Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Suman helped me with her sister

Suman invited me to visit her in her estate house. She lived with her old mother, an elder sister Nisha, brother and her sister in law. Lately we were going very strongly intimate in our acquaintance. She had come to my place more
than ten times. She had let me fondle her young breasts. Caress her tight ass. Kiss her wet lips. But some how she had not allowed fuck her. She was in two minds about it. According to me practice I didn't force her. Because, by experience I knew that Patience pays; & when it pays, it does with compound interest'. When I learnt that Suman's brother married one of my earlier girl friend by name Madhu, I had had double purpose in visiting Suman's estate house. One to try and see if I can really fuck this tease called Suman and also to renew the memories of my fucking relation with Madhu when she was unmarried and in college.

Now I was having lunch with Suman and her sister, Nisha was also there. Suman's brother had gone on work and her sister in law; Madhu was not to be seen. After serving first round, Suman's mother went upstairs to take rest, she was not feeling well, I believe. When we were only three of us left, Suman turned very mischievous after this. As we had our meal, she teased her sis, who was about to be married soon. She told me that Nisha was getting ready and hot for her would be husband. Though she is elder to her, she didn't have any experience with sex.
Not even a kiss from her college friends. (Nisha was supposed to know about the sensual intimacy I and Suman had.). Nisha kept on blushing but never admonished her sister for being to open in the presence of a stranger, that is me. Finally Suman suggested to her, Why don't you get some love lessons from Mr.Arjun (that is I.). Not only he is an expert lover but he is an expert trainer too.

While three of us were giggling on the various sexy jokes, Suman, who was sitting next to me kept her left hand on my thigh. She caressed me thighs under the table, without being seen by Nisha. Are you willing to teach my innocent sister teach a lesson or two?' Nisha had finished her meal. Affectionately chiding her sis for her mischievousness she went away.

Suman kept her hand on my prick and squeezed, If you like to taste a new fruit, try my akka. She is red hot for sex, imagining things about her married life.' Though I was doubtful about the prospects of having sex with an
unfamiliar girl, who is to marry shortly, I did not mind trying my fuck, (sorry) luck. When I was about leave the hall, Suman held my hand and told me, Her room is the last in this floor. And remember, this night and you are mine.' When I reached Nisha's room she stood up from the sofa. I entered her room, admired her taste in decorating her room. I spoke of her hobby of reading. She relaxed a bit. I looked at her.

I had not noticed her much. She was a slim structured woman of 22. She had small breasts, which were  highlighted, due her slim waist. She also had a beautifully protruding ass, which seems swinging independent of her waist and thighs. She had an elongated face with very sexy and gently opened lips, which looked permanently wet. They must be hot and sweet, I guessed. She wore mehandi on her left palm.She asked me to sit on the sofa. She sat on the same sofa, but at about two feet away. I very casually took her left hand in mine,& admired her
mehandi. A beautiful design. It looks charming on your fair SKIN. Oh, your hand is so soft see..' I admired her hand by caressing it, & squeezing it between my both hands. When my manipulation grew purposeful she simply wiped her forehead which sweated slightly due to her embarrassed shyness. Let me see your other hand', I said and extending my hand I held her other hand. While doing so I intentionally brushed my hand on her flat and smooth tummy and a place very near her small petite breasts. She breathed a gasp and leaned on the sofa-back. She did not have mehandi on the right hand.

I saw she had the mehandi on her beautiful feet. I suddenly bent and held one of her feet to appreciate the design of the mehendi. Having me, a strange and a little senior man touching her feet, she started immediately. In an
attempt to take my hand away, she bent herself so much that her thin sari edge dropped off her shoulders and revealed really beautiful cleavage between her small fleshy hillocks. I was persistent. Teasing and laughing, I did not let her feet go away easily. But she tried to take her feet away. In this scuffle her soft body brushed against mine at several vital junctions. I stared at her half-exposed breasts and said softly, Nisha, you are really beautiful'. She blushed profoundly. But your lips need no mehandi. They are so red and soft may..let me see..' I did not wait for her permission. I touched her lips with my fingers. I traced the line of her lips with the tip of my forefinger. I gently pressed on them to assess their softness. I took her lower lip between my forefinger and thumb and squeezed it softly. In this attempt I had come so closed to her that now my face was just inches away from hers. Suman never allowed me kiss her on her lips, I have her for that. Your lips are so much more desirable. Who ever is authorized to kiss them, is lucky, Nisha.'

Nisha squirmed uncomfortably. Some kind of strange sensation was building in her fragile body. I took the advantage of her confusion. Can I be that lucky man, at least for one time, Nisha?' She simply turned her face away. I had her fair and smooth skinned cheek facing me. I planted a gentle kiss on her cheek. She closed
her eyes. I kept my hand on the back of her neck and gently drew her face closer. She was moaning her weak protest, but all the more, let herself be pulled by me. I stroked her cheek with my lips, I flicked her earlobe
with the tip of my tongue and whispered in her ear, Please, Nisha.. allow me to taste your sweet lips, baby'', with a little bit of hesitation, with her eyes still closed, Nisha allowed her face to be turned, ever slowly.

I straightaway placed my burning lips on her hesitant lips. They were cold with fear. Tasteless due to irresolution. But I began filling warmth and sweetness in them. At a point she stirred her slender body and her lips became
live. We were locked in a really deep and involved kiss for at least a minute. She suddenly broke herself away from me and glanced at the open door of her room. I went and closed and secured the door. When I approached her again, she stood up, Suman will misunderstand us'. I did not care to listen to her. I held her by her shoulder. Suman will be angry with me.'..'But why?' I know that you are her lover.' I am her friend. I am your friend too. She is a good girl, she would not mind if you be a little more friendly with me. Like this.. saying this, I immediately grabbed her slim waist in my hands and squeezed her soft body to mine. My face very near to hers. She tried to turn her face way in shame. But I did allow her to do this. I again planted a deep and warm kiss on her
lips. Just after a little while, her tongue became animated. It started wriggling with mine in frenzy. She tasted very sweet inside her mouth. She seemed having a particularly long tongue, because, she practically licked the entire
inside of my mouth.

When she became conscious of my hand roaming all over her ass, she again withdrew herself. N..n..n..o.. this is not right,. I am going to be married.. soon Suman will be angry with Please don't force me oh gosh..ohhhhh.... ' I
hardly listen to her. I again advanced and grabbed her, this time from behind. Her petite ass cheeks felt so good on my hungry crotch. I placed my hands on her flat & smooth belly & pressed her more to my crotch. When tried to
push me away, she inadvertently touched my bulge behind the pant. My hands, now were on her breasts. First over her sari and in next moment, under the cover of sari, over her blouse. Her pair of breasts felt so good and so different from her sis Suman'ss. After pressing and fondling them for a brief moment I deliberately let her go. She went & stood at the wall. I said in a low husky voice, Nisha I really want you. Your sis Suman has been teasing me all along, not allowing fuck her, Nisha. I actually came to try chance with her again.

But, after seeing you, I changed my plan. Come on darling I will certainly teach you a lesson or two about how to please your husband. I will also teach you how enjoy yourself to the utