Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Remarkable Phase

My name is Ruchi and I am 26 years old. I am aboutto share with you the most remarkable phase of mylife.
It all started about a year ago when Rohit, myfiancee was got an admit from the Stanford Universityfor doctoral studies. He had never expected to get afull scholarship be he did and so our wedding planswere put on hold. He left for USA and I was in Puneworking in my dad's company. Life without Rohit gotboring and lonely and so when dad gave me anopportunity to go to Bangalore to head the branch ofour company there, I jumped at it. New place, newpeople would have helped.
Since it was the first time I was living alone, Ihad a tough time managing the home. I lived in a 3room apartment quite close to the office. i used to goto the office at 9 in the morning and return at around8, exhausted, and would collapse in bed.
One day, Ms. Reddy, one of the senior employees wasvisiting me.
"Madam, you live alone, and do all the houseworkyourself. Don't you get tired?" she said.
"I do, but then, what can I do? I dont have thetime to look for a maid," I replied.
"You don't have to look. Why don't you hire Suma? Sheworks at my house too."
Suma was a maid at the office and used to cleanthe floor I worked on. She was a very talkative andchirpy woman and was generally quite well known. Iliked Ms. Reddy's idea and next day asked Suma if shewould work for me. She agreed and that reduced a lotof work load.
Suma and I developed a sort of a rapport. She usedto tell me about her family. Her husband was a truckdriver who used to be away for months together and shehad two daughters.
"I keep telling my daughters to have you as a rolemodel. If they study hard, they too will have a careerlike you and not be maids like me," she used to say.
Suma came to my house everyday and 8:30 and I gaveher a ride to the office after she ahd finished withmy housework.
The company was doing well and Rohit and I used totalk on the phone every alternate day.
Then one day, Suma did not turn up. I waited for anhour and then went to work. She did not come for 2days, so I asked around. Another maid told me thatSuma's husband was back and so she would not come fora few more days.
Suma returned after 4 days, with bruises on herface. She looked like she had been beaten up. She alsolooked very tired. When I asked her about the bruises,she just said, "My husband came back from a 3 monthlong job."
"You mean he beat you up?" I was shocked.
"It is not like that, he loves me, but this is hisway. He can't drink when he is on the job, so he drinksa lot when he comes home," she tried to explain.
"So that gives him the right to beat you up? Ithought you were a self respecting woman, Suma. Thiswill affect your daughters badly." I argued.
As we were arguing, someone started furiouslybanging on the door. Suma went to open it.
"Suma, come home at once," I heard a man shout.
"Not now, I will come in the evening, please go," shepleaded.
I went to the door to see what the problem was. Ared eyed man was standing at the door shouting.
"You come home, or I'll beat you to death," he yelledagain.
I had had enough of this.
"What are you doing? This is my house and how dareyou talk like that here?" I yelled at him. He stairedat me. I felt very conscious that something mighthappen.
"And what gives you the right to beat up your wifelike this? You animal, I ought to report you to thepolice." I continued.
"Madam, you stay out of this, it is my wife," hemumbled.
"I wont stay out of this. Now you go home, and if Iever hear about you beating her again, I'll personallybring police to arrest you. Get lost." I shouted. Heabruptly turned around and left. Suma started cryingand I consoled her. We left for the office after that.
Next day, as I opened the door, along with Suma,stood her husband. He looked sober and very normal.before I could say anything, Suma said, "Madam, Gopalhas come to apologise."
"Yes madam, I am very sorry. I will never trouble mywife again. Please dont set the police on me." Hekneeled down and touched my feet and started sobbing.
"Okay, Okay, get up," I said.
He got up and put his arm around Suma. "Suma told mehow much she admires you. I respect you too, Madam,running a company by yourself. I too hope my daughtersgrow up to be like you."
He left after that and Suma went into the kitchen todo the dishes.
The next day, the doorbell rang at 8:30. I opened itto find Gopal standing there. He was wearing a shirtwith the top three buttons open and showing hismuscular chest. His eyes weren't red like the otherday.
"Madam, good morning."
"Yes, good morning, where is Suma?"
"That is what I came to tell you, Madam. She has afever. She won't be coming to work today. She issleeping. I am going to get medicine for her." heexplained.
"Okay, fine." I started closing the door but hestopped me.
"Madam, can I have some water?" he said. I went inthe kitchen to get water, telling him to wait there. Ipoured water into a glass, and as I came to the livingroom, I was shocked by what I saw. Gopal had removedhis shirt and was standing there wearing just hispants.
"So madam, you don't like me beating my own wife.You will tell the police about it?" he hissed.
"Gopal, what are you doing?" I sensed trouble and Istarted walking towards the telephone. He suddenlyrushed towards me and caught hold of my hands. Istarted shouting, but he put a hand over my mouth. Istruggled to free myself but he held me in a vicelikegrip. I pushed my leg back to kick him and he releasedme for a monent. I fell forward to to the floor. Hesuddenly wrapped his hands around my neck and startedstrangling me.
"Listen here, Ruchi madam. No one messes with me andgets away." he said, releasing my neck. I coughed forbreath when he suddenly slapped me.
"Now listen to me, you bigshot madam. If you don'twant to get hurt seriously, dont offer any resistanceto what I do," he slapped me again, and I almostblacked out. "Is that understood, Ruchi?" he yelled.
I nodded my assent and started crying. I had neverbeen manhandled in my life and I was numb with hisbeating.
"Your boyfriend is away for two years, suma tells me.So you must be feeling lonely," he said as he startedunbuttoning my blouse. He removed my blouse and my braand started licking and kissing my breasts. I wasmindful of his threat and offered no resistance. I wasalso feeling a little aroused. Then he pulled my sarioff and removed my petticoat and panties, leaving menaked and crying. He then got up and started removinghis pants.
"Dont cry, Ruchi. This will be good for you." hesaid as he got out of his pants. His cock was verythick, and quite long. It was atleast twice as big asRohit's. A part of me was worried about it and a partof looking forward to being fucked by his organ. Heput two fingers in my cunt and started licking mynipples one by one. It had the effect it was meant tohave and I got wet and started moaning. He kept doingit, occasionally biting a nipple. I had a very noisyorgams, writhing on the floor. As I opened my eyes, Isaw Gopal smiling at me.
"You liked that, didn't you?" and he caught my legsin each hand. Then he advanced his hips and placed hiscock and the opening of my cunt. My hand instinctivelywent down to guide it and he let out a laugh. In onelunge, he penetrated me. It was the most amazingsensation I had ever had. He started pumping in andout furiously, and I reached another orgasm. I dug myfinger nails into his back as we were locked in coitalbliss. I started yelling as another orgasm approached,but he put his lips on mine and we kissed. Finally, hestarted shooting his cum in my cunt. I had lost countof my orgasms by then. My hands were around his neckas he pumped the last of his sperm into me. Both of uswere breathless. He lay down besides me and we wereboth staring at the ceiling, breathing heavily.
After a couple of minutes he got up. I too sat upand started to say something, but I stopped. Itsuddenly dawned on me that i had had the best sex ofmy life, not with my fiance but with Suma's husband.
"You shout much more than Suma" he said as hereached for his pants. I was reminded of Suma. Whatwould she think? She had such high opinions about me.I reached for my clothes as I was thinking about this.
"What are you doing?" Gopal sharply asked.
"I am getting dressed." I replied tentatively.
"Did I say you could get dressed?" he rushed towardsme and slapped me twice. "If you disobey me, I'll maelife difficult for you. Right now, there are no markson your pretty face. Do you want it to be red likeSuma's face? Then everyone at your office will ask youabout it."
I started crying again. He picked up his pants andremoved something from the pocket. i wiped my eyes andlooked carefully. It was a CD! He threw the CD at me.
"Come on, Madam, get up and put this CD on. Let uswatch something informative."
I got up and took the CD in my hand. Gopal slappedmy butt hard as I walked towards the CD player andstarted laughing.
"The great self respecting Ruchi madam, telling mewhat do do with my wife. Now what is Ruchi madamdoing?" he derisively said.
I put the CD in the player and turned on the TV. AsI suspected, it was some blue film. the title was-"Life of Eva- Part 1". I stood near the TV watching itas Gopal made himself comfortable on the sofa. I wasfeeling very strange standing naked in front of him.He told me to sit next to him.
The movie started, but I wasnt watching it. Gopalwas playing with my tits. Instinctively my hand wentto his cock. he smiled and continued watching themovie and mauling my tits. His cock had become hard.
"Ruchi, look at what that woman is doing" He turnedmy head towards the TV. It showed a blond womansucking a man's cock. the sight disgusted me. I hadalways abhorred oral sex. Even with Rohit, that wassomething I had never done and never intended to do.
"Dont make a face, you have to do that." Gopal said.
"No, I dont do that." As soon as I said that i felthis hands tightening around my neck. I started chokingas he strangled me. then he let go. he didn't say aword. I bent forward and took his cock in my mouth.
"Do it like her." he yelled. I looked at the TV andtried to ape what the woman on the screen was doing. Imoved my lips up and down on his thick shaft. I alsostarted fondling his balls with my fingers. Wihtin afew minutes, his cock started to throb and cum filledmy mouth. I tried to move my head but Gopal held itfirmly in place. Then he pressed my nostrils together.My air supply was cut off and I had to swallow hisload.
I started coughing as he let me go. I ran to thebathroom, and vomitted. He followed me in.
"First time you did this?" he asked. I nodded."Wow,and I thought rich girls have the most experience."
I washed my face. Gopal then led me outside. Wewere both naked. he picked up his clothes and startedwearing his pants. I eyed my clothes too, but didn'tmake a move, not wanting to be slapped again. He wasdressed up.
"Okay, I am going now, but I will be back." he said.Then he beckoned me to approach him. I did so and hetold me to bend down.
"Get on all fours. Yes, like that. Now turn so thatyour ass points to the front door. Now crawl back sothat you are just a few feet from the door."I did aswas told. My butt was pointing to the door.
He then opened the door slightly.
"I will come tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. exactly. keepthis door unlatched and be in this very position wheni enter. Completely naked. I dont want to see clotheson you."
I just stared at him in disbelief. This was farfrom over. He intended to continue the humiliation.
"But I have to be in the office tomorrow." Imumbled. I immediately felt his shoes in my stomach.
"What were you saying?" he asked in a falsettovoice.
"I will be here, like this tomorrow. i will comeback early from work." I sobbed.
He started leaving when something suddenly occurredto me.
"Gopal, what about the CD?" I asked him.
"The CD, oh yes." he removed a paper from his pocket"Go to this address in the evening and pay 100 rupeesfor the CD and give it back. They will give my licensewhich I had kept as a safety deposit."
"But Gopal..." I started, then said, "Okay, okay, Iwill do it, don't beat me, please."
"That is good. Okay then, Ruchi Madam, have a niceday."
The door clicked shut as I was still crouching infront of it.
I stayed crouched for a few moments after the doorclicked shut. Then I got up and headed straight to thebathroom and entered the shower. I could scarcely believewhat had just happened. Suma's husband, a truck driverhad just come and given me the best fuck of my life.
With Rohit, it had always been more about love andtenderness. I loved him. Yet I always felt somethingamiss when we were in bed. It was as if Gopal had filledthe void.
I had two options now. One was to approach the police andput Gopal behind bars. Another was to see what happensnext. I was more inclined to do the latter. The past fewweeks had been hectic for me and I wanted some sort of adiversion.
I gave the whole issue a lot of thought and decided towait till the next day before going to the police. Afterall, I had enjoyed what had happened.
I dried myself and looked in the mirror. There were nomarks of violence. My pussy was sore and my cheeks hurt.But no serious damage.
I wore jeans and t-shirt and headed to the office.As I was leaving, I was suddenly reminded of the CD. Ipicked it up and left the house.
I always wear a sari to work and so everyone wassurprised at my casual attire. I tried to get work done,but I kept thinking about Gopal and what had happenedthat day. In the evening at around 6, I decided to gohome. I got into my car and looked at the paper, whichcontained the address where the CD was to be returned. Itwas not very far from the office.
I parked my car in front of a small building and enteredthe "Dreams Video Rentals" shop. I gave the CD and ahundred rupee note to the youngish attendant. He checkedthe number written on the CD cover and looked at thenotebook in front of him. He looked a little nervous.Then he told me to wait and went inside. He returned witha very fat man in his fifties. The man smiled at me.
"Hello Miss. Are you returning this CD?" he asked.
"Yes, give me the license," I said.
"Ahh, but the license belongs to Gopal. How can I giveit to you?" he smiled even more. "See, I am paying youthe money and giving the CD back. So give me the damnlicense." I said.
"You see Miss, we have a policy. We give licenses only towives or girlfriends other than the owners. So what areyou? Wife or girlfriend?"
"The latter," I said.
"What? What was that?" he was being silly now. "I am hisgirlfriend. Now give it to me," I said testily.
"But Gopal's girlfriends are those who love to have sexwith him. You don't look like one of those," he said. Igot very irritated so I raised my voice and said,"Listen, I am Gopal's girlfriend. I love to have sex withhim. Now please give me his license."
He started laughing and told me to wait and went into adoor. He returned some minutes later.
"Ok, miss, here is the license," he said. I took it andstarted leaving, when he said, "Wait a minute. Look atthis and he pointed to a computer in the corner of ashop. I could see myself on the screen.
"Now let us rewind this," he said and rewound it. Myimage filled the screen with me saying- "Listen, I amGopal's girlfriend. I love to have sex with him. Nowplease give me his license."
"Now this is what is Gopal's insurance in case you thinkof reporting your fling as a rape." the fat man smiledand said.
I had walked right into the trap. Now the option of goingto the police was closed. I took the license and wenthome. The license was enclosed in a red packet.
That night too, I could not get Gopal out of my mind. Ihardly slept that night and woke up at 8 next morning. Igot up, took a shower and dressed up in a sari, to go tothe office. Suma came some time later.
"Gopal gave you the message yesterday, Madam?" she asked.I searched for a hidden meaning and tried to gaugewhether she knew what had happened. But it didn't seemso.
"Yes, are you feeling better now?" I asked.
"Yes, it was just a nominal fever. In fact I didn't feelfeverish at all. Gopal insisted that my body felt warmand made me rest. He has suddenly become so caring afteryou scolded him, Madam. I am really thankful to you," shesaid.
I did not say anything and started reading the newspaper.Suma started doing the dishes. After some time, I heardher say "Madam, these trousers of yours have something inthe pocket. I am keeping it in the window."
"Okay," I said, and suddenly remembered that I hadforgotten to take Gopal's license out of my pocket lastnight. I ran to the bathroom where the red packet and acouple of other pieces of paper were kept.
"My husband also keeps his license in a packet likethat." Suma said innocently, not realising the truth. Ipicked it up hurriedly and went out.
Suma finished her work and we left for the office at 9a.m. I sat in my office fidgeting till 12. I kept onwondering what would happen when Gopal came. At 12:15, Icalled my secretary and told her that I was going homesince I was expecting some guests and I wasn't to bedisturbed at home. I would take all calls the next day.
I got into my car and hurried home. The clock said 12:30.There was still half and hour before he would come. Ikept wondering what Suma would feel if she found out whatwas going on. I had let her down badly and so has herhusband. It was important that she should never know. Imade up my mind to end the whole thing today itself. Iwould handle Gopal much better today than yesterday.
It was 10 minutes to one when I stripped and stood naked.I went down on all fours as Gopal had instructed andcrawled back till my butt was about 4 feet from the door.Then I got up, unlatched the door and got back on myhands and knees, waiting for Gopal. At exactly 1, thedoor opened and in walked Gopal.
"Very nice, Madam, very nice," he said. "I am impressed.And as a reward, I won't give you the beating I haddecided on before I came here."
"Thank you," I said meekly.
Gopal carried a small bag in his hand, which he kept onthe table. Then he squatted on the ground and brought hisface close to mine and kissed me.
"So when are you setting the police on my tail, Madam?"he said as he broke the kiss.
"Gopal, I have no intention of going to the police now,so stop saying that." I said. He laughed.
"We have your little video from the shop of course. Nicemove wouldn't you say, big shot lady? We truck drivershave brains too. Are you shocked?" he said.
I did not say anything. He stood up and removed hisclothes one by one. The penis was erect and thick,waiting for some action. He picked up the bag he hadbrought, and placed it next to me. Then he startedlicking my cunt lips furiously. I started moaning.
This went on for about a minute, and then, Gopal enteredmy cunt from behind, and started fucking furiously. Istarted pushing my ass backwards. He started fucking mewith the same rhythm as the day before. He put a fingerin my anus and started pushing it deeper. This added tomy excitement and I started having my first orgasm.
Pretty soon he had three fingers in my asshole and he wasfucking me furiously. With his second hand, we keptspanking my left asscheek and it started hurting. Thensuddenly he removed his fingers from my asshole andreached for his bag. From the bag, he removed some sortof a tube and spread some ointment on my asshole andstarted massaging it.
It suddenly dawned upon me that he was planning to fuckme in the butt and I started yelling.
He did not pay any heed to what I was saying and keptgreasing my anus. Then suddenly, he removed his dick frommy cunt and pressed it on my anus. It was lubed up, butstill he had trouble inserting it. I was feeling theworst pain of my life as I started yelling. I was scaredthe neighbours would come and so I stuffed his shirt,which was lying near me, in my mouth to muffle my cries.Gopal kept pushing for what seemed like an eternity. Thenhe stopped for a moment. I looked back and saw his pubichair brushing against my butt. He had pushed it all theway in. He poured some more of the greasy stuff around myasshole and started pumping.
It was the first time I was being buttfucked and it feltpainful in the beginning, but I started liking it, a fewminutes into it. I kept moaning into his shirt and hekept pistoning my ass. I had the most amazing orgasmsduring this. Finally, Gopal began to spurt semen and itflooded my insides. He pulled my waist and held hard andhe emptied his load into my gut. Then he withdrew. I wasin a delirium as I sank to the floor and started feelingmy ass with my hand. It hurt so much.
I was lying on my side with tears in my eyes, and anasshole filled with male sperm as I saw Gopal take outanother CD from the bag.
"Get up, Madam, and let us watch a movie" he saidpulling me up to my feet. The floor was a mess. I tookthe CD and put it in the player. This time Gopal wantedme to sit in his lap. I was sitting uneasily on his lapas the screen filled up with the name of the movie- "Lifeof Eva- Part 2". It seemed like a sequel of the movie hehad brought the previous day. I started watching themovie with Gopal as we kept running his hand through myhair.
The blue film was about a woman who had an affair with arock star and how their affair went. I realised thatGopal had got his idea from this film. Some minutes intothe movie, Eva was crouching naked in front of the dooras the rock star came and started fucking her in theanus.
We watched the movie till some more time when Gopalsuddenly said, "Get up, we will do it with them."
"What?" I asked.
"We will do what they are about to do in the movie. Justdo as I say. Bend over," he commanded.
I stood up and bent over with my ass facing Gopal. Hetook the bag in his hand and kept it on the sofa. Then heput some more grease into my asshole and entered itagain. It did not hurt that much but it wasn't totallypleasant either. I had my hands on my knees as Gopal keptfucking my asshole. I looked at the screen and sureenough, the couple on the screen was doing exactly thesame thing.
"Now, I am sitting down on the sofa, sit down with me."
I did it as I noticed the same thing happening on thescreen. Now Gopal's dick was in my asshole and my feetwere in the air. Eva started bucking up and down andGopal pushed me to do the same. It felt like someone wasdrilling my asshole open. I kept jumping like this forsome more time, when Gopal reached for his bag and tookout a thick cucumber. He then proceeded to insert it inmy vagina and started fucking me with it.
I looked at the screen. That is exactly what washappening on the screen.
I was bouncing on my back on Gopal's crotch with his cockinside my asshole as his right hand fucked me with thethick cucumber. I had numerous orgasms during this and myjuices were dripping on the floor. Gopal shot his load inmy ass for the second time that afternoon and I felt hisspunk fill my gut again. His hand however kept going foralmost 10 minutes as I sat on his crotch.
In the end after one extremely demanding orgasm, hestopped. I looked at the screen. We had beaten the onscreen pair. I tried to stand up but my knees gave wayand I crashed on the ground. I put my head on the groundand closed my eyes, and I have no idea when I passed out.
When I came to, I was on the sofa and Gopal was watchingthe movie.
"Well, Madam, ready for the last trick of the day?" heasked. I couldn't believe my own voice as Ienthusiastically said.
"Yes, yes, what is it?"
He pointed to the screen. Eva and the rocker were 69-ing.Gopal came and crouched over my body, his cock just a fewinches above my face. I reached up and took it in mymouth, as I felt his tongue furiously working on my cunt.I started sucking on it hard.
Pretty soon we brought each other over the edge. Thistime though, Gopal told me not to swallow the semen, butlet it 'wash your face'. So as I felt his cock throbbing,I removed it from my mouth, shut my eyes and pointed ittowards my face. My nose and lips were engulfed in malesperm. I was breathless with ecstasy and got up, as Gopaltoo got up.
He was sitting next to me watching the movie end. Ilooked at the clock. It was half past two. Wow, I had hadsex for one and a half hour. With Rohit, it was barelymore than twenty minutes. Rohit, what a distant name inthe current scheme of things. I wondered if I would beable to love him the same way now after this hurricane.
"Come on, Let us have a shower." It was more a command ashe pulled me up and took my to my bathroom. He turned onthe cold shower and we both washed ourselves under it.Gopal soaped me and massaged and pinched almost everypart of my body as he did that. I too soaped him and putmy hands around his chest, when suddenly, Suma's facefilled my mind.
I immediately pulled away and stepped out of the shower.I took a towel and dried myself with it and came out tothe living room wearing a bathrobe. It really was a mess.I took a rag and a pail and started cleaning the room.
Gopal came out naked and saw me wearing a bathrobe andcleaning. I hope he wouldn't beat me for wearing clotheswithout asking him.
"Don't you have a maid for this work?" he said andstarted laughing at his own joke.
I got the floor clean as Gopal wore his clothes. I putthe pail in the bathroom and came back.
"Give the CD back today evening. Same place. No securitydeposit now." he said. He also picked up his license fromthe table.
"All right" I said.
"I am going out with Suma tomorrow," he said.
"That reminds me, what if Suma finds out?" I asked himwith worry in my eyes.
"Hmm, what if Suma finds out?" he asked me nonchalantly.
"I am serious. Today she almost saw your license." and Itold him what had happened.
"See, I have not exactly been the most faithful husband,since I have to be away from home for months. And Sumaknows that I regularly sleep with other women. So I haveno problem if she find out about one more."
"But what about me? She respects me," I said.
"She worships you," he laughed as he walked towards meand put a hand in my bathrobe and fondled my breasts"Respects a slut and a whore." Tears welled up in my eyesas he said it. It was true.
"See, I am going on a short job for 10 days" he saidtaking his hand out of my robe. "We'll see after thatwhat we have to do. I have to come back before my bestfriend's birthday. I have to get him a good gift."
"So you are not here for 10 days?" I asked in a dejectedtone of voice.
"No madam," he said as he stepped outside my apartment. Iaccompanied him as he walked down the stairs. My house ison the 5th floor.
"So you will visit me when you come back?" I asked.
"Maybe I will, if I have time. I have this friend'sbirthday as I said and then another job," he said walkingdown the stairs briskly. We reached the ground floor andI looked around. No one was around, since it was midafternoon.
"But Ruchi madam, I need something to remember you or Iwill forget you in ten days" he said with a wicked smile.He put his arms around me and we started kissing andfondling each other.
I broke the kiss and said, "Is this good enough?"
"Not really, I need something material, so I'll takethis," and he swiftly removed my robe, leaving me nakedin the open. I stood stunned for a few seconds as he heldmy hand.
"Gopal, give it back," I said, trying to snatch it backfrom him but he refused to. I realised that these werefutile attempts and I started running back to myapartment. I heard Gopal say, "Your ass looks fantasticwhen you run."
I ran fast up the 5 floors praying no one would see me,but as I was on the 3rd floor, I heard a door open. Ikept running, but I suspect whoever it was, saw me naked.I reached my apartment breathless.
I shut the door and plopped down on the sofa. I fellasleep, as I was exhausted. When I woke up, I saw theclock tell me it was 7 p.m. I got up, put on a skirt anda t-shirt and went to return the CD.
I entered "Dream Video rentals" in a much different moodthan the previous day, smiling. I saw the fat guy on thecounter and walked up to him.
"Hello, miss. You seem to have had a nice day," he said.
"Oh yeah, never had a better one," I said as I gave himthe CD and the money.
"Gopal told me give you this," he put my bathrobe on thecounter, "And this," he put a videotape on the counter.
"What is this?" I asked him.
"The tape of you admitting to liking having sex withGopal. We haven't made any copies. Gopal figures we don'tneed this anymore," he said.
I smiled and walked out of the shop.I came home from the video shop with the videocassette.What he had said was true. They did not need a safeguardanymore. I had become a wanton willing woman who hadfallen in love with Gopal's methods. Rohit was a name,which didn't evoke the same passion, as it would have 3days before.
From someone who worked for 16 hours a day and wasengaged to be married, I had been transformed into a sex-starved maniac who now wanted her rapist. Gopal was goingto be away for 10 more days.
The thought seemed unbearable. He had liberated the slutinside me and she would not be satiated with just 2 daysof fucking. Gopal had said he was going out with Suma thenext day. I felt jealous of Suma. The next moment I feltvery guilty.
I was a mental mess for the next few days. I could notbear to look Suma in the eye. To get my mind off Gopal, Istarted working even more than before. I would leave at 9in the morning and come back at midnight. Rohit's callscame every alternate day and he would tell me not to workso hard. Initially during our conversation, I used to bethe one doing most of the talking. Now I couldn't saymuch, partly due to my guilt.
Finally ten days drew to an end. Suma came in the morningthat day as usual.
"So Suma, Has your husband come back yet? Your kids mustbe missing him." I asked.
"No, no, he is not going to come for another 2 weeks" shesaid.
"Oh, so the children must be missing him" I said.
"Yes. They were expecting a good party or something.Gopal's best friend's birthday is tomorrow. Generally hecelebrates it with our family." she said. "His bestfriend works in your company. Mahesh, the night watchman,his shift starts at around 10."
"Oh yes, Mahesh, the night watchman. Yes, I know him. Heis at the gate when I return home at midnight." I said,remembering the little man who guarded the gates. I hadoften wondered what good a night watchman so little woulddo if robbers or vandals did come at night.
"Mahesh's life is a bit of a tragedy, Madam," Suma saidin her gossipy voice. "Her wife left him last year. Shehad been having an affair throughout their marriage."
I wasn't interested in gossip about night watchmen. Inodded and left the room. I was disappointed at knowingthat Gopal wasn't expected back for another fortnight. AsI was reading the paper, waiting for Suma to finish herwork, the phone rang.
"Hello" I picked up.
"Hello Ruchi Madam." Gopal's voice!!
"Where are you? I was just talking to Suma" I said,making sure Suma was not around.
"Yes, yes. I haven't told her I am back in Bangalore. Ihave to leave for another job tomorrow night. I came herejust for fucking you," he said starkly.
"Hmm. So are you coming to my place right now? I'll misswork today if you want." I said.
"Yes, don't go to the office but I won't come right now."he said.
"Then?" I asked.
"I have some other work right now. So let's do it atnight. And not your place. It is a bit risky. I havealready been there twice. Let us meet in your office atnight," he said.
"My office? Why my office?" I asked.
"Listen you bitch. Are you questioning my decision? I'llhang up right now then," he growled.
"No, no, no I agree. We'll meet at my office," I said,not wanting to lose him for the night.
"Good. Come there at 11:45 in the night. Sleep during theday. You will need all your energy at night." and he hungup.
I called out for Suma and she came.
"Suma, I won't be coming to office today. I have someguests coming over. You will have to walk to work." Isaid.
"All right, Madam." she said.
Suma completed her work and left. I called up my officeand said I was taking the day off and was not to be givenany phone calls.
I watched TV for some time and then went to sleep. I hadthe most erotic dreams, and not surprisingly, Gopal wasin all of them. I woke up at around 6:00 p.m.
At 11:15, I took a shower and thought about what to wear.I decided on a simple jeans and a shirt. I thought aboutgiving the underwear a miss, but then decided against it.I took my car keys and was on my way.
As I drove up to the entrance of my office building, Isaw Gopal standing at the place where Mahesh usuallystands. He opened the gates as I parked my car in my spotmarked "General Manager". As I read my designation, Iagain become acutely aware of what I was doing and itmade cheeks pink with shame. I got out of the car. Gopalwas standing there. He just pressed my boobs and smiled.
"Where is the night watchman?" I asked.
"It is his birthday tomorrow. So I told him to sleep andthat I would do his job." Gopal said as he startedleading me towards the staircase.
"So what are we doing today?" I playfully asked him. Hisresponse stunned me. He slapped me hard, twice.
"Listen, you bitch. I am not a waiter. This is notsomething you can control so stop acting like a game showcontestant," he yelled.
"Sorry" I said fighting back my tears. We stepped intothe elevator and went to the third floor where my officewas. Gopal opened the door and stepped in. I followed himin. What I saw surprised me.
Mahesh was sitting on a chair in front of my table. Hejumped up as soon as he saw. Clearly, he had no idea Iwas going to turn up. His face became as white as aghost.
"Madam, You!! What are you doing here?" he shivered as heasked.
"Mahesh. Why are you in my..." I felt a hard slap on myface before I could complete my question. Gopal hadstruck me hard.
"Gopal" Mahesh was aghast at Gopal hitting his boss."What are you doing? She is our boss." Gopal startedlaughing loudly.
"Hear that? You are the boss," he said patting my cheeksand continued laughing. I stood still, not knowing whatto do. Mahesh too seemed flummoxed.
"Can someone explain to me what is going on?" he said.
"Sure, I'll explain" and suddenly, the clock in my officestarted giving bongs. It was midnight.
"Happy Birthday, Mahesh," he said, "That oughta explaineverything." It suddenly dawned on me what was happening.I was supposed to be Mahesh's birthday gift. He, a nightwatchman, was going to have sex with his boss on hisbirthday, that too in her own office. That was Gopal'splan.
He pulled me to the table and told me to get on to it onall fours. I did as he said with my hips pointing towardsGopal and my face towards Mahesh.
"Now see Mahesh, I will present you your gift." Gopalsaid as he removed his pants and underwear and got on tothe table. He reached below my stomach and undid thebutton of my jeans and unzipped the fly. Then he dug thefingers of both his hand into my jeans and my panties andpulled them down to my thighs. My ass and cunt wereexposed. Mahesh was staring at my butt and I could see abulge developing in his pants.
Without a word, Gopal slid his cock into my pussy andstarted fucking me doggy style. I started moaning androcking with him. He kept his hands on shirt-clad backand kept fucking me as Mahesh watched in amazement. I wasenjoying being fucked by Gopal after 10 long days and Ikinda got bored of Mahesh standing there like a dunce. Ireached for his belt and pulled him towards me. I got hispants down with one hand and his penis was exposed. Itwas stiff and longer than Gopal's though not as thick.
"Get up on the table" I said panting. Mahesh obeyed. Hekneeled in front of me and I took his cock hungrily in mymouth.
"OH god, madam" Mahesh let out a long groan as I startedsucking on his cock. I felt weird since Gopal hadpreviously stripped me to my skin before fucking me, butthis time he just yanked my pants to my thighs and myshirt was as it is. But I did not dare do anything on myown. Gopal kept pistoning into my cunt as I reached anorgasm, but my yelps were muffles by Mahesh's cock.
"So, Mahesh, having a good time fucking your boss'smouth?" Gopal asked as he spanked my bottom. Maheshsmiled as he saw what Gopal did."Do it, again. Spank her again. Your hand slapping herwhite buttocks looks very sexy," he said. Gopal startingspanking me in full earnest as he kept fucking me. Maheshreached for my tits and pressed them.
"Wow, her tits are so firm" he said and suddenly heshuddered. He pressed my boobs hard as he began thrustinginto my mouth. I realised he was gonna cum and held on tohis waist. Gopal kept spanking me as Mahesh filled mymouth with his cum. It was a little saltier than Gopal's.As soon as Mahesh emptied his load, Gopal startedflooding my cunt with his jism. He stopped spanking meand gripped my waist as he deposited his load in my quim.His dick came out an he stepped off the table. Mahesh toogot off as I lay sprawling on the table looking at theceiling of my office.
"Happy Birthday Mahesh" I dreamily said, massaging my owntits through my shirt. I had swallowed every drop ofMahesh's cum. Mahesh had now lost any inhibitions he hadabout fucking his boss and was now beaming with joy. Hestarted pulling my pants off completely. I sat up in myt-shirt as Gopal approached me. He put his lips on mineand we frenched for a few seconds. The Mahesh did thesame.
I raised my hands up as Mahesh pulled my t-shirt off andremoved my bra. I was buck naked in front of these twomen. I was sitting on the table I work on during the day,taking decisions that earn millions, and I was naked infront of two men, one, a watchman in my company, andanother, my maid's husband.
Gopal told me to get up and said he would fuck me in theass next. I got up and bent in front of him. He took ablob of cum from my pussy and rubbed it over my asshole.Mahesh sat on the table fondling his prick and watchingus. Gopal placed the tip of his cock at my anus andpressed. It had been days since our last ass fuck and hewasn't using a proper lubricant this time and so the painwas unbearable. I started howling.
"Slap her" Gopal said.
"Who, me?" Mahesh asked, surprised.
"Yes, She is howling too much. Shut her up by slappingher. It works with her." Gopal explained. Mahesh promptlygot up and started slapping me even though I had stoppedyelling at the mention of slapping. He probably derivedsome pleasure by slapping his boss.
Gopal's cock finally entered my asshole after some timeand effort and he started fucking me in and out. I triedto keep my moans to the minimum.
"Oh wow, Gopal, this is amazing" said Mahesh as hecrouched under me and started sucking on my tits.
"What we'll do next will be even more amazing" Gopalsaid. He put his arms around my waist and started pullingme back and got on to the floor. He was on his back and Iwas on his stomach with my breasts pointing skywards. Hekept his hands on my waist and bucked me up and down. Itoo put my hands on either side of his body and startingbucking.
"Now, Mahesh, Fuck her cunt" Gopal said. Mahesh got downon his knees and entered my cunt in one swift motion. Ilet out a moan of pleasure as the long cock explored thedepths of my pussy. Mahesh then leaned forward till hisface was over mine and started fucking me. I could feelthe two dicks almost next to each other separated by alayer of skin inside me, and it gave me a gigantic orgasmas I released a lot of cum onto Mahesh's crotch. Both ofthem fucked me in alternate strokes and I felt like mylegs were going to fall apart.
Mahesh started licking and biting my breasts as thejiggled in the motion and that added to my excitement. Itook my hands off the ground and put them on Mahesh'shead, passing fingers through his hair.
"Let us cum simultaneously so that this bitch will feelit's an earthquake." Gopal said.
"Okay, I'll let you know when I am ready" Maheshbreathlessly said.
The double penetration went on for a few more minutesuntil Mahesh said he was ready. Both of them buried theircocks to the hilt and started pumping load inside me. Itdid feel like an earthquake as I too had an orgasm andthe three of us started shouting expletives at eachother. This crescendo lasted about 10 seconds and then wecollapsed in a pile of exhaustion. Mahesh and I rolledoff Gopal. All of us were breathing heavily. Maheshpulled me towards me and took me in his arms as we laythere for a few more minutes.
"That is the most amazing sex I have had in my life"Mahesh said, looking at me with affection.
"Me too" I said as I was running my fingers over hissmall but muscular body.
"Not me, I have had better," Gopal arrogantly announcedas he got up and went into the bathroom adjoining myoffice. I regained my breath and got up and walked to thewindow. Mahesh got up and followed me. He put his handsaround my breasts and started fondling them, whilenibbling at my neck. I felt my loins stir and as I turnedmy face around to kiss him on the lips.
"Ruchi" he said
"Yes, Mahesh?" I asked.
"I still think I am dreaming. How could Gopal managethis?" he said.
"Manage what?" I asked.
"Just last month, we were talking about dream women.Which woman we would die to sleep with. And I had toldhim about you. I have been besotted with you since youhave come to Bangalore."
"That's very sweet of you" I said and took his by nowrigid cock in my hand. He took his hands to my clit andpinched it hard. I moaned and started stroking his cock.We were both horny as hell.
"I want to try your asshole now" Mahesh said. He made meturn around. I put my hands on the windowsill and bracedmyself for another anal insertion. Mahesh inserted hiscock into my puckered rear end and started pushing itdeeper. I put one hand to my tits and closed my eyes ashe went about fucking my ass.
"Ohh Ruchi, this feels amazing. It feels as if your assis swallowing my prick. And the friction it offers..."Mahesh was a talkative lover, as opposed to Gopal, Ithought to myself.
Speak of the devil. Gopal stood near me as I opened myeyes. He was opening the window. As he threw the windowopen, cool air came in and excited my nipples beyondcontrol and I started having an orgasm. Gopal made mebend down and take his dick in my mouth and all my crieswere again muffled. The two men kept servicing the twoextreme ends of my food canal for another few minutestill Mahesh came with a flourish and sprayed my insideswith his cum. Gopal removed his dick, just as he wasabout to explode and sprayed my tits with his sperm. Irubbed it all over my torso.
I tottered to the sofa in my office and plonked myself onit. Mahesh and Gopal both looked spent. They stood nearthe window talking as I glanced at the clock. It read2:00 a.m. I went to the bathroom to relieve myself. As Istepped in, Mahesh also followed me in. He watched me peeand again started kissing me. I got up from the toiletand watched Mahesh pee.
As we stepped outside the bathroom together, Gopal lookedat us and started laughing.
"The boss and the lowly watchman, coming out of thebathroom together, naked." he said.
"Oh stop it" I said, annoyed.
"So Mahesh, are you through with your gift?"
"Yes, I don't have anything left in me" he said.
"Me neither" Gopal said. "Let's send her home"
They both started getting dressed. Gopal said I could doso too. I wore my bra, and shirt, but I couldn't find mypanties and my jeans.
"Looking for something?" Gopal asked.
"Yes, I can't find my jeans, Gopal." I said, standing infront of him bottomless.
"You must have been careless and dropped them somewhere."Gopal said and Mahesh started laughing. Mahesh pointed tothe window. I ran to it and looked out. My jeans were ona ledge below the third floor, and my panties next tothem. There was no way to get the jeans back. Gopal andMahesh were both laughing like crazy.
"Very funny. Now how am I supposed to get home?" I asked.
"You have come in a car. No one can see your ass when youare driving." Gopal said. He and Mahesh started walkingtowards the door. "You coming?" he asked.
"Yes" I said and went downstairs with them. At theentrance of the building, I peered outside to make sureno one was around. I ran to my car and sat inside it.After I sat inside it, I noticed that there was anothercar some metres away, in fact a big wagon. I put my carinto gear and went near that car. The front window rolleddown and the video shop fatty smiled at me.
"Had a good time, I believe," he said.
"Very much so. You have no idea." I replied, smiling.
"Actually, I do," he said mysteriously with a wink. "Goodnight," he said and rolled up the dark windowpanes of hiscar. I shrugged and took the car to the exit. Mahesh wasstanding there with Gopal. I poked my head out and said"Happy Birthday" to Mahesh. He again lowered his head andkissed me. He was some kisser!! I felt passion stir againand my hand went to my clit.
"Look at the whore" Gopal shouted. "She still wantsmore". I smiled and looked at him hopefully. "Don't lookat me, I am spent. Ask the birthday boy" Gopal said.
"Mahesh, please. One last birthday fuck. Get in thebackseat, we'll do it like American school kids," I saidraising my shirt above my tits. I could see a bulge inMahesh's pants. Bingo. He was hung.
"I'll fuck you, but there are two conditions." he said.

"Whatever you want. I am too horny to sit quietly rightnow," I said.
"First condition- we don't do it in the car, we do it onthe car, in the open" he said. I was dumbstruck. It wascrazy.
"But Mahesh, what if someone passes by? Or if a policejeep is on its round?" I asked.
"We have to take that chance," he said.
"Okay," I said, as I got out of the car, bare-assed.Gopal pushed me on to the top of my car and Maheshclimbed up too. He removed my shirt and my bra. I got onmy back, feeling the cold metal of the car top against myback and buttock. The cool wind gave me the biggestgoosebumps of my life. Mahesh started fucking memissionary style. I closed my eyes and put my hand on mymouth, trying not make any noises. The feeling wasincomparable to anything I had ever done. At the entranceof my own company office, fucking on the top of my carwith the night watchman at well past 2 in the morning. Ihad the biggest orgasm that night and it lasted foralmost a minute. I was panting as I slipped down from thecar top. Mahesh got down and put his clothes back.I stood resting on my car, naked. I looked around for myshirt, but it wasn't there.
"Yes, Ruchi, that is the second condition." Mahesh said.
"What?" I asked, a bit dazed by all that.
"You wont get a single shred of cloth while going home.We have taken your bra and shirt too." Gopal replied andstarted laughing. Mahesh and he gave each other high-fives, as I stood there numb.
"I am supposed to go home NAKED??" I asked.
"Yes" Gopal said, slapped my ass and started walkingaway. Mahesh sat down on the chair near the entrancewhere he usually sits.
"Okay, Madam, you can go now" he said.
I shrugged, got into the car fully nude, and drove awayfrom the office building, praying that I run into no onetill I get home.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Pehli Chudai Ka Dastan

main ANJU(Name changed) hu, main aaj aapko apni paheli chudai ki dastan sunati hu, meri english achi nahi hai, isliye mai hindi mai likh rahi hu.

Yeh 2 saal pahle ki baat hai, mai tab 12th class mai padti thi. Meri umar 17 saal thi, ht 5ft 1inch thi, mera badan najuk tha mera size 33/26/34 tha, mere boobs chote the, main gori thi, mere baal bahut lambe aur ghane kaale the. Meri ek badi bahan thi jiski shadi 2saal pahle ho chuki thi. Ab mai apne maa baap ki ekloti ladki thi, mummy paapa ke alwa hamari DADI bhi saath rahti thi. Hum 1st Flr par rahte the aur niche ke floor par hamne 2 Kiraydaar rekhe hu the. Niche floor mai Ek Teacher bhi rahte the "Shivam Mishra"jinse mai tuetion padhti thi. Wo 32-33 saal ke the, unke 2bacche aur Biwi saath rahti the. Shivam ji ki mai bahut respect karti thi, aur kabhi socha bhi nahi tha wahi wo honge jo mujhe pahli baar chodenge. Halanki school mai bahut ladke mujhe line marate the, par mai bahut darti thi. Meri ek saheli thi "Nisha", usko uska Padosi ladka kai baar chod chuka tha. Aur wo mujhe sab kuch batati thi. Mera man bhi bahut karta tha, par dar bahut lagta tha. Sorry sayad tum boreho rehe hoge.........ab mai aage batati hu Shivam mujhe Maths padathe, maine kai baar note kia tha ki wo mere badan ko bahut ghurte the. Par maine kabhi waisa nahi socha tha. Ek baar mujhe unhone ek MAGAZINE di aur kaha ANJU ise akle mai padana kisi ko mat batana. Us din me pura bekraar rahi, raat ko maine apne kamre mai wo Magazine Kholi to dang rah gai usme Chudai ki tasveere thi, bilkul nangi. Main bilkol laal ho gai...maine ek-ek tasveer dekh daali. Mere poore badan mai aag si phal gai. Itne mai Phone ki ring baji, maine phone uthya to SHIVAM the. ANJU Kaisi lagi KITAB, meri to aawaj hi nahi nikal rahi thi. Wo bole ANJU, ghabrao nahi mai tumhe aise hi maje doonga. Kisi ko batana mat. Agle din tuetion main mai unse aankh nahi mila paa rahi thi. Aur wo mujhe smile de rahe the. Us raat phir 12baje unka phone aaya, wo bole ANJU phone ki tone kam kardo, koi sun na le. Phir wo bole tune kabhi kiss kiya hai. Maine kaha "Nahi".

"Kya? wow mai tumhe kiss karoo....." Maine kaha "nahi plz""Accha phone par to kar sakte hai" aur wo mujhe manane lege, aur gigidane lege. Akhhir maine kaha "OK phone par kar lo""Unhone phone par mujhe lambi si kisssss ki." main garam hone lagi thi ek ajeeb si sihran mere pure badan mai dodne lagi.wo bole"ye tere hote par, ter gore gaalo

par....kiss...tere mummo par, teri patli kamar par...."main bilkul laal ho gai thi"teri CHUT par" chut sonte hi main kapane lagi. Wo bole tu ab mujhe kiss kar, miane mana kar diya, wo phir request karne lage.

Maine kaha "OK, lo kissss""Hi meri Urmila (main thodi urmila ki tarah dikhti hu), i love you""wo bole kahan par ki hai, Maine kaha "Lips par" Wo bole "Plz mere LUND par karna...kitna taras raha hai tere hote se choswane ke liye"Main to pagal ho gai..mere kaano mai jaise garam loha dal dal gaya ho.......aur maine phone rakh diya. Baad main ring kai baar baji par maine nahi uthya. us raat main so na saki. Agle din maine yeh sab NISHA ko bataya, wo to mushkara di kahane lagi "Tu cheez hi aisi hai ki koi bhi pagal ho jaaye..bechara Shivam, Sun wo experienced he KHUB maje dega..ek baar CHUDWA kar dekh to sahi" Us din mai tuetion nahi gai, raat ko 12baje phir Shivam ka phone aaya,

wo phone par MAPHI maangne lega. Mera dil bhi pasij gaya, Maine kaha "Main NARAZ nahi hu, its ok". He become happy, "Kya hum phone par to kar sakte hai" usne mujhe manaya, mai maan gai. Phir usne mujhe 30minute tak PHONE par sexual baaten ki. Aisi gandi gandi garam babtain ki mai 2baar jhad gai. Aur wo tab tak baaten karta raha jab tak maine unhe 5 REAL LIPS KISSES dena ka promise nahi kar diya. Agle din unki BIWI aur BACCHE gaon chale gaye, Ab wo room main akle rahte the. Raat ko unhone mujhe phone kiya aur ROOM main aane ko kaha, mai nahi maani aur kaha, "AGAR tumne aur kuch bhi kiya to". Unhone kasam khai aur Kahan "Meri JAAN, bas 5kiss Karoonga, aur kuch nahi,

Promise". Baad me, mai maan gai aur apne room ko dheere se band karke niche ground floor par unke room ke bahar aa gai, halke se darwaja khula aur unhone mujhe hath pakar kar andar kheech liya. Andar bilkul andhera tha. Unhone darwaja andar se band kiya. Aur usne mujhe deewar ke sahare khada kar diya, aur mere hoton ko chumne lega, dheere dheere bite karte hue wo mere lips chusne laga, unki juban mere dato par dabaw daal rahi thi, meh samajh gai wo mere mumah me apni juban dalna chahte hai, mujhe bahut sharam aa rahi thi aakhir maine apna muh khol diya aur unki juban mere muh me aa gai, unhone meri juban ko kas liya aur suck karne lage...mai to pagal si ho gai, jaise janant kaa mazza aa raha ho, mujhe nahi maloom tha ki itna mazza aata hai, jab kissing me itna mazza hai to us sab me kitna hogo....wo mujhe suck kiye ja rahe the, phir maine mahsoos kiya unke haath meri peeth par chal rahe the, aur unhone mujhe apni aur kas liya tha ab main unse chipki hui thi, unka garam badan aur saanse main mahsoos kar rahi thi...phir unka baya haath meri waist par ruk gaya, aur baya haath dheere se mere baayi chuchi par aa gaya.. meri to saans hi ruk gai, main poori tarah se kaanp gui, aur maine kasmasakar unko hatane ki nakam kosise ki, par unhone mujhe kas ke dabocha hua tha...maine kahan,"Please ruk jaao, pleeeeeeeeeee". aur wo ruk gay kaha, "Kya hua". Maine kahan, "Please inhe haath mat lagao", "Hamari sirf KISS tak thi, ye to bahut jyada hai, mai yah sab nahi karoongi.......please""Mujhe jaane do" Wo bole, "OK BABA, kiss ki thi to PAANCH kiss to do.....ABHI to ek hui hai" Par main nahi maani, aakhir wo manate rahe, kareeb 10 minute tak manate rahe aur rone bhi lage, mujhe baad me taras aa gaya aur main sirf CHAAR baanki kiss ke liye tyar ho gai. Unhone mera face apne haatho me liya aur mere lower lips ko chusne lage...chuste rahe karreb 3-4minute tak main betaab ho gai, unhone mere haath ko pakad kar apne kandhe par rakh kar lappet liya, meri chuchiya unki jhati se sat gai thi, aur phir unhone apne haatho ko meri peeth par pharna suroo kar diya, phir isi tarah se karte hu unhone phir se mujhe french kissinng me uljha liya...main poori tarah se kho gai, phir unhone kahan ki mai deewar ki taraf muh kar ke khadi ho jau, main maan gai ab main deewar ki taraf thi aur meri peeth unki taraf thi, unhone phir meri waist par haath rakh kar mere kaan ke neeche jeebh se chatne lage, main pagal ho gai, itna mazza aa raho tha, phir dheere-2 unhone neck par bites karni soori ki, main ahhae bahrne lagi thi....

unhone mere kaan me kahan kaha, "ANJU meri jaan, tu bahut namkeen hai, i luv u", mai sirf "shivvvvvvvvam" hi kah saki ki maine mahsoos kiya meri ass ke beecho beech unka wo garam loha laga hua tha, aur i think wo mere pheeche beena under wear ke lage hu the, mujhe dar bhui laga aur accha sa laga, mai excite si ho gai, aur apni gaand unki taraf kar di taaki unka wo theek se adjust ho sake. Unke haath ab dheere se meri salwar ke naade par aa gaya unhone mujhe kiss karte hua ek jhatke se meri salwar khol di, meri salwar neeche gir gai, toorant hi unhone meri kacchhee bhi kas ke pakad le aur utarne lage, ab meri nangi gaand par unka lund laga hua tha, phir unhone meri kameez uparki maine bhi sahuliyat ke liye haath upar kar diye, meri kameez utarne ke baad unhone piche se meri bra ka hook bhi khol diya, aur ek jhatke se meri bra hataa kar dur phak di, main to sharam se laal ho gai, pahli baar kisi mard ke saamne nangi ho rahi thi. wo to room mai andhra tha warna to main mar jaati. phir unhone mere peeche se hi mere boobs ko pakad liya aur malne lage, unhone nipples ko masalna start kiya tho main cry karne lagi, par unhe koi parwa nahi thi bulki mujhe deewar ke sahare kas ke daboocha hu tha, meri gaand par unka lund sataa hua tha, aur mere boobs unki muthi me the unhone ungli aur anguthe ke beech mere niplees ko badardi se masal rahe the. Main pagal si ho gai thi, 10 minute baad unhone mujhe chhodo aur bed par baitane ko kaha, main baith gai unhone bed ke side wala lampshade ON kar diya, jaise hi rosni hui main apne badan ko chupane lagi aur chadar kheech kar apni aur karne lagi, par unhone wo chadar phak di..

main ek kabootri ki tarah apne shikari ke samne thi, aur wo mujhe upar se niche tak nihar rahe the unka lamba tana hua lund mere samne tha maine sharama kar aankhe band kar li, unhone kahan, "ANJU anakhe kholo aur isko pyar karo, pakdo", "Nahi please"unhone jabardasti mere haatho ko apne lund par rakh diya, "Pata hai yeh 8 inchi lamba, aur 3inchi chodo hai", "chal sali ise muh me le, meri Randi'. RANDI sunte hi maine turrant aankhe khol di aur gusse se unko dekha, wo samajh gay, bole yaar sex main RUDE hona padta hai tabhi to mazza hai. "chal chus ise, chat kulfi ki tarah, dekhna aur TUN jayega", "nahin, nahi aur kuch bhi kahoge karoongi par muh me nahi, please", wo mayush

ho gay. "Koi baat nahi jaan, chal ab let ja"aur mai let gai ab wo kahde hue the mai bed par aadhi leti hui thi mere legs jammi par the, unhone mere legs pakad kar phela liye, aur apne lund ki topi meri chut ke upar rakh di, "ANJU jaan, thora dard hoga...please", maine haa mai sar hila diya aur unhone ek jahtka diya unka aadha topa meri chut phadta hua andar ghus gaya, main dard se chila uthi aur rone lagi, wo ruk gaye aur, meri gaand utha kar ek gol takaya niche rakh diya, ab meri chut thoda upar ho gai thi, wo mere upar jhuk gay mere hoto ko apne muh me le kar, lund ka ek jor daar jhatka diya, meri cheekh hi nikal te nkal te rah gai,

unhone mere hoto ko apne hoto se seal kar rahkha tha, par me dard se karha rahi thi, aur wo ruk gay the, unka aadha lund ghus chuka tha, 2-3 minute ke bad unhone dheere dherre andar bahar karna start kiya, main abhi bhi dard se mari ja rahi thi, phir ruk kar unhone kahaa, "Saali agar tu muh me le leti to lund chikna ho jata aur tujhe ab itna dard nahi hota, ab sukha le..." aur thoda ruk kar ek jordar jhatka diya, sanasanata pura lund meri chut mai ghuss gaya, ab wo nahi ruke aur mujhe chodne lage, bijli ki tarah unka lund andar bahar aa raha tha, aur mai dard se tadap rahi thi, 8-10 minute ke baad mujhe bhi

khub mazza aane laga maine apne legs unki kamar par kanchi ki tarah kas diye aur main bhi ab gaand utha utha kar rythem dene lagi, wo bole, "sabash rani, ab tu randi ho gai hai".

main is doran 3-4 baar chut chuki thi, aur wo the ki rukne ka naam nahi tha. 15-16 minute chodne ke bad, unhone mujhe ghodi ban jane ko kaha, mai uth kar farash par aa gai aur ghodi style me ho gai, unhone meri kamar pakad kar apna lund peeche se meri chut me daal diya, mujhe phir dard hone laga, par unhone mujhe smajhaaya ki baada me mazza aayega ye sab se achchi style hai (Meri shehali bhi yehi kahti thi). Main maan gai aur peeche push kar kar ke rythem milane lagi, 10-12 minute ke baad wo meri chut me jehad gaye. is tarah se hum dono poori tarah thak chuke the. aur saath saath let gay.....unhone mujhe pyar se chumma...Thodi der baad unhone mujhe ek goli di, kahan ye khale tu pregnant nahi hogi, ab mai samjhi unhone condom kyo nahi lagaya tha... kuch der baad unhone mujhe khan "ANJU aur mazza legi", aur unhone apna lund jo ki phir khada ho gaya tha mere hath me de diya, "Please ise pyar karo". Maine kahan "Nahi ye sab mujhe accha nahi lagata, aap iske siva kuch bhi kahenge mai karrongi""Thik hai, ab mujhe tumhari GAAND chaiye" main dar gai "Nahi"par unhone mujhe ulta kiya aur meri gaand

par apna lund tika diya, mai samajh chuki thi ab mujhe gaand deni hi padegi (meri saheli bhi gaand marwa chuki hai, kahti thi ki ke kuch mard ki hawas isi se shant hoti hai) yeh soch kar mai maan gai ki jab inhone mujhe itna mazza diya he to main bhi inko kyo naa khush karu. aur maine apni gaand unke lund ki taraf adjust kar di, ab main neeche pait ke bal leti hui thi aur wo mere upar lete hue the unka lund meri gaand par tika tha, unhone phir se 2 takiye liye aur mere stomach ke neeche rakh diye, ab meri gaand upar ho gai thi unhone mere gaand ke ched par thuk lagaya aur lund tika diya, phir ek gahri sanns li aur

dheere-2 lund ghusane lage, unka topa hi andar ja saka, par meri cheekh nikalne wali thi... unhone phir thuk lagaya aur try kiya lekin wo nahi gaya. main bhi cheekh rokne ke liye danto se apne lower lips ko bheech rakha tha. Abke unhone mujhe ghodi style me kiya aur lamp shed ki light adjust kar di, ab meri gaand ka ched unhe saaph nazar aa raha tha, unhone phir thuk lagaya aur lund ko ched pe tika ke meri kamar pakad kar teji se dhaka diya ...cheeeeeeerrrrrrrrr.. unka aadhe se jyada lund ghus gaya tha......phir wo nahi ruke....andar-bahar---aur mera rona nikal raha tha, par mazza bhi bahut aane laga......kareeb15minute baad wo ruke aur andar hi nikal diya...Is tarah raat ke 3baj chuke

the, maine apne kapade pahne aur apne room main chali gai...agle din main bistar se uth bhi nahi saki, main school nahi gai, fever ka bahane maar kar leti rahi. Raat ko phir 11baje unka phone aaya, laakh kosis ke bawjood main apne ko rok nahi saki, aur unke room main phir aa gai...that night he shown me a XXX of sucking lund , unhone aakhir mujhe manahi hi liya, and i had to give him blowjobs....yah sab agle 6 raat tak chala, unhone mujhe khub pyar diya, har tarah se, har style me mujhe chodo.. .unhone mujhe bistar ke saath baandh kar bhi sex kiya.... 7 din baad unki wife aa gai... aur hamine wo sab rokna pada... baad me unhone apne ek dost ke Flat ka intzaam kiya, par hum 3-4baar hi kar paye. Phir unki biwi ko pata chal gaya aur wo chale gaye, phir koi contact nahi kiya... par main aaj tak unhe nahi bhuli halanki baad me mere 2boy friend bhi bane par un me wo baat nahi thi.

Main ab aage ki daastan likh rahi hu. Is baar main apna actual naam daal rahi hu.

Jaisaaki maine bataya tha agale din main bistar se uth bhi nahi paa rahi thi to maine school se chutti le li. Aur apne bistar par hi padi rahi. Pure din main neshe se me thi baar baar pichli raat ki yaad aati rahi aur me madhosh hone lagati. Apni bekraari main chipa nahi paa rahi thi maine 2 baje ke kareeb Nisha ko phone kar ke apne ghar bula liya aur ushe apni biti raat batai. Wo bahut khus hui aur usne mujhe kuch sex technique/angle baatye. Usne mujhe latada bhi ki gaand itni jaldi nahi dete, condom use me lena, aur ki mujhe Shivam ka lund muh me lena chahiye tha etc. Kareeb 4 baje Shivam ka phone aaya us waqt Nisha bhi thi usne mera haal chal pucha aur aaj raat phir aane ko kaha. Maine saaf mana kar diya ki main bahut dard me hu. Par jab raat hui to main bechan hone

lagi, 11 baje Unhone mujhe phir phone kiya aur bahut request ki maine OK kaha par ek shart par ki aaj wo chudai nahi karenge. Unhone bhi shart rakhi ki mujhe saree pahan kar aana hoga wo saree unhone hamare common bathroom ke cupboard me rakh di. Maine bathroom me ja kar wahan saree, blouse & patikot dekha, wo saree laal color ki thi maine ek do baar unki wife ko yahi saree pahne dekha tha. kher maine wo sab pahna liya aur sidha unke room me pahuch gai. Andar tablelamp ki roshni thi aur Shivu bed par baite hu mera besabri se intzaar kar rahe the. Jaise hi main andar gai wo mujhe dekh the hi rah gay unhone mujhe baho me lakar utha liya aur bistar par daal diya, aur mere upar let gaye. Mere lips ko chuste hu wo bole "Tu dulhan lag rahi hai, Sheetal" Maine pyar se pucha tumne mujhe saree me aane ko kyo kahan. "Tu nahi samjhegi rani, main tujhe apni BIWI ke roop main dekhnaa chahta tha". Main sharma gui aur unki chati me apna muh chipa liya, "Bol Sheetal, pata hai ek ladki ki pahli chudai jo karta hai wo uske PATI saman hota hai, JANEMAN...uff tu meri BIWI hoti, teri DHEERE DHEERE le ta, tu aaram se khane wale kheer hai...tera ek ek por ka luft hai.....kahan thi tu ab " kahte hu unhone muje sine se kas liya, aur mujhe kiss per kiss karne lage.

Maine bhi apni baho me unko lapet liya, ''Sheetal kal maine bahut jaldi-jaldi kiya tha, mujhe dar tha kahin ye ek sapna ho...par aaj main tumhe asli pyar dunga, acchi tarah se ". Unke hath mere mammae ko napane lage, dono haath lagte hi mere mamme shakat hone lage aur saath hi unke haatho ki pakad. Unhone mere saaree utarni suroo kar di aur phak di, ab unke haath mere blouse par the unhone use ek hi jhatke se phad diya, ab main bra aur petikot ma leti hui thi aur wo mujhe nihar rahe the. Unhone mujhe baithne ko kaha aur pass aakar mere lips ko dheere se chumne lage, unki ungliya mere sir ke baalo par ghumne lagi aur unhone mere baal khol diye.....uff TERI JHULFO, aaj inhe khula rahne de...main bhi kiss karne lagi, unhone meri aankho me me dekha aur kaha, "Sheetl, ek baar kaho..patiji...please".."Nahi mujhe sharam aati hai...uu Pati ji, aap mere pati ho". aur maine unhe kas liya. unhone mujhe khub kiss kiya, face par, gaal par, gale par. Aur unhone meri bra ko pheeche se khol diya me sambhal pati ki unhone apne muh me mera baya boob le liya aur daaye ko muthi me kas kar dabane lage. "Kya, shakat mummae hai tere..uff sheetal" dheere -2 unhone mujhe phir se lita diya, ab unka ek haath mere petikot ke naade par pahuch gaya, unhone use kheecha aur mere peti kot ko dono haatho se neeche karne lage.

maine bhi sahuliyat ke liye apni gaand upar kar di, maine dikha wo is muskara rahe the. Ab unki nazar meri panty par thi...wo jhuke aur meri kamar ko dono hoto se pakad kar upar kiya aur apne daanto se panty ko kheechane lage, main bhi apni gaand upar uta di. ab main bilkul nangi thi aur wo mere pairo ke beech baithe kar apne kapde utarne lage. Kapde utarne ke baad unhone mere dono mammo ko kas liya aur mamme ke bheech me jeebh pharne lage, maine bhi apni baho se unke sir ko jakad liya aur apne mamme upar ko kar diye, unhone mere dono haatho apne sir se pakad kar bistar ke hud se baanth diya aur muskara kar bole, "Meri jaan dekh aisa karne se teri chuchi kitni ubhar gui hai..ww.......saali kya cheez hai tu", aur unhone mere boobs ko jeebh se chatna start kar diya ek haath se wo mere tips ko masal rahe the aur dusari tips par unke daanth kaatne lage..

..phir dheere dheere wo meri nabhi par kis karte hu aa gay..ruk kar unhone mujhe nabhi par kaath khaya..ooouchh uff please...phir unhone mujari kamar par kaath khaya..unki ek ungli meri chut par ghumene lagi dheere=dheere unhone wo meri chut me ghusa di........uff main tadap gai, mere haath bandhe te warna main bhaag padti ab wo mere side me let gaye par unki ungli nahi ruki wo andar bahar ho rahi thi, mujhe bhi mazza aaane lagaa aur main ahahe barne lagi. Achanak wo ruke aur maire pairo ke bheech main aa gay. Shivu ne maire haath khol diye, aur mere pair uthaye aur apne kandho par rakh diya unka tana hua lund meri chut se ek inch door tha Shivam ne meri aankho me dekha "chodu rani".

