Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Suman helped me with her sister

Suman invited me to visit her in her estate house. She lived with her old mother, an elder sister Nisha, brother and her sister in law. Lately we were going very strongly intimate in our acquaintance. She had come to my place more
than ten times. She had let me fondle her young breasts. Caress her tight ass. Kiss her wet lips. But some how she had not allowed fuck her. She was in two minds about it. According to me practice I didn't force her. Because, by experience I knew that Patience pays; & when it pays, it does with compound interest'. When I learnt that Suman's brother married one of my earlier girl friend by name Madhu, I had had double purpose in visiting Suman's estate house. One to try and see if I can really fuck this tease called Suman and also to renew the memories of my fucking relation with Madhu when she was unmarried and in college.

Now I was having lunch with Suman and her sister, Nisha was also there. Suman's brother had gone on work and her sister in law; Madhu was not to be seen. After serving first round, Suman's mother went upstairs to take rest, she was not feeling well, I believe. When we were only three of us left, Suman turned very mischievous after this. As we had our meal, she teased her sis, who was about to be married soon. She told me that Nisha was getting ready and hot for her would be husband. Though she is elder to her, she didn't have any experience with sex.
Not even a kiss from her college friends. (Nisha was supposed to know about the sensual intimacy I and Suman had.). Nisha kept on blushing but never admonished her sister for being to open in the presence of a stranger, that is me. Finally Suman suggested to her, Why don't you get some love lessons from Mr.Arjun (that is I.). Not only he is an expert lover but he is an expert trainer too.

While three of us were giggling on the various sexy jokes, Suman, who was sitting next to me kept her left hand on my thigh. She caressed me thighs under the table, without being seen by Nisha. Are you willing to teach my innocent sister teach a lesson or two?' Nisha had finished her meal. Affectionately chiding her sis for her mischievousness she went away.

Suman kept her hand on my prick and squeezed, If you like to taste a new fruit, try my akka. She is red hot for sex, imagining things about her married life.' Though I was doubtful about the prospects of having sex with an
unfamiliar girl, who is to marry shortly, I did not mind trying my fuck, (sorry) luck. When I was about leave the hall, Suman held my hand and told me, Her room is the last in this floor. And remember, this night and you are mine.' When I reached Nisha's room she stood up from the sofa. I entered her room, admired her taste in decorating her room. I spoke of her hobby of reading. She relaxed a bit. I looked at her.

I had not noticed her much. She was a slim structured woman of 22. She had small breasts, which were  highlighted, due her slim waist. She also had a beautifully protruding ass, which seems swinging independent of her waist and thighs. She had an elongated face with very sexy and gently opened lips, which looked permanently wet. They must be hot and sweet, I guessed. She wore mehandi on her left palm.She asked me to sit on the sofa. She sat on the same sofa, but at about two feet away. I very casually took her left hand in mine,& admired her
mehandi. A beautiful design. It looks charming on your fair SKIN. Oh, your hand is so soft see..' I admired her hand by caressing it, & squeezing it between my both hands. When my manipulation grew purposeful she simply wiped her forehead which sweated slightly due to her embarrassed shyness. Let me see your other hand', I said and extending my hand I held her other hand. While doing so I intentionally brushed my hand on her flat and smooth tummy and a place very near her small petite breasts. She breathed a gasp and leaned on the sofa-back. She did not have mehandi on the right hand.

I saw she had the mehandi on her beautiful feet. I suddenly bent and held one of her feet to appreciate the design of the mehendi. Having me, a strange and a little senior man touching her feet, she started immediately. In an
attempt to take my hand away, she bent herself so much that her thin sari edge dropped off her shoulders and revealed really beautiful cleavage between her small fleshy hillocks. I was persistent. Teasing and laughing, I did not let her feet go away easily. But she tried to take her feet away. In this scuffle her soft body brushed against mine at several vital junctions. I stared at her half-exposed breasts and said softly, Nisha, you are really beautiful'. She blushed profoundly. But your lips need no mehandi. They are so red and soft may..let me see..' I did not wait for her permission. I touched her lips with my fingers. I traced the line of her lips with the tip of my forefinger. I gently pressed on them to assess their softness. I took her lower lip between my forefinger and thumb and squeezed it softly. In this attempt I had come so closed to her that now my face was just inches away from hers. Suman never allowed me kiss her on her lips, I have her for that. Your lips are so much more desirable. Who ever is authorized to kiss them, is lucky, Nisha.'

Nisha squirmed uncomfortably. Some kind of strange sensation was building in her fragile body. I took the advantage of her confusion. Can I be that lucky man, at least for one time, Nisha?' She simply turned her face away. I had her fair and smooth skinned cheek facing me. I planted a gentle kiss on her cheek. She closed
her eyes. I kept my hand on the back of her neck and gently drew her face closer. She was moaning her weak protest, but all the more, let herself be pulled by me. I stroked her cheek with my lips, I flicked her earlobe
with the tip of my tongue and whispered in her ear, Please, Nisha.. allow me to taste your sweet lips, baby'', with a little bit of hesitation, with her eyes still closed, Nisha allowed her face to be turned, ever slowly.

I straightaway placed my burning lips on her hesitant lips. They were cold with fear. Tasteless due to irresolution. But I began filling warmth and sweetness in them. At a point she stirred her slender body and her lips became
live. We were locked in a really deep and involved kiss for at least a minute. She suddenly broke herself away from me and glanced at the open door of her room. I went and closed and secured the door. When I approached her again, she stood up, Suman will misunderstand us'. I did not care to listen to her. I held her by her shoulder. Suman will be angry with me.'..'But why?' I know that you are her lover.' I am her friend. I am your friend too. She is a good girl, she would not mind if you be a little more friendly with me. Like this.. saying this, I immediately grabbed her slim waist in my hands and squeezed her soft body to mine. My face very near to hers. She tried to turn her face way in shame. But I did allow her to do this. I again planted a deep and warm kiss on her
lips. Just after a little while, her tongue became animated. It started wriggling with mine in frenzy. She tasted very sweet inside her mouth. She seemed having a particularly long tongue, because, she practically licked the entire
inside of my mouth.

