Monday, August 27, 2007

August 2007 - From New York

The Bride and the Tax-Driver

It had only been a week since we had been married. It took us the week to settle down in our new apartment that was gifted to us by Ramesh's father. Ramesh and I were to leave for our honeymoon tomorrow. We had a little bit of shopping left to do before we left. Ramesh went and got the taxi and called me from downstairs. I rushed down as soon as the taxi arrived and we both got in. We told the taxi driver of our destination and we were off.

The taxi-driver was a big guy. He looked huge and took up most of the front seat. I could barely see anything in the front since his huge posture blocked the view. We had been on the road for about ten minutes now and already hit bad traffic. After a while, as me and my husband dear were engrossed in our coochie-coo, the driver turned around and told my husband, "Saahab, aap bahaut naseeb waale ho."

"Kya matlab?" asked my husband, puzzled at this sudden comment.

"Aapko itni sundar patni mili hai. Bahaut khush naseeb ho saahab." He replied, grinning.

I could see that my husband had been angered at this, but he didn’t have the guts to say anything, looking at the size of that man sitting in front of us. Finally, I decided to do something.

"Driver! Gaadi roko! Kaise badtameez aadmi ho tum! Sharam nahi aati tumhe?" I said in a voice filled with anger.

"Arre madam, aap toh aise hi naaraaz ho gayi. Maaf kar dijiye madam." He said, but his expression clearly indicated that he wasnt sorry at all.

"Kya maaf kar de! Passenger se is tarah bartaaw kiya jaata hai! Rok do gaadi issi waqt!" My voice quivered as I tried to sound assertive.

"Accha accha madam." He said. "Maine toh aise hi keh diya. Gareeb aadmi hoon. Teen saal pehle meri patni mujhe chodkar kisi aur ke saath bhaag gayi paise ke liye. Kya karu memsaab, tabh se bas..gaadi chalaata hoon aur apna pet bharta hoon. Aur koi iccha hi nahi bacchi." I could detect the truth in his sad voice.

"Oh.." is all I could say. I felt a little guilty now for being so harsh to the poor man.

"Hamme maaf kar dena bhai." My husband said, placing a hand on his shoulder from behind.

"Koi baat nahi saahab." He said. "Maafi mujhe maangni chaahiye. Pehli baar itni sundar jodi dekhi. Thoda mann machal gaya. Kya kare, akela aadmi hoon."

"Nahi nahi bhai, apne aap ko akela matt samjho."
My husband said.
"Tumhaara naam kya hai?"

"Javed" He answered.

"Javed bhai, ek kaam karo, aap aaj hamaare ghar chaliye, Wahi khaana kha lijiyega." He said and then turned and looked at me. I just nodded in approval.

"Nahi nahi saahab, mein gareeb aadmi. Memsaab ko buraa lagega." He said

"Nahi Javed Bhai." I said "Mujhe buraa nahi lagega. aap gaadi ghumaa lijiye.
Waapas wahi chaliye jahaan se hamme pickup kiya tha."

He smiled, turned the taxi around and we headed back to our place. Javed felt a little uncomfortable entering our house. I could make out that this man had entered in such a posh house for the first time in his life. I looked at him, admiring how big this man was. I don’t know why, but I have always been attracted to men who are rather large than usual. And this man was really big. He must have been 6 3", and really broad shouldered. Ramesh led him to the living room and asked him to make himself comfortable on the sofa. He sat down, smiling. I looked at him and smiled too. All this while I was contemplating whether I should change into something comfortable. Since our previous plans were to go out for shopping and then a little dinner in a good restaurant, I was wearing a nice lemon colored low neck salwar(bottom) kameez(top). It was skin fitting, with the kameez wrapped around my body tight enough to show how curvaceous my young newly-married body really is. I was wearing what every newly wed dulhan wears, a set of bangles that covered both my wrists. I decided not to change, feeling too lazy to do so. I just headed to the kitchen to get Javed bhai something to drink. I came out of the kitchen, carrying a tray with two glasses of Pepsi and placed it on the center table. I took a glass and served it to Javed Bhai, who accepted it with a smile on his face. I could trace his eyes peeking into my low-neck as I leaned to serve him. I didn’t mind. Infact, I kinda found the appreciative looks to be a turn-on. I went and sat down on the couch next to my husband. Ramesh put an arm around me and we started chatting with Javed Bhai. All this
while, I could make out that Javed couldnt stop admiring my curves. His eyes traced every inch of my body all the time. I felt as I was being stripped naked by this mans eyes. But I didnt say much. I pitied the mans condition. Lonely for three years, wife deserted him, he could use a little eye-candy. I decided to take it a step forward to make him feel better.

"Arre javed bhai, itne durr kyu baithe hai aap." I said. "Aayiye na, hamaare paas hi baithiye."

Surprisingly, he didnt show any resistance. He came down and sat right besides me. I felt a little uneasy, sitting there on the couch in the middle of two men. "Madam, aap bahaut sundar hai." He said, taking a sip of his drink. "Saahab, aap bahaut khush naseeb hai. Itni chikni cheez aapki baahon mein kaskar baithi hai."

"Chikni cheez??" I thought to myself. I had never been addressed like that in my life. I could sense the discomfort that my husband must've felt at that moment.

"Madam, aapki mehak hi itni pyaari hoon. Kya bataoon, mann macchal gaya. Bahaut dino baad apni patni ki kammi mehsoos kar raha hoon." Saying this he made a bold move and put and arm over my shoulder where my husbands arm was. Now I was sitting between two men, with their arms around my thin shoulders. My husband all this while was quiet. He was too afraid of this man to say anything. In comparision to this man, my husband was not even half his size. He could lift my husband on one arm, and two of me on the other. I felt a cold shiver run through my body as he moved even closer to me, now placing his nose over the side of my neck, taking a whiff of my perfume. I looked at my husband and saw fear all over his face where I expected anger. His forehead was sweating while his body was shivering as his wife was getting nuzzled by this giant of a man.

"Sorry memsaab" He said, moving away suddenly. "Thoda control ke baahar ho gaya. Maaf karna."

"k-k-koi baat nahi javed bhai" said my husband. I looked at him and shocked. He shook his head, afraid that I might blast off any minute now. Javed laughed at my husbands response.

"Memsaab, aapke pati toh bahaut acche aadmi hai. Aur bahaut samajhdaar bhi. Haina Bhaisaab?" He said, looking at my husband. "Bhaisaab, aap hamaare liye chai kyu nahi banaa laate."

"Mein le aati hoon" I said, trying to seize this opportunity of getting out of this situation. I tried to get up but Javed's huge hand grabbed me by my arm and pulled me back on the couch. "Arre nahi nahi memsaab, aap takleef na kare. Hamme aapki company bahaut bhaa gayi hai. Ham yahaan aapse baatein karenge. Aur saahab hamaare liye chai banaakar laayenge. Kyu saahab?" He said, his hand holding my arm firmly. My husband was left with no choice now. I couldnt believe as I saw him getting up and walking away, towards the kitchen.

My breathing grew heavy as I found myself alone in the living room, sitting besides a man thrice my size. He looked at me and smiled. I cursed my husband for inviting this man over to our place for dinner. But from the look on Javed's face, he was indeed the happiest man on earth. He put his arm around my shoulder once again and pulled me
closer. A broad smile on his face revealed his yellow paan-stained teeth. "Memsaab, aap toh ghabraa rahi hai. Dekhiye, aap samajhdar aurat hai. Nayi nayi shaadi hui hai aapki. Aap hi bataayiye, shaadi ke baad, agar aapka pati aapko akela chodkar chalaa jaaye, toh aap kya karogi?" Saying these words, his hands were on my lap now, slowly stroking them. "Teen saal ho gaye memsaab. Mera bistar nahi garam kiya kisine." his hands were reaching for the naada of my salwar now. "Aapka bada ehsaan hoga mujhe memsaab, agar aap meri pyaas bujhaade. Mein aapke saath zabardasti nahi karna chaahta. Isliye please, maan jaaye toh aapke aur aapke pati ke liye hi behtar hoga." His arm pulling me closer to him now, literally squeezing me against his hard smelling body. "Mein apni taakat ka istimaal nahi karna chaahta. Warna aap toh dekh hi rahi hai apne pati ko. Bechaara gabhraa gaya hai. Isliye kehta hoon, maan jaaiye memsaab." SAying this, he finally pulled at the knot of my salwar, undoing it.

