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Liz - Ordeal Part 1

Wife And White Doctor
When my wife and I emigrated to the US from India, my
wife was around 23 years old. Soon after we came here,
she got admission to a local college where she wanted
to continue her studies. As a foreign student, before
she started college she had to show that she had
adequate medical insurance coverage. Luckily my job
covered her medical benefits. To get her insurance
paperwork done, she had to pick out a primary
physician. For some reason, I always found it exciting
to think of a male doctor examining female patients. I
looked through the list of doctors (with their
pictures) provided by my insurance company and
deliberately picked out a white male doctor who looked
like a hunk, and signed him up as my wife's doctor. 
My wife had to make a preliminary visit to see him
just to get the paperwork done. She was a little
uneasy about going to him, because in India she had
only been to a female doctor. On the first visit, she
just had to fill out some forms and he asked her about
her medical and family history. After she came back
from the visit, she talked a lot about her doctor and
about how nice and patient he was with her. I could
tell that she was very impressed with him. 
My wife had always been somewhat of a hypochondriac,
and I soon found that she started going to the doctor
often, usually for minor allergy problems that she
used to have occasionally. Every time she went to see
him, she couldn't stop talking about how great he was.
I also found out that she spent a major part of her
visits talking to him about things other than her
illness. The doctor asked her a lot of personal
questions about her background and the like, and
always asked her to come back for another visit to
follow-up on the medication she was taking. He also
asked her to schedule a complete physical for her, but
she was nervous about it and kept postponing it. She
then told me one day that she thought the doctor was
starting to flirt with her. Although my wife was
generally shy, she was by nature a little bit of a
flirt and she was always popular with guys at her
college. I have always been very close to my wife and
she would come home and tell me about the guys who
came on to her. 
She was flattered by the attention and I was also kind
of excited that so many guys found her attractive. As
it turned out, this doctor was no different and my
wife kept flirting with him during her visits. After a
few months, I happened to meet him at the lobby of his
clinic when I went to pick her up after one of her
visits. It turned out that he was really a very
charming and friendly guy, and I hit it off very well
with him. He looked older than he did in his
photograph; he was much older than us (early forties,
we were in our mid-twenties). After I talked with him
for a while, I invited him to visit our apartment
because he mentioned to me that he loves Indian food,
and my wife happens to be a very good cook. 
The doctor came over to see us the next weekend, and
my wife was excited like a schoolgirl to cook a big
dinner for him. When he came over, she was dressed in
a beautiful red sari and he was quite surprised to see
her dressed that way. During the dinner, he repeatedly
complimented my wife on her dress and her looks and
started talking about how sexy Indian girls are. My
wife kept blushing and it was clear to me that they
were both very attracted to each other. He also talked
about his ex-wife and said that wives in Asian
cultures are better because they take good care of
their husbands. We started talking about his love life
and I asked him about his past relationships. He was
very frank and told us that since his divorce he had
had no steady girlfriend, but that he had been with
several women. He then winked at my wife and said that
he had never been with an Asian girl. Somehow I
blurted out that my wife had never been with an
American guy either. Of course he took it as a sign of
encouragement, and he started asking more questions
about her. I told him truthfully that she was a virgin
when I married her, and that she had not been with any
other guy before or since. My wife blushed deeply when
I said it, and pretended to be angry at me, but I
could tell that she was excited. 
After dinner, my wife started putting the dishes away,
and the doctor commented that he was surprised to see
her doing housework dressed that way, because the sari
appeared to be quite delicate. She said that it is
not, and he went over to her to have a closer look. My
wife had long flowing hair that reached nearly till
her hips, and since she didn’t tie her hair, it
covered much of her back. He held her hair up with
both hands to look at the sari closely. Since her
blouse was cut low in the back, much of her shoulder
was bare. She started blushing again, but was clearly
enjoying the show she was giving to both of us. He
then asked her how the sari is worn, and she explained
that most of it is wrapped around her waist and one
end is placed over the shoulder. 
He was surprised that there were no buttons or snaps
to hold it in place, and gently lifted the end of the
sari that was covering her shoulder and moved it away
from her body. The small blouse that she wore under
the sari was tight and made of very thin cloth and the
outline of her bra and the shape of her breasts were
clearly visible. She didn’t expect him to do this so
quickly, and she protested mildly, folding her arms
across her breasts to cover up, but soon stopped
trying and let us have a good look at her. My wife has
relatively small breasts, but they were firm and well
shaped, and a hint of her perky nipples was visible
from even under her bra. The blouse was cut low in the
front as well, and a little bit of her cleavage was
visible. The blouse reached just below her breasts and
her midriff was bare. 
She always wore her sari below her waistline, and
since she had a very small waist, her navel and belly
looked gorgeous above the folds of the sari. He then
dropped the end of the sari to the floor, and asked
her to turn around, to give us a view from all sides.
I already had a boner and was starting to wonder how
far this would go. He asked her what she wore under
the sari. She first blushed and pretended to be mad at
him for asking, but then told him she wore a skirt,
and raised the inner folds of the sari to show a
little of her underskirt in matching red. He then
playfully asked her what she had on under the skirt.
She didn't answer him, but she blushed deeply, and
picked up the end of her sari and put it back on, and
rushed back to the kitchen to finish putting the
dishes away. 
The doctor and I went to the living room to watch some
TV, and he told me that he thought my wife was very
sexy and that I was very lucky to have her. I thanked
him for the compliment and told him that my wife had
told me good things about him and seemed to be fond of
him. Somehow I liked the guy quite a bit, and I wasn’t
the least bit jealous about his enjoying the company
of my wife, especially since he was much older than
her. My wife joined us after a while. She had changed
into an ankle-length skirt and a top, and had tied her
hair in a knot. She was very petite and slim, and
looked almost like a teenager. The doctor was sitting
on the couch and I was on a chair, so she went and sat
next to him on the couch. He put his arm around her
and gave her a hug and a quick kiss on her lips. She
looked at me like she couldn’t believe what he was
doing, but I told her it was all right. He asked me if
it was OK to kiss her and I smiled to indicate my
approval. He held her head with both his hands and
started kissing her in earnest. I thought it was best
to leave them alone for a minute, so I excused myself
pretending to go to the bathroom. 
When I came back, she was sitting on his lap, and he
was still kissing her deeply. She had her eyes closed
and seemed to be melting in his arms. I wasn’t
bothered at all by this and in fact found it very sexy
to watch them together. I sat on a chair at the other
end of the room and watched them intently. I watched
as he held her head with one hand, and put his other
hand under her top to caress her breasts over her bra.
I could tell that my wife was very excited and she
seemed to tremble at his touch. Very soon he raised
her hands to remove her top, and then slowly unhooked
the thin white bra she had on and let it fall to the
floor. She looked at me and giggled, and she seemed
giddy with excitement. I could barely believe that my
wife was sitting topless on another man’s lap, but the
sight was incredibly exciting to me. He was more than
a foot taller than my wife, and she looked very tiny
next to him. 
He then got up, lifted her off his lap and laid her on
her back on the couch. He then knelt on the floor
beside her, and kissed her passionately on her mouth,
and then moved down her body, covering her neck,
breasts and belly with kisses. My wife seemed to be in
another world altogether, and was responding to his
touches with giggles and moans that seemed to excite
him even more. He slipped one hand under her skirt and
started feeling up her thighs. Her skirt had ridden up
to her thighs showing her legs that were covered in
knee-length stockings. He stopped and slowly rolled
down her stockings and removed them. Her toenails were
painted pink, and her feet looked very shapely and
delicate. He started kissing and licking her feet and
legs, tickling the soles of her feet mercilessly for a
couple of minutes as she laughed and thrashed about
uncontrollably. He then reached under her skirt and
lowered her panties and removed them. He then came
over to me, breathless with excitement, and asked me
in a whisper if I could give him a condom. I hadn’t
expected things to proceed this fast, but I went to
the bedroom, got one and gave it to him. 
He went back to my wife who was now sitting up on the
couch, and gave the condom to her. He then unbuckled
his belt, lowered his jeans and revealed a very
visible erection within his jockey shorts. He then
motioned to my wife to put the condom on him. She
hesitated for a second and looked at me and I gave her
the go-ahead. My wife got down, knelt on the floor and
then lowered his underwear with his help. His cock was
very stiff and pointed almost straight up with a
prominent pink head. She struggled to get the condom
packet opened, and then tried to put it on him. She
had never put on a condom before (I always did it
myself), so she fumbled with his cock and the condom
for a while, trying to get it on. After she was done,
he stepped out of his jeans and shorts, and laid her
on her back on the carpeted floor and lifted up her
skirt all the way, revealing her smooth thighs and
pubic area. 
He kissed her briefly on her pussy that was very
smooth and cleanly shaven, which is the way she
usually kept it. Her brown pussy lips looked moist and
inviting. He then parted her legs, folding them at the
knees and raised them till her knees were above her
chest. He knelt beside her and entered her
effortlessly. I knew that she must have been quite wet
because usually she needed to use a little lubricant
to ease with penetration. He started with slow, deep
strokes. My wife bit her lower lip and closed her
eyes, wincing occasionally when he thrust deeply into
her. I could not see her pussy from where I was
sitting, but it was incredibly erotic to watch her
with her legs spread widely apart, and his butt