When she became conscious of my hand roaming all over her ass, she again withdrew herself. N..n..n..o.. this is not right,. I am going to be married.. soon Suman will be angry with Please don't force me oh gosh..ohhhhh.... ' I
hardly listen to her. I again advanced and grabbed her, this time from behind. Her petite ass cheeks felt so good on my hungry crotch. I placed my hands on her flat & smooth belly & pressed her more to my crotch. When tried to
push me away, she inadvertently touched my bulge behind the pant. My hands, now were on her breasts. First over her sari and in next moment, under the cover of sari, over her blouse. Her pair of breasts felt so good and so different from her sis Suman'ss. After pressing and fondling them for a brief moment I deliberately let her go. She went & stood at the wall. I said in a low husky voice, Nisha I really want you. Your sis Suman has been teasing me all along, not allowing fuck her, Nisha. I actually came to try chance with her again.

But, after seeing you, I changed my plan. Come on darling I will certainly teach you a lesson or two about how to please your husband. I will also teach you how enjoy yourself to the utmost ecstasy.' I held her both hands, lifted
and pressed them on to the wall. This exposed her breasts, without the cover of sari, open to attack. I rubbed my face on to hers. Kissed her lips before climbing down to neck and finally landed on her small peaks. Her nipples have grown so sensitive she shuddered at the very touch of my mouth on her breast. She tried to wriggle out her hands from my grip but I kept them pressed to the wall. I put my open mouth to her left breast, made it wet with me saliva and started sucking my own saliva from the surface of her blouse covered blouse. This experience
made Nisha to submit herself to me She was pleading to release her hands. I accepted to do that but with a condition that she should place both her hands on my prick. I continue to suck at her succulent breasts while she rubbed her hands on my dick. After rubbing my face on her soft and wavering breasts for a while, I started
unhooking her blouse. Nisha shook her body right and left, not removing her hands off my crotch. I kept on pressing her soft breasts while undoing her hooks one by one. I parted her blouse and saw a pair of lovely, moderately sized breasts sitting cozily in her black laced bra. They were marvelous. I embraced her closely and removed the backside hook of her bra also. Easily I could lift her bra cups off her lovely tits.

Suddenly Nisha removed her hands from my crotch and tried to cover her bared breasts. I again held her hand by her wrists and lifted her hands and crucified her to the wall again. Her round and small breasts, protruding a
little from her slim form, jiggled. I put my mouth on her left breast and sucked her tit. Nisha struggled to release herself, but this gave me further advantage of rubbing my mouth on her mounds. I changed position and sucked in the other nipples. I rolled my tongue around the tip of her tit. Nisha squirmed and moaned. "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH........MMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAA......WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME......SSSSTOP PLEASE....... UNHHHHHH........NO....NO...NO......"She wriggled her lower part of her body, which loosened her sari further making it fall of her waist. With her flat belly exposed, Nisha was looking like a nymph.

I shifted my attention to her navel now. Licking her flat belly and tonguing her deep navel I kindled her libido to an unlimited level. I held her petite ass and while crushing her fleshy ass cheeks in my palms I pushed my hungry mouth between her thighs. She smelled exciting there. Her pussy was already radiating sexuality though her panty, petticoat and sari. I inserted my hand from under her sari into her petticoat. While caressing her smooth thighs I went unto her thigh junction. When I touched her panty I found it soaked wet with her cunts juices. I could trace lines of her pussy lips behind the thin material of the panty. Nisha was swinging her waist in an attempt to avoid direct touch of my fingers on her cunt. I put my hand between her thighs and reached her ass. When I was caressing her ass cheeks my fore hand was actually rubbing her cunt frontally. Nisha went wild with this manipulation.

"OHH...MAA...OHH...MAA...OHH...MAA...OHH...MAA...OHH...MAA...OHH...MAA...OHH...M\ AA..." she moaned,

I decided to go ahead. I stood up and removed my dress and stood there completely nude. Nisha observed this and closed her eyes in shame. Her sari went berserk. I held her sari in one hand and started pulling at it. Nisha
was so much taken over she involuntarily turned and twisted her body to allow easy removal of her sari. I removed her half-open blouse and bra and finally the petticoat and panty also came off her slender, mermaid like body.
Nisha was now in confusion as to which part of her body she should hide from my view. I took her softly in my arms and while embracing warm and soft body fully I caressed her back, then ass and back of her thighs. Her soft and small breasts were crushing against my chest. She seemed to have decided to give way. She allowed
me to lead her to her wide bed.

After kissing her all over her body and licking her nipples, neck, navel and thighs, I flicked her swollen clit with the tip of my tongue. She shuddered with joy.

and tried to close her thighs. I insisted. I rubbed my face on her pussy to further excite her. I came over her and started sucking her small lovely breasts. Nisha lifted her hands behind her head and willfully submitted her
entire body to my manipulation. 

I could hardly wait any more. I came over her, gently parted her slim thighs and descended between them with my hard prick targeting her cunt hole. The first ever touch of a prick tip on her wet cunt lips sent Nisha into her abandon pleasure. She was totally out of her own control. She seemed eager to receive me inside her completely. She had juiced so much, this made the penetration easier. First the swollen knob of my enraged prick found the entry into the threshold of her pussy and things became easier later.

After a couple of jerks I was completely inside her. My prick slipped into her pushing itself between the wet and hot folds of her cunt. I held her breasts in both of my hands as for support. And started humping into her. Each
withdrawal of my prick was bringing her slim body up along with it and then next moment I was ramming my rod to the bottom of her cunt. Nisha moaned heavily and loudly. She had cum more than twice. In a wild effort to have more and more, Nisha was meeting me strokes with earnestness.

The final moment of realization was nearing to both of us. I inserted my tongue into her mouth, more with an intention to stifle her wild cries. I held he tight by her narrow waist and started exercising final attack on her cunt.
When I finally came, I came into the depth of her cunt so profoundly my cum oozed out of her cunt after fully filling it up.

I learnt only later that, the slut, my friend, Suman, was standing at the door with her ears stuck to her door, listening to each and every moan and cry we were making. And she was sadistically enjoying the invasion of her
sister's cunt by me. ..... sorry folks I am not the original writer..........


I was 17 years old then and was stepping into adulthood with all the hormones working with full efficiency. I had started masturbating since the age of 13. Porn magazines, XXX movies, and other stuff started to look quite boring and I needed something more erotic and exciting to get the same pleasure. I was slim and not very handsome and since I looked at all gals in the same manner I could never be friendly with any of the girls in my school. I was also very shy of talking about sex with my male friends and though I would listen to them with great curiosity I would never say a word. I was a little good person in the eyes of all my teachers, my friends and my family that consists of my father who is a clerk, my mother and my sister. My name is Gaurav and my sister is Garima. We have a difference of 7 years in our age and Garima was 24 and I was 17 at that time. Since she was quite elder to me we had a quite formal relationship unlike many brothers and sisters. She felt I was a little cute brother of her and felt responsible towards my work and my studies. Since my parents were not keeping well, she was looking after most of the house work and my needs.