My husband came into the living room carrying a tray with three cups of tea on it. What he saw made him let go of the tray right there. In front of his wide-open eyes was his wife, with a strangers arm around her shoulder, squeezing her left boob. The man's other hand was pulling his wifes salwar down forcibly as his face was burried in her neck, kissing and sucking on it. His young newly-wed wife was being ravaged by a beastly looking man. Javed looked up as he heard the crash. He laughed and said "Koi baat nahi saahab. Abh chai ki zaroorat nahi. Aapki sundar biwi hi kaafi hai mere liye." Saying this, he got up, pulled me up by my arm. My salwar fell on the floor. He looked down at my tiny frame and then slowly scooped me up in his arms. He stood there, in front of my trembling husband, and walked upto him carrying me in his arms. He looked at me, scanning me from top to bottom, eyeing my naked legs greedily. He then looked at my husband and licked his lips, "kya chikni maal hai yaar. Mazaa aayega aaj." And for the first time, in a rough tone filled with arrogance, he told my husband "chal baaju hath chutiye." And thats all my husband did. He slowly moved out of his way as Javed carried me out of the living room and into our bedroom. My husband followed us into the bedroom as I cursed him for not getting our fone line installed quickly. Even his
cellfone wasnt working unfortunately. As soon as the three of us were in the room, Javed ordered him. "Darwaaza tera baap bandh karega? Chal bandh kar!" he barked at Ramesh. Ramesh did what he was told obidiently as Javed looked at me, grinning as he placed me on the bed. I quickly tried to cover my naked legs with my kameez, folding my legs in. But Javed caught my ankle and pulled. "NAhi nahi meri jaan, chupao matt. Abh koi faayda nahi." Saying this he places his huge hands on my tiny but supple thights, gently squeezing them. "Maska hai yaar tu toh." he said. He turned around looked at my husband. "Dekh, tujhe dikhaata hoon, aisi aurat ko kaise istimaal karte hai." Saying this,
he grabbed my panties, pulling them off my legs. He slowly slid them off. My cheeks were red now, embaressed about my nakedness in front of this giant. But he kept grinning in a monstrous sort of way, one hand on my ankle now and the other one stroking my inner-left thigh. He looked at my husband and said "Tujh Jaise chutiye ke saath isko kya
mazaa aata hoga? Yeh toh garam fataaka hai. Isko toh asli mard chaahiye, mere jaisa. Tujh jaisa heejda nahi." My husband could say nothing but watch and be abused by this man. His wife was on the bed, almost naked and a strangers hands were moving towards her pussy. A newly-wed pussy.

"Dekh jaan" Said Javed, now he had moved away, undoing his trousers. "Tujhe dikhaata hoon asli mard." Saying this, he dropped his pants and pulled his underwear down. What revealed in front of my eyes froze me. A giant black 11" lund (cock) sprung out from between his legs. It must have been atleast 5" inches wide too. I was about 5-6 feet away
from his cock and I could still smell its musky scent as the beastly rod pointed right towards my mouth. My eyes were wide open, fixated at this gigantic tool, I didnt realize that Javed had grabbed my hair lightly and was pulling me towards his rod. It was only 2 seconds later that I realized that his cock was not barely an inch away from my face. He grabbed his cock with one hand, my hair in the other, he finally placed the hot, black musky-smelling rod on my face, rubbing it against my cheek gently. I closed my eyes as i felt the burning heat on my cheek, hearing the man moan softly. I opened my eyes and
glanced at husband. The poor guy was sitting on a chair now, his face covered with sweat. His legs were trembling as he watch his brides cheek being rubbed by a taxi-drivers Lund.

I couldn't believe what was happening at that moment. I was there, on the bed, naked below my waist, having my cheek rubbed by a black, fat and smelly 11" lund. The lund was burning against my cheek. My eyes kept shifting between the cock and my husband's sweaty face. Surprisingly, my husbands hand was rubbing his own crotch! I looked at
him in disgust as the idea of his wife's face being rubbed against a filthy taxi-drivers lund was turning him on. Javed put his palm around my chin and turned my face towards him. I saw the lust in his eyes as he kept massaging his cock on my cheek.

"Wahaan uss chutiye ko kya dekh rahi hai jaan." He said. "Yahaan dekh..mere is lund ko dekh. Tere naye khilone ko." Saying this, he started rubbing his cock all over my face, rubbing it harder against my nose now. He brushed it against my lips before he pressed his fingers against my jaw to make me open my mouth. I resisted at first, but his fingers began to hurt me and finally opened my mouth, only to let his hard a rock cock to slide in slowly. I closed my eyes tight as I felt his salty cock slide into my mouth slowly. I felt his body quivering as he felt the warmth of my mouth around his cock. Letting out a groan, he grabbed my hair and pushed his cock deeper inside. I was almost choking on his cock as I had never been deep throated before.

"Aaaarrrrhhhh..kya garam mooh hai re tera." He said, as he looked down on me, choking on his cock. My eyes were shut tight, his cock going deeper, making my eyes water as I choked and gagged on his cock. He sensed my discomfort and slowly pulled his cock out. I felt relief as the big rod slid out of my mouth slowly. I took a deep breath and looked up at him, watery-eyed as he still had a grip over my hair. He looked down at me and grinned, his cock fully covered with my saliva. A thick string of saliva was dangling between the tip of his cock and my lower lip. I turned around to look at my husband, who by now had his cock pulled out of his pants, stroking it hard. I looked back at Javed face, he kept grinning like a monster, stroking his cock with one hand and gripping my hair tight, hurting me with the other.

"Chal waapis mooh khol" he said. This time, I didnt resist at all and opened my mouth wide to let him slide his monster inside. He thrusted it hard this time, and within a second, I was gagging on his tool once again. He kept pushing it hard inside. I kept gagging on it, feeling very uncomfortable, my throat hurting at this hard intrusion. I kept
gagging, which was obviously turning him on even more since his cock seemed to get harder and thicker inside my mouth. He pulled his cock out once again, I grunted as I felt the hard rod finally sliding out. It came out glistening with thick coats of my saliva mixed with his precum. I was breathing heavily as my eyes were fixed upon it. He pulled me against his cock and started rubbing all of the saliva over the shaft onto my lips. My mouth was splattered wet now, lips glistening with saliva and precum. I had never been treated like this in my life.

"Chal, abh yeh kameez bhi utaar de. Poori tarah nangi hoja. Tera pataaka jism bhi toh dekhu." Saying this he moved away and signaled me to take my top off. I looked at my husband, who was still stroking his tiny little manhood, nodding in approval. I rolled my eyes at him, still breathing quite heavily as I grabbed the hem of my kameez, slowly pulling it above my shouders and over my head. I took of my kameez, but quickly covered my breast with it, hiding it from Jaaved's view. He laughed as I did so. "Arre abh chupaa ke kya faayda. Khud hi toh pehle lalchaa rahi thi." he said. "Jaaved bhai, aaiye ne, baithiye na mere paas." he mimicked me, as he grabbed my kameez and pulled it away. I covered my breasts with my arms. But he pushed them aside too. He slowly pushed the bra straps aside, and pushed my bra down. I was now on the bed, fully naked in front of this beast. His eyes were wide open, his tounge licking his lips as he saw my supple boobs. He grabbed my bra and flung it at my husband as he leaned forward, onto
me. I kept shaking my head, appealing him to stop with my eyes.

"Please Jaaved bhai, nahi...please.." But he didnt listen. Within seconds, his smelly body was close to mine, his eyes fixated at my boobs. He cupped my left breast with his hand and squeezed it softly, looking at my face now. I whinced and grimaced as I felt his rough hands squeezing my breast.

" kutiya ki shakal toh dekho" he said. "Shakal dekhkhar hi mera lund jhadne lag jaayega." He then looked at my husband and asked "Kyun be..kya bolta hai. Pehli iski choot phaadu ya iski gaand maaru?" I looked at him in shock as he talked in such a filthy language about me. In a trembling voice, my husband replied, "Ch-choot maar saali ki." Javed laughed at his answer. I was shocked at my husbands response. These men were talking me as if I was a fuck toy at their disposal. "Chal be raand" Javed told me in a rough tone, "Pair phela apne." I didnt listen to him, turning my face away.

"Abbe saali" he said, biting his lips as he grabbed my ankles in his rough hands now, pulling my legs apart. I shrieked! As he looked at my slightly bushy pussy and licked his lip. I kept shaking my head. "Jaaved"

"Chup be raand" was all he said as he brought his cock closer to my glistening choot now, standing between my legs. I could barely accomodate his fat body between my tiny legs, and this giant was going to thrust his cock inside my pussy. He placed his hard cock against my pussy, rubbing it and giggling like a devil. The thickness of his cock covered my pussy completely. He put his hands on my inner thighs now, pulling my legs apart to spread my pussy lips apart, and gently placed the tip of his cock on the opening of my pussy. We looked into each others eyes, my eyes filled with fear and his with lust, as he slowly pushed his shaft inside.

I closed my eyes and bit my lips,and let out a loud whimper as I felt the hard shaft entering inside. I had never felt anything like this in my lift. I just let go of my body and plopped down on the bed, biting my lower lip hard, my hips held up by Javed's monstrous hands, my pussy being filled by his giant cock. Javed groaned as half way
through, I was having difficulty letting his cock get in any further.
I looked at him, teary-eyed. "PLease..bas..aur nahi ghusega..please."

"Abbe..tu toh kya tight hai re" he grunted as he pushed harder now. I let out a loud yelp as I felt the hard cock, pushing in violently now. His cock was just too big for me. Finally, with one huge push, he pushed his cock deep inside. I had never been in so much pain before. His cock was killing me. I looked at Javed's face, his forehead sweating profously. He fell down, on top of me, burdening my tiny body with his gigantic frame, his cock still burried deep inside my ravaged pussy. I just put my arms around him, my eyes watery, my face red, my body violated. I felt my pussy walls tightened against his dick. He lifted his head and looked at my face, his cock slowly sliding out now, I watched as he face came closer to mine. His mouth opened to show his yellow teeth. He placed his mouth on top of my mouth as he thrusted his cock deep into my pussy again. My body just squirmed under his as his dick violated my pussy and his tounge violated my mouth. He kissed and sucked my mouth sloppily. His rough hands were groping my breasts. His cock was now thrusting in and out of my pussy rythmically. His fingers pinched and pulled at my tits all the time.

From a distance, I could heard the sound of my husbands grunting. I opened my eyes and tried to look at my husband while Jaaved's mouth sucked on my tounge like a hungry animal. My husband had his dick in his hand and cum all over his pants. I closed my eyes and continued to be ravaged by Jaaved. Jaaved's thrusts had gotten faster now. He kept
thrusting harder and harder while my pussy kept bearing it all. Jaaved started grunting louder and louder. I knew the moment had come. With one hard thrust that almost left me breathless for quite a few seconds, I felt Javed's cum gushing into my pussy. Javed groaned and groaned, his sweat trickling onto my body as he shot loads and loads of cum into my pussy. I moaned loud as I felt the hot cum entering into my pussy.

Finally, he collapsed onto my body. We layed on the bed for a few minutes. His body on top of mine, breathing heavily. I was breathless myself. Eventually, he got up, slowly pulling his limp cock out of my pussy. I tried to look at it as he did so. His cum soaked cock, sliding out of my sore pussy. He stood up against the edge of the bed and looked at me, lying on the bed, panting. He grabbed my hair and pulled me up roughly. I looked up at him as he brushed his cum soaked cock against my lips, and thrust it inside my mouth. Without any hesitation, I took it inside, sucking it clean for him. I licked the cum off his cock really well. Making sure I swallow everything. Cum is one thing I just love. He looked down at me and laughed. "Bhooki raand" he said as he pulled his cock out of my hungry mouth.

Within the next few minutes, he was dressed. Buttoning the last button of his shirt, he looked at my husband. My husband was just sitting this, his dick out of his pants, his hand and pants splattered with cum. Jaaved Bhai walked towards the door of our bedroom, turned around and told me "Phir aaoonga. Abh toh aana jaana lagaa hi rahega
bhabhiji." He said, laughing as he walked out of the bedroom. I just looked at my husband as I sat there, naked on the edge of the bed. We heard the outside door close, our eyes just fixated on each others face.

That night, we didnt say a word to each other. We just packed our stuff for the next morning as we had an early flight to Goa for our honeymoon. We spoke a little the next morning while we were on our way to the airport. By the time we reached Goa, surprisingly, we were back to normal. We were behaving like a normal newly-wed couple once again. Laughing, joking, coochie-cooing. But at the back of my mind, the
scenes of my body and my choot being violated in front of my husband kept playing again and again. I tried to ignore but I couldnt, especially when my husband used to fuck me during our honeymoon.

Two weeks later, we were back home. We called our parents as soon as we were back and told them how much we enjoyed. We took a shower, went out for a dinner that evening, came back and after a fuck-session, went to sleep. The next morning, my husband left for work early as he had to report soon. I kissed him goodbye and got back to my usual routine, married life. I had completely forgotten about Jaaved. I took a shower, had my breakfast, watched TV for a while, and by the time it was noon, decided to take a nap. I went to my bedroom and lied down to slepe when suddenly the bell rang. I got up, went upto the door and opened it.

"Kya madam, kaise ho?"

It was Jaaved. And he was not alone this time. Along with him, were two of his friends, who looked as filthy as he did. "Madam, yeh hai mera dost Imraan, aur yeh hai Sanjeev." They looked at me and grinned. Jaaved pushed me aside as the three of them walked into our house.

"Kya madam, kidhar the itne din?" He said, sliding his red scarf of his shoulder as he made himself comfortable on the couch while Sanjay closed the main door for me as I walked into the living room in my gown. Imraan closed the curtains as Jaaved put his feet on the center table and said "Bahaut yaad aayi aapki madam...aaj yaad puri karenge
ham..apne doston ke saath" he said as I heard the door of the living room being closed behind me.

I was scared. Petrified, to be more precise. I was alone between three men who were completely new to me, trapped in my own house. I kept looking around, not sure what to do. Sanjeev stood in front of the door to make sure there was no way out of there for me. Jaaved sat on the crouch, grinning as he looked at me with those dirty eyes. Imraan on the other hand was going through my husband's liquor collection.

"Jaaved bhai, idhar to sabh imported maal hai." said Imraan. "Aaj videsi maal hi piyenge.kya?

"Arre daaru videsi hai toh kya hua. Yeh maal toh apni desi hai." laughed Jaaved. "Videsi daaru piyenge..aur is desi raand ko chodenge."

All three of them laughed. Sanjeev came up from behind and grabbed my wrist, dragging me towards the other two. I resisted, but his pull was too strong. He dragged me and let me go when I was right in the middle of the three of them. He sat down on the single-piece couch. The three men were leering at me like animals. I had never felt so trapped, that I could barely move or utter a word. My body was shivering with fear. Imraan opened up one of the bottles - Black Label, and took a swig, passing it on to Jaaved.

"Mmmm...mazaa aagaya boss. Kya daaru hai. Gala garam ho gaya." Said Imraan. "Abh thoda lund bhi garam ho jaaye."

Jaaved gulped down a bit of the whisky and passed it on to Sanjeev, who hadnt spoken a word yet. He just took the bottle and drank.

"Kya memsaab. Suna nahi mere dost ne kya kaha?" Said Jaaved. He got up and walked upto me, looking down at me, right into my eyes. I just looked away.

"Jaaved bhai, yeh aisa kyu hota hai?" Asked Sanjeev finally. "Yeh bade ghar ki auraten ekdam naazook, dubli-patli kyun hoti hai yaar? Inlog khaana waana nahi khaati kya? Apni Mahaule ki Roopa rani ko dekho. Hatti-katti, ekdam maal. Kya badan hai uska."

"Kya Sanjeev, thoda toh fark rahega na woh kaamwaali mein aur is memsaab mein." answered Imraan for Jaaved. Jaaved just kept looking at me with an evil look in his eyes, burning a hole in me with his look. "Yeh memsaab log apne figure ko sambhaalti hai. Bahaut dhyaan rakhte hai apni body ka. Isliye inlog ki choot bhi ekdam mast rehti hai.
ekdam phataaka. Kya bolte Jaaved bhai?"

Jaaved looked at me and grinned. "Try karke dekh lo isiko." I looked at him, scared and shocked. "Kya madam, kabhi liya hai kya teen teen lund ek saath?" I just kept looking at his face, not able to utter a single word. The fear in my eyes had became evident as slight tears started to well up in them. Imraan and Sanjeev got up and walked up to me. My head started spinning as the three men gathered around me, each with a dirty grin on his face. Imraan took a swig of the whisky and held the bottle in front of me. I shook my head, refusing. The three men laughed as I shook my head.

"Arre pi lo madam. Mazaa aa jaayega." said Sanjeev.

"Yeh aise nahi maanegi." said Imraan, moving even closer. He tilted the bottle, pouring the whisy right into my cleavage. I closed my eyes tight as I felt the cool whisky pouring into my cleavage and down to my stomach. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I heard the three men laughing. The three men just towered over me like giants, laughing. Suddenly I felt a pair of hands grab my waist. I opened my eyes to see Jaaved behind me, lifting my gown. He lift my gown above my knees, the other two standing and admiring my naked legs as they revealed. Soon, my panties were visible. I dont know why, but I automatically lifted my hands up as Jaaved pulled the gown above my shoulders. The three came even closer as my body was almost naked now, between them, only covered by my bra and pantie. I looked down and saw whisky stains over my panties.

"Kaisi laggi?" Asked Jaaved to the two men whose eyes were wide open,
just like their mouths. "Kya Sanjeev? Teri Roopa rani itni chikni hai kya?"

"Jaaved bhai, iska badan toh ekdam maska hai yaar." Said Sanjeev as he moved even closer, placing his rough palm over my smooth ass cheeks. "Kya gaand hai yaar!" He said, squeezing my buttcheek really hard. I bit my lower lip hard as I felt his grip over my ass.

"Bas bas Sanjeev." Said Imraan. "Aaram se, kahi idhar hi nahi nikal jaaye hum sabh ka." The three men laughed as I felt humiliated. I looked at Imraan, and for the first time, a little bit of anger was visible in my teary-eyes. Imraan looked at me, his expressions turning serious.

"Dekhti kya hai be randi?" He said, moving towards me. "Bahaut dino se iccha thi tere jaisi kisi memsaab ko chodunga. Bahaut naatak dekha hai tumlogo ka. Saali randiya log. Gaand mataka matka ke chalti ho raasto par. Tabhi toh bahaut mazaa aata hai jabh log dekhte hai. Aaj jabh gaand marwaane ki baat aayi, toh gussa dikhaati hai?"

"Bas bas Imraan." Said Jaaved. His voice seemed to have a calming effect on Imraan, who had otherwise fire in his eyes by now. "Jitna gussa karna hai..apne lund se kar. Chal..shuruaat tu hi kar le."

Imraan's face now had a grin. He moved his hand towards my cheek, gently stroking it, moving towards my hair. He grabbed my hair and pulled me head back as I shrieked. Sanjeev was sliding my panties down my legs while Jaaved unhooked my bra from behind, pulling it off and throwing it away. Imraan kept looking into my eyes, licking his lips.
I trembled between the three of them and first time, appealed to them.

"Please." I said. "Aisa matt karo. Abhi abhi meri shaadi hui hai."

"Toh? Shaadi kyun ki? Asked Imraan. "Roz raat ko apne pati ka lund apne mooh mein lene ke liye hi na? Abh hamaara bhi le le."

"Arre woh toh saala chutiya hai" said Jaaved from behind, as his rough hands were squeezing my naked breasts now, rubbing my nipples between his fingers. "2 inch ka lund bhi nahi rahega saale ka."

