji ne Sadi aur Blouse kyo manga tha, Dulari mere pichhe pichhe akar boli).
Dulari : Bibiji aap ekbar meri bat mankar sahab ji ke sath sex kijiye, bas ek bar, aapko ko bahot maza ayega aur ye bat kisiko malum bhi nahi padegi, apke pati ko bhi nahi, uske bad apki marzi.
Mai : Nahi Dulari mai apne pati se aur pariwar walo se bahut pyar karti hu, so ye sab mai soch bhi nahi sakti aur tum bhi aaj ke bad ye sab bate yaha nahi karogi.

Itna kehne ke bad Dulari udhar se chali gayi. Rat ko jab mai sone chali gayi to bar bar muze Uncle aur Dulari ki bate yad aarhi thi, muze nind bhi nahi aarahi thi. Us din ke bad Uncleji ne muzse kabhi bate nahi ki. Wo meri taraf dekhte bhi nahi the. Mai agar samne aa jau to apni gardan niche karte the. Dulari ne bhi us tarah ki sabhi bate karna band kiya tha. Wo kabhi ab un bato ka jikr nahi karti thi. Mere ghar aakar muze kam me madad karti thi, hum dono pehle ki tarah baith ke gappe ladate the. Sab kuchh pehle jaisa normal ho gaya tha. Magar muze nahi pata tha ke wo sab toofan ke pehli ki khamoshi thi. Bat aise hui ek din jab mai aur Dulari baithe the tab garmi ke karan maine pallu niche kiya tha aur meri naval aur pet nazar aaraha tha tab Dulari ne kaha.

Dulari : Bibiji apki kamar kitni nazuk aur gori hai magar garmi ke karan apki skin kuchh khichi si lag rahi hai.
(Maine apni nabhi aur kamar ki taraf dekha to malum pada ke woh kuchh had tak sach keh rahi thi)
Mai : Ha, lekin itni bhi zyada dry nahi hai.
Dulari : Ha magar aap ne abhi kuchh nahi kiya to wo aur zyada dry ho jayegi.
Mai : Thik hai mai kuchh cream laga dungi.
Dulari : Bibiji cream se dryness kam ho jayega magar uski chamak aur nikhar kam ho jayega.
Mai : To fir kya karna padega?
Dulari : Agar aap kahengi to ek rasta hai, magar apko pasand nahi ayega.
Mai : Kya hai batao.
Dulari : Agar sarso ke tel se apke pure sharir ki massage ki jaye to apki twacha pehle jaise nikhar jayegi. Agar aap kahe to mai massage kar dungi. Maine pehle bhi kai ladkiyonki ki hai.
Mai : Nahi Dulari muze usme sharam aayegi, maine apne pati ko chhodkar kabhi kisi ke samne kapde nahi utare hai.
Dulari : Usme kya hai Bibiji, mere samne kaisi sharam, mai bhi aurat aur aap bhi, aur pure kapde to nahi utarne padenge bra aur panty to hogi, aur fir bhi apko sharam aati hai to aap chaddar apne upar lelo mai uske niche massage karungi.
Mai : Nahi magar fir bhi muze sharam ayegi.
Dulari : Agar aao aisa sharmaengi to apki skin ka kya hoga.
Fir maine socha Dulari thik hi to keh rahi hai, aur wo bhi aurat thi usme sharmane ki kya bat hai. Maine use dusre din subah Hitesh ko school chhodne ke baad aur khana banane ke baad 10 baje massage ke liye bulaya. Dusre din subah 10 baje wo sarso ka tel lekar aagayi. Aate hi usne muze kapde utar kar sone ko kaha. Mai sirf bra aur panty me chaddar ke niche pith ke bal so gayi. 

Dulari : Bibiji Sarso ke tel ki vajah se apki bra aur panty bhi kharab ho sakti hai wo bhi nikal dijiye. 
Mai : Nahi muze sharm aa rahi hai, mai nahi nikal sakti.
Dulari : Bibiji sarso ke tel ke daag dhone se bhi nahi nikalte aap pls bra aur panty utar dijiye.

Utna sunte hi maine bina zizak maine bra aur panty nikal kar chaddar ke niche puri tarah nangi so gayi. Muze bahot sharam aa rahi thi ke pati ke bad pehli bar mai kisi ke samne nangi thi. Badan ke upar chadar thi is karan mai thoda comfortable feel kar rahi thi. Maine apni ankhe band kar di thi. Utne me bell ki awaj ayee. Mai Uthkar baithne hi wali thi ke Dulari ne kaha shayad Dhobi kapdo ke liye aya hoga mai dekhke ate hu. Itna kehte hi wo hall ke taraf nikal gayi. Mai ankhe band karke padi rahi. Muze door khulne aur band hone ki awaz ayee. Tabhi Dulari andar aakar boli Bibiji Dhobi tha maine use badme ane ko kaha. Utna sunte hi mai ankhe band karke leti rahi. Dulari ne kaha ke wo ab massage shuru karne wali hai.

Kariban 2 minute tak usne kuchh nahi kiya aur bad me achanak usne mere kuchh samazne se pehle chaddar mere badan ke upar se zor se khinch li. Mai turant uthkar baithi aur kaha kya hua, magar samne ka nazara dekhkar meri ankhe khuli ke khulei reh gayi aur mere muh se halki si chinkh nikal gayi. Samne Sharma Uncle sirf underwear me mere samne khade the. Mai samaz gayi ye sab Dulari aur Sharma Uncle ki chal thi aur kuchh der pehle dhobi nahi Sharma Uncle ghar me ghuse the. Mai puri tarah se nangi thi, sharam ke mare maine apne dono ghutno ko pas lekar mere dono hath chest pe rakhkar badan chhupane ki nakam koshish shuru kardi. Aur mai rote hue gidgidane lagi.

Mai : Sharma Uncle pls mere sath kuchh mat kijiye, mera pariwar ujad jayega, mai mar jaungi.
Uncleji : Bahu aaj muze mat roko, aaj mai kuchh sunanewala nahi hu, bas aaj ke din meri bate manlo, bas ek bar karne do mai dobara kabhi tumhe tang nahi karunga.
Mai : Nahi Uncleji yeh sab paap hai mai nahi kar sakti.
Uncleji : Bahu isme kuchh paap nahi hai, ulta aaj tumhe mai jannat ki sair karwaunga. 

Itna kehkar wo mere paas akar baith gaye aur muze chhune ki koshish karne lage, mai rone lagi aur unse minnate karne lagi, magar wo nahi man rahe the, aur mai apne nange badan ko unse chhipane ki koshish karne lage. Mai wahase bhag nahi sakti thi, kyonki bedroom ka darwaja unhone andar se band kar diya tha aur bedroom ke sabhi shishe parde band kar diye the, aur fir bhi mai aisi halat me bahar bhag nahi sakti thi. Mere samaz me nahi aaraha tha kya karu. Tabhi Dulari ko kuchh suza, usne bedroom ki sari lighte band kar di. Bedroom me ghana andhera ho gaya tha. Andhere ke karan mera sharmana thoda kam ho gaya. Fir bhi mai sisak sisak ke ro rahi thi. Tabhi dayi taraf se Dulari ne mere pav sahlana shuru kiya, mai uske hath dhakelne ke liye jaise hi apne hath aage kiye aur uske hath pakad liye, meri pith ke pichhese dono taraf se Sharma Uncle apne dono hath age karke mere dono stan jor se pakad liye. Mai kasmasa uthi, ab mera rona band ho gaya, Dulari ne mere dono hath age se pakad rakhe the. Sharma Uncle mere do stano ko dhire dhire masal rahe the, bich bich me mere nipples bhi pinch kar rahe the, hath pakde hone ke karan mai kuchh nahi kar sakti thi.