Maine sharma kar sir hila diya aur pani chut khud hi lund se sata di, "Pati ji dheere se please". Unhone meri gaan uthai aur ek takiya neeche rakha, dheere se pane lund ka topa meri chut me dalne lage. Manine bhi gaand aur upar kar di shivam ne meri choonchi ko pakada dano ko masalte hue, apne lund ko sheedha khusane lage, abhi unhone ek bhi dhakah nahi maara tha, par unka aadha lund ghus gaya tha.

merichoonchi ko dabathe ke daane kheechte hue, shivam muskaray aur bole "ek baar me pura lagi", 'hu, pati ji ab tumhari hu jaisa aap chaihe" par unhone apna lund bahar nikalaa main kuch samach pati ek jhatke se apna pura lund ghussa diya. main apni cheekh badi muskil se roke pai aur apni aankhe band kar li...wo thodi der ruke rahe. Meri chut unke itne mote lode ko smbhalne ki kosishish kar rahi. Maine jab aankhe kholi to wo bole, "Abhi ek inch baaki hai" aur ek aur jhatka diya, aur unki balls meri chut par takra gai. Aur ab wo mujhe chodne lage, mere pairo ki payal unke dhakko ke saath bajane lagi. me baar baar sharma rahi tu uski aawwaz se. Unke haath abhi bhi meri choochi aur daane ko masal rahe the. Dheere dheere dard maza me badal gaya aur me bhi gaand utha utha kar saath dene lagi. Jab unka lund pura ghusta tha wo mere daane ko nakhone se bheeche the aur me kasmasa kar rah jaati thi. Isi ise tarah danaa dan chudai chal rahi thi. Thodi der baad unhone mere pair uthay aur mere sir ki tarf jhuka diye ab main double ho gai, aur meri chut shyad ab unhe aur jyada dikh rahi thi. Unhone ek-do takiye aur meri gaand ke niche rakhe, ab unhone meri patlisi kamar ko pakad kar teji se chudai karni sooru kar di. Ab me escasty me thi aur apni aankhe band kar, "shivvvvam..Pati jeeeeeee aise aise hi aur kas kar plese jor se chodo aur ..jor se..chodo pha ddo meri choot apni Sheetal ki biwi ki chut". Usne apna lund roka aur apne ek haath se pakad kar meri chut me ghummane lage.

Main sach me pagal ho gai. Unka massive lund meri kasi hui chut ko chodi kar raha tha. Ab wo mere upar chuke gai aur phir se apni tej chudai karne lage, mere dono paro ko ab unhone side me kar ke apni kamar se lapet liya. Aur mere mere upar aur chuk gai unka pasina mere choochiyo par gir raha tha. par wo rukne ka naam nahi le rahe the main 2-3 baar chad chuki thi. Wo upar uae aur meri gaand ko apne lund ki taraf kas liya, meri to jaan hi nikal gai......aur is tarah se unhone mere andar apna virya daal diya. Hum thodi der uhi pade rahe. Main unhe kiss karti rahi......Thodi der baad maine unke murjhaye hue lund ko apne haatho me liya, unke se muh se aah nikal gai, "Sheetal, uhh pleeeesseee," unhone meri aankho me dekha aur jaise mannat maang rahe ho, maine wicked smile di aur apne hotho ko daat se kaate hue kahan, "Patiji, agar aap bura naa maane to main aaap ka lund chusna chati hu, pleeeeeese" Aur main unke pairo ke beech me aakar baith gai, maine dono haatho se usko pakada maire baal gir kar phel gai maine lund ki tip par dheere se kis kiya, apne baalo ko wapis kamar peeche dal diya aur dekha shivam mujhe bade chaav se dekh raha tha, maine uski taraf dekh kar aankh maari aur wapis apne hoto ko lund par rakh diya, ab main usse kiss karne lagi side se, upar se, dheere dheeere wo tanne laga, mere kaano me shivam ki aahe sunai pad rahi thi, jo mujhe aur excite kar rahi thi, phir maine us lund ki tip ko muh me le liya, lund ke base ko apne haatho se kas kar me apne muh ko upar neeche kar ne lagi, wo bilkul tan gaya, mere muh me ab wo phas raha tha, jab mujhse aur nahi hua to maine use kuphi ki tarh chatna sooro kar diya, SHIVAm to machal hi gaye, ab mujhe ek IDEA aur aaya (Nisha ne bataya tha) main uth kar shivam ke khade lund par pani chut touch karne lagi, apne haath se lund ko position de kar maine uski tip par apni chut rakh di aur upar se force dene lagi par sirf tip hi meri chut main ghus pai, maine tarsati nighaho se shivam ki tarf dekha wo ishara samajh gaye, unhone meri kamar ko pakad kar kas ke niche kiya ek jhatke se unka aadhe se jyada lund ghus gaya. Unhone apne gutne mode taki meri kamar ko sahara mil sake ab main dheere

dheere upar neeche hone lagi aur shivu abi bhi meri kamar ko pakade hue tha.

Chudai karte hue main jhuk jaati ki meri choochi ko wo kiss kare kare par jaise hi wo kiss ke liye try karta main upar ho jaati..shivu ko tang karne me mazza aa raha tha. "Shitu, pleeesse, apni chut me lund ko ghuma..." aur unhone meri kamar kas kar is tarah se daaye –baaye ki, laga meri chut unke lund ke charo aur ghum rahi hai. Sach bahut mazza aane laga, main bhi apni gaand aur kamar ko ghumna soooru kar diya "Shabash, meri raani.." "Ab apni chut ki musscle se mere lund ko bheech....andar hi apni chut se kas mere lund ko".

Maine try kiya, sahi me main unka lund sqeeze kar paa rahi ti. ab to mat puchoo maine apni aankhe band kar li aur chudai ka mazza lene lagi. Ab shivam ne mujhe pose change karne ko kaha aur meri chut se bina lund nikale wo bistar ke edge par aa gaya, ab shivam ke par jameen ki taraf latke hue the, main unki goad me thi is tarah wo ab mer choochi ko muh me lene lage, aur maine phir se chudai start kar di, beech beech main lund ko sqeeze karti, aur apni gaand ghumati..."Shitu, meri jaan...mazaa aa gaya.....bol kya chahiye tujhe..main sab doonga, tune aaj meri tammanna poori ki hai", "Mujhe, apne patni maana hai, to mujhe apne bacche ki maa bhi banao...mujhe garbhwati banna hai" maine sharam se laal ho gai, "uuuuu do you mean it, sheetal". "hu, aap mujhe agle 5 ve din baad chodna, un dino main pregnant ho sakti hu".

Shivu excite ho gaye aur mujhe bistar par lita kar maire dono pair uthaye aur apna khada lund ek hi jhatke se pura ghusa diya, aur mujhe pailne lage, maine bhi apane pairo se unko lapet kar kas liya.. wo apna aadhe se jyada lund bahar nikalte aur takada jhatka dete ki pura hilt tak ghus jaaye...maine apni aaankhe band kar rakhi thi aur unki raftaar ke saath apni gaand bhi utha-2 kar dene lagi...aur unke dhakko se match karne lagi. "Sheetal, Squeeze bhi kar...rannnnnnniii..aa" raftaar itni tej thi ki pata hi nahi lagaa kab ham jhad gaye. Hum buri tarah se thak chuke the aur ek dosre ki baho me let gaye. kareeb 10 minute baad shivu ne mere kaan me kaha, "Jaan, BF dekhegi". Maine haa karti isse pahle hi unhone remote uthoya aur VCD on kar diya, phir unhone ek headphone khud aur ek mere kaan par laga diya. Ab hum khul

kar film ki sound bhi sun sakte the. Main pahli baar ek BF dekh rahi thi, usme lund ka chusna, chudai, gaand chudai.. maine itna kabhi nahi socha tha. Main baar baar apni aankhen band kar leti thi, aur shivu mujhe dekhne ko khatam hote hi, shivu ne apna lund mere haatho me de diya. Wo phir tana hua tha "Jaaneman, please bura mat mannaa..main tumse ek cheej aur maangta hu, pleee" "Hu bolo", "Mujhe, GAAND bhi chahiye pleee". Main dar gai (Nisha ne bhi mujhe manna kiya tha) "Nahi pleee, bahut darad hota hai". "Aaaj, main aaram se karoonga...tail yaa vaseline laga kar karoonga.....plee". Wo manate rahe aur mujhe chumte rahe.."pata hai tere badan me sabse mast teri gaand hai, isi ne to mujhe pagal banaya hai..uff teri chikni gaand...Rani, jab bhi teri gaand dekhta hu lund khada ho jataa hai..plese, ise apni gaand me guswale" main bhi mast ho gai, "OK, aap mere pati ho... mera sab kuch tumhara hai..tum jo choho le Shitu is lund ki gulam kahega doongi..Shivu, haa meri GAAND maro jaise bhi..chahe me kitna hi chillau..rukna mat, apni RANI ko ragad ragad kar chodna". Unhone mujhe farsh par ghodi style me khada kiya, aur mere peeche aa gaye apne lund ko vaseline se coat karne ke baad unhone meri gaand ke jhed par apna topa sataa diya, meri kamar ko pakad kar wo dheere dheere lund ko ghusane lage, par sirf topa hi ghus paya..unhone phir gaand ko haatho se choda kiya, aur phir se meri kamar pakd kar ek dhaka diyya..main dard se mar gai..uff, par wo andar nahi ghus paya, abke unhone mere muh me ek kapad diya, khan ke cheekh rokna..aur meri kamar ko pakad kar dhakke-per dhakke dene lage..meri ghand paatne lagi aur unka lund ghusta chala gaya. Addha lund hi ghus paya ki meri haalat kaharab ho gai pain bahut tha, maine sir hilaya to Shivu ruk gaya..kareeb 2-3 minute ke baad maine halke se gaand hilayi, shivu ne puchha , "Rani, pleese ab gaand de de" maine muskarne ki koshish ki aur kahan "Tuhe manaa kis ne kiya". ab wo nahi ruke aur mujhe palna start kar diya... meri gaand chodi hoti gai, dard badta gaya, gaand ke phatne ka dard me siskiyo se leti rahi.. mere aansu bhi nikal aaye.. par maine himmat nahi haari, apne lips ko daantho se katne lagi....jab lund pura ghus gaya to shivu ruk gaye...main apne gaand me pure lund ko mahssoos karne lagi.. ab dard dheere dheere kam hone laga, shivu meri peeth par haath phar rahe the, ajb unhe uakin ho gaya ki main ab shant hu to unhone mujhe dheere dheer chodna sooro kar diya. wo aadha lund dalte aur dheere dheer nikalte main bhi ab apni gaand unke rythem ke saath milane lagi... halanki pain abhi khatam nahi hua tha, par unhone apne dhakke aur tej kar diye, ab wo full speed se mujhe chodne lage wo pura lund bahar nikalte aur ghusdte. meri nazar samne gai to dressing table ke mirror se main ye nazaara dekh sakti thi, uff mujhe believe nahi ho raha tha ki itna mota lund main kabhi gaand me la bhi paangi.

halanki kal bhi unhone gaand maari thi par wo jald baazi me thi, aaj to sach shivu pure mazzae ke saath mujhe pail raha tha, unka lund bhi aaj, kal se bada lag raha tha... aaj dard jyaada tha...maine dekha shivu ke chahre par chamak thi aur wo bahut ras le raha tha apni meri gaand ko chodne me. ye dekh kar main mast ho agi aur apni gaand push karte hu boli, "shivu, chodo...meri gaand phad do...apni sheetal biwi, ki gaand chodi kar do...aaj main teri randi hu..mujhe badardi se chodo..aa..ou" usne meri gaand pakad aur gahrai tak ghusa diya, mera sir farsh par tik gaya, meri kohni mud gai, par gaand ko usne nahi hatne diya. Thodi der baad hum bistar par aa gaye, unhone mujhe apni goad me bita liya aur apna lund neeche se meri gaan me de diya, ab main upar neeche hokar gaand ko chudwane lagi. bahut mazza aa rahaa tha, ab dard bhi nahi tha, main anal sex ka luft utha rahi thi. Phir unhone mujhe bistar par lita diya maire pair upar kar ke kuch takiye meri gaand ke neeche rakh diye, meri gaand itni upar thi ki wo aaram se lund ghusa sake. ab unhone phir se mujhe pailna sooru kar diya. pahle dheere dheere aur phir teji la di. agle 20-25 minute tak wo mujhe isi tarah se ram karte rahe, maine apni aankhe band ki hui thi,

aur 3-4 baar jhad chuki thi, thodi der me wo bhi jhad gaye. aur hum phir se let gaye. hamari saanse phooli hui thi. 20-25 minute aise hi pade rahene ke baad, main apne room me aa gai. Main aaj bahut khus thi, aaj dard kam tha par pyar ki khushi itni thi ki main chahak rahi thi, school me maine NISHA ko sab kuch batayaa.

Dr.Neelam part 2

Jaisa ki pichhle story me bataya tha ki meri shaadi ke baad mera transfer doosre jagah ho gaya tha. Mare saath meri pyaari saheli Rachna ka bhi transfer usi jagah ho gaya tha jo ki humaare liye bahut hi khushi ki baat thi. Sooraj ne naye jagah par ek nursery khol li. Jo ki uski mahnat se achchha chal baitha. Meri pehli pregnancy jo ki shadi se pahle hi ho gayi thi miscarriage ho gaya tha. Hum dono bachchon ke mamle me koi bhi jaldi baaji nahin karna chahte the. Isliye humne kaafi suraksha ke saath hi sambhog kiya. Rachna ki shaadi waheen paas ke ek forrest officer Arun se ho gayi. Rachna U.P. se belong karti thi. Arun bahut hi hansmukh aur rangeen mijaj aadmi tha. Uski posting hamare hospital se 80 kms door ek jungle me thi. Shuru shuru me to har doosre din bhag ata tha. Kuchh dinon baad hafte me do din ke liye ane laga. Hum chaaron apas me kaafi khule huye the. Aksar apas me rangeele jokes aur dwiarthi samvad karte rahte the. Uski najar shuru se hi mujh par thi. Magar na to maine use kabhi lift diya na hi use jyada age badhne ka mauka mila. Holi ke samay jaroor mauka dekh kar rang lagane ke bahane mujhse lipat gaya tha aur mere kurte me hath daal kar meri chhatiyon ko kas kar masal diya tha. Uski is harkat par kisi ki najar nahin padi thi isliye maine bhi chup rahna behtar samjha. Warna bewajah hum saheliyon me darar pad jaati. Mai usese jaroor ab kuchh katrane lagi thi. Magar wo mere nikat ta ke liye mauka khojta rahta tha. Rachna ko shaadi ke saal bhar baad hi maike jaana pad gaya kyonki who pregnant thi.

Ab Arun kam hi ata tha. Akar bhi usi din hi wapas laut jata tha. Achanak ek din dopahar ko pahunch gaya. Saath me ek aur uska saathi tha jiska naam usne mukul bataya. Unka koi aadmi pedh se gir pada tha. Backbone me injury thi. Rasta kharab tha isliye use lekar nahin aaye. Mujhe saath le jane ke liye aye the. Maine jhatpat hospital me inform kiya aur Sooraj ko bata kar apna saman le kar nikal gayi. Nikalte nikalte do baj gaye the. 80 kms ka fasla cover karte karte hume dhai ghante lag gaye. Hu teeno sumo me age ki seat par baithe the. Dono ke beech me mai fansi hui thi. Rasta bahut ubar khabar tha. Hichkole lag rahe the. Hum ek doosre se bhid rahe the. Mauka dekh kar Arun beech beech me mere ek stan ko kohni se daab deta. Kabhi janghon par haath rakh deta tha. Mujhe tab laga ki maine samne baith kar galti ki thi.

Hum shaam tak wahan pahunch gaye. Mareej ko checkup karne me shaam ke six o'clock ho gaye. Yahan sham kuchh jaldi ho jati hai. November ka maheena tha mausam bahut romantic tha. Magar dheere dheere badal ghirne lage the mai jaldi apna kaam nipta kar raat tak ghar laut jana chahti thi.

"itni jaldi kya hai? Aaj raat yahin ruk jao mere jhopde me." Arun ne kaha magar mere tarer kar dekhne par who chup ho gaya.

"chalo mujhe chod aao."maine kaha.

"chal re Mukul, madamme ko ghar chhod ayen."

Hum waps sumo me waise hi baith gaye aur return jeorney shuru ho gaya. Mai peechhe baithne lagi thi ki Arun ne rok diya.

"kahan peechhe baith rahi ho. Samne a jao. Baten karte huye rasta gujar jayega."

"lekin tum apni harkaton par kaboo rakhoge warna mai Rachna se bol doongi." Mine use chetaya.

"Are us Hitler ko mat batana nahin to who meri achchhi khasi ragging le legi."

Mai uski baat sun kar hansne lagi. Aur mai uski chikni chupdi baton se phans gayee.Achanak moosladhaar bearish shuru ho gayi. Junle ke andhere rashton me aisi barsaat me gadi chalana bhi ek mushkil kaam tha. Achcnak gadi jungle ke beech me jhatke khakar ruk gayee. Arun torch lekar neeche utra. Gadi check kiya magar koi kharabi pakad me nahin ayee. Kuchh der baad wapas a gaya.who poori trah bheeg chukka

tha. "kuchh nahin ho sakta." Usne kaha"chalo neeche utar kar dhakka lagao.

Ho sakta hai ki chal jaye."

"magar….barsaat…"mai bahar dekh kar kuchh hichkichai.

"nahin to jab tak barsaat na ruke tab tak intezar karo"usne kaha"ab

is barsaat ka bhi kya bharosa. Ho sakta hai saari raat barasta rahe.

Isiliye tumhhen raat ko waheen rukne ko kaha tha."

Mai neeche utar gayee. Barsaat ki parwah na kar mai aur Mukul dono kafi der tak dhakke marte rahe magar gadi nahin chali. Raat ke aath baj rahe the. Mai poori tarah geeli ho gayee thi. Mai peechhe ki seat par baith gayi. Arun andar ki light on ki. Maine ruansee nazaron se Arun ki taraf dekha. Arun back mirror se mere badan ka avlokan kar raha tha. Chhatiyon se sari srak gayi thi. Safed blouse aur bra barsaat me bheeg kar pardarshi ho gayee thi. Nipple saaf saaf najar aarahe the. Maine jaldi se apni chhatiyon ko sari se chhipa liya. Usne bhi light band kar dee. Raat andhere men do gair mardon ka sath dil ko dubane ke liye kafi tha. Kuchh der baad barsaat band ho gayi magar thandi hawa chalne lagi. Bahar kabhi kabhi janwaron ke awaj sunai de rahi thi.Arun aur Mukul gadi se nikal gaye. Unhon ne apne apne wastra utar liye aur nichod kar sokhne rakh diye. Mai thand se kaanp rahi thi. Sharam ki wajah se geele kapde bhi utar nahin paa rahi thi. Arun mere pass aya "dekho neelam ghup andhera hai. Tum apne geele vastra utar do." Arun ne kaha."warna thand lag jayegi."

"kuchh hai pahan ne ko?" maine poochha "mai sharam se dohri ho gayi."

"Nahin!" Arun ne kaha "humare pahne kapde bhi to bhig chuke hain.

Pahle se thodi maloom tha ki humen raat jungle me gujaarni padegi.

Waise dekhna reechh bahut sexy janwar hote hain.sunder sexy mahilaon ko dekh kar unpar toot padte hain."

"meri to yahan jaan ja rahi hai aur tumhe majak soojh raha hai. Koi kambal hoga?"maine poochha.

"picnic pe gaye the kya." Arun majak kar raha tha.

"Sir, ek purani phati hui chaddar hai. Agar us se kaam chal jaye.."

Mukul ne kaha.

"dikha Neelam ko." Arun ne kaha. Mukul ne peechhe se ek phati purani chadar nikaali aur mujhe dee. Gadi ka darwaza band karte hi light bund ho gayi. Do mardon ke samne vastra utarne ke khayal se hi sharm arahee thi. Magar karne ko kuchh nahin tha thand ke mare dant baj rahe the. Aisa lag raha tha mai barf ki sillion se ghiri hui hoon. Maine jhijhakte hue apni saari utar dee. Magar us se bhi rahat nahin mili to charon or dekha. Andhera Ghana tha kuchh bhi dikhai nahin de raha tha. Maine ek ek kar ke blouse ke saare button khol diye. Chaaron or nazar daurai. Kuchh bhi nahin dikh raha tha . Phir blouse ko badan se utar diya. Uske baad maine apne petticoat bhi utar dee. Mai aab sirf bra aur panty me thi. Bra ko bhi maine badan se alag kar diya. Aur us hadar se badan ko lappet liya. Gadi ka darwaza khol kar maine unhe nichod kar sukhane ka socha magar darwaza kholte hi batti jal gayi. Mere badan par kewal ek chithde hui chadar betarteeb tareeke se lipti hui thi. Adha badan saaf najar araha tha. Mera dayan vaksh par se chadar hata hua tha. Maine dekha Arun bhochakka sa ektak meri chhati ko ghoor raha hai. Maine jhat chadar ko thik kiya. Chadar kai jagah se fati hui thi isliye ek ang dhakti to dosra bahar nikal ata. Dono mere nivastra yovan ko nihar rahe the. Maine darwaja band

kar diya. Batti band ho gayi. "Arun please mere kapdon ko sukhne dedo." Maine kaha.

Arun ne mere hathon se kapde le liye. Mere badan par ab kewal geeli panti thi jsko ki mai alag nahin karna chahti thi. Thand ab bhi lag rahi thi magar kya kiya ja sakta tha. Kuchh der baad dono bhi thand se bachne ke liye gadi me a gaye. Dono ke badan par bhi bas ek ek panty thi. Unke nivastra badan ko maine bhi gahree nazaron se dekha.

"Yaar, Mukul thand se to raat bhar me barf ki tarah jam jayenge.

Cabinate me rum ki ek bottle rakhi hai usko nikaal." Arun ne kaha. Mukul ne cabinate se ek bottle nikaali. Light jala kar dash board ke andar kuchh dhoondhne laga.

"sir, glass nahin hai." Usne kaha.

"abe neet hi laa." Arun ne bottle lekar munh se lagaya aur do ghoont lekar Mukul ki taraf badhaya. Mukul ne bhi ek ghoont liya.

"Neelu tu bhi do ghoont lele sari sardi nikal jayegi." Arun ne kaha. " Nahin mai daru nahin piti" maine mana kar diya. Magar kuchh hi der mein mujhe apne faisle par gussa ane laga. Waise bhi do do adamkhoron ke beech men mai is tarah ka koi risk nahin lena chahati thi ki mera apne upar se control hat jaye. Magar thandak ne meri mati maar dee. Mai dono ko peete huye dekh rahi thi.

Unhonne fir mujh se poochha. Is baar mere na me dum nahin tha. Arun ne bottle mujhe pakda di.

"Are le yaar koi paap nahin lagega. Ek doctor ke munh se is tarah ki dakiyanoosi baten sahi nahin lagti." Arun ne kaha.

Maine kanpte hathon se bottle liya. Aur munh se lagakar ek ghoont liya. Aisa laga maano tejaab mere munh aur gale ko jalata hua pet men jaraha hai. Mere ko foran ubkai agaee. Maine badi mushkil se munh par hath rakh kar apne aap ko roka.

"lo ek aur ghoont lo." Arun ne kaha.

"Nahin, kitni gandi cheej hai tum log peete kaise ho." Maine kaha.

Magar kuchh der baad maine hath badha kar bottle le li aur ek aur ghoont liya. Is baar utni buri nahin lagi.

"bus aur nahin." Maine bottle wapas kar diya. Meri in harkaton ke karan chadar mere ek chhatee se hat gaya. Mera sar ghoom raha tha.

Apne aap ko bahut halka fulka mahsoos kar rahi thi. Apne oopar se control khatam hone laga. Sharer bhi garam ho chala tha. Arun samne ka darwaja khol kar bahar nikla aur peechhe ki seat par agaya. Mai simat te huye sarak gayee magar wo mere paas sarak aye.

"Dekho Arun yeh sab sahi nahin hai." Maine kaha.

" Mai to sirf tumhare kanpte huye badan ko garmi dene ki koshish kar raha hoon."

"Nahin mujhe nahin chahiye."mai unko dhakka deti rah gayee magar unhon ne mujhe apni bahon me sama liya. Uske garam honth mere honthon par chipak gaye. Dheere dheere mai kamjor padti jaarahi thi. Maine use dhakelne ki koshish ki magar who mere badan se aur jor se chipak gaye. Ek jhatke me mere badan se chadar ko alag kar diya. "Mukul ise samhal." Arun ne chadar age ki seat par fek dee jise Mukul ne samhal liya. Mere badan par ab sirf ek panty ki alawa kuchh bhi nahin tha. Mai haath pair fek rahi thi..

Mukul ko dhakelte hue kaha"chhodo mujhe warna mai shor machaungi" "machao shor. Jitna chahe cheekho yahan melon tak sirf pedh aur janwaron ke siwa tumhari cheekh sunne wala koi nahin hai." Mukul ne light jaladi aur hamari raasleela dekhne laga. Arun ke hath mere badan par fir rahe the. Uske nagn badan se mera badan chipka hua tha. Maine kafi bachne ki koshish ki apni saheli ki duhai bhi di magar dono poore rakshash ban chuke the. Mera virodh bhi dheere dheere mand padta ja raha tha. Usne mere uroj tham liye aur nipples apne munh me le kar choosne laga. Apne ek haath se apne badan se

aakhri vastra bhi utar diya aur mere hath ko pakad kar apne tapte ling par rakh diya. Maine hatane ki koshish ki magaruske haath majbooti se mere hath ko ling par tham rakhe the. Sharab apna asar dikhane lagi. Mera badan bhi garam hone laga. Kuchh der baad maine apne ko dheela chhod diya. Uske haath mere urojon ko masalne lage. Uske honth mere honthon se chipke huye the aur jeebh mere munh ke andar ghum rahi thi.

Mukul se ab nahin raha gaya aur who doosari side ka darwaja khol kar mere doosri taraf a gaya. Usne pahle seat ke lever ko khol kar chauda kar diya. Peechhe ki seat khul kar ek aramdey bistar ka roop le liya tha. Jagah kam thi magar is kaam ke liye kafi tha.Dono ek sath mere badan par toot pade. Mai unke beech fansi hui thi. Dono ne ek ek uroj tham liye. Unke saath we buri tarah pesh aarahe the. Mere dono hathon me ek ek ling tha. Dono lingon ko mai sahala rahi thi. Meri panty pahle se hi geelee thi warna mere karmas se geeli ho jati. Dono ke hath meri panty ko mere badan se noch kar alag kar diya. Do jodi ungliyan meri yoni me pravesh kar gayee. "aaaahhhhhooooohhhh" mere munh se vasna bhari awajen nikal rahi thi. Arun ne mujhe gudiya ki tarh utha kar apni god me bitha liya. Usne mere dono pairon ko faila kar apni god me bithaya. Usne mujhe kheench

kar apne nagn badan se chipka liya. Mere bade-bade uroj uske seene me pise jaa rahe the. Who mere honthon ko chum raha tha. Mukul ke honth meri peeth par fisal rahe the. Apni jeebh nikal kar meri gardan se lekar mere nitambon tak aise fira raha tha mano badan par koi halke se pankh fer raha ho. Badan me jhur jhuri si daur rahi thi.mai dono ki harkaton se paagal hui jaa rahi thi.. rahi sahi jhijhak bhi khatm ho gayi thi.mai apni yoni ko Arun ke ling par masalne lagi. Arun ne abhi tak underwear pahan rakhi thi jo ki ab meri yoni ke ras se bheeg gayi thi. Aisi halat me mujhe koi dekhta to ek vyeshya hi samajhta. Meri dignity, mera reputation,meri siksha sab is aadim bhookh ke samne chhoti pad gayi thi. Meri aankon me mere pyaar, mera humdum, mere pati ke chehre par in dono ke chehre nazar anrahe the. Sharab ne mujhe apne vash me le liya tha. Sab kuchh ghumta hua lag raha tha. Mahsoos ho raha tha ki jo ho raha hai wo achchha nahin hai magar mai kisiko mana karne ki stithi me nahin thi. Dono ke haath meri chatiyon ko jor-jor se masalne lage. Arun mere honthon ko choos choos kar suja diya tha. Fir unhen chhod kar mere nipples par toot pada. Apne dono haathon se mere ek-ek uroj ko nichod raha tha aur nipples ko munh me daal kar choos raha tha. Aisa lag raha tha mano barson ke bhookhe ke samne koi doodh ki bottle a gayi ho. Daanton ke nishan poore uroj par nazar arahe the.

Mukul us waqt meri gardan par aur meri nitambon par data gada raha tha. Mai mast hui jaa rahi thi. Phir Mukul ne apna underwear utar kar mere sir ko pakada aur mere paas baith kar apne ling par jhukane laga. Mai uska irada samajh kar kuchh der tak munh ko idhar udhar ghumati rahi. Magar uske aage meriek na chali. Wo mere khubsoorat honthon par apna kala ling pherne laga. Ling ke age ke tope ki motai dekh kar mai kaanp gayi. Ling se chipchipa pradarth nikal kar mere honthon par lag raha tha. Arun ne mujhe god se utha kar poora nanga ho gaya.mujhe kohni aur ghutnon ke bal par chaupaya banakar meri yoni ko chhedne laga. Yoni ki phanken alag karapni ungliyan andar bahar karne laga. Mai poori tarah ab nivastra thi. Mukul mere sir ko apne ling par daba raha tha. Mujhe munh nahin kholta dekh kar mere nipples ko buri tarah masal diya. Mai jaise hi cheekhne ke liye munh kholi uska mota ling jeebh ko raaste hatate hue gale tak jakar fans gaya. Mera dum ghut raha tha. Maine sir ko bahar kheenchne ke liye jor lagaya to usne apne haath ko kuchh dheela kar diya. Ling adha hi bahar nikla hoga usne dobara mere sir ko daab diya. Aur is tarah wo mere munh ko yoni ki tarah chod raha tha. Udhar Arun meri yoni me apni jeebh andar bahar kar raha tha. Mai kamottejna se cheekhna chahti thi magar gale me Mukul ka ling fansa hone ke karan mere munh se sirf "uuuunnnnnnnhhhh" jaisi awajen nikal rahi thi. Mai usi awastha me jhar gayee.

Kafi der tak chusne chatne ke baad Arun utha. Uske munh, naak par mera kaamras laga hua tha. Usne apne ling ko meri yoni ke dwar par sata diya. Fir bahut dheere dheere use andar dhakelne laga. Khambe ke jaise apne mote taaje ling ko poori tarah meri yoni me sama diya. Yoni pahle se hi geeli ho rahi thi isliye koi jyada dikkat nahin hui. Mukul mera much maithun kar raha tha. Dono ling dono taraf se andar bahar ho rahe the aur mai jeep me jhula jhul rahi thi. Mere dono uroz pake huye anaar ki tarah jhul rahi the. Dono ne masal kar kat kar dono urozon ka rang bhi anaron ki tarah laal kar diya tha. Kuchh der baad mujhe lagne laga ki ab Mukul discharge hone wala hai. Yeh dekh kar maine ling ko apne munh se nikaal ne ka socha. Magar Mukul ne shayad mere man ki baat padh lee. Usne mere sir ko pure taqat se apne ling par daba diya. Moosal jaisa ling gale ke andar tak ghus gaya. Who aab jhatke marne laga. Fir dher sara garam garam veerya uske ling se nikal kar mere gale se hota hua mere pet me samane laga. Meri aankhen dard se ubli padi thi. Dum ghut raha tha. Kaafi sara veerya pilane ke baad ling ko mere munh se nikala. Uska ling ab bhi jhatke kha raha tha. Aur boond boond veerya ab bhi tapak raha tha. Mere honthon se uske ling tak veerya ek resham ki dor ki tarah chipka hua tha. Mai jor jor se saansen le rahi thi. Arun peechhe se jor jor se dhakke de raha tha. Aur mai har dhakke ke sath Mukul ke dheele pade ling se bhid rahi thi. Mai sir ko uttejna se jhatakne lagi "oouiiiii maaa oooohhh hummmpp" jaisi uttejit awajen nikalne lagi. Mery yoni ne dher sara ras chhod diya. Magar uske raftaar men koi kami nahin ayee thi. Meri bahen mujhe aur thame na rakh sakee. Aur mai apna sir Mukul ki god me rakh dee. Kafi der tak dhakke marne ke baad uske ling ne apni dhaar se mer yoni ko labalab bhar diya. Hum teeno gehari gehari saansen le rahe the. Khel to abhi shuru hi hua tha. Dono ne kuchh der sustaane ke baad apni jagah badal lee. Arun ne mere much me daal diya to Mukul meri yoni pe chot karne laga. Dono ne kareeb adhe ghante tak meri isi tarah se jagah badal kar chudai ki. Mai to dono ka stamina dekh kar hairaan thi. Dono ne dobara mere badan par veerya ki varsha ki. Mai unke seene se chipke saanse le rahi thi.

"aab to chhod do. Aab to tum dono ne apne man ki muraad poori kar

lee. Mujhe ab araam karne do." Maine kaha.

Magar dono me se koi bhi meri minnaten sunne ke mood men nahin laga. Kuchh der tak mere badan se khelne ke baad dono ke ling me fir dum ane laga. Arun seat par aab let gaya aur mujhe upar aane ka ishara kiya. Mai kuchh kahati us se pahle Mukul ne mujhe uthakar uske ling par baitha diya. Mai apne yoni dwar ko Arun ke khade ling par tikai. Arun ne apne ling ko darwaje par lagaya. Mai dheere dheere uske ling par baith gayee. Poora ling andar lene ke baad mai uske ling par uthne baithne lagi. Tabhi dono ke beech ankhon hi ankhon me koi ishara hua. Arun ne mujhe kheench kar apne nagn badan se chipka liya. Arun mere nitambon ko faila kar mere pichhle dwar par ungli se sahlane laga. Phir ungli ko kuchh andar tak ghusa diya. Mai chihunk uthi. Mai uska irada samajh kar sir ko inkaar me hilane lagi to Arun ne mere honth apne honthon me daba liye. Mukul ne apni ungli nikaal kar mere yoni se bathe hue ras ko apne ling aur meri yoni par laga

diya. Mai in dono balishth aadmiyon ke beech bilkul ashay mahsoos kar rahi thi. Dono mere badan ko jaisi marji waise masal rahe the. Mukul ne apna ling mere guda dwar per sata diya.

"nahin pleeease wahan nahin" maine lagbhag rote hue kaha "mi tum dono ko saari raat mere badan se khelne doongi magar mujhe is tarah mat karo mai mar jaungi"

Magar mukul apne kaam me juta raha. Mai haath pair maar rahi thi magar Arun ne apne balishth bahon aur pairon se mujhe bilkul bebas kar diya tha. Mukulne mere nitambon ko faila kar ek jordaar dhakka mara.

"uuuuuiiiii maaaa mar gayeee" meri cheekh poore jangal men goonj gayee. Magar dono hans rahe the.

"thoda sbar karo sab thik ho jayega. Saara dard khatm ho jayega."

Mukul ne mujhe samjhane ki koshish ki. Meri aankhon se pani bah nikla. Maidard se rone lagi. Dono mujhe chupkarane ki koshish karne lage. Kuchh der baad mai jab shant hui to mukul ne dheere dheere poore ling ko ander kar diya. Maine aur Sooraj ne shaadi ke baad se hi khoob khel khela tha magar uski niyat kabhi mere guda par kharab nahin hui. Magar in dono ne to mujhe kahin ka nahin chhoda. Poora ling ander kar ke Mukul mere upar let gaya. Mai dono ke beech sandwich ki tarah leti hui thi. Ek tagda ling age se aur ek ling peechhe se mere badan me thuka hua tha. Dono ling andar kuchh hi doori par hulchul macha rahe the. Dono ne apne apne badan ko harkat de di. Mai dono ke beech pis rahi thi. Mai bhi maje lene lagi. Ek saath dono discharge hogaye. Mere bhi fir se unke saath hi discharge ho gaya. Mera poora badan geela geela ho raha tha. Teeno chhedon se

veerya tapak raha tha. Teenon ke "aaaaaaahhhhhoooooohhhh" se jangal goonj raha tha. Is than me bhi hum paseene se bheeg rahe the. Mukul ne peechhe se ek dibbe se kuchh sandwich nikaale jo shayad apne liye rakhe the. Hum teenon ne usi halat me apas me mil baant kar khaya. Fir se sambhog chalu hua to ghanton chalta raha dono ne mujhe raat bhar buri tarah jhijhor diya. Kabhi age se kabhi peechhe se kabhi munh me har jagah jee bhar kar malish kee. Mere poore badan par veerya ka mano lep chadha hua tha. Sambhog karte karte hum nidhaal ho kar wahin pad gaye. Kabhi kisi ki aankh khulti to mujhe kuchh der tak jhinjhorne lagta. Pata hi nahin chala kab bhor ho gayi. Achanak meri aankh khuli to dekha bahar lalima fail rahi hai. Mai dono ki god men bilkul nagn leti thi. Mujhe apni halat par sharm ane lagi. Maine mirror par najar daali to apni haalat dekh kar ro padi. Honth sooj rahe the chehre par veerya sookh kar safed papdi bana raha tha. Mai

ek jhatke se uthi aur bahar nikal kar apne kapde pahne. Mujhe apne aap se ghinn aarahi thi. Sadak ke paas hi thoda paani jama hua tha. Jis se apna chehra dho kar apne aap ko vyavasthit kiya. Dono uth chuke the. Arun mere badan se lipat kar mere hontho ko chum

liya. Maine use dhakel kar apne se alag kiya.

"mujhe apne ghar wapas chhod do." Maine gusse se kaha.

Arun samne ki seat par baith kar jeep ko start kiya. Jeep ek hi jhatke me start ho gayi.

Mai samajh gayi ki yeh sab dono ki mili bhagat thi. Mujhe chodne ke liye hi soonsaan me gadi kharab kar diye the.

Ghante bhar baad hum ghar pahunche. Rast me bhi dono mere urozon par haath ferte rahe. Magar maine dono ko gusse se apne badan sea alag rakha. Hum jab tak ghar pahunche Sooraj apne kaam par nikal chukka tha jo ki mere liye bahut hi achchha raha warna usko meri halat dekh kar saaf pata chal jaata ki raat bhar maine kya kya gul khilayen hain. Us ghatna ke baad Arun ne kai baar mujhe apne neech litaane ki koshish ki magar har baar mai apne aap ko bachati rahi aur kisi ko pata bhi nahin chalne diya.