"Koi baat nahi Jaaved bhai." Said Sanjeev, kneeling down, his eyes fixated on my choot. "Hum log dikhaate hai na is raand ko asli lund."

"Hmm...pehle is nangi raand ke nange badan se toh khel le." Said Jaaved as he put his arms around my waist and started licking my neck like an animal. Grabbing my hair, Imraan forced his filthy tounge into my mouth. Jaaved's hands moved towards my breast. His rough hands cupped my breasts, fondling my nipples between his fingers. I grabbed
Imraan's hair with one hand and pushed him harder against my mouth, my other hand reaching down for Sanjeev's head, who was on his knees,
kissing my choot rapidly, spitting on it from time to time.

"Kyun bhai log, mazaa aa raha hai na?" Asked Jaaved. None of them answered. I just stood there being violated by these three giants. I was half their size. These men were really big. I was really scared of what was going to happen to me next, when suddenly, Jaaved grabbed my waist and lifted me up. He put me on top of his shoulder like I was
some luggage while the other two guys watched. Jaaved walked away with me on his shoulder, naked, out of the living room and into the bedroom. The other two men followed him. They closed the door to the bedroom as we all were inside. Jaaved threw me on to the bed. I fell on the bed on my back with a loud thud, almost breaking my back. I layed there, sprawled on the bed, my hair dishelved. The three men started undoing their pants so fast as if they were to catch a train. Jaaved was the first one to get out of his pants. The sight of his huge lund reminded me of the hard pounding I recieved the night before I was to leave for my honeymoon. In the meantime, Sanjeev, who was
clearly obsessed with my pussy, got his tool out and headed straight for my pussy, spreading my legs apart. His lund was of average size, but it was very thick. He rubbed the head of his lund against my moist pussy lips. I watched his black dick rubbing against my pussy as my breathing became heavier. I was so engrossed in watching him rub it
against me that I didnt realize that Jaaved was standing behind me, rubbing his cock against my cheeks. Imraan on the other hand had just decided to stand in a corner and watch with a ciggerate in his mouth. I looked at him and he grinned.

"Ghabra matt meri raand, mein bhi tujhe chodunga." he said, laughing.

Sanjeev's mouth was back to my pussy, tounge flickering over my clit. Jaaved grabbed my hair and turned my head towards his face, looking me into my eyes. I put on my best innocent look and said "Jaavedji.. please.."

He laughed, still rubbing his cock against my cheek. "Chal, mooh khol. " he said. I closed my eyes, as my mouth opened unwillingly. A second later, I had a rock hard, foul tasting cock inside my mouth, sliding in deeper while down between my legs, Sanjeev was furiously rubbing and pinching my pussy lips with his fingers. I closed my eyes and for
the first time, in the last two weeks, actually was enjoying a real cock inside my mouth.

I layed their on the bed. My body covered with sweat. My mouth pounded hard by Jaaved's cock, throat being suffocated with his warm hard cock. My pussy being fingered, pinched, spitted on, bitten. I was lost in the wonderful taste of Jaaved's lund inside my mouth. Suddenly, I felt something hot and hard being rubbed against my naked belly. I tried to look down at what it was. But Jaaved had my mouth stuffed in such a way, that his huge posture was blocking my view. The thing felt too big to be a cock. I assumed its some sort of a sexual toy that these guys bought along with them and just hoped it was not for me to fuck. But I soon realized it felt too real to be toy. I felt it throbbing. I felt it getting hotter and harder. I felt it push into my navel, as if trying to fuck it. I was still gagging at Jaaved's cock, my saliva dripping out of my mouth and covering all of its surrounding area, running down my cheeks and neck. Jaaved gaved a huge thrust, almost choking me to death before he slowly pulled it out of my mouth.
I gasped for breath as the cock slid out.As I was breathing heavily, I got up, sitting on the bed, eyes still closed, pussy still being violently licked and sucked. I opened my eyes, only to see that the hard thing that was rubbing against my navel was now dangling right in front of my face. It was Imraan's cock. And it was longest, thickest cock I had ever seen. I had never imagined somebody could have a cock so big. It must have been atleast 13 inches long. The head of the cock was the size of my fist. I looked at the dick, my eyes and mouth wide open in shock. I shook my head and stuttered "n-n-no..yeh mujhse nahi
hoga." A tight slap came across my face.

My cheek was stinging red. Imraan had slapped me so hard, my cheek was burning with pain. My eyes became teary as I looked at him. "saali raand." he said. "Bahaut zabaan ladaa rahi hai." Jaaved grabbed my hair from behind and pulled me back on the bed. He grabbed my jaw, forcing me to open my mouth.

"Mooh khol saali." He said, pressing my jaw between his fingers. I opened my mouth wide, crossing my legs over Sanjeev as his obsession with my pussy continued. "Daal de tera garam salliya Imraan." Said Jaaved. Imraan walked up to my left side, took his hard cock in his hand and guided it to my mouth. He placed the head of his cock into the opening of my mouth, slowly pushing it in. With great difficulty, I opened my mouth wide enough to led that giant cock slide inside. His cock slid in as my Jaw hurt. Jaaved stood on the side now, looking as my mouth being stuffed, he rubbed his own cock which didnt seem that big to me anymore. Imraan's cock kept sliding in deeper and deeper, suffocating my throat now till the point he knew he couldnt go any deeper. And his cock was barely half covered by mouth. There was still inches to go.

"Sambhaal ke Imraan." said Sanjeev now. He had finally released my pussy to watch the show. "Abhi toh bahaut kuch karna baaki hai iske saath."

By now, Jaaved moved away from my sight. I watched him walk towards Sanjeev. They both stood there next to my toes, watching my mouth being stuffed. Imraan's sweat trickled down from his head and onto my boobs. He slowly slid his cock out of my out, only to push it back in even harder. I tried to scream, but my voice couldnt escape my throat. I felt a pair of hands grabbing my ass, turning me sideways. Jaaved laid down on one side, behind me, while Sanjeev laid down in front of me. Jaaved carassed my ass gently with his rough hands while Sanjeev was rubbing his fingers against my pussy lips again, looking at my face being stuffed by imraan. As I laid sideways, getting my mouth
fucked monstrously by Imraan's giant lund, Jaaved grabbed my thigh which was up, lifting it in the air, spreading my pussy lips. He positioned his cock between my butt crack, rubbing it in between gently. I feared what was going to happen when I felt Sanjeev now rubbing his cock against my pussy. Sanjeev couldnt wait anymore as he
placed the tip of his between the opening of my pussy lips and slowly pushing it inside. "Uffffffffff" he moaned as his fleshy thick cock slid inside. I gagged around Imraan's cock in my mouth as I felt my pussy being torn apart. I couldnt yell, just moan as I felt the pussy fucking I was recieving while giving Imraan a blowjob he was truly enjoying. Sanjeev slowly pulled his cock out, but thrust it back in harder this time before it got out of there completely. Jaaved, followed Sanjeev, trying to force into my gaand(ass). His cock was too thick to slide in. My asshole wasnt big enough to accomodate him. But
that monster didnt give up. He licked his palm, massaged his dick with his own saliva and tried pushing it in, harder this time. By this time my pussy was being abused violently just as my mouth. And now, I felt the pain. I felt the pain of Jaaved's cock tearing thru my asshole. I felt the hard thick cock push through. I felt a pain I had never imagined. A pain that was giving me so much pleasure. Jaaved groaned really loud, almost yelling as he felt his cock being squeezed through my asshole. I couldnt bear it and forcefully pushed Imraan away, his cock releasing his mouth. I let out a loud yell and closed my eyes
real tight, thinking that this was the last day of my life.

I was now jammed between two cocks. One fucking my pussy while the other ravaged my ass. I never thought I'd be having anal sex in my life. But here I was, getting my life fucked out of me. Imraan came back now, forcing his cock back into my mouth. I took it in without any hesitation, trying to divert my attention from the ass fucking I was taking. I tried to think what my husband would've gone through if he would've been seeing this. His wife being ravaged by three huge gigantic dicks. One fucking her pussy, other tearing her tiny little asshole apart while the other thrusted in and out of her mouth violently. I was being triple penetrated. Gangbanged by three horny merciless fuckers.

Their thrusts were getting harder. My tiny body really had no stamina left to take it anymore. Sanjeev's thrusts were getting harder in particular.

"Bhailog..mein jhadne waala hoon" he groaned. The other two men suddenly let me go, as if it was a rule to let the man who was about to cum enjoy me single-handedly. Imraan's cock slid out of my mouth, Jaaved finally let go of my asshole. I was breathing heavily, my entire body and face covered in sweat and precum juices mixed. I was now lying on my back as Sanjeev pounded away furiously at my pussy.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaahahhhhhhhhh" He let out a loud groan and with
a hard thrust, he came. I felt globs and globs of cum shoot into my pussy. He shuddered and jerked on top of me as he kept thrusting with every glob his cock shot. Finally, he collapsed on top of me while the other two stood by the side and watched. Jaaved finally came closer and pushed him aside.

"Chal hatt..abh meri baari hai." said Jaaved. " Sanjeev moved aside, still breathing heavily while Jaaved placed himself between my legs. I watched the giant as he placed the head of his cock over my choot, slowly pushing it hard inside. I closed my eyes tight, my legs wrapped around Jaaved as he leaned down, crushing my face with his chest, thrusting harder and harder. I suffocated below his huge posture as he kept thrusting harder and with brutal passion. As his thrusts got faster and more violent, I realized that he was ready too. And with one final big thrust that almost broke my entire body, he shot his globs of cum inside my pussy too. Two men shooting their cum right into my pussy. Even my husband had been using condoms so far. Jaaved kept cumming like their was no end to it. I could feel the hot gooey cum flooding inside my pussy. Finally, it stopped after 2-3 minutes. He got up, breathing heavily, looked at me. I was breathing heavily
too. My breasts heaving up and down as I did.

"Abh meri baari." said Imraan as he walked closer. This was the moment I was fearing the most. I just couldnt take that cock inside my pussy. I knew it. I would die if I did. But the look on Imraan's face showed that he had no mercy. He looked at my face and said "ghoom ja."

I shook my head. "Nahi..nahi..please nahi! Gaand mein nahi!"

"Hai meri jaan. Jabh tu gaand bolti hai toh kitna accha lagta hai."
He said, rubbing his cock between his hand. He put his hand on my waist and turned me around. I turned back on my back a couple of times before he turned me around again and slapped my buttock really hard to make sure I stayed that way. I did. I was on my stomach, fearing what was about to happen. Imraan licked both his palm really good, and then massaged his cock with his saliva. Then, he placed it between my ass crack. All I could do was shake my head and cry and beg for mercy. But that beast was not ready to listen. He pushed. He pushed harder and harder but he just couldnt get it in. I screamed and yelled before Jaaved took his handkerchief and stuffed it into my mouth. I closed my eyes really tight. Sanjeev grabbed my buttocks and spread my cheeks apart to make it easier for Imraan. With one hard thrust, Imraan's cock ripped through my asshole.

I cried. I wanted to yell but I couldnt. I felt pain in my asscheeks. I couldnt bear it and just grabbed the bedsheet really tight as my asshole had been broken into. He thrust in and out of my ass as Sanjeev and Jaaved kept cheering him on. "Zor se Imraan, aur zor se! Maar de saali ki gaand! Maar bhenchod!" They screamed as Imraan's thrusts got even more violent. His thrusts got harder and faster and so did his yelling and gasping. With one final thrust, I felt it. I felt his cum shoot in. He Pulled his cock out of my ass. I never felt this sort of relief as his cock slid out. He shot the last few drops of cum onto my back as I collapsed onto the bed. My face was red. My eyes were watery. For a few minutes, I just couldnt feel any sensation in my behind. I just lay their for a few minutes, not wanting to wake up at all.

Minutes of silence passed by. All of us were still naked, sprawled all over the bedroom. I was still on my stomach, my ass still hurting. Imraan was lying next to me, smoking away as I looked at him. They had taken the handkerchief out of my mouth. After about 15 minutes, Sanjeev woke up, stroking his cock again, ready for another round.

"Jaaved bhai, round 2 start kare?" He said, grinning.

"Abhi nahi re.." Jaaved replied.

"kya Jaaved bhai..toh phir kabhi? Dhande pe bhi toh jaaneka hai?"

Imraan looked at Sanjeev and said "Abbe chut maari ke. Tu chinta kyun karta hai. Hamne sabh plan karke rakha hai. Abh toh bahaut kuch baaki hai iske saath karne ke liye."

"K-k-kya matlab?" My voice quivered as I dared to ask. The three men just looked at me and grinned like wild beasts.

That night, my husband came back home and started calling me. He looked around the whole house but couldnt find me anywhere. Soon, his eyes fell on a paper kept on the center table. He picked it up. It was a letter which read:


Aapki toh honeymoon ho gayi. Bahaut mazze kiye aapne memsaab se saath. Abh thoda hamme bhi karne do. Chinta nahi karo. Memsaab ki honeymoon hamaare saath zyaada lambi nahi hogi. Bas, 3-4 din mein waapis laut aayegi, aapke Jaaved bhai aur unke doston ki seva karke. Aap bindaas rahiye. Hamme aur memsaab ko Zyaada yaad matt karna.

Aabkha Shubhchintak,

Sunita's Wild Ride – Story

It was a cool, rainy night. A strong breeze was blowing and the moment was captivating. Sunita felt a tingle in her skin; a tingle that suggested she should have been touched, loved before she came here. She ought not to have held herself back from him; her body
ached now and complained of the tender spots at which she wanted to be touched, stroked and held.

And now she was several thousand miles away from him, in the midst of friends. A group of very close, very intimate friends, including Dileep, but that didn't mean the same thing as a special one who she could let touch the most sensitive and deep of her body zones. She squeezed her thighs together to try arrest the growing sense of warmth between her legs but only succeeded in arousing herself some more.

"Come on, get into the car!" Ritu called out to her. Four guys and Ritu and she were out on the town, the seminar for which they had come to Mangalore having ended earlier in the evening. All of them had a few drinks, and Sunita, who normally could hold her drinks rather well, was already feeling a little heady.

She could not decide whether it was the weather, the close encounter she had had with him or just the dizzying proximity to her old friend Dileep. Whichever it was, she felt vulnerable. She had inkling that if anyone propositioned her tonight, she would be his.
That scared her, and she was extra alert to make sure that she stayed within limits. But the very fact that she was extra conscious meant that things she would have normally taken in her stride were appearing to her to have overtones...

Like the fact that six of them were to cram into a taxicab that was to seat four passengers. Five would be a squeeze, but six was really overdoing it. None of them however wanted to make it a split into two vehicles; it would just take away the fun of being one big gang. Two of the guys squeezed into the single seat next to the driver. Ritu, Sunita, Dileep and the other guy got into the back.

Even though Sunita and Dileep were married to other people, the tacit understanding in the group was if there was any activity, Sunita and Dileep would be paired. Just a natural couple with a great relationship. There were no sexual overtones. Dileep had more
than once told Sunita that he would have loved to marry her had he met her in time. And Sunita had routinely laughed at him, eyes sparkling, and her manner hovering between a flirtatious woman and the demure shy housewife that she was.

Today was no exception and subtly but surely, it was worked out in such a way Sunita and Dileep were going to be next to each other. Four of them in the back of the car meant some squeezing and sitting at angles. Ritu and Rahul sat quite comfortably; Rahul at the window and Ritu in the middle. Next was Sunita and Dileep was at the other window. The only difference was that while Rahul and Ritu sat next to each other, Sunita had her leg slightly resting on top of Dileep. The formal relationship between Rahul and Ritu meant they would sit square next to each other. And the intimate equation between Sunita
and Dileep meant that if Sunita was half on Dileep's lap that would be fine. In fact, Sunita was expected to do that so that Ritu would be comfortable sitting next to Rahul.

Ritu squeezed Sunita's shoulder; a gesture that could have meant anything from thanks for making it comfortable for me, to I know what that closeness to Dileep means to you.

The taxi jolted off to a start. There were jokes and laughter, but also complaints and exclamations as the taxi bounced and bumped along.

"This is just too much!" exclaimed Ritu as the cab threw her against Rahul and she clutched at the seat in front of her to steady herself. Her breasts were pressing against his arm and she was embarrassed.

"Let me make more space for you," said Sunita, getting half onto Dileep's lap. She was now sitting on one leg with her legs on either side of that leg of his. This made substantial space for Ritu who spread out now with a loud "Whew!"

The road surface wasn't getting any better but fortunately, the cabbie had brought them to their first stop; a hilltop from where they could see the rough sea stretching to the distance. It was dark and they could see distant lights. They stood at the railing as the
guys reached for matchboxes and cigarettes. Sunita and Dileep wandered off a bit. Dileep didn't smoke; another one of those things she secretly admired in him. They stood there watching the silhouette of palms swaying wildly. To Sunita it seemed those palm trees were representative of the wild swings on her inside.

Their hands touched briefly when they stood at the railings. She didn't move her hand. He was surprised but he didn't show it. Very gently, subtly, he moved his hand away. He gasped in surprise as the woman of his dreams allowed her own hand to catch up with his. This time he did not move off, rather he allowed himself to feel the soft warmth of her hands. Perhaps for the first time in all these years he could actually feel how she felt.

Sunita just needed the warmth and the touch. Tonight she felt the need for so much loving. She just craved touch and warmth and her Dileep was here tonight; the same Dileep who for years had hovered around her, needs unstated but obvious.

"Come on, guys!" someone called out to them. We don't want to be late at dinner. It broke the reverie. Sunita's hand felt alone as Dileep was quick to pull his hand back and move away. "Come let's go," he said to her in a voice that was barely a whisper.

This time when they climbed into the car, Sunita seated herself on Dileep's lap, her legs straddling his one leg. As the car lurched and jumped she allowed her body to sag onto his. At one point she felt the need to spread her legs and brace herself for a big jolt. And in that movement, her pussy ground against the thigh between her legs. It was not intentional and it caught both of them by surprise.
But the warmth that he felt on his thigh was unmistakable. Equally unmistakable for Sunita was the tremble of passion she felt in the grinding.

She gasped and leaned back a bit. Her hair was in his face and she rubbed the back of her head against his face, hoping the darkness in the cab would allow her this small liberty. He shuddered involuntarily and his cock shot to attention all at one go. The grinding pussy against his thigh was bad enough but the tingling sensations triggered by the hair and her head were maddening.

He let his hand rest on her hip. And just stay there. Sunita let her body rub against him more and more as the journey wore on. The dampness on his thigh was now unmistakable. Dileep did not dare make a move of his own as this woman was someone he had worshipped from a distance but never considered the possibility of touching her. She was married. And she was so much a family woman he could not have
imagined anything of the sort.

She could not say for sure what made her do it, but at some point she felt she move more squarely onto his lap. She regretted it almost instantly, because her ass felt the outline of a raging erection in his lap. Dileep gripped the handle on the door of the car with his left hand. This was getting to be crazy. He shut his eyes and hoped the erection would die. But the car had other ideas. As it swayed and lurched, her ass and her pussy ground onto him mercilessly.

Dileep wanted to control her movements. His hand slid up from where it was on her hip, but under her blouse and Sunita felt a rush of heat surging up to her face when she felt his hands on her torso. He tried to hold her steady but merely ended up gripping her hard. His hand was now just below her breast and he was extremely conscious of the curve and the sumptuous flesh further up. She caught his hand through the blouse. She didn't push it down or away. She seemed to be limiting where it wandered. A jostle of the cab jerked her hand and she ended up guiding his hand onto her breast. The motion rubbed
his hand on the lace and he distinctly felt her nipple.

Dileep's other hand went to her thigh and he rubbed her thigh. His other hand cupped her breast. Sunita froze. This was her Dileep, doing to her what she desperately needed and wanted to avoid tonight. She felt so vulnerable. She didn't want to fuck or even let
anyone other than her husband Karan touch her. She had never fantasized about anyone other than that other mysterious him. And here she was with Dileep.

Dileep was maddened with lust and Sunita's passive response to where his hands had ended gave him a sense that he had a chance which he could well afford to take. He pulled up her skirt on the side which was towards the door. His hands felt the warmth soft flesh of her legs. It wandered to the inside of her thigh. Sunita felt her legs involuntarily open. She now shifted herself to face slightly away from the side Ritu was facing. Dileep could see her profile and her mouth was so clearly hanging open with lust.

Dileep's hand moved to the inside of her thigh and felt the heat source. She was wet and hot as hell. He palmed her crotch. She shifted uncomfortably, and all she succeeded in doing was press down hard on his impossibly hard cock.

Sunita fucked down on the protrusion between her asscheeks and thought to herself that this was ridiculous and she needed to stop it. But the driver was driving so recklessly and the road was so bad that she was just being forced to dry fuck Dileep. She wanted to control this before her own lust got out of hand or before Dileep lost his composure. She had kept him at bay for so long and it would be a pity now to allow years of restraint to be unleashed thus.

She figured she needed to get off his lap. She held onto the seat in front of her and raised her body to start to move off him. She held herself up poised and looked down to Ritu and asked her to make space for her.

In that instant, Dileep had unzipped his pants and gave his cock a well needed massage. He let out the pillar of hot flesh as it had got snagged in his jocks and needed reorientation. But Ritu was taking too long to make the space Sunita needed and Sunita's arm was beginning to ache. Sunita let herself down and she was shocked to feel the penis under her. Under her skirt. Dileep had his hands pulling her panties aside. It dug into her soft pussy flesh. Sunita raised herself a bit and shifted and Dileep made the most of the
moment to try pull her panties down. They were now just above her knees allowing him access but not allowing her to spread enough.

But this was not what Sunita had in mind. This time she propped herself up determined to move onto Ritu's lap if necessary. But the car had a mind of its own. The pothole into which it went with a bang had Sunita lose her grip and Dileep had his hands in the right
places. He caught the momentum of Sunita's falling hips and impaled her on his cock.

She squealed and fortunately that squeal was drowned in the chorus of protests and groans from all other passengers. Now she had another man's cock in her. She stayed put. Enjoying the jostling and the jiggling from the ride. She ground around once on the cock in her and then raised herself off to try and move away. Just when his cockhead was nearing the outer lips, his hands on her hips prevented her from rising.

She held on to the seat and kept her body up, poised to avoid the fucking. But every light bump was a prod downward onto the waiting cockhead. She gasped and bit her lips to control the noises which seemed to her to be a full giveaway. And then when her hand ached, she just had to sink back.

Oh! That feeling was so good. She sat back and luxuriated in the warmth of the pillar embedded in her. Her hand dropped to his hip as she held him. Then her fingers felt the body under her. Of a friend, and yet of a stranger. She tried to raise herself again. But this
time her own spiraling lust forced her to fall back with a sigh. Dileep's hands were now on both her breasts clutching hard as she rode him.

Ritu looked the other way; it seemed as if she knew and wanted to ignore what was happening. Sunita timed her fucking now with the lurches and bumps of the car. She joined in the chorus of "ooohs" and "aahs" as the car jerked about. She fucked Dileep hard and furiously. She felt his cock swell as the hope of a mutual orgasm became the new goal. She held on to the seat ahead and propped herself up. Dileep fucked upward. The car took a long climb to the hotel on the top of a hill. They would be there very soon. Sunita started to bounce with a sense of urgency. She adjusted her angle so that the sensations from the upper front of her cunt could be maximized.

Just then the car reached the portico of the hotel. "We are here!" chorused the rest of the team as they spilled out of the car.

"You guys go, Dileep and I will join you," called out Sunita, her unbridled lust allowing her to be bold in her suggestion. She patted the driver on the shoulder and asked him to take the car to the car park.

She now reached forward and gripped the passenger handle on the top of the passenger seat in the front of the car. The cock was just out of her cunt and she could not take the vacuum even for a moment. She searched desperately for a second anchor that would allow her to fuck this cock mindlessly till both of them achieved release from the build up of desire.

She could only grab the driver's shoulder. He turned to look if he was being called and noticed the hands under her blouse kneading her breasts frantically.

"Suno," she managed a gasp. "Bas aap gaadi le chalo". ("Listen, just drive!")

And she bounced up and down. Moans escaped her lips as she cared not, now also that the driver knew exactly what was happening.

"Aaaaaaaaah, Dileep my darling!" she cried out. Her hands provided her with the everage she needed to fuck the cock and twist and
turn. She felt the head nosing probing and filling her.

"Take this and this and this and this!" she mumbled. The driver was stunned as he drove quickly to the darkest corner of the parking lot. Her finger nails dug into his shoulder as she felt the cock rake her pussy lips.

Dileep was going crazy with the way the cunt was pushing back his skin. With each thrust downward his cockhead was unsheathed a bit more and got a little more swollen. He pinched and twisted Sunita's nipples wanting to give her at least some of the pleasure he was getting.

But she was wild and driven that night. She fucked in a way that pleasured every layer of the labial lips. And she smothered her Dileep's cock with her juices and her love sheath.

"Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" she screamed as Dileep's cock surged with cum and signaled the end for him.

His hands slid down to her hips and she held her from there and pulled her down onto his cock. His hands guided the intensity of her thrusting and he felt his seed boil over.

"Take this my darling, my love," he hissed as he shot upwards into her.

"Oh! That is such a lot!" she moaned as she took it all in. Her pussy clenched and snapped at his cock. She felt a surge of juices flow down from her cunt, soaking his pubic hair and his cock.

In the throes of his orgasm his hands flew around and clutched at her breasts and her thighs. His finger nails dug into her soft body as he pounded every ounce of his cum into her.

Her own nails dug into the shoulder of the driver who watched transfixed as the couple fucked each other wildly.

Sunita turned around and her wet open lips planted a full kiss on Dileep. She sucked in this tongue and kissed him with an animal vigor as the quakes subsided slowly. She let her body down. The pussy was snug against the base of his cock. She ground herself and
squeezed out every ounce of pleasure that either of them was going to get in those moments.

Then she did something she could not relate to the Sunita she knew. She wiggled her hips and he shuddered and wailed a low animal moan as the last vestiges of fluid remains were squeezed from him and pooled between his legs with her own juices.

She lifted herself off only when the penis was now just a jut of over-sensitive flesh, quite useless to her.

In one jiffy she was out of the car. She pulled back the panties up in a race to catch the juices running down her legs. She ran at a trot into the brightness of the hotel, wondering how she was going to face either Dileep or the taxi driver on the way back...

Three-wheeler driver, me and my wife...

Just a few weeks ago, I had a wonderful experience. Something that I always wanted – to see my wife fuck a stranger. She is about 5’4” with a nice figure and straight black long hair. We have been married for five years now and to my knowledge faithful to each

To cut a long story short, we had gone out for dinner and had a wonderful evening altogether having more than usual drinks. My wife is not much of a drinker and gets tipsy very soon. And that evening, after dinner we ended up in a pub and before realizing it,
she downed three more glasses of red wine besides the two glasses she has in the restaurant. I could feel that she was slightly wobbly in her walk but then it was Friday night and we had two whole days of the weekend to recover from this drinking bout.

It was already very late and you know what our public transport is like in Delhi? So we tried in vain to hail a taxi and with no luck ended up halting a three-wheeler. Unlike many other of his tribe, this three-wheeler driver was very friendly. He even helped
me get my wife, whom we shall call Shalini for name’s sake, into the vehicle. We live in the southern part of Delhi, I know even if I give you the name of the residential area you wont be able to trace us but I am a bit scared goat if you know what I mean! And from CP it is quite some distance traveling by rickshaw. Anyway, the cool night breeze and the loud rickshaw noise soon had us on the verge to dozing off and I just didn’t realize how we ended up on the long lonely stretch outside Buddha Jayanti Park.