Magar ab mera sharir garam hone laga tha man kisi baat ke liye taiyyar nahi tha magar mere sharir ne mera sath dena dhire dhire kam kiya tha. Mai bhi ab shant ho gayi thi, uske siva mere pas dusra rasta nahi tha, un dono ke zor ke aage mai kuchh nahi kar sakti thi. Fir Dulari ne mere pair kinchkar muze sidhe lita diya aur dono mere done taraf so gaye. Mera ek stan Uncle to dusra Dulari apne hatho se daba rahi thi. Muze ab shant hote dekhkar Uncleji ne Dulari ko jane ko kaha. Dulari bhi unki bat mankar bedroom ka darwaza band karke bahar hall me chali gayi. Ab bed par sirf mai aur Sharma Uncle the. Ab wo mere muh me muh dalkar kissing karne ki koshish kar ne lage the. Magar mai apna muh band rakhkar unhe chusne ka mauka nahi diya. Magar wo bhi kaha manane wale the, wo mere nipples ko do ungliyon se jor jor se dabane lage, jisase mere muh se aah nikalti thi aur woh muh chusne ki koshish karte rahe. Fir unhone aisa kuchh kiya ke mai muh kholne par majbur ho gayi. Unhone apne hath mere jangho ke bich me le gaye aur apni bichwali ungli meri chut me ghused di. Mera pura sharir tharthara utha. Fir unhone kaha bahu bachne ki koshish karna band kardo isme tum thak jaogi, aaj to mai tumhe chodkar hi rahunga chahe muze fansi ki saza kyo na ho. Itna sunte hi mai chup ho gayi, mano maine surrender kiya, unki bat bhi sahi thi unko jo karna hai wo aaj karke hi janewale the. So maine bhi chupchap pade rehna hi behtar samza.

Wo meri chut me apni ungli andar bahar karne lage aur muze kissing kiye ja raje the. Ab mere man par mere sharir ne puri tarah kabza kiya tha. Mere chut se ab pani ana shuru ho gaya tha. Ab Uncleji mere dono pair failakar mere upar so gaye, unhone underwear abhi nikali nahi thi, magar uske andar se unka lund mere chut ke upar ghis raha tha. Ab Uncleji thod niche jate hue mere dono nipples ko apne hothonse bari bari chusne lage. Chuste chuste dhire dhire thoda aur niche aakar meri nabhi ko chumne lage. Ab muze bhi maza aane laga tha, mai ghar pariwar pati sab bhul chuki thi aur Uncleji ki harkato ka maza le rahi thi. Fir age kya honewala hai wo muze malum tha wo soch ke mai sharam se kamp rahi thi so maine apne dono pair band kar diye. Magar Uncleji ab ruknewale nahi the mai kuchh samaz pati isase pehle unhone apni takad se mere dono pair puri tarha khol diye aur apna muh meri chut me dalkar chusne lage. Aisa karte hi mai tadap uthi aur meri muh se awaze nikalna shuru ho gaya. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh Unclejiiiiiiiiii, yeh kyaaaa kare haiiiiiiiiii, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh nahiiiiiiiiiiii maiiii mar jaungiiiiiiii. Kabhi wo chut me ungli dalke hilate aur fir apni tounge andar dalke chuste the. Ab muze itna maza ane laga ke mai khud Uncleji ka sar apne chut me dabane lagi. Meri chut par ekdam saaf thi muze baal achhe nahi lagte the so Uncleji bade aram se chus rahe the. Sex me itna maza muze ab tak nahi aya tha. Ab Uncleji samaz gaye ke ab der karna thik nahi tha. 

Turant uthkar unhone bedroom ki sari laights on kar di. Maine sharma kar Uncleji ko light band karne ko kaha, magar wo nahi mane. Fir wo akar mere upar so gaye aur mere lips ko kissing karne lage aur apna land mere hath me de diya. Use chhute hi mere andar current daud gaya aur mai thoda dar bhi gayi.

Mai : Uncleji aapka itna bada mai nahi seh sakungi, pls mat daliye.
Uncleji : Kya tumhare pati se bhi bada hai?
Mai : Ha bahot bada.
Uncleji : Aur mota bhi?
Mai : Ha bahot zyada mota.
Uncleji : Daro mat bahu mai bahot aram se karunga, tumhe bahot maza ayega, ekbar andar gaya to tumhe bahar nikalne ka man nahi karega, aur tumne muze to apne dono hotho ka ras pilaya ab mere lund ko bhi pine do.
(Unke muh se aisi bate sunkar muze ab maza aane laga tha, magar maine Uncleji ko waisa jataya nahi).
Mai : Uncleji pls lights off kar dijiye na.
Uncleji : Nahi bahu muze nahi pata aaj ke bad muze tumse sex karne ka dobara chance mile na mile, magar aaj mai tumhare pure sharir ko dekhna chahta hu. Tumhe pata nahi bahu ki tum kitni khubsurat ho, tumbare hoth gulab ki pankhudiyo ki tarah hai. Tumhare stan kitne sudaul aur akarshak hai, Tumhara gora kamsin sharir aaj muze dekhne ko mil raha hai isse zyada khushi ki baat mere jivan me dusri koi nahi. Agar mai tumhara pati hota to roz ratbhar tumhe chodta.

Apni tarif sunke mai bahot khush ho rahi thi, mere pati ne kabi meri itni tarif nahi ki, unhone sex karte samay kbhi muze puri tarh nanga nahi kiya. Uske bad unhone mere pure sharir ko fir se chumna shuru kiya, aur sath hi meri tarife bhi karte ja raje the. Mai bhi ab bahot excite ho chuki thi. Uncleji ne fir meri dono tange failayi aur apna lund meri chut me dhire se ghusaya. Meri chut unke lund ke hisab se thodi tight thi so woh ander thik se nahi ja raha tha. Tab Uncleji ne thodi thuk uspe lagakar dhire se ek dhakka mar diya, lund thoda andar gaya, mere muh se aah nikli. Uncleji muze maza dena chahte the aur aurat ko khush karna unhe achhi tarah pata tha so wo dhire dhire lund andar bahar karne lage. Muze thoda dard hone laga tha magar maza bhi aa raha tha. Ab Uncleji ne apni speed badhayi. Wo thodi zor se dhakke lagane lage. Mere muh se ab awaje aane lagi. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah uuuuuuuuuuuh nahiiiiiiiiii uncleeeeeeeeeji, ooooooouuuuuuuuuu aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh dhireeeeeeee seeeee aahhhhhhhh. Ab mera dard gayab ho chuka tha aur mai unka sath dene lagi thi. Unhone mere muh ko chusna shuru kiya tha, ek hath se mere stan daba rahe the aur zor zor se dhakke laga rahe the. Aise kariban 15 minute dhakke marne ke bad unhone apna pani mere andar chhod diya, aur muzse lipat kar pade rahe. 

Bad me wo uthkar mere baju me pade rahe, mai bhi thak gayi thi so mai bhi waisehi padi rahi. Badme hum dono uthke baith gaye. Maine dekha merei yoni ke niche chadar bahot gili ho gayi thi. Uncleji ne mere yoni se pura pani nichod diya tha. Fir mai hosh me aagayi apne sath kya hua soch kar rone lagi to Uncleji ne kaha.

Uncleji : Kya hua bahu ro kyo rahi ho?
Mai : Uncleji yeh apne kya kiya, mere se bahot bada paap ho gaya hai.
Uncleji : Nahi bahu jis baat se hume khushi hoti hai use paap nahi kehte.
Mai : Magar main apne pati ko dhoka diya hai, ab mai kya karu?
Uncleji : Daro mat bahu kisiko kuchh pata nahi chalega, hum kisiko nahi batayenge.
Mai : Thik hai Uncleji magar kal se aap sab bhulkar firse mere sath aisa nahi karenge.
Uncleji : Thik hai bahu ab shant ho jao. 
Itna kehkar unhone muze apni baho me bhar liya. Kuchh der dono aise hi baithe rahe. Fir Uncleji ne kaha, beta tum hamesha apne chut ke baal saaf rakhti ho (maine kuchh nahi kaha, unhone firse puchha).
Mai : Muze baal achhe nahi lagte.
Uncleji : Bina baloke tumhari chut kitni achhi lagti hai.
Mai : Uncleji please aisi bate mat kijiye.
Uncleji : Sach me bahu, tumhare chut itni gulabi aur nazuk hai ki iske liye koi kisika khun bhi kare. Aur iski khushbu bhi kitni achhi hai.
Unki bate sunkar mai fir se uttejit hone lagi thi.
Mai : Kuchh bhi mat kahiye Uncleji.
Uncleji : Ha bahu mai sach keh raha hu, aur pls muze jate jate uska ek bar nazara karne do.
Itna kehkar wo samne ki taraf aakar mera pair failane lage, maine dekha unka ling fir se fadfadakar khada hone laga tha. Isse pehle mai kuchh kehti unhone fir se apna lund meri chut me dalkar dhakke marna shuru kar diya. Is bar wo meri chut me asani se andar bahar hone laga tha. 

Fir kya Hitesh ko school se ane ke liye do ghante baki the. Un do ghanto me Uncleji ne muze khub choda. Maine bhi itna sukh kabhi nahi paya tha. Aaj sachmuch ek mard se pala pada tha. Manme yeh khayal bhi aya ke Dulari kitni khushnasib hogi ke Uncleji use roz chodte honge. Tabhi Dulari bahar se aagayi aur usne kaha ke wo Hitesh ko school se layegi mai thoda aaram karu. Aur uski bat bhi sach thi muze aaram ki bahot zarurat thi. Fir Uncleji bhi jane lage magar jate jate unhone meri chut ko thoda hath se sehlaya aur fir meri taraf dekhkar kaha “Thank you Bahurani” aur meri chut par ek kiss karke chale gaye.

Us rat muze nind nahi arahi thi. Maine sone ki bahot koshish ki magar bar bar subah jo hua wo nazar ke samne aaraha tha. Uncleji ne kiye kiya usase muze bahot maza aya tha, magar dil keh raha tha jo ho gaya hai wo pap hai. Ye sab sochte sochte mai so gayi. Dusre din subah Bhuvan tour se wapas agaye, muze unhe muh dikhane me bhi sharm aa rahi thi, magar kya karu mere sath jo bhi hua usme meri utni galti nahi thi. Is bar Bhuavn hafte bhar ke liye aye the. Unhone hamare liye bahot shopping ki. Hume bahot ghumaya. Wo muze aur Hitesh ko bahot pyar karte the. Maine bhi phir soch liya ab kuchh bhi ho jaye mai wapas wo sab dohra ne nahi dungi. Fir Bhuav tour pe chale gaye. Uske bad jab chachaji mere samne aate sar zukakar chale jate. Dulari ne bhi wo sab bate karna band kiya tha. Sab kuchh thik thak tha, meri zindagi fir se pehle jaisi ho gayi thi. 

Fir ek din jaba mai Hitesh ko school se ghar la rahi thi tabhi Bhuvan ka call aaya.

Fir ek din jaba mai Hitesh ko school se ghar la rahi thi tabhi Bhuvan ka call aaya. Mai unse bate karte karte apne floor lift se bahar nikli, Mobile ko range thodi kam thi isliye mai gallery me phone pe bate kar rahi thi. Karib 10 minute bate kane ke bad muze dhyan aya ke Hitesh waha nahi tha. Maine call cut kiya aur use dhundne lagi. Fir maine Uncleji ke room ke andar se uski awaj suni. Maine door ke pasase Hitesh ko awaz lagayi tab Dulari bahar aa gayi aur usne kaha aap phone par bat kar rahi thi isliye maine use andar bulaya. Tab maine Dulari ko use bahar lane ko kaha to usne kaha ke woh ice cream kha raha hai aur uska favourite cartoon dekh raha hai. Fir muze andar ane ko kaha aur Uncleji ghar pe nahi hai kaha. Uski bat sach thi maine Uncleji ko niche building ke bahar kisise bate karte dekha. Mai andar chali gayi aur Hitesh ko jaldi se ice cream khakar ghar chalne ko kaha magar wo cartoon ka maza le raha tha. 

Aur tabhi bahar se Uncleji agaye aur muze dekhte hi surprise ho gaye. Maine waha se nikalna hi behtar samza. Maine Dulari se kaha ke bad me Hitesh ko ghar lake chhodna. Mai jaise hi door ke pas gayi Uncleji ne door zat se band kar diya. Muze fir se purane khayal ane lage aur mai dar gayi, fir bhi maine man than li thi ki aaj kisi bhi halat me mai purani bate nahi dohraungi. 

Mai : Uncleji muze jane dijiye, ab mai wo sab bhul gayi hu aur mai wo bate wapas hone nahi doongi.
Uncleji : Bahu, mai bhi sab bhul hi raha tha magar aaj tumhe samne pakar mai apne aap pe kabu kaise rakhu? Akhir me mai bhi ek mard hu.
Mai : Aap ko jo bhi karna hai Dulari ke sath kijiye, muze jane dijiye.
Uncleji : Bahu jo maza tum me hai wo Dulari to kya duniya ki kisi aurat me nahi hai. Aur aaj maine tumhe jan bujhkar nahi phasaya hai, tum khud mere ghar me ayi ho, mere to aaj bhag hi khul gaye.
(Dulari sab sun rahi thi aur jan bujhkar Hitesh ko cartoon dikhane ke bahane batome uljha rahi thi).
Mai : Uncleji pls muze jane dijiye? Ek bar jo apne kiya wo bahot hai ab mai wo pap dobara nahi kar sakti.
Uncleji : Kaisa pap bahu? Us din jitne maze maine liye usase zyada to tum le rahi thi, apne bachhe ki kasam kha kar kaho ke mai jhut bol raha hu.
(Unki bate sunkar maine gardan niche kar li aur fir zabardasti door ki taraf badhne ki koshish karne lagi. Tabhi Uncleji ne meri sadi ka pallu khicha aur kaha dekho beti Hitesh ne yeh sab dekh liya to uske chhote bachha kya sochega, yeh sunte hi mai dar gayi).
Uncleji : Thik hai bahu, tum sirf 5 minute ke liye bedroom me chalo mai bas kuchh der tumhe bahome bharna chahta hu, fir mai tumhe chhod dunga.
Mai : Thik hai chachaji sirf bahome lenge aur kuchh nahi karenge aur woh bhi 5 minute ke liye.
Uncleji : Thik hai bahu, tum bedroom me chalo mai pichhe se ata hu.

Mai fir bedroom ke taraf nikal gayi, socha 5 minute ki bat hai aur Uncleji sirfbahome to lene wale hai. Mai bedroom me jake ek kone me khadi ho gayi. Kuchh der bad Uncleji andar agaye, aate hi unhone bedroom ka door lock kar diya aur ek ghayal sher ki tarah muz par zapat pade. Maine pehle dono hathose apne boobs chupakar khadi thi taki mere boobs Uncleji ki chhatiyon ko na chipke. Magar Uncleji kaha manane wale the meri yeh chal dekhkar unhone apne dono hath mere nitambo par rakh diye, wo hatane ke liye jaise hi maine hath pichhe kiye Uncleji ne meri boobs ko kas kar apni chhatiyo par dabaye aur muze kas kar bahome jakda. Unke takat ke age mai kuchh nahi kar sakti thi so maine socha 5 minute ki to baat hai. Fir unhone mere lips ko kissing karne ki koshish karne lage magar maine apna muh side me kar diya, tab wo muze dhakelte hue diwar ki taraf le kar gaye aur muze diwar se chipka kar kissing karna shuru kar diya. Ab to mai bhi garam hone lagi thi magar maine bhi man me than li thi ki aaj Uncleji ko kuchh nahi karne dungi.

Tabhi mera mobile baj utha, so Uncleji ne muze chhod diya. Line pe Bhuvan the. Maine Uncleji ko chup rehne ki request ki.

Bhuvan : Hallo kabse phone try kar raha hu, magar range hi nahi mil rahi hai. Aur kuchh der pahle tumne mera call kyon cut kar diya? Kuch problem hai kya?
Mai : Jiiiiiiii Nahiiiiiiii, wo mobile ko aaj range ka problem hai.
(Mai phone par bate kar rahi thi ke mauka pakar Uncleji ne meri sadi ka pallu kandhe se niche khincha, mai dar gayi meri awaj thodi kampne lagi, Unclji ne muze chup rehne ko kaha. Mai asamanjmas me pad gayi ke kya karu, Bhuvan ka phone bhi nahi kat sakti thi aur Unclji yaha zid par ade hue the)
Bhuvan : Tumhari awaz kyo kamp rahi hai, kya hua?
Mai : Kuchh nahi wo billi kud padi so mai dar gayi?

Mai itna keh rahi thi ke Unclji ne meri sadi utar di, mai sharm se pani pani huyi ja rahi thi. Fir Bhuvan sasural ki bate karna shuru kar diya aur waha Unclji ne mere kapde utarna. Fir Unhone meri peticote ka nada loose kiya to peticote zamin par gira, ab mai sirf blouse aur black panty me thi, maine apna muh sharam se dusri taraf ghuma diya. Us din maine less wali gujarati choli pehni thi jo pichhe se khulti tha, Unclji ne dhire se uski less khol di. Meri halat kharab hote ja rahi thi. Fir unhone blouse ek hath se utar diya aur muze ishara karte hue mobile dusre hath se pakadne ko kaha aur dusri taraf se blouse puri tarah utar diya. Isi tarah unhone meri bra bhi utar di, ab mai unke samne sirf panty me thi. Fir unhone muze sofe par baithne ka ishara kiya aur jaise hi mai baith gayi unhone meri panty utarne ki koshish ki magar maine wo kas ke pakdi aur Uncleji ko ishare se nahi utarne ki request ki. Magar wo nahi mane aur jabardasti meri panty khinchkar utar di. Mai ab puri tarah nangi hokar sofe pe baithi thi. Maine apne dono pav jakad liye the, ek hath apne stano par rakha tha aur ek hath me mobile pakda tha.

Fir Uncleji thoda pichhe ho gaye aur apna ek ek kapda mere samne utarne lage. Underwear chhodke unhone apne sare kapde utar diye. Unki underwear me ek bada tent khada ho gaya tha. Mai ab samaz gayi Uncleji ab muze chhodne wale nahi the. Muze firse Uncleji ke sath kiya hua sex yaad aya aur mai kamp uthi, magar mere sharir ab bahot garam ho chuka tha, age kya honewala hai yeh sochkar meri chut me kuch kuch hone laga tha. Badme Uncleji sofe ke samne akar baith gaye aur zabardasti meri dono tange failayi aur apna muh meri chut ke paas lakar chupchap baith gaye. Wo sab dekhar meri awaz ab zyada kampne lagi thi. Fir maine socha Bhuvan ko shak ho jayega so maine unhe kaha ke mobile ki battery low hai mai charge karke badme call karungi, kehkar maine call cut kar diya. Jaise hi maine call cut kiya Uncleji ne apna muh meri chut me dalkar chut chatna shuru kiya. Ab mera control khatm ho gaya mere hath se mobile zamin par gir gaya. Ab mai bas siskariya le rahi thi, Unclejiiiiiiiiiiii nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii basssssss maiiiiiiiiiiiii mar gayiiiiiiiiiiii. Chut chatate chatate wo apni do ungliya andar bahar karne lage. Meri chut ab bahot gili ho chuki thi, usme se jo ras nikal raha tha wo Uncleji ek pyase admi ki tarah chat rahe the. Mai zor zor se aahe bhar rahi thi ab muzse bhi raha nahi ja raha tha. Meri tadap dekhkar Uncleji samaz gaye ab kya karna hai. 

Unhone muze bed par dono pair failakar sone ko kaha. Mai bhi ek gulam ki tarah ab unki bate man rahi thi. Jaise hi maine tange failayi unhone ek takiya mere ass ke niche rakh diya jisase meri chut aur fail gayi. Fir wo upar chadhkar mere lips ko kiss karne lage. Mai ab apne hosh me nahi thi maine kaha

Unhone muze bed par dono pair failakar sone ko kaha. Mai bhi ek gulam ki tarah ab unki bate man rahi thi. Jaise hi maine tange failayi unhone ek takiya mere ass ke niche rakh diya jisase meri chut aur fail gayi. Fir wo upar chadhkar mere lips ko kiss karne lage. Mai ab apne hosh me nahi thi maine kaha

Mai : Uncleji, jaldi kijiye na.
Uncleji : Bahu kya jaldi karu
Mai : Jo aap karna chahte hai
Uncleji : Kya karna chahta hu bahu (woh sunkar mai sharam se chup ho gayi), Bolo bahu kya tum chahti ho ke mai tumhe chodu
Mai : Haaaaaaaa
Uncleji : To kaho ke Uncleji muze jaldise chodo.
Mai : Nahi mai nahi keh sakti, apko jo karna hai karo
Uncleji : Bahurani jab tak tum nahi kehti mai tumhe chodunga nahi, kaho (Fir kuchh der aise hi mai tadap rahi thi fir majboori me muze kehna pada).
Mai : Ha Uncleji muze jaldise chodo.

Uncleji : To thik apne hathose mera lund apni chut me thodasa andar karo.
Mere pas dusra ko rasta nahi tha so maine unka lund apni chut ki centre par rakha, rakhte hi Uncleji ne ek zor ka dhakka diya aur unka adhe se zyada lund meri chut ke andar gaya, mai chilla uthi Aaaaaaah Unclejiiiiiii dhireseee, AAAaaah, kuchh minute tak muze dard hua magar ab mai firse enjoy karne lagi thi. Karib 10 minute tak Uncleji muze chod rahe the. Fir wo ruk gaye aur unhone muze bed se uthne ko kaha. Mai ek bachche ki tarah unki bat man rahi thi. Fir wo muze bedroom ki diwar ke pas le gaye aur diwar ki taraf muh karke khade rehne ko kaha aur piche se apna lund meri chut me dalkar dhakke marna shuru kiya. Shuru me dhire dhire aur badme zor se dhakke lagana shuru kiya. Yeh sab mai pehli bar kar rahi thi. Mere pati aaj tak sirf muze bed par sulakar hi chodte the. Muze dard to ho raha tha magar usase bhi zyada maza aa raha tha. Phir Unclji ne dhakko ka speed badha diya, mai samaz gayi ki who ab zadne wale hai. Mai boli

Mai : Unclji, please pani andar mat chhodiye, pichhli bar bhi apne andar chhoda tha.
Uncleji : Ghabrao mat bahu Dulari ke pas goliya hai jinse tumhe bachha hone ka koi dar nahi hoga.
Mai : Thik hai Unclji pls jaldi karo na…….
Itna kehte hi unhone muze firse bed par sulaya aur zor zor se chodna shuru kiya aur phir mere upar hi so gaye. Fir kuchh der bad wo alag ho gaye. Fir maine kapde pehne aur bahar aa gayi to dekha Dulari Hitesh ko khana khila rahi thi. Mere pichhe se Uncleji bhi bahar agaye, Hitesh ke khana khane tak mai sophe par baithi aur Uncleji mere bajume baith gaye, hum log Hitesh ke pichhe baithe the uska mu dusri taraf tha aur Dulari ka muh hamari taraf tha, tabhi Dulari ne muzse puchha 

Dulari : Bibiji Khana Khayegi?
Mai : Nahi (To usne mazak me kaha)
Dulari : Kaise khayengi apka pet to bhar gaya hoga, Sahabji ne bahut kuchh khilaya hoga? (maine garden sharm se niche ki), kyon sahabji bibiji ko kuchh khilaya ke nahi?
Uncleji : Zyada kuchh nahi bus ek kela khilaya (kehkar wo hasne lage, Hitesh umra me bahot chhota tha so usko ye bate samazne ka sawal hi nahi tha, magar muze sharam aa rahi thi).
Dulari : Kya pura kela khilaya
Unclji : Ha
Dulari : Lagta hai Bibijo ko ajkal apka kela kuchh zyada hi pasand ane laga hai? (Mai gardan zukakar sab sun rahi thi)
Unclji : Lagta to aise hi hai
Dulari : Aur apka bhi pet bhar gaya hoga na dudh piker.
Unclji : Abhi bhara to nahi (itna kehkar unhone mere dono hatho ke pichhe se hath age dalkar mere boobs dabane lage, pallu hone ke karan unke hath samne se nazar nahi aarahe the).
Mai : Uncleji bus ho gaya na, itna karne ke bad bhi apka pet nahi bhara?
Unclji : Bahurani tum chiz hi aisi ho ke tumhe chhodne ka man hi nahi karta 

Itna kehkar unhone fir se mere blouse ke lace pichhe se khol di, aur bra ka huk bhi nikal diya aur mere stan dabate rahe, sath hi nipple bhi pinch karne lage, mai fir se garam hone lagi thi.

Dulari : Sahabji Hitesh ko khana khilane me abhi aur 15 minute to lagenge, tab tak aur ek bar bibijo ko kela khila sakte hai? 

Itna sunte hi Uncleji ne hath pakadkar muze bedroom ki taraf khinch kar le jane lage, mai jana nahi chahti thi magar muze pata tha virodh karne ka kuchh fayda nahi hoga, so mai unke sath bedroom me chali gayi. Andar jate hi Uncleji ne muze bed par letne ko kaha aur meri sadi upar karke meri patny utar di aur bina der kiye apna lund meri chut me dalkar dhakke marna shuru kiya, is baar unhone meri dono tange apne kandhe par rakhkar chodne lage, muze dard to bahot ho raha tha magar har bar ki tarah maza bhi bahot aaraha tha, Is tarah karib 10 minute chodne ke bad unhone mere andar apna pani chhod diya. Mai kuchh der waisehi padi rahi. Badme apne kapde pehankar Hitesh ko lekar ghar nikal gayi.

Us din ke bad jab bhi mai ghar me akeli hoti thi to muze hamesha ye khayal ata tha ki ye mere sath kya ho raha hai. Jo hota tha usme meri koi galti nahi thi, magar jab Uncleji jabardasti karte to mera sharir kyo unka sath deta hai? Muze kuchh samaz nahi ata tha. Maine socha jo hona hai wo hone do magar mai khud chalke kabhi unke pas nahi jaungi aur na hi unhe ab aisa moka dungi ke wo mere sath firse jabardasti kare. Maine ghar se zyada bahar nikalna hi band kar diya. Dulari kabhi kabhi mere ghar ati thi aur muzse hansi mazak karti thi. Ab uski itni himmat badh gayi thi ke wo chachaji ka nam lekar muzse bahut mazak karti thi. Uski bate sunkar kabhi gussa ata to kabhi sharm to kabhi mai sihar jati thi magar maine uspe gussa karna chhod diya tha. Wo zyadatar roz muze khana banane me madad karti thi. Mere ghar ke baki kam bhi muft karti thi. Ek din hum dono hall me sofe par baith kar TV dekh rahe the, Hitesh school gaya tha to maine use paise ke bareme puchha to woh boli

