Sunday, October 29, 2000

Sapna's TICKLISH Seduction

Well I wish if I could get those days back. I was in 10th at that time and there was only my sis (17yrs) and mom in home. We had a large house and one section of it was leased to a bachelor (we used to call him masterji) of 32 yrs. He was some genius of the sort and used to help out my sis in her maths & science. We also a section in our house which was in between our area and masterji's section which was not used and that was the place I used to frequent quite often to have a cig or to keep away stuff that I wouldn't like my mom to know. This section had attic where one could directly see into masterji's bedroom and from his bedroom's door into his hall.

Now this masterji was sort of maverick. He basically belonged to some village but because of his education prowess, he was having a good job (in changing shifts - 15 days). The irony was such that his family would only get proposals from the girls back in his town, but he wanted something else. He was also a kind off big frustoo and he used to frequently get playboy's and he had even framed the Zeenat Aman's rape scene and had kept it in his cupboard.

I was just entering into teen, unknowing to this side of the dark world. I know some things but not everything.

My sis was average looking female, slim & never used to get along with
mom. Also as my mom used to work, she was always out of the house and
thus we were almost good friends.

Since masterji was a genius in our eyes, I used to think him as dumbo and
would often try to play pranks with him, like when he is taking a bath,
then lock his bedroom door or asking him to give money for samosas, or
if he is giving tuition to my sis in my home then to hid his set of keys

I was a regular at his home (his section of the house) amd so was my sis.
Masterji had a calculator with some video games built in it. Often
when both us would be there, masterji would get me busy with calculator
in his bedroom and I could hear flutters & laughters of my sister from
his hall. Sometimes I would check out and he would always be trying to
poke his finger on sis stomach or at her side, u know like somebody
would do to tickle one.

Important: Anything that I written above and what I am going to write is
my analysis in the hindsight. I don't know whats actually went in
masterji's head or my sis.

Sometimes I also find him trying to kiss my sis (cheek or lips I won't
know). My sis was not so modern and she would always try to either leave
his home or to come into bedroom so that things don't get out of hand. U
know 10yrs back no girl would have allowed to get into such situations
moreover since only my mom was there to support the family.

Here starts the part1.....

One day we went into his section and he was taking a bath. My sister
somehow got to look at his Zeenat Aman's fame. Maybe he had
deliberately put it there. At that moment when my sis was taking a glance
he came out with only a towel wrapped. He was a good 80 kgs, muscular
and with lots of hair on his chest. The moment he came out, I caught
the looks on my sis face and she looked like she has been caught with
her pants down. For me at that age the biggest shame would be to get
caught with no pants. He came into bedroom, starting talking to me about
some new coins that he has got, while staring at my sis. My sis just
didn't know what to do so she just changed her attention to something
else, u know how people behave if caught suddenly. Her back was
towards us. He gave me his coin collection to figure out the new ones
and then went up to her, poked at her kamar from both the hands and
my sis was in giggles. She is very ticklish I know that as when we
used to fight, I always had the advantage to tickling her and getting out
of her grasp. She managed to get out of his grip and ran to the hall.
The front door in the hall has chitkanis which are that the top end of
the door. She must have stretched with both hands to unlock both of
them, because when I peeked from the bedroom door, after hearing my
sis franctic shrieks of laughter, I saw that he had caught both her
hands at the level of chitkanis and his other hand was softly brushing
against my sis exposed skin (because she was wearing a T-shirt which
went up as she was stretching) around her waist. Lil lil he was snaking
his fingers up. My sis was jammed between him and the (facing) door.
She was in hysterics and he was relentless in tickling her as if he knew
all her weak sides.

This got me excited not cause of sexual reasons but I always thought its
like between me and my sis. Suddenly I saw that he stared to tilt my sis
so that she faces him. My sis wouldn't give in so at the most she was on
her side, Her T-Shirt was all perched up because of futile effort made by
her to come out of his grip. Her flat tummy was visible to me along with
a very fine dark & delicate navel which was stretched. His fingers then
lightly brushed her navel and then he stroked his full palm across her
tummy. She was in rapture now and she called out for me that mom would be
coming home soon and we both would get firing as I still had not done my
homework. This braked the trance and I could see that his eyes were
telling that he has missed on to some very exciting thing. KLPD sort of
thing. For many a few days, my sis won't go in there. One day I was
flying the kits on the terrace and my mom called out that she is going
out for good 4-5 hrs and that I should come down and lock our section as
Sapna has gone down to get some help from masterji. Woosh, that was
something that I was looking for but this time I wouldn't want to be
there until masterji starts to tear her apart and eat her up. Frankly
this is what the worst could happen that I could think of those days.
Rest everything was a game to me. So I went down, locked the door, my mom
then went up to masterji's section and called that to my sis that she is
leaving now and informed her that I am on the terrace flying kites.. I
don't know what expression might have come on my sis and masterji's face
at that moment. I wish I was checking out on them. My sis would have
pissed in her pants because with mom in the house masterji wouldn't have
dared to do anything.

After locking the door, I immediately headed for the attic where I
could watch masterji's sections. My sis was there sitting on his
carpet taking some notes. She had on a red tank top and tracks. Her
chappals were off. Masterji was just staring at her. She was sitting on
the floor and writing. Her bare arm move as she wrote and every once in
a while, I could see a peak of her ultra smooth armpit. From time to
time I could see masterji adjusting his crotch. Suddenly I saw masterji
putting his hand under his pillow and out came a big morepankhi
feather, fairly large pointed one, Sis was innocently writing or
absently writing wondering what will happen next. I think she thought it
would be rude now, to just pack up and leave and moreover she
couldn't have been able to leave abruptly without getting her dose of
tickling. From the top I could see the backs of her bare legs just
below her knee, and even a peak of her taut, perfect back as the top was
up a little. She bent her legs and her pink soles were up in the air.
Suddenly, masterji took the feather and slid it up the back of her
arm. You know the spot, where her armpit is, but her arm is
down. "Agh! Heeheehee! Don't! Masterji pleaaase" sis said turning to
face him with a huge grin on her face. There was a sexiness to her
smile and her eyes seem to be half closed as if she wanted him to do

Suddenly masterji stood up pulled her over his lap and just tickled her
ribs. Those ribs were really ticklish and he could feel them easily through
her thin shirt. Sis laughed like crazy and kicked her legs, yelling "Stop!
Stop, Masterji! Mein mar jaongi! Pleaaase!"

She was laughing and sliding back and forth over his lap (on her stomach) until
perhaps she got aware of his huge bulge. It would be hard NOT to notice it if
you were girl rolling around with your bare belly against it. The tickling was
getting him very excited and he wouldn't stop. All of a sudden he grabbed her
wrists and easily held both of them with his left hand. Then he pulled them up
and away from her so that they were over her head. There was the belt from his
bathrobe lying on the bed next to him and he grabbed it and quickly wrapped it
around her wrists until he was unable to pull them apart. Then he lashed it
around the headrest of the bed. Now my sis (did I mention that she had waist
-length hair?) was face down on his lap with her arms over her head.

The he managed to turn her around and she laid with the back of her head on his
swollen cock and her arms were pulled tightly over her head. The hollows of her
little underarms were so totally smooth that I myself would have wanted to
tickle them. She was giggling and begging for release in her high shrieking
voice. Masterji raised his finger and lowered it slowly towards her armpit. Her
eyes bugged out and she said, "NO! Not There! Please, masterji, Don't tickle my
underarms!" But he started moving his finger in a tickling motion bringing it
closer and closer to her. She crossed her long, now bare legs upto her knees and
it looked like she was trying to hold in a pee. Then he again touched her soft
skin. Her armpit was so smooth. He tickled her and the second his finger touched
that skin she burst out into a fit of giggles. They were not screams but the
cutest little girl giggles you ever heard. And boy was I loving it at th
roshandan of the attic. She was squirming as he took both hands and started
tickling her smooth armpits. Her armpits were by far her most ticklish spots and
she was squealing and moving her body around, may be also massaging his lund.

As he tickled her smooth armpits, ever once in a while feeling her soft inner
arm skin (which was also ticklish). She was pulling hard against her bonds but
unable to lower her arms.

After some moment, so that blood can return to her armpits, he bent down and
nibbled her soft belly and licked her belly button and she squealed in laughter.
He bit at her soft belly as again his finger continued to tickle the sexy skin
of her bare armpits.

Her pulling at her bonds made her armpits hollow even more and his thrust of
fingers up inside there making her more scream in laughter.

Tied to his bed, her armpits looked so inviting; so smooth and hairless. Her
belly was stretched and her ribs protruded. I can see her belly go in and out as
she breathed. The masterji stood up, went and stood at the headrest and placed
his fingers on her wrists. She was already giggling. "That tickles!" She said.
"I haven't even tickled you yet!" "Yeah but your fingers on my skin…" Smiling,
he again ran his fingers slowly down her soft arms towards her stretched
armpits. She instantly began to giggle again and shake as soon as he began the
slow journey down her arms, saying how much it tickled. "Oh m'God, that tickles!
Oh m'God! Heeheeheehee!" His fingers again found her soft, bare armpits and
started tickling that sensitive skin. As soon as they hit that zone, she erupted
into hearty laughter. The he again climbed up the bed, straddled her legs with
his legs and started teas as he switched from a one-finger tickle to two fingers
and then all five fingers. She was hysterical and twisted and squirmed between
his legs. Now his crotch area was dangerously close to hers. Her tracks were
really up and her panties were easily revealed from the top of her groin as
tracks had slithered down her tummy. He looked down at her belly and started to
tickle the tender flesh right near her belly button. Sis started giggling again
and pleading in a high-pitch voice. "That TICK-les!" She said, accentuating the
"tick" with a voice that sounded more like a squeak. "No no no! Oh m'God!
Heeheeheehee!" "Tickle tickle," he repeated as he scribbled his fingers around
to her soft waist and up and down her ticklish ribcage. Her body twisted back
and forth as if it were a horizontal dance. He stopped and moved down to the
foot of the bed. Sis craned her neck to watch him as to what next. She was still
giggling slightly and she tugged at her bonds. He stood up facing her feet and,
tickled her soft pink soles. As before, her toed curled downward and she
exploded into giggling once again. He tickled up under her toes and all around
the surface of her bare feet, causing my sis to go nearly out of her mind (not
literally) from the tickling. She laughed and laughed. He walked again to the
head of the bed and, without warning, suddenly attacked her cute armpits with a
full-on 10-finger tickle attack. Sis opened her mouth and began to squeal but no
sound came out. She was laughing in that frozen state that people go into when
the tickling is so intense and they can't even laugh out loud. Then the laughter
came. Sis pulled desperately at the ropes that had her bound very well. She
couldn't move. He tickled her sides furiously and she, again erupted into that
silent laugh. Then he tickled her inner thighs. His tickling traveled up to her
crotch and he briefly tickled her pussy through the panties. Sis was still
giggling and there was no sign of protest as she giggled away.

Suddenly the door bell rang. It must have been the maid servant who had
come to do that daily evening chores. Now either me or one of them has to
come and unlock the front door. Since I was supposed to be on terrace, sis
had to get up. Finally, he also figured she had enough for the
first time and untied her, one wrists, then another. She was out of
breath. She sat up and rubbed her wrists. She was breathing harder but
smiling broadly, actually seeming to love what just happened. Then she
looked at hi with concern and forgot all about the tickling until the next

Well guys do let me now how did u like it. This stared when she was 17 and
went upto her 22nd yr. Meanwhile she got married at 20, and as her hubbby
was abroad for 1 yr, when ever she was home she got it. I mean it had
started to go all the way, but that would be next time. Then there's the
maid angle also involved + what ever I could imagine or wanted to add.

Unfortunately time is money for me so it will take lot of pep from u guys
before I can pen all of them down.

So do write to me at and let me know ur views.


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