bobbing up and down between her legs. His skin looked
very pale against the golden brown complexion of her
legs. He kept this up for a while and then started
thrusting harder and faster, causing my wife to let
out a grunt as he entered her each time. She was not
used to this, because I was usually much more gentle
with her. I suspected that it was hurting her a
little, but she did not say anything or to try to stop
him. She was also breathing faster and started to
sweat all over. 
He continued thrusting harder, occasionally stopping
to catch his breath. After he was finished, he rolled
over to the side and they snuggled for a while. My
wife was tired but she soon started giggling and
laughing as before. She got up and removed the condom
from his cock and disposed it off. She then came back
with a napkin and wiped off his cock, which was
covered in his cum. I was surprised because she had
never done this for me. She then gathered her clothes
and went to the bathroom to clean up. The doctor also
put his jeans back on and thanked me profusely and
told me how much he enjoyed it. When my wife came
back, he complimented her repeatedly. He stayed with
us for another hour enjoying a pot of coffee my wife
My wife was a little nervous after he left, worrying
about what she had done, and wondering whether anyone
would find out. I assured her that it was OK with me,
and that the doctor will be discreet about this (which
he was). He called us a couple of times during the
next week to chat, and asked if he could stop by
again. We both immediately agreed without any
He showed up the next weekend with a big bouquet of
flowers for my wife, which of course pleased her very
much. This time my wife was not as nervous or shy as
before because she knew what was about to happen. He
said that he did not like to use a condom and offered
to get birth control pills for her. He said that he
had to give her a quick check-up before he could write
a prescription and offered to make an appointment at
his clinic the next week. My wife had never had an
OB/GYN exam, and I was curious about the exam and
asked him about it. He said that he needs to do some
basic checks and then do a breast exam, an internal
exam and a pap smear. He said I was welcome to
accompany my wife during the exam. This sounded very
exciting to me and I eagerly agreed. I joked with him
about how nice it was to be able to see many women
naked as part of his work. He admitted that it is very
interesting for him, but that most of his female
patients are much older and that he didn’t have many
that looked like my wife. Also he was an internist
(not an OB/GYN) and he didn’t do internal exams on
women often. 
After dinner he started cuddling with her. This time
he undressed her fully and he also got completely
naked. He had a nice build and it was clear that he
kept in good shape. He was very different from me
physically - taller and quite bigger. He had broad
shoulders, a hairy chest and strong arms, all of which
my wife seemed to like. They cuddled naked on the
couch for a while. He then picked up my wife and made
her sit on his lap and started nibbling on her tits
with one hand between her legs. He then put her down
on the floor and sat up straight on the couch, took
her hand and placed his cock in it. He motioned her to
come closer to his cock and my wife understood that he
wanted her to suck him. 
My wife had given me oral sex a few times before, but
only very briefly as a prelude to making love. He
caressed her hair and brought her head closer to his
cock, and she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips
around the head of his cock. She had deep red lipstick
on and it was a wonderful sight to see my wife
kneeling on the floor and taking his cock into her
mouth. Unlike me, he was circumcised. His cock was
about the same size as mine but it looked very
different because of his white skin, the bulbous pink
head, and the light brown hair that covered his pubic
area. He instructed her to do various things with her
mouth, like licking up and down the length of his
cock, flicking her tongue across the head of his cock,
and kissing the underside of his cock and his
testicles. He would then again have her take his cock
into her mouth with her lips wrapped tightly around
it, with his hands guiding her head up and down the
length of his cock. She got the hang of it quickly and
started doing it without his help, holding onto the
base of his cock with her thumb and index finger. 
When he was close to coming, he would stop her and ask
her to lick around and below his cock. This was
repeated several times, until his cock was covered in
her saliva and smeared lipstick. Unlike the first day,
I sat very close to them this time, so I had a very
clear view of all this. When he finally started
coming, his cock was still inside her mouth, but he
pulled out quickly and his cum fell on her chin, neck
and breasts. She acted like she was grossed out, and
scolded him for not warning her. She then ran to the
bathroom to clean up, and came back after a while,
still fully nude, with a damp cloth and wiped off the
cum and lipstick from his cock. He thanked her,
apologized to her and told her she was so sexy he
couldn’t hold back. 
He gave her an appointment for an exam a few days
later for getting birth control pills. I stayed with
her throughout the exam. His nurse took her in, and
got her to change into a gown. The nurse was a little
surprised that I wanted to stay with her for the exam.
My wife explained to her that she wanted me with her
for support. The nurse did the preliminaries like her
blood pressure and temperature, and then left us. The
doctor then came in, winked at us, but proceeded to