My parents were quite worried about Garima's marriage as we were financially not very sound and though Garima is very good looking she was not getting a match. She is the typical middle class girl who spends most of her time at home doing house hold work and taking good care of everybody at home. Since it was time for her to get married I noticed that she had started taking good care of her body as well applying face packs on her face etc. All in all she was not a model type but pleasantly plump body and had just the right amount of flesh at right places.

I don't know when it happened or how it started but I started to develop a liking towards my sister. May be because I was getting bored of using my hand with the same old nude pictures in those porn magazines in front of me. I was not getting full pleasures out of it now and wanted to lay my eyes on a real naked girl. I had known none other gal expect my sister Garima, I started thinking of her most of the time. Initially I used to felt guilty and as a sinner when I would masturbate thinking of her. But gradually the feeling subsided and I started looking at her as a woman first rather than my sister. The lusty feelings towards Garima started to rise and now I would seek opportunities to smell her panties and her bra when she was not around. I would sometimes get really close to her when she was sleeping but was scared to get caught so immediately I would leave. Things continued and as I got more and more bold I decided to get a view of her beautiful body which she would cover quite well all the day. I would think of a way to sneak a view just once at her naked milky body. The feeling of guilt was not there in my heart anymore and I saw my sister Garima as a sex object to fulfill my new sexual desire to see a real woman naked.

We used to live in a small house which had 3 bedrooms on two floors. The two rooms on first floor were shared by me and Garima while the master bedroom on ground floor was our parent's. We had two bathrooms and toilets on each floor and since appa and ma were not very fit they seldom bothered to climb up the stars to the first floor. So that left the entire first floor to myself and Garima. After thinking hard one day, I decided to do something and get my eyes on my sister Garima. The only place where I thought Garima gets totally naked was our bathroom. I somehow had to make a provision to see inside the bathroom. Even the thought of it would give me a shiver but the lust was too much now to control myself. Our bathroom was quite secure and the only window on top of the door was made in such a way that no bod from outside could get a view in any ways. I thought of making a small hole in the door as in a pin hole camera but the could not gather the courage. A few days passed and I would just try to sneak in from the gap between the floor and the door but got to see only some moving shadows. My lust towards Garima forced me to do what I was really scared of but one day I got a swiz knife from one of my friends and made a small hole in one corner of the bathroom door. At that time I had to be really careful since Garima was home and working downstairs. The hole was quite easy to make since the door at that point was made of sheet and not thick wood. I peeped in from the hole and my heart bet got faster when I noticed that I was getting a good view of the bathroom. Now I had to somehow cover the hole so that no one else could see it. I painted the inside of the door with the white color and it was not quite visible from inside unless someone knew it was there. from outside due to light from inside the bathroom, the hole was clearly visible. I blocked the hole with a small bindi that my mom used to apply on her forehead. It was not noticeable now and I only prayed not to get caught. I had done the inevitable and could not revert it back. It was the Sunday and after finishing the house hold job my sister got up and took her clothes to take bath. My heart beat grew faster as I was to have a view of the scene I had waited for so long. I was nervous but I knew that if Garima did not notice the hole, I had nothing to worry about since appa and ma would not come upstairs leaving me alone outside the bathroom door. The moment finally arrived when I heard the door slamming and the sound of the latch. I waited for sometime to make sure she doesn't come out immediately. Once I was sure that she had started taking the bath I slowly reached the bathroom and removed the bindi from the hole. I was nervous as hell as I was to catch the glimpse of my sister having bath totally naked and it would be the first time I would see a real woman naked. I could hear my heart pounding and as soon as I placed my eye on the hole I was doomed. I did not see anything. I tried hard to peep in from both the sides but all I could see was some cloth covering the hole. Immediately it struck to me that the clothes she hung on the door knob must have hidden the hole and I could not do anything now. It was the Sunday and if I had to try my luck again I would have to wait for another week. I had to. The wait was long and I could not wait for that long to catch a glimpse. I took leave from school that day pretending I was ill. After waiting till 11:00 am for my sister to enter the bathroom I got up and reached the door again.Praying that this I get the view. As soon as I removed the bindi from the hole I saw light coming out from the hole that meant that today was my day. The cloth had not covered the hole today. I immediately brought my face closer to the door and felt my dick to shot up straight in the air when I saw my sister NAKED. She was totally naked and I could she her from the side. I saw her for a moment and removed my eye. It was too much for me to keep myself in control. Also scared I rushed towards the stairs to make sure my ma was not coming up to see how I was feeling which was unlikely. Very quickly I rushed back to the door and started peeping. My sister was standing naked under the shower and the wet coating of water made her skin shine like anything. I was in seventh heaven and automatically my hand went to my dick massaging it over my pants. I never felt my heart pounding so hard. From the hole I could see her legs, her thighs, her and upper body till her boobs. Her face was not visible to me till she was standing. She then sat down on a stool and now her face was right in front of my eyes. She looked innocent to me and for a moment I felt the guilt but there was no way back. I saw the left boob of my sister moving as she applied soap on her face. she had a perfect round brown nipple on her boobs and I thought she had a very supple body. She looked very different from the model type gals I'd ever seen on the blue films. Since the bathroom was small, she was sitting quite near to the door and the maximum distance between her naked body and my eye would be not more that two feet. I could clearly see her skin texture that was more fair than her hands and her face as it never got exposed. She was looking like an angel to me and I wanted her to take bath for as long as possible. The visibility went down a little as I understood because of the steam filling up the bathroom due to hot water. I was more stable now and my hand was massaging my erect and rock hard cock which was now out of my nickers. After a few minutes my sister got up and wiped her body with a towel. When she bent down to wipe her legs I got a glimpse of her ass which was very big and very fleshy. I wanted to touch it. It was the first time I had seen a woman naked and that too my own sister and I was already too excited. I wanted to see the pussy but she never turned towards the door and I could only get the side view of her nude heavenly body. But even that was too much for me. As soon as she wore her bra and panties I replaced the bindi on the hole and rushed towards the toilet to jerk myself. I just had to stroke myself for few seconds and I ejaculated a lot of semen in seconds. I was relieved and also felt a little guilty for having seen my own sister naked in bathroom. But that guilt was a result of the release I just made. I came out of the toilet and saw the bathroom door open and lights off. My sister was in her room getting ready not knowing that her own brother had spied on her which she was bathing. I did not want to make an eye contact with her and stayed in my room but at 2:00, she brought a plate full of food for me and I felt my dick to be stiffening again seeing her. For the first time I was fully aware of what she was hiding under that piece of clothing she was wearing and what a curvy body she had. I was to have this view of her exquisite body a lot many more times.

I started lagging in my studies as occasionally I would skip school to get a nice view of my sister Garima taking bath in bathroom. Every weekend I used to anxiously wait for her to finish her household jobs and enter the bathroom. I was now not as much scared as it was the first time and the feeling of guilt had also subsided. I was also lucky to get a glimpse of her hairy pussy when once she turned towards the door may be to hang something on the door clip. It was a moment I could never forget. Her pussy was just few inches away from the hole in the bathroom door and so near to my eyes. I was getting maximum pleasure from seeing my sister and masturbating thinking about her great fair and plump body all the time. But after a few months, things got quite monotonous again. I was not getting the same excitement and I wanted to touch her and do something more than just seeing her. But believe me, any such dare and I would have been in trouble. So I just satiated my sexual hunger by watching porn and on weekend enjoying live nude show. On Sunday Garima would wash her hairs and that means she would be in bathroom for more time and I just used to wait for Sunday. Even while doing her work I started eyeing her big boobs and her magnificent ass which used to sway as she walked. It had added some spice in my life.

Since our financial conditions were not very good and this was causing problems in Garima's marriage my appa decided to keep a paying guest for sometime which would get up some fixed amount of extra income every month. We have a small room on our terrace which was cleaned by my sister Garima with my help and it was soon in livable condition. We even put some furniture and a wardrobe from our living room in the room. Since there was no bathroom on the terrace, it was decided that whoever would take up the room would share the bathroom on the first floor and since there was an entrance from within our house to terrace as well, we felt there should not be a problem. This decision filled my heart with great expectations and enthusiasm. I wanted the room to be taken up by a girl so that I would get to keep an eye on not just my sister but another girl. We hung a board and waited for a decent clean girl but most of the time we were approached by either students or guys working in some company. After one month appa decided that even if some man wants to take up the room, he does not mind as long as he proves that he is working for a reputed company and agrees to follow few rules such as returning on time. This shattered my hopes of getting some extra fun from life and I tried to convince appa about getting a lady only for paying guests. He only nodded. One day I returned from school on Friday I saw a car parked outside our house. A guy somewhere in near 20s was taking out luggage from the car. As I walked into the house he looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. He was out new paying guest. What an ill luck I thought. Not only did I miss the chance of viewing an other girl nude while taking bath, I would have to be more cautious while eyeing my sister now since he would share the same bathroom. I was very upset.

The name of the guy was Suresh and he worked for a call center near Delhi. He was handsome and mostly he would stay out of the house and come only during night to sleep. Things continued for weeks and I was so cautious while Suresh was at home that I started loosing the charm of spying on my sister. I was in constant fear about being caught by a total outsider, and would run to the stairs to see if he was not coming.

Suresh was a humorous person and although I did not like his presence in home, I got friendly with him. He also had a good collection of porn movies and a computer with internet from where he would download more xxx. I even watched some porn movies with him but never did I dare mentioning about my sister with him.

One Sunday, I went to the terrace to see whether Suresh was at home or not. I knew my sister was about to go to have bah and I was feeling very horny that day. To my relief I found the door of his room locked and I quickly rushed back to my room. I would be able to get a un-interrupted view of my sisters body today I thought. I waited for the moment and as soon as I heard the door slamming, I proudly and with little fear went to take my position. Removing the bindi from the hole, I started to get the pleasure while my sister undressed. After about 4-5 minutes when I got up to check once again if someone had come, I saw Suresh standing near the stairs watching me. It was the biggest shock of my life ever. I just stood there as a statue with my face down and I could hear my heart beating with my ears. My face was getting red and my ears got warm. I didn't know what to do so I just stood still there. Suresh then noticed the small hole I had made as light from inside the bathroom was coming out of it clearly. Without speaking one word, Suresh left me and went back to his room. I immediately, replaced the bindi on the hole and decided to fill up the hole with something permanently very soon. I didn't know what to do and was wondering what Suresh would do. I was really scared of appa getting to know about this act and what if Garima got to know I was doing this to her for so long. She would die of shame and I just wanted to kill myself for this stupidity. I cursed myself for my ill luck and all sorts of thoughts were coming in my mind like running out of the house etc.

I just buried my face under my pillow and waited for something to happen. I could not face Suresh anymore out of shame and would run away or stay in my room when ever I knew he was at home. a week passed by and nothing happened and things were usual. I had not seen Suresh and the feeling of fear was starting to die out. If Suresh had not told appa about it in one week, most likely he had no intentions of doing so. I just thought that sooner or later he would leave our house and things would get back to normal. It was not as I had anticipated.

One day while I returned from school, I found Suresh standing on the stairs to my room waiting for me. My face again got red and warm as I saw him and stood again with my head down. Suresh gave me a friendly smile and asked me to come to his room after getting fresh to have some serious talk. I was again scared about what he might have to say. He went back to his room while I slowly dragged myself to my room to change my clothes and get ready.

After praying and confessing that if this time, things get to normal I would never do such a thing again I reached the terrace. I saw Suresh smoking a cigarette outside his room. He smiled seeing me and offered me a cigarette. I nodded and said no. He asked me to sit down and started talking about my age and my education etc. He was trying to be very friendly with me which gave me some courage. Within seconds the talk shifted to where it had to.

"Kab se chal raha hai yeh sab ?" he asked ? I knew what he was talking about
"1 mahine se " I answered in a very slow voice. He took a deep inhale and exhaled.
"dar nahin lagta tujhe ki pakda gaya to kya hoga, kabhi nahin socha ki woh teri behan hai" He continued.

I immediately started crying with tears in my eyes and asked for forgiveness from Suresh and kept on repeating that I am ashamed and would never do this again. I pleaded him not to tell it to anybody etc etc. He did not interrupt me and continued to enjoy his cigarette. Finally he spoke

"dekh, main samajhta hoon is umar main yeh sab hota hai, par ab agar tu chahta hai ki main tere appa se kuch na kahun to tu wada kar, apni behan ko dekhna nahin chodega." he said.

I was shocked and looked back at him with tears in my eyes. He had no feelings for them. He repeated

"ab yeh ladkiyon ki tarah rona band kar. Jo kaam tune kar diya hai achche achche mard bhi karne se darte hain"

I continued to listen to him. He finished his cigerrette ad continued.

"Dekh agar main tere appa ko sab sach sach baa doon to tera to patanahin kya hoga, teri ma aur teri behan main sharam ke maarer jaroor mar jaynge. Tune bahut bada kaam kar diya hai jiska result kya ho sakta hai tujhe bhi nahin pata." He paused and continued

"Isliye agar tu chahta hai ki main kisi se kuch na bolun to tu meri baat maanega. Main modern aadmi hoon, aur mujhe nahin lagta ki ismain koi kharabi hai. Bas main itna chahta hoon ki jo baze tu leta hai, woh maze mere saath thode baant le." He stopped. My heart again started to pound. The whole picture was now clear to me. He wanted me to allow him to see my sister the same way as I had done. I got so tensed as I felt I was getting into much bigger trouble but I could not do anything. It was a friday and he knew I would be home on saturday. His final words were

"Agar tujhe meri baat manzoor hai to kal jab teri behan bathroom main jaane wali ho usse pehle aakar mujhe bata diyo, warna main niche aakar tere baap ko sab bata dunga aur suboot ke taur par darwaze ka woh hole main check kar chuka hoon."He stopped and got up from his seat and stood near the railing.

I returned back to my room with my head spinning like never before. I didn't know what to do and I felt so frustrated and guilty for getting into this mess. I buried my face and skipped my dinner that night.

I could not sleep the whole night and finally decided that I'll talk to Garima about the grave mistake I had done. May be she would pardon me. At least I would not be getting into more trouble with Suresh. With great difficulty I approached Garima while she was working in the kitchen. I saw her from the back and noticed that her ass was swaying while she washed the utensils. Seeing this, I could not control my hardon and had to get back to my room. Howsoever I may try it was getting impossible for me now not to think that way about my sister Garima. But I washed my face and again went down. She was not in the kitchen anymore. I searched her in living room but she was not there as well. I heard her singing slowly on the first floor and as soon as I got up I saw her hanging her clothes in the bathroom. Seeing me she said

"Gaurav, appa aur ma bazaar gaye hain, aur main nahane ja rahi hoon. Tu jara ghar ka khayal rakhiyo aur agar doodhwala aaye to usse doodh lekar fridge main rakh diyo."

I wanted to stop her and tell her the truth but I just stood there like an idiot and swayed my head. Before I could even think of something or react, She slammed the door of the bathroom and I heard her latching the door. Under usual circumstances, I would wait for this moment but I was regretting today. I could not think of what to do but immediately I recollected Suresh's words that if I did not call him today he would tell everything to appa. And this would mean dire consequences for me. I quickly ran towards the stairs and went up to terrace. I found Suresh in his shorts and t-shirt watching TV. I saw him watching a porno and as soon as he saw me, he understood everything and I just stood there. He quickly switched of the TV set, smiled at me and started downstairs. I followed him with heavy steps. I was once again having the same feelings like I had when I first spied on my sister.

In a minute we were down, outside the bathroom. I was standing behind Suresh on the stairs while Suresh sat down in front of the bathroom door. He had a wicked smile on his face. He turned towards me and I was standing there with shame allowing a stranger to watch my sister while she had bath. Blinking one eye he smiled at me and then without wasting any time, he turned his attention towards the bindi that covered the hole. He quickly removed the bindi from the hole and all I could pray was that the hole is covered with clothes again as had happened with me sometimes. Seems like Suresh had all the luck. I noticed the light from the hole only for a second after which Suresh placed his left eye on the hole. I saw his hand moving immediately moving towards his hardon which was now bulging out of his shorts. He watched over for a few seconds after which he turned back to me. His face looked flushed and full of appreciation. I could not make an eye contact with him. He again got back to his attention towards the door. But surprisingly, while I saw Suresh watching over my sister totally nude in the bathroom I started to get a hardon too. I was scared as well as excited. I could clearly see the expressions of triumph and victory on Suresh's face. He did not move his face nor did he blink often but concentrated on the heavenly view he was getting. He was not worried as I was on stairs to tell him of any danger. I saw Suresh's hand massaging his prick but as soon as he realized that I was watching him, he stopped but continued to see. I was by now so excited that I wanted to get a glimpse of my sister as well. I did not do anything but stood there waiting for my sister to finish her bath.after around 10 minutes of the great pleasure that Suresh must have derived watching my 24 years old perfect beauty stark naked, he removed his eye from the hole and with his hand movement he asked me to come close. I reached there and sat down. He asked me to see inside as well which I did and saw my sister applying soap on her boobs. Again her left boob was clearly visible , shining under a thin film of water. Her eyes were closed and she looked as the most innocent girl that day. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I moved back. I was now fully erect as well and allowed Suresh to take back his position. He watched her for another few minutes after which I heard the sound of jerking the towel. Garima would always jerk the towel before using it to wipe off her heavenly body. It was after this that Suresh moved back with a feeling of total victory and satisfaction on his face and quickly replacing the bindi on the hole he looked at me, gave me a smile and blinked his eyes. He then stepped back the stairs to get back to the room. Just before moving up said

"Jab halka ho jaaye to oopar aajaio, mast cheez dikhani hai tujhe aaj" he said.

I was flushed and before Garima could be out of bathroom I rushed back to my room and latched the door. I quickly removed my pants and took out my dick which was not fully erect. I knew Suresh must also be doing the same up in his room and I felt a little more excited masturbating that day. Later on when I saw my sister, I felt I've made her a sex object for the enjoyment of myself and Suresh. But I was thinking that since I've done Suresh's work he would not bother me again and I would seal the hole permanently and things would get back to normal.

After one hour, I remembered Suresh's words and that he called me up so I went up there. He was lazily sitting on his sofa with his legs spread and a glass half full of whiskey on the table. Seeing me he stood up and asked me to sit down on a couch near by.

"Aaj to maza aa gaya yaar. Itna badiya nazara maine pehle kabhi nahin dekha tha. Sach, item hai teri behan aur tu kya koi bhi bhaai control nahin kar pata. tu chinta mat kar, ab hum dono is main partner hain. Kisi ko kuch pata nahin chalega aur hum maze udaenge." He laughed after this. This increased my worries because that meant, it was not all over. I was being over optimistic. How could Suresh just let go after seeing my sister once naked. I must have seen her around 20 times in the last 2 months and still I was not getting over with it. Suresh offered me whiskey but I refused. He got up from his seat and went near the TV.

"Aaj tune mera dil khush kiya hai to yeh le, tujhe ek mast maal ki pondy dikhata hoon" He said while playing a VCD in his player. The next moment the room was filled with sounds of fucking and my eyes glued to TV screen. It was an Indian XXX where in 2 guys were fucking a beautiful girl forcibly. I could not believe my eyes because the video looked real and Suresh was very proudly watching it with his glass now again filed. I watched the video for some minutes in which the girl was shouting on top of her voice and trying to get free and run away but the two guys were holding her hard and fucking her badly. I saw Suresh taking out his swollen dick from his shorts and it was throbbing in his hand. I got up from my seat and was about to leave when I heard him saying..

"Abey kahan ja raha hai, baith na. ab tere mere beech main kya chupa hai. chal zindagi ke maze uda. Yeh illegal CD hai , tujhe kahin dekhne ko nahin milegi. aa baithja." He was stroking his dick. I did not want to see at his dick but my eyes were moving time and again at him. His dick was bigger than mine and was black. I was scared and wanted to go back but Suresh had asked me not to. After 5 minutes, I saw him cumming. As soon as he came, he looked out for a towel which was lying on a sofa near me. He asked me to pass it on and I did. He wiped it clear and felt satiated. After that he stopped the VCD and sat on the sofa.

"Aaj ki yeh chathi (sixth) mutth hai meri. Pehli 5 teri behan ka naam japte huye maari." He said. I noticed that he was now quiet drunk and did not know what he was saying. I wanted to run but I was scared that he might follow me downstairs so I just listened to him

"Teri behan hai na saale, ekdum makhkhan maal hai. Pehle din se hi uspar nazar thee meri.... " He would take pause in between and then continue.

"Kya mumme hain yaar.. dekhkar man kiya pakad kar itna ragdu itna ragdu ki saale laal ho jaaye. Aur itni badi gaand to maine aajtak pondy main bhi nahin dekhi. "

"Sach main.. ekdum mast pondi banane laayak cheez hai teri behan... Ek din saali ki gaand chodunga. yahan oopar bulakar naach nachaunga saali se aur lund chuswaunga apna. tu meri baat manega to saale teri life bana dunga. "

"par yeh ladkiyon ki tarah sharmana chod de ab. ab tere mere beech main kuch nahin chupa. tu bas woh karta chal to main bataun aur dekh dono kaise maza karte hain." He paused and then with his had movement asked me to come near him.

"Kabhi kisi ladki to choda hai tune ? "He asked. I nodded in disagreement when he rested on the sofa again.

"Chal phir yeh shubh kaam bhi mere haathon hi hoga lagta hai.. .. Kal main ek ladki ko lekar aaunga yahan. dopahar ko 2 baje oopar aa jaiyo, tujhe bhi choot ka swad dila dunga. " he stopped

"Lekin haan, jab teri behan nahane jaane waali ho to mujhe bulana mat bhooliyo saale nahin to teri gaand maar lunga." He was swaying now. said ok and he then allowed me to go down.

I did not know what to do and when I reached down appa and ma had also come. I had now also missed the option of telling Garima everything because I had also allowed Suresh to see her while bathing. She would never forgive me. I just kept quite and let things happen the way they were bound to. But one thing that was exciting me was that if what Suresh said about a girl at 2 O clock next day was true then I was waiting for the next day.

In the evening I masturbated some times thinking about Suresh watching my sister nude in the bathroom. It was now getting more excited. I was waiting for the next day and could not sleep properly in anticipation of having to fuck a girl next day. Finally the day arrived and at around 11:00 Am my sister entered the bathroom. I quickly ran upstairs to inform Suresh and he came down. He watched my sister for 10 minutes and during that time he took his dick out of his shorts and kept stroking it. I kept a close watch so that no one would catch us. I noticed that Suresh had now got up from he place and he hinted me. I knew Garima takes long on Sunday to take bath but I guess watching for 101 minutes was too much for Suresh to control his urge. He quickly went up while I took my position on the hole and admired the marvelous body of my sister. I relieved myself as well after 5 minutes.

The clock struck 2:00 and my heart beat started to rise. I quickly dressed myself in a jeans and a t-shirt and with heavy legs reached the terrace. I knocked the door and nobody answered. I knocked it again and still no reply. I thought Suresh lied to me and he is not even at home. I was about to turn back when I heard some sound from inside the room. I waited for some time and then suddenly the door opened. Suresh was tying the knot of his pajama. He laughed seeing my anxiety and invited my inside. I knew from the sweat on his face what he had been doing and what took him so long to open the door.

My heart almost sank when I entered the room. It had never beaten so fast before. I was face to face with a girl who was lying on the bed covered with a sheet. I could make out that she was nude as her clothes were lying on the floor. She smiled seeing me. She was not at all beautiful and looked like a kaamwaali. The ones who goes to houses to clean up dishes. Her face was not at all attractive. I realized at that time how beautiful my sister was. Suresh said to her

"Yehi hai woh launda jiske baare main kaha tha. Abhi tak choot ka swad nahin chakha isne, isko bhi thoda maza dede.." he said

She laughed and looked at me. After waiting for a minute she blurted

"Ab kya wahin khade khade hilayega, ya idhar bhi aayega bistar main"

I then realized I had to do it in front of Suresh. He had poured himself a glass of whiskey and was looking at me. I suddenly felt that the feeling of having sex was no more there but I could not go back now. I slowly took up my t-shirt and pants. I was in my underwear and went to bed wearing it.

The girl said "Isko pehan kar chodega ? " Suresh laughed.

I timidly took off my underwear and my erect penis was in front of the girl and Suresh. I noticed Suresh's expression changing. Probably, he wasn't expecting that big a dick on my thin body, although his was bigger than mine.

When I was totally naked, the girl just threw away her sheet which was hiding her body and I looked at her totally nude body. Her body was probably not that bad as her face. It was a little soggy though not firm like my sister. She took out a condom from under the pillow and while I was standing, he put it on my dick. The feeling of a girls hand on my dick was itself too much for me. I felt a rush inside me building up. After working on the condom, she parted her legs and asked me to start. I took my position in between her legs while she adjusted my dick in between her legs and there I was. The next moment , I was inside her. She didn't feel anything and nor did I feel the tightness. She was a whore and I was too scared and conscious to enjoy my first fuck. I just moved my hips and kissed her boobs. Her boobs were perhaps the only thing I was enjoying. After a few minutes I felt the rush inside me building up and I could not control it and came. And lied on top of her. She shook her body and got up. She then took out a tissue and using it took away my condom. I noticed Suresh was seeing this. He smiled at me and said

"Maza aaya saale. Hamare saath rahega to aise hi aish karega. Chal ab tera kaam khtam. " I quickly got dressed up and went down where Garima was searching me. I could not face her and there was a guilty feeling engulfing me. I slept for some time and when I woke up I was again excited and masturbated thinking that howsoever the girl may be, I was no more a virgin.

I had my dinner in my room and did not hear anything from Suresh that week. It was only the next Saturday when I went to his room to inform him about Garima bathing, did I see him but surprisingly, he was not alone then. He was with another guy sitting and having whiskey. I did not know what was going on and seeing me they both started to laugh and I was certain that Suresh had told him everything. But what they were about to tell me was never anticipated by me and a hell broke loose on me as soon as I heard what they had to say.....

I stood dumbfounded in front of Suresh and Kamlesh (his friend) while they talked about me and my sister Garima.

"Yeh le aa gaya, behan ki numayish karwaane." Suresh said

They both laughed aloud while I felt humiliated. As I was about to turn around Suresh said aloud

"Arey ja kahan raha hai. Baat to sun. Teri behan ko nanga dekh kar muth bahut maar li. Ab aur bardasht nahin hota isliye Kamlesh aur maine ek plan socha hai jismain teri ek choti si help chahiye". Suresh said drinking his last sip from his glass of whiskey.

I was anticipating what was coming next but I pretended ignorant. Suresh stood up and in handed over a small packet in my hand and said

"Yeh le, aur is pudiya ko aaj shaam apni behan ki chaai ya khaane main mila diyo. bas tujhe itna hi karna hai. baaki hum sambhaal lenge" He looked back at Kamlesh who had a wicked grin on his face.

I refused to take the packet and was about to turn back when Suresh held me by arm and said to Kamlesh

"Mujhe pata tha sala nakhra karega. Harami ko dikha zara iska video" Suresh said.

Kamlesh picked up a remote and pressed a button and suddenly a video started to play on the TV. I felt almost fainted when I saw my own video on the TV in which I was in bed with that prostitute. I felt week at my legs and could not understand what was happening and why this was happening. Suresh held my arm and made me sit on the sofa. He offered me a glass of whiskey but my eyes were glued to the TV set. MY image was very clear fucking the prostitute. He forced me to take the glass and I had to gulp it down. I felt the effect of the liquor soon..

When I left the room, I was holding the packet which Suresh had given me as I had not other chance. Suresh told me that it was sedatives under the effect of which Garima wont feel a thing and they would just see her naked and touch her. He promised me that she wont feel a thing and wont even come to know that anything had happened and if anything at all went wrong, I would be kept away from it.

During the evening, I asked Garima to make some tea for both of us. Being a nice sister she happily got up and went to the kitchen. After she brought two cups of tea, I told her that I heard something dropping in the kitchen and when she went to have a look I quickly emptied the contents of the packet into her tea. I was dead scared but I had no other choice. The feeling of betraying my sister was not there anymore as I wanted to save my head.

We both had tea after which Garima started doing some household work. It was after half an hour that I searched for her and found her no where. I finally looked into her room and she was on her bed sleeping. It was 9:00 at that time and she never slept that time so I knew it the the effect of the sedatives. As instructed I went to the terrace and informed Suresh who immediately got up with Kamlesh and came down. I followed them. They stood outside Garima's room and opened it slowly. Suresh peeped inside and with his hand motion asked Kamlesh to follow. I didn't know what to do but I stood there at the door. I was too scared to enter the room.

Kamlesh was seeing my sister for the first time and I could see the appreciation in his eyes. Seeing her unconscious on her bed, he started rubbing his dick. Suresh in the meanwhile wanted to make sure that she was unconscious. He put his hand on her arms and shook her. He moved her again but she was as unconscious as dead. I was seeing this from the door which was partially open. They noticed me standing outside and they asked me to come in but I refused and they laughed.

Next I saw, Suresh pressing my sisters big boobs in his hands while Kamlesh pushed her kameez up to loosen her nada of her salwar. I could see each and everything very clearly. Suresh bent down to kiss her boobs from under the cloth. In a moment he unbuttoned her buttons on her kameez and during this time Kamlesh had already taken off her salwar. My heart beatings were getting intense. I was seeing two strangers raping my sister and I was helping them. Very quickly Suresh took off his shirt and in the next motion he took of Garima's kameez. He played with her big and ripe breasts before taking off her bra. The site of seeing my sisters breasts being mauled by Suresh under his hands was too much for me to control and I started rubbing my dick as well. Kamlesh by now had removed the panties of Garima and his face was buried between her thick thighs. She was still motionless and unconscious. I entered the room and asked Suresh to leave now as he had done what he promised but he just laughed and said nothing. I knew there was no use and I just wanted to be inside the room while they did that. I could see my sisters boobs and her hairy pussy being mauled and played with by the two strangers in front of my eyes. suresh sucked licked and played wih her heavy boobs. He looked at me and invited me and I quickly placed a hand on her boobs as well. It was the greatest moment in my life. I had never thought a boobs could have this effect on me. She was so soft yet to ripe. I pressed her boobs hard and pinched her nipples. In the meanwhile I saw Kamlesh had taken off his underwear and his dick was throbbing in his hand. As he was about to take position, Suresh got up and from his pocket took out a camera. Seeing a camera in his hand scared me and as I was about to object, Suresh pushed me. I was too week to fight and was not in a position as well.

Kamlesh placed his dick on my sister's pussy and moved in. I saw my sister's virginity being stolen by him while Suresh took pictures of it. Slowly but getting deeper with each stroke Kamlesh started pumping in my sisters pussy. She moved in between but she was still faint. As he was about to cum he took his dick out and started rubbing it hard. A minute later thick semen form his dick dropped on my sisters thighs. He looked satiated and now it was Suresh's turn. He was already ready with his dick standing erect in his hands. I was standing near the bed just watching. Suresh started fucking my sister as well and this time it was Kamlesh who was taking pictures. I felt ashamed and frustrated on my helplessness. Once Suresh was finished as well they looked at me and asked me if I would want to fuck my sister as well. Though I wanted very much to do it I said no as I was scared that they would take my pictures as well and that would add to my ill fate. They quickly cleaned the semen on her thighs and got er dressed back. After 5 minutes, she was lying on the bed just like nothing had happened. I wondered the sedatives were so powerful. While leaving the room, Kamlesh moved his hand on my head and smiled. I was alone in the room where my sister thoroughly fucked was lying. I went near her and massaging my dick with one hand pressed her big boobs last time and quickly got back to my room where I masturbated many times. I was exhausted and dropped dead on the bed. The next day I got up at 9:00 when I heard my ma's voice. She was screaming from the ground floor as I was late for my school I quickly got up and went down when ma asked me where Garima was. I quickly went up and saw Garima still sleeping in her room. I was scared first but when I went near her I saw her breathing. I moved her arm and she responded still in sleep. I asked her to get up and she said she'll get up in 5 minutes.

I went down and told ma that I was not feeling well so skipped school. At around 11:00 AM I saw Garima coming down after having bath. She looked a bit tensed and her mood was off. I was scared to talk to her as I thought she would know what happened. She talked to me in a strange manner as if confused herself. I just pretended to be myself but it was difficult to act normal after what had happened last night.

I could not believe that she did not actually know what had happened. She just remained upset and did not talk to me much. I knew one thing that the situation was not out of my hands and beyond my control. Two strangers had fucked my sister and took photographs of her which they fucked her. I was certain that there next step would be deadly. I could just wait for there next step. I did not have to wait for long. Two days later, I saw my sister crying in her room. I got scared that she might have come to know about my involvement as well, so I kept away from her. But at night she called me for dinner and this gave me confidence that though something has definitely happened, I was still safe. After having dinner I went to my room. At about 10:00 at night I heard the door of my sister's room open. She was already upset and I was keeping an eye on what she would do. I heard her footsteps going on the stairs. I got up from my bed and anticipating what was going to happen my dick was started getting hard. Suresh had obviously not told me anything as I was not required in his plans anymore but he must have shown the pics to my sister Garima and blackmailed her. That was the reason for her to be upset. I followed her after five minutes and when I reached terrace, I saw her entering Suresh's room. I quickly went near the door and pressed my ears on the door. Since it was night time and the door was thin I could hear each and everything very clearly.

I heard my sister crying and pleading Suresh to leave her and return her pics back. My guess was correct. I heard Suresh laughing and talking to another guy which I guess was none other than Kamlesh, his partner in the crime. My

"Chup hoja, rona bund kar.. pehle chup ho to hum teri photo waapas denge" Kamlesh said.

My sister got silent when Suresh added.

"Dekh, teri nath to hum dono milkar utaar chuke hain. tu aaram se soti rahi aur humne jee bhar kar tujhe choda." Suresh continued

"Ab humse kya sharmana. Bas humara dil ek baar behlaade aur leja apni tasweere" Suresh finished.

I heard Garima crying once again, to which Kamlesh said "Agar phir se royegi to teri gaand to hum maarenge hi, uske baad tere baap ko teri yeh tasweere bhi bhej denge." I heard garima sulking. I was by now fully errect.

After a breif silence Suresh asked " Bol, manzoor hai? Bas 2-3 ghante ki baat hai, hum jo kahe , karti ja aur apni tasweere leja, bol kya khayal hai ?"

I did not hear anything but Garima's pleading continued. After about 5-10 minutes of crying and persuasion, Kamlesh got angry and said

"Saali aise nahin manegi, iski gaand phaadte hain, tab pata chalega saali ko." I heard a hustle bustle in the room and my sister cried loudly for help. The next I heard some sounds of slapping and I felt as they stuffed something in her mouth as her cries now became muffle.

The next I heard a thumping sound as if they threw my sister on the bed. They continued talking in raw language and I could hear my sister's muffled cries.

Next, I heard zips un zipping and pants going down and I removed my ear from the door. This was getting too much for me to bear and I took my steps back towards my room. I felt guilty that my sister was being raped by two men, and I cannot help. As I reached near the stairs, I heard a deep cry and I turned back. The man inside me took over the brother inside me. I again took my position on the door and I could now hear the reciprocating sounds and thumping sounds of the bed. I knew that the fucking had started. With each stroke, I heard a muffled scream from my sister. It continued for a few minutes after which it got silent and again started after 2 minutes. So they swapped their positions I thought. I was rubbing my dick from inside my pants that I came then and there in side my underwear. It got messy but I just stayed there. They again started talking in crude language while my sister kept crying.

"Saali makkhan malai hai. Itna badiya maal pehle kabhi nahin mila." Kamlesh said "Chal, tere pichle 12000 Rs ka hisaab chukta ho gaya" Aur is video ke tujhe 6000 aur de dunga.

It then struck me that they had been recording the rape of my sister on a video camera. And then I recollected that Suresh showed me a rape clip first when I visited his room. So it was not the first time. I probably made their job easier. This reduced y guilt to some extent.

I heard after that.

"Nath iski tune utari thee, isliye gaand iski pehle main maarunga" Kamlesh said. They both laughed. I heard some more sounds and screams after which the reciprocating sounds started once again. This time my sisters screams were louder than before and I knew the reason for that. I wanted to see what was going inside but there was no way I could do that.

The sounds subsided and then again started. I was so hot that I again came in my pants then and there rubbing my dick. As soon as I came for the second time, I could bear no more and returned back to my room. I was lying on my bed when after around 15 minutes, I heard the footsteps and the door opening. I knew that finally they left my sister and she was back. I masturbated 4 more times that night after which I got so tired that I slept..

The next day I noticed my sister's eyes were red and sore and she was walking with difficulty. I tried to talk to her asking what happened but she did not replied. She did not talk to my ma and appa as well.
She just finished the chores quickly and got back to her room.

The day passed and similarly the week went by. Nothing happened during the week but on weekend I decided to meet Suresh. I wanted to see the video of how badly they fucked my sister. Also, I had a plan in my mind which if would work, I would get the taste of my sister's pussy and her ass as well.