Shalini’s head was in my lap and she had almost blacked out to my horror. But in any case nothing untoward happened and we reached our home soon. When I asked him how much the fare was, the driver showed his true colours and asked for an unheard for price.
Rs 400 for a bumpy ride? Anyway, I thought better than putting up a fight and decided to pay only to realize that I had only Rs 150 left in my pocket and my credit card was not going to be any use here. So I decided to go up, deposit my wife home and get some money…

It was a struggle to take her up. And much to my dismay, I had to accept the drivers offer to help her go up. We live on the fifth floor and our building lift, no surprises, was “out of order”. Anyway I was quite happy to have some help carry my wife upstairs. She tumbled many times and we had to steady her at each landing but after a grueling 20 minutes, we were upstairs finally. It was then that I realized that Shalini’s bag was left behind in the rickshaw and the keys were in it. Now I couldn’t have asked the driver
to go and get the bag for obvious reasons. He could just run away with it. And I couldn’t leave my wife alone in a drunken state either.

So I asked the driver to stay put while I got the bag. I ran down but while climbing, my drunken head and wobbly legs couldn’t run as fast. When I did reach up, I was shocked to see that the driver’s hand was inside my wife’s dress and he was, most probably fingering her choot. With one hand he was also mauling her boobs. I stepped down a few steps and made some sound so that he could be normal and when I looked this time it appeared like nothing had happened. But when he got up, I could clearly see that his cock was hard. Perhaps he was wearing the handmade boxer-type underwear but anyone could have seen that his cock was hard and raised a tent in his khakhi trousers.

He smiled shamelessly and said, “arre saab, jaldi se paisa de do bahut time barbad kar diya.”

I fumbled with the keys and opened the door and even before I could do anything he picked Shalini like a rag doll and followed me.

“Kahan pe litaon ise,” he used such crude words for my wife that for a moment I felt like punching the shit out of him. But then he looked bigger and stronger than me and at any rate much meaner looking.

“Haan, yahan sofe pe hi lita do,” I said but to my own surprise I didn’t offer to help.

He was holding her like a father holds his daughter. Head flung across his shoulders and legs dangling down the front. Her boobs were pressing hard against his chest and his hands were holding her tight from just below her ass. I could see his tented cock pushing
against her legs as he moved. Her dress had rode up to her ass and her sheer black panties were clearly visible.

He sat down on the sofa and let her flop in his lap and slowly eased himself out. But while doing so he, as if to tease me, massaged both her boobs with his callous hands. And then he pulled her legs really high to make her dress ride up even further up and threw
the legs over the sofa arm. Now my wife was lying there, drunk and exposed from the belt below, clad only in her panties. He stood over her and stared at her like a piece of meat. And then unexpectedly he tugged a few strand of pussy hair visible from the
side of the panties.

“Sali ki jhant dhik rahi hai.”

He was addressing my wife in front of me like this and I was listening. He looked at me and smiled, and even though he knew I was looking, he rubbed his crotch vulgarly, lifting one leg up. He leisurely cupped his balls and stroked his fat looking cock over the sweat
stained fabric of his trousers.

“Mere paas sirf Rs 150 hai,” I said meekly.

“Aur baki ke paise is randi ko kharidane me laga diye kya,” he growled and I just hung my head in fear and shame and a little excitement. He thought my wife was
a whore!

“nahin, ye meri biwi hai.”

“to ye randi jaise kapde kyon pahana rakhe hai ise?” he asked and rubbed one hand over the bare thigh of my wife. When I didn’t react, he continued rubbing her thigh with one hand and his manhood with another.

“Bathroom kahan hai?” he asked and I led him to the bathroom. There, even before I could go out, he removed his trousers and hauled out a meanest, blackest and dirtiest looking uncut cock I have ever seen and I have seen a lot of them in the porn movies.

“Ja kahan raha hai behanchod, mera lund pakad,” he ordered and I reluctantly held his black cock. My hands are fairly large but even then it was difficult to hold it completely.

“chal, moot ki dhar bana,” he said and I aimed his cock into the toilet bowl where a healthy and strong stream of acrid smelling golden urine filled the bathroom. He then made me wipe his cock clean with my shirt and we walked out. He naked below his belt and I above the belt. Lifting the head of my wife, he sat down on the sofa and put her head in his lap, his cock nuzzling against her soft mouth. A drop of piss was dangling from his cock and he tentatively wiped it with his finger and fed it to my wife. Unconciously she licked it clean.

“chal ise nangi kar,” he growled and I found myself slowly undressing my wife in front of this filthy stranger.

While I was undressing her, he slowly started rubbing his cockhead against my wife’s lips and sometimes slipped the purple head inside. Instinctively she started licking it in her sleep, probably thinking it was my cock. Now she was completely naked.

“Is randi ki choot chat ke mere laude ke liye tayar kar, madarchod.” I complied. By now, honestly, I was rock hard and oozing precum like a galloon. He too was leaking a lot. After ten minutes, he pulled me by my hair to crotch level, his monster cock flexing in
front of my face.

“Choos mere gande lund ko. Ye randi to mari padi hai kuch majaa nahi aya. Tu choos mera lund aur ka ise choot marne ke liye tayar. Aja bhosadi ke, randi ki aulad, aja aur choos mera lund.”

I started sucking his cock like I was born to suck cocks. In my mind I knew that it would be very difficult for me to not imagine about a man’s cock whenever I met a dirty driver from now on but I munched on his cock like my life depended on it.

After a short while he pushed me away and got up advancing towards my naked wife.

“Aja haram ke beej aur apne haath se mera kala mota lund apni biwi ki choot me ghusa de.”

I was more than happy to help him fuck my wife’s sweet pussy. I was not even worried what she would say if she did wake up being fucked by such a monster horse cock. He slowly started fucking her [I think even he didn’t want to wake her up] and soon raised the speed of his thrusts.

“Are bahut tight choot he. Hai meri handi mera lund kha le…” and what not he started saying and soon before long he shot a big load of his sperm inside my fertile wife’s pussy…when he removed his cock with a loud plop, I could see a trail of sperm leaking out of her fbashed out, swollen looking pussy. I just couldn’t control myself and lapped up all the sperm of this stranger from my wife’s pussy.

Meanwhile, he just laughed put on his clothes and walked out of the house taking my watch and Rs 150…it was then that I noticed our neighbour, a 65-year old widower standing in our doorway, holding his thick veiny and very hard cock in his hand, he smiled and started walking towards us…

Driving School (Story)

Though I have been a married woman for quite a few years, I still, remember with nostalgia certain incidents of my single days. I was through with my studies & was working part-time in Calcutta. I had got engaged then (family arranged) & there was gap of 5-6 months before the marriage would take place..I was just 24 years then. My elder
sister , (older by 4 years) & her husband, based in Delhi kept insisting I visit them for a vacation & after their constant pestering , my conservative parents finally relented .... I was thrilled as this would mean a break from my parents & the usual restrictions imposed by them. ... I really enjoyed myself at my sister's place , who was based in Chitranjan Park in S..Delhi--- & did a lot of sightseeing , meeting school friends , seeing a lot of movies etc. After a couple of weeks my sister than suggested I learn how to drive a car , as after marriage I may not get a chance & I too liked the idea. & promptly agreed to the same. My B-I-L , talked to a car driving learning institute close by --- called " Happy Driving School".

The next morning , the driving instructor came in an old , rickety ambassador car & my sister & I went for the first lesson . My sister came along more for giving me comfort & confidence , but also because I suspect , she did not trust N. Indian men. The driving school was run by two instructors - Harpal & Jasbir - both of whom were former truck / taxi drivers & were in their mid-forties-- both were typical N. Indians - well built & rustic. Typically either of them would come , either at 07.00a.m or later on 03.00 p.m , when there was relatively less traffic on the road & to basically avoid the office rush .We
would normally practise in deserted / lonely stretches of road for about an hour every day. The instructor would sit close with me in the front seat, while my sister would sit behind---- first 3-4 days went on smoothly, after which my sister got busy in some other work & stopped joining us for the lessons. Normally , the afternoons were more comfortable for me & Harpal would always be the instructor then.... Now with my sister not being there, I could sense a more keenness in Harpal & he started explaining things better , and helping me more with the steering wheel & hand gears etc. This meant he had to sit right next to me -- with our shoulders rubbing & at times even our legs.. I was a little conscious of this fact but he appeared unconcerned.....We would go to lonely stenches / deserted roads for me to practise better...

On the third day w/o my sister, while he was helping me with the steering wheel at a turning , he casually, rubbed his elbow on my breasts. I was surprised , but did not say anything as it could have been by mistake. Again, after a few minutes the same happened & he rubbed his elbow on my breasts.. while trying to show he was eagerly helping me with the steering... we were sitting so close by that there was even no space for me to move sideways or behind.... & I realized that with such proximity such brushing were likely to happen. It happened another 3-4 times with Harpal suddenly becoming a very eager instructor. & now helping me all the time.

The next day Harpal was there before time & we set out, & with him very close by my side. We went to another deserted road & in his attempts to guide me better he kept rubbing his elbow on the front of my blouse onto my breasts. Now unlike the first day, when he would remove his elbow immediately , he was now resting it longer on my
bosom & then would advise me to also hold onto the steering wheel, as a result I would have to lean forward and then his elbow would press down more harder onto my breasts. He initially let his elbow rest there onto my breasts but then he started to slowly exert pressure & push his elbow onto my a fairly obvious way. This was quite deliberate & I could make out he was pretty turned on by then. I also tried to act cool & continued to act as if I was very keen on learning how to drive & did not show any indication of what he was doing, though very aware of his elbow on my breasts. That night I even dreamed about Harpal & his lewd attempts of touching me.

The next afternoon , the same thing happened -- we practised how to drive in a deserted part of some S.Delhi road.-- somewhere towards the Tuglakhabad fort.. With both of us handling the steering & his elbow pressing down onto my breasts. He was wearing a bush shirt & at a particular point he moved closer & I happened to glance down and was
stunned by what I saw--- his shirt was pulled up & his trouser buttons were totally open , thereby displaying his hard cock which was now totally out of his pants and fully & totally erect . I was amazed by this sight & I was not sure how to react & avoided looking at it . His elbow was on my breasts & I continued to drive the car but very well
aware of Harpal's large & erect exposed cock, just next to my side. A few minutes later & inspire of myself I again glanced down to see his cock in it's full excited glory --- it really looked big & huge.

Harpal noticed me looking down & when I did not say anything even after seeing his exposed cock he pressed hard down with his elbow onto my bosom . This continued for a few more minutes with me unsteadily driving the car in the a totally deserted & lonely road.. Harpal , then removed his hand & inched right next to me & slightly leaning
forward , slipped one hand under my arms (as my hands were on the steering wheel) & to place it right on my left breast ---- I was too confused to react & kept quiet & acted as if I did not what he was doing . Harpal then started pressing my breast slowly & firmly - I was wearing a Salwar Kameez & he then leant forward & then put his hand into my kameez from the neckline & totally onto my bra & to squeeze my breast . This was too much.... on a lonely road in the hot Delhi afternoon , here was a car driving instructor, taking advantage of this rich female client of his.. He then told me to stop the car &
when I did , he made himself comfortable & pushed his hand deeper into my bra to pinch the nipple. I did not make any comment & looked around to see if anybody was around & he whispered not to worry as not many people would come here --- the road was deserted with a lot of trees around on both sides.... He then tugged a little forward & took my
hand & placed it on his cock --- it felt hot & very hard ... I looked down & saw my small fair hand holding this large dark cock, which was already glistening wet on it's top. I gripped it hard , enjoying it's hard feel & heat in my hand. Harpal then slowly started pulling up my kameez & pulled it up to my neck & started to now squeeze both my
breasts really hard , while with the other hand he moved it behind to unclasp my bra & then pushed it up to release both my breasts. With one hand I was now holding up my dress & with my other hand was, stroking his cock , & Harpal was now tugging hard at my nipples & then bent down to start sucking on them. This was really fantastic -- he
then began nibbling on my nipples with his rough unshaven cheeks rubbing on my bosom. He covered his hand over my hand on his cock & began to move it & I co-operated by moving my hand up & down tightly on his cock & slowly started to masturbate him & soon enough , with his head on my bosom , sucking my breasts , he jerked forward as cock exploded with all his semen , all over my hand . He leaned back tired & after I adjusted my dress & after a few minutes of rest we re-commenced our driving lessons and he dropped me home later on. That night I thought of what we had done & felt thrilled I was doing such a bold thing with a lower class driving instructor.

The next day , he was there in the afternoon right on dot. I drove carefully & he again started to assist me & rubbing his elbow on my bosom . He told me to drive towards the same place we went yesterday. He fiddled with his trousers & again withdrew his cock - already hard & erect and really looked magnificent. Once we reached the isolated
area , he asked me to stop & without any much hesitation began to squeeze my breasts again... & now hugged me & kissed me passionately on my lips .....He pulled up my dress again & unclasped my bra & bent down to squeeze & suck on them .... I was also enjoying this act & by myself started holding & gripping his cock . After a few minutes
Harpal, moved his hand down & opened my salwar & shoved his hand inside my panty to start fingering my cunt ---- I was already wet to his touches. He gradually pushed my head downwards , & I was initially hesitant, but then decided to co-operate , and gently nuzzled his cock with my cheeks , and rubbed it on my neck . He was moaning in joy &
then strongly gripped my hair & forced his cock right into my mouth ---- I nearly gagged with such a big cock , forcefully pushed into my mouth - but then started to suck on it - initially slowly & then increasing the tempo & he was unable to control himself and ejaculated - warm semen into my mouth ---- I quickly withdrew my mouth & most of
his semen, splattered onto my face. I wiped my face with my chunni & we then rested for a few more minutes & adjusted our clothes & after driving around for awhile , returned home. On my return home , I thought about what a bold thing I was doing & was pretty thrilled at myself. This was a far cry from my conservative controls at Calcutta
(though I had even had sex opportunities there). Also at the deserted road we stopped at somewhere near the Tuglakabhadfort absolutely nobody had come during the time when we were there. Harpal had chosen his spot well. I did not share these escapades with anyone at home....

The next day was a holiday & the following day in the afternoon, instead of Harpal , Jasbir came saying that Harpal had fallen sick . I was a mite disappointed , & we drove around for awhile with Jasbir also trying to advise me and sitting very close to me & he too occasionally rubbing his elbow on my bosom - as this had happened before with Harpal , I did not object, but was getting a little suspicious now & had a feeling he would definitely try something . He guided me to the same place where Harpal used to take me & while I was still driving shifted his position & without saying anything he placed
his hand on my breast & started squeezing it ..... I tried to act offended & he said that Harpal had told him about me & that is why he had come & was desperate for me & requested me to co-operate. I found the situation pretty exciting ---- I was having sex with both the drivers now & allowed him to pull up my dress and squeeze & suck on my
breasts & nipples & I in turn took his cock out , ( which was big as Harpal's ) & leisurely masturbated him , giving his cock an occasional kiss & nuzzle till he ejaculated over my hand. I was due to return for Calcutta in a few days time & knowing the restrictions going to be imposed there, decided to enjoy my last few days in Delhi - I spent time with my friends , saw movies, partied a lot etc & had the last two days of driving classes..... The second last day Jasbir came to pick me up & I confidently drove on the main road & after about 10 minutes he advised me to go towards our usual lonely stretch of road.
He brushed my breasts a couple of times & briefly caressed them as well .
On the way we saw another car of "Happy Driving school " which had broken down & Harpal trying to repair it. He saw us coming & waved us to stop & then after talking to Jasbir a bit got into the back seat of the car. I was nervous with both of them in the car but they reassured me not to worry & commenting how much my driving had improved etc etc. I drove towards the lonely road & it also started raining a little bit then..... we reached the road & Jasbir asked me to stop the car as the gear was getting stuck. He then kissed me full on the lips & squeezing my breasts simultaneously --- even though Harpal was in the backseat.... I was very nervous, ( & also excited ) but he kept saying not to worry & in the meanwhile I realized that Harpal had got down & opened the front door and slowly lead me out & asked me to sit in the back seat. Due to the rain , the place was looking absolutely deserted. I sat in the back seat in between both of them .... Harpal
in full passion was now kissing me on my mouth & Jasbir was fondling with my breasts -- he pulled up my kameez up to my neck & swiftly unhooked my bra & with a sigh of passion started to knead my exposed breasts. I was also breathless with excitement & by the pace of things ..... Jasbir bent down & in full passion started sucking on my breast
& Harpal watching this, pulled off my Kameez totally over my head & I was now totally topless with my driving instructors... & then Harpal also started sucking on my other breast ---- this was really very passionate ----- two guys sucking both your breasts simultaneously ...... I was moaning with pleasure on this combined assault & loving
every bit of it...... Jasbir started rubbing my cunt & then after a few moments ,opened my "Salwar string / nadda" to slip his hand inside my salwar & panties & directly onto my cunt , & started fingering me .... in a few moments time they even my pulled my salwar & panty off & this was actually a little more than what I had bargained for ---- I was now fully naked next to these two fully dressed car instructors.... But I was feeling extremely aroused in any case...

Both these guys had unbuttoned their pants & Harpal , sort of sat up on the seat & shoved his hard cock onto my face & forced it in my mouth & I started sucking on it --- while Jasbir was back to sucking my breasts & placed my hand on his hard cock .....which I started to slowly stroke & masturbate ....... all three of us were very excited ----- Jasbir then also sat up on the seat & started rubbing his cock on my face , neck , cheeks etc & then pulled my face onto his cock & I let go of Harpal's cock & started sucking Jasbir's cock instead..... I begin to alternate sucking both cocks & suddenly without any warning
Harpal ejaculated right in my mouth , nearly gagging me & then Jasbir also exploded shooting all his semen on to my cheeks ,face , neck etc.... & I had all this semen dribbling from my mouth , all over my face & neck & dripping onto my breasts .... It was sort of over pretty fast ---- neither of them could control themselves any longer...... & I quickly wiped myself clean.... I guess they wanted more ( & so did I) , but we could see in the distance one autorickshaw coming & not wanting to take any risk, we all hastily dressed up & drove away from there. They thanked me for my co-operation & we promised to meet the next morning which was my last day in Delhi... As it so happened, I overslept & I missed my last driving session & that evening caught the train back to Calcutta...... On the journey back I thought if the autorickshaw had not come that afternoon ---- what further we would have tried & what fun it would have been ---- instead all three of us
missed out on it ...... on the other hand something was better than nothing & it added to my learning on sex --- with two guys.

I got married 6 months later , but even now I occasionally remember those wild things I indulged in & " Happy Driving school" & their horny instructors --- in the end I suppose all of us were "Happy". Two years ago I was in Delhi for a wedding & we happened to pass near "Happy Driving school". I asked my car driver to stop & I went in to enquire about driving lessons ----- Harpal was there --- he had lost weight & was looking old --- he initially did not recognize me , but then something in his memory clicked & he got all excited , asking when I came back etc etc... I smiled & after a few minutes of chatting, left---- that phase of my life was over & memories are better. Incidentally I am a good car driver now !!!