examine her professionally. He asked her a few
questions about family history, and did some basic
checks. He then opened her gown in front and checked
her breasts for lumps. He felt her up all around her
breasts and under her arms, except for her nipples
which were very perky and stood out clearly. He also
explained to her that she needs to do breast
self-exams and showed her how to. He then closed her
gown and asked her to lie down and then slide down the
table. He helped her put her feet into the supports,
and raised her gown to the waist and spread her knees
widely apart. I went over to the foot of the table so
that I had a good view. He put on latex gloves and
inserted a finger into her pussy and examined her
internal walls. He explained what he is doing as he
went on examining her insides for a while. He then
inserted a speculum in her to hold her pussy open. I
was amazed at the view he had of my wife, with her
legs spread obscenely apart and her cleanly shaven
pussy on display, held open with the speculum so that
he could see deep inside her pussy. The insides of her
pussy looked very moist and pink. He wrapped up the
rest of the exam in another few minutes, and took a
sample for the pap smear. After she got dressed, he
gave her a ton of free samples of birth control pills
and asked her to start taking the pills every day. 
From then onwards, we continued seeing him on most
weekends. He would usually stop by on Fridays. He
would always bring a nice gift for my wife, including
expensive items like jewelry occasionally. Sometimes
he would stay overnight and leave the next morning. My
wife was much more relaxed after the first day and
started enjoying the whole thing more. The three of us
became very intimate, and we started talking very
openly about everything. Since she was on the pill, he
always had unprotected sex with her (which she
preferred too). We were both pretty naive about sexual
things then, and he taught us both many new things and
he also got her to do many things she had never tried
before. He liked to be quite aggressive with her and
treated her more roughly than I ever did. She didn’t
seem to mind it much, and I let him push her around a
little bit. He clearly enjoyed the power he had over
her, and especially seemed to like to do her in front
of me. His favorite was to do her doggy style on the
floor, or to have her sit on his cock and ride him.
She had done neither of these before. He would usually
make her face me, so that I can see the expressions on
her face. He could last much longer than I could. It
took longer for him to get an erection (usually she
had to suck him for a while to get him up) but once he
was up he took a long time to come. He taught her to
rub her clit as she was riding his cock, and she
learned to get herself off this way. When he stayed
over, he would sleep in our bed with us with my wife
in the middle usually wearing only a T-shirt and
panties. He would spend much time cuddling with her,
and would usually make love to her in the morning as I
lay next to them watching. When he took a shower in
the morning, he would take her with him to the shower
and have her soap, wash and dry him off. She was happy
to go along with his demands and I didn’t mind it much
either because he was very sweet and gentle with her
We also went to his house often. He had a nice house
in the suburbs with a lot more room to play. His house
had a wooded backyard with a lot of privacy and he
liked to barbecue in the backyard. He had a
well-stocked bar and we both liked to play drinking
games with my wife, usually getting her very drunk.
She gets drunk easily and is a lot of fun when she is
drunk. We made up several silly games designed so that
my wife would lose and would have to take off her
clothes or do embarrassing things like stay topless as
we grilled in the backyard, or to pee in the open in
the backyard as we both watched her. He had a small
collection of porn movies that we watched together. My
wife had never seen any before and it was an
eye-opener for her. We got her to try to imitate some
of the girls in the movies. 
Unlike many experiences I have read about wife
sharing, we never did a threesome. A few times, I made
love to her or had her suck me in front of him
(usually when he encouraged me to), but I always
preferred to just watch. Those days I used to make
love to her almost everyday, so I didn't mind holding
back on those days when the doctor visited. It was
doubly exciting for me to watch because I always loved
to see my wife with another guy, and I also found it
very sexy to watch an Asian gal with a white guy
because they seemed to go very well together. I guess
it is kind of like many white husbands who want to see
their wives with black guys. 
We continued this for about 5 months, after which he
started dating an Asian-American girl (who he later
married). We both continued to see him as our doctor
for a couple more years. He even continued to do my
wife's annual pelvic exams. We also met him and his
wife socially a few times but nothing more happened.
We eventually moved to a different state. Overall, it
was a great experience for us and it changed my sex
life with my wife completely


mohar sevda said...

जाने दुनिया की सबसे मस्त चुदाई वाली फिल्म के बारे में एक क्लिक पर !

lata kumari said...

बेस्ट गर्ल-फ्रेण्ड भाभी की चुदास-1

behan ke sath rangeen raaten

chudai ki dastan

meri chudasi dastan

chudai ki raat

meri chut ki pyas

usne mujhe zabardasti choda

meri sukhi chut

behan ki model banane ki icha

meri chut ki seal todi

bisat ki garmi

lata kumari said...

bistar ki garmi
behan ki jawani
maa ko choda
mausi ki tarap
kamsin jawani
maa ki chut
behan ya biwi

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