Mai : Dulari mera itna kam karti ho to muzse paise bhi le lo na?
Dulari : Nahi Bibiji muze Sahabji ne kaha hai ke aap jo bole wo kam karna paise nahi lena, Wo muze de denge
Mai : Tum unki bat mat suno? Muzse paise le liya karo unse mat lena
Dulari : Bibiji unke ghar me jo mai kam karti hu uske badle me wo muze bahot paise dete hai, magar apka jo kam karti hu uske badle me wo dete hai
Mai : Wo kya?
Dulari : Wohi jo apko do bar diya hai
Mai : Dulari phirse wo sab bate mat karo muze un batome interest nahi hai
Dulari : Bibiji ek bat to sach hai, apke sath zabardasti hui hai phir bhi apne bahot enjoy kiya, sach hai na? (Mai chupchap thi)
Dulari : Boliye na Bibiji mere samne kaisi sharam
Mai : Ha sach hai magar muze nahi pata aisa kyo hota hai
Dulari : Isliye ke aap ko sex me interest hai, Sahabji apko sukh nahi dete usase sau guna zyada Uncleji ne diya isliye na?
Mai : Dulari, mere pati ke bareme kuchh mat kehna, wo to devta insan hai
Dulari : Aap thik keh rahi hai memsab, wo apko duniya ki sari khusi de sakte hai, magar jo sukh apko chahiye wo nahi de pate, mana ke useme Sahabji ki galti nahi hai magar aap to pyasi reh jati hai na, apne Hitesh ki kasam kehkar kahiye na
Mai : Ha, magar iska ye matlab nahi hai ke mai kisi aur ke sath wo sab karu
Dulari : Bibiji Unclji ke sath karne me koi burai nahi hai, agar wo galat admi hote to apki nangi taswire utarkar apko blackmail karte aur unko jo chahiye wo apse karwate, aap gharme akeli rehti hai wo apke sath zabardasti kar sakte hai magar wo nahi karte, is bat se pata chalta hai ke Uncleji bure ya kamine admi nahi hai, aur unke pas itna paisa hai ke Society ki kai aurato ke sath wo ye sab kar sakte hai magar wo bas apke aur mere sath hi yeh sab karte hai, mai sahi keh rahi hu na?
Mai : Haaa
Dulari : Bibiji mai to yehi kahungi ke Uncleji ke sath sambandh rakhne me koi burai nahi hai, mai itne salose unke sath hu magar apko chhod ke kisi aur ko pata nahi hai hamare sambandh ke bareme, so aap bhi unse sambandh rakhengi to wo apko bahut khush rakhenge aur kisiko pata bhi nahi chalega kyonki apke Sasural ke aur unke bahot gehre sambandh hai.
Mai : Tumhari bat sahi hai fir bhi mai aisa nahi kar sakti, kyonki mai ek achhe gharane se hu, ye sab mere liye pap hai.
Dulari : Bibiji, ek dusre ko khushi dena koi paap nahi hota apko chodne se jitna sukh Uncleji ko milta hai utna hi aap ko bhi, to usme galat aur paap kya hai?
Mai Dulari ki sab bate sun rahi thi, aur socha ke wo bate to sahi kar rahi hai magar fir bhi muze wo sab nahi karna chahiye.
Mai : Dulari, sahi ya galat ye sab bate chhod do magar mai khud kabhi Uncleji ko yeh sab karne nahi dungi.

Aisehi kuchh din gujar gaye, muze laga ke Uncleji firse muzpe zabardasti karne ki koshish karenge magar aisa kuchh nahi hua. Aur mai bhi ab unhe koi mauka nahi dena chahti thi. Fir ek din Junagadh se call aya ke

Aisehi kuchh din gujar gaye, muze laga ke Uncleji firse muzpe zabardasti karne ki koshish karenge magar aisa kuchh nahi hua. Aur mai bhi ab unhe koi mauka nahi dena chahti thi. Fir ek din Junagadh se call aya ke kuchh kam se sasurji anewale hai. Yeh sunkar mai aur Bhuvan bahot khush hue aur Bhuvan ne bhi kuchh din apna sab kam chhodkar gharpe rehne ka faisla kiya. 

Sasurji ke ane ke bad Uncleji bhi bahot khush the. Wo hamare ghar par ate to kabhi Sasurji aur Bhuvan unke ghar me jate. Magar Uncleji ne un dono ke samne kabhi muzse galat harkat ya baat nahi ki. Muze bahu ki tarah izzat de rahe the. Sasurji kuchh aur din yaha rehne wale the. Fir ek din Sasurji Hitesh ko lekar ghumne gaye the Bhuvan bhi kisi karan bahar gaye the ke tabhi Uncleji ka call aya. Maine jaise hi receiver uthaya Unlceji ne kaha

Unlceji : Kaisi ho bahu?
Mai : Uncleji apne phone kyo kiya? Sasurji to Hitesh ko lekar niche chale gaye hai.
Unlceji : Muze pata hai Bahu, isliye to maine call kiya?
Mai : Uncleji please mai pichhli sab bate bhul chuki hu, mai ab wo sab dohrana nahi chahti, agar kisi ko ye sab pata chal jayega to hamare khandan ki izzat mitti me mil jayegi?
Unlceji : Bahurani, kaunse khandan ki bat kar rahi ho, tumhe apne Sasurji ke bareme kya pata hai? Tumhare Sasurji aur muzme koi farak nahi hai.
(Ye sunte hi muze to jaise chakkar si ane lagi, pura ghar mere ankhoke samne ghumne laga)
Mai : Uncleji ye aap kya bak rahe hai, apko khabar hai aap kya keh rahe hai? Mere Sasurji ke bareme kuchh mat kahiye, woh to devta hai, mai unke bare me kuchh bura nahi sun sakti, aap phone rakh dijiye.
Unlceji : Bahurani apke Sasurji kitne bade devta hai ye to bas muze hi pata hai.
Mai : Bas kijiye Uncleji mai aur kuchh nahi sunana chahti hu mai phone rakh rahi hu.
Unlceji : Ruko Bahurani, phone mat rakhna, Agar mai sabit kar du ke tumhare Sasurji bhi aurato ke shaukin hai to tum muze kya dogi?
Mai : Bakwas band kijiye Unclji, aap jhut bol rahe hai.
Unlceji : Thik hai Bahurani aaj sham ko 7.00 baje mere ghar aajao, dudh ka dudh aur pani ka pani ho jayega, aur mai jo kehta hu wo sach nikla to jo mai kahu wo tumhe manana hoga.
Mai : Uncleji aap janbujh kar muze apne ghar bulane ki sajish kar rahe hai, isliye jhut bol rahe hai, magar mai nahi aaungi.
Unlceji : Bahurani agar mujhe tumpe zabardasti karni hai to mai kabhi bhi kar sakta hu, ye baat to tumhe bhi malum hai, magar mai tumhe sachchai batana chahta hu ke jin Sasurji ko tum devta manti ho wo asal me kaise hai, agar meri bate jhuti sabit hui to mai kabhi tumhe apni shakla nahi dikhaunga, magar sach nikli to jo mai kahu wo tumhe manana hoga, majur hai?
Mai : Thik hai Unlceji, mai aaj sham ko apke ghar aaungi.
Unlceji : Thik hai Bahurani (Itna kehkar unhone phone kat diya).

Mai janti thi ke Sasurji vaise nahi hai, phir bhi maine socha ke kyo na ekbar Uncleji ki bat mankar dekha jaye. Unka kehna jhut sabit to honehi wala hai to wo muze kabhi tang nahi karenge.

Sham ko Hitesh Bhuvan ke sath khel raha tha aur Sasurji TV dekh rahe the tab maine unse kaha ke mai market jake aati hu, jaise hi mai mere flat se bahar nikli, maine dekha Uncleji ka door khula tha maine idhar udhar dekha aur sidha Uncleji ke ghar me ghus gayi. Andar Uncleji aur Dulari baithe the. Mere andar jate hi Dulari ne door band kar diya, mai Uncleji ki taraf dekhne lagi, to unhone kaha bahurani daro mat mai kuchh nahi karunga. Fir Uncleji muze Phone ki taraf lekar gaye aur Sasurji ka no. dial kiya aur speaker on kiya. Samne se Sasurji ki awaz ayi. 

Sasurji : Hello
Dulari : Sahabji mai Dulari bol rahi hu.
Sasurji : Ha bolo Dulari.
Dulari : Kya hua Sahabji aap to muze bhul hi gaye.
Sasurji : Nahi, aisi to koi bat nahi hai
Dulari : To itne din hue yaha akar aur ek bar bhi muzse khulke bat nahi ki apne.
Sasurji : Are nahi, wo kya hai mera beta aur bahu sathme hote hai na so unke samne tumse bat karne me dar lagta hai, warna mai tumhe kaise bhul sakta hu.
(Itna sunte hi mai hairan ho gayi ke Sasurji kitne freely Dulari se bate kar rahe the).
Dulari : Abhi aap kya kar rahe hai Sahabji.
Sasurji : Kuchh nahi TV dekh raha tha.
Dulari : Yaha Sharma Sahab ke yaha aa jaiye na?
Sasurji : Sharmaji kaha hai?
Dulari : Nahi wo to kuchh kam se bahar gaye hai raat 10 ke bad hi anewale hai, mai yaha akeli hu.
Sasurji : Nahi Dulari ghar me mera beta hai, aur bahu bhi market gayi hai unhe kya batau?
Mai : Bol dijiye na niche ghum kar ata hu, mere liye itna nahi kar sakte?
Unlceji : Thik hai koshish karta hu (kehkar unhone phone rakh diya)

Sasurji ke muh se ye sunkar mere pairo tale zamin sarak gayi, mai jinko devta manti thi wo Dulari se aisi bate kar rahe the, fir bhi ab wo kis had tak ja sakte hai mai dekhna chahti thi so mai Uncleji ki taraf dekhne lagi. 

Unlceji : Bahurani, suna tumhare Sasurji ko?
Mai : Wo to suna lekin muze ab bhi yakin nahi ho raha.
Unlceji : Ab age dekho kya hota hai, jaisa mai kehta hu tum karo, baki maine Dulari ko sabkuchh samza diya hai.

Fir wo muze lekar unke joint bedroom ki taraf le gaye. Dono bedroom ke bich me ek window thi jise one side mirror laga rakha tha. Jis ki ek taraf se wo mirror lagta tha to dusri taraf se ek kanch ki tarah andar ka sara mahaul nazar aa raha tha. Wo muze dusri taraf le gaye aur us bedroom ka door aur light band kar di aur kaha ki ab apni ankho se dekho ke age kya honewala hai. Mai chupchap andhere me khadi thi, Uncleji muzse satkar mere pichhe khade ho gaye the. Kuchh der bad bell ki awaz ayi. Bahar Dulari aur Sasurji ke beech kuchh batchit ho rahi thi. Fir dono dusri taraf ke bedroom me aakar bed par baith gaye. Aur dono ne bate karna shuru kiya jo hame saaf sunayi de raha tha

Dulari : Kya sahabji aap to hame bhul hi gaye.
Sasurji : Are waisi bat nahi Dulari yad to bahot aati thi, magar kya kare gaon me jo tha.
Dulari : To kya hua phone par to bate kar sakte the, mai aur Sharma Sahab aksar apko yad karte the.
Sasurji : Wo to hai, magar Sharmaji ke hote huwe tumhe meri yad kyo ati thi.
Dulari : Kya Sahabji aap bhi kaisi bate kar rahe hai, kya apne hame kam maze diye hai, aap aur Sharma Sahab ne aaj tak muze apni patni jaisa pyar diya, mai bahut khush nasib hu.

Kehkar Dulari ne apni dono bahe Sasurji ke gale me daldi aur Sasurji ne bhi use gale se lagaya. Ye sab dekhkar muze gussa aaraha tha ke Sasurji bhi aisa kar sakte hai sathme wo sab dekhkar sharam bhi aarahi thi magar maine socha chupchap rehkar age kya honewala hai wo dekhte hai.

Sasurji : Dulari ab muzme pehle jaisi takad nahi rahi, aur jitna dum Sharmaji me hai usase adha bhi muzme nahi raha hai, mai tumhe ab utna maza de nahi paunga.
Dulari : To kya hua Sahabji muze maza aye na aye magar mai apko khush dekhna chahti hu (Itna kehkar usne apni choli utari aur Sasurji ki kamiz utarne lagi. Aur apne stan age karke Sasurji se kaha

Dulari : Le lijiye sahabji ye dono kabse apke hatho ka sukh pane ke liye taras gaye hai.
Sasurji : Muze bhi to in aamo ka ras piye bahot din ho gaye hai.
Dulari : To chusiye na der kis bat ki?

Itna sunte hi Sasurji ne uske dono stan dabane shuru kar diye. Maine apni gardan niche kar di to Uncleji ne zabardasti meri gardan upar karke wo dekhne ko kaha. Apne Sasurji ki wo kridaye dekhkar muze sharam to aarahi par sath hi mera sharir bhi garm hona shuru ho gaya tha. Sasurji ek bhukhe admi ki tarah Dulari ke stan daba rahe the aur bich bich me chus bhi rahe the. Tabhi muze dhyan aya ke Uncleji meri sadi utarne ki koshish kar rahe hai, magar mai kuchh na bol saki aur andhera hone ke karan meri sharm kam ho gayi thi. Sadi utarne ke bad unhone kab mera blouse aur bra utar di aur muze uparse puri tarah nangi kar diya ye muze malum nahi pada kyonki mai Sasurji aur Dulari ka khel dekh rahi thi. Fir Uncleji ne mere stan dabane shuru kar diye, mai itni garam ho chuki thi ke mai siskariya bharne lagi. Magar Uncleji ne muze chup rehne ko kaha nahi to wo log hamari awaze sun sakte the. 

Badme Dulari ne Sasurji ki dhoti utar di aur unka lund hath me le liya. Maine dekha unka lund me zyada tightness nahi thi. Tabhi Dulari niche baith gayi aur usne unka lund apne muh me le liya. Wo dekhkar maine firse gardan zuka di, mai wo dekhna nahi chahti thi so mai Uncleji ki taraf muh ghuma ke khadi ho gayi. Tabhi mere dhyan me aya ke Uncleji ne mera peticot bhi utar diya tha aur mai ab sirf panty me thi. Uncleji ne muze firse wo sab dekhne ko kaha, magar mai ab ageka kuchh dekhna nahi chahti thi, unhone muze zabardasti wo sab dekhne ke liye ghuma diya aur kaan me kaha ‘Dekha apne khandani Sasur ko’. Wo sunkar muze gussa aya tha magar Uncleji jo bhi kuchh keh rahe the wo sahi tha. Mai sochne lagi isi karan Sasurji zyada din Bombay me rehte the. Ab muze samaz me aya ki Uncleji ne kal phone par jo bhi kaha tha sab sach tha. Mai apne khandan ki bahut izzat karti thi, mere sath jo bhi hua wo sab zabardasti tha. Magar Sasurji jo kar rahe the wo bina khandan ki parva kiye apne maze ke liye kar rahe the.

Mai age kuchh dekhna nahi chahti thi magar Uncleji muze jan buzkar dekhne ke liye majbur kar rahe the. Maine dekha Dulari ne Sasurji ka lund chuskar bahot tight kar diya tha. Unka lund Uncleji jitna mota aur lamba nahi tha magar mere patise to lamba tha. Lund chusne ke bad bed par so gayi aur apna ghagra upar karke apni dono tange failadi, usne panty nahi pehni thi. Shayad Sasurji usi baat ka intazar kar rahe the, unhone jaldi se apna muh Dulari ki chut me dala aur chatne lage. Wo sab dekhkar meri halat kharab hoti ja rahi thi. Uncleji mere pichhe andhere me the muze nazar nahi aa rahe the. Kuchh der bad wo muze pichhe se aakar chipak gaye, tab muze pata chala ke Uncleji bhi puri tarah nange ho gaye the. Unka lund pichhese mere ass ko touch ho raha tha. Fir unhone apna lund mere hath me diya. Mera dhyan samne tha aur ek hath se maine Uncleji ka lund thama tha. Fir Uncleji ne muze ghutno ke bal niche baithne ko kaha, muze nahi pata tha wo kya karne wale hai. Fir unhone apna lund meri muh ki taraf lekar aye, mai samaz gayi ke wo ab muze apna lund chusne ke liye keh rahe hai, magar maine apna muh dusri taraf kar diya. Ab wo muzse dhimi awaz me bate karne lage

Unlceji : Bahu apna muh kholo.
Mai : Nahi Uncleji mai yeh nahi karungi baki apko jo karna hai kar sakte hai.
Unlceji : Dekho Bahurani maine jo kaha tha wo maine sabit kiya, ab tumhe meri bat manani hogi.
Mai : Uncleji aap dusri koi bhi bat kahiye mai sun lungi magar ye nahi.
Unlceji : Bahurani tumne kaha tha ki meri har bat manogi, ab kyo nahi man rahi.
Mai : Maine ye sab pehle kabhi kiya nahi aur mai ye karna bhi nahi chahti, aap dusri koibhi bat kahiye mai sun lungi.
Unlceji : Bahu tum apne wade se mukar rahi ho, ab lagta hai muze tumpar zabardasti karni padegi.

Itna kehkar unhone muze zabardasti ghutno ke bal bithaya aur mere bal pichhe se khinche, muze thoda dard hua magar aisa karte hi mera muh apne aap khul gaya. Muh khulte hi Uncleji ne apna lund mere muh me dal diya. Maine wo fatak se apne muh se nikal diya. Fir wo gussa ho gaye aur dhirese mere kan me bole

Unlceji : Thik hai Bahurani agar tumhe meri baat nahi manani to koi bat nahi mai abhi light on karke tumhare Sasurji aur Dulari ko yaha bulata hu.
Mai : Nahi Uncleji, please aisa mat kijiye mai sharm se mar jaungi.
Unlceji : To thik hai jaldise mera lund apne muh me lelo, jaise Dulari kar rahi thi waisahi karo.

Mere paas aur koi rasta nahi tha so maine unka lund apne muh me le liya aur chusne lagi. Shuru me to muze ghinn aarahi thi, magar phir maine dhire dhire chusna shuru kiya, Uncleji ka lund itna bada tha ke wo puri tarah andar nahi ja raha tha, phir bhi mai unki khushi ke liye koshish kar rahi thi. Ab meri chut se bhi pani aaraha tha muzse raha nahi ja raha tha maine kaha ‘Uncleji mai ye sab fir kabhi karungi mai kasam khati hu, please abhi aap muze chodo na’. Aaj pehli bar mai apne muh se Uncleji ko chodne ko keh rahi thi. Wo sunkar Uncleji khush hue aur muze khade rehne ko kaha aur fir wapas muze window ki taraf le gaye. Maine dekha Sasurji aur Dulari dono puri tarah nange ho chuke the, aur Sasurji ne apna lund Dulari ki chut me dalkar ek jawan mard ki tarah zor zor se dhakke markar Dulari ko chod rahe the. Mai dekhkar hairan hui ke Sasurji me itna josh kaise aagaya. Aise hi dhakke marte hue unka pani nikal gaya aur wo Dulari ke upar so gaye.

Magar ab yeh sab dekhkar muzse raha nahi ja raha tha, mai Uncleji ko khinch kar bed par le jane lagi aur apni panty utarkar bed par tange failakar so gayi. Fir Uncleji meri chutme do ungli dalkar andar bahar karne lage. Kuchh der tak wo aisahi kar rahe the tabhi Dulari ne bahar se awaz di ke Sasurji chale gaye aur wo andar aagayi. Itna sunte hi Uncleji ne turant bedroom ki light on kar di. Bed par mai puri tarah nangi tange failakar padi thi. Magar aaj na jane muze kya hua tha, mai ek besharm ki tarah bina apna badan chhupaye waisehi padi rahi. Fir Uncleji mere upar sokar mere stano ko dabane aur chusne lage aur apna lund meri chut ke pas le gaye. Magar aaj mai kuchh alag hi mood me thi, maine Uncleji ka sar pakad kar apni chut ki taraf dhakelne lagi. Uncleji samaz gaye kya karna hai, wo bina samay gawaye apna muh meri chut me dalkar zor zor se chatne lage. Ye sab dekhkar Dulari ne bhi apne sare kapde utar diye aur mere bajume so kar mere stan apne muh me dalkar chusne lagi. 

Kuchh der aisehi chal raha tha phir Uncleji muze chodne lage, aaj to mai ek patni ki tarah unka sath de rahi thi, apne Sasurji ki karamat dekhkar mai khandan ki izzat sabkuchh bhul gayi thi. Karib bees minute tak Uncleji muze chod rahe the, mai teen bar zad chuki thi. Phir Uncleji ne apna pani chhod diya. Fir mai apne kapde pehen ghar nikal gayi. 

Raat ko Sasurji ne muzse Iodex manga to maine puchha kya hua to unhone kaha zyada ghumne ke karan kamar me dard ho raha hai. Mai man hi man hans rahi thi kyonki muze pata tha ke kamar dard kyo ho raha hai. Dusre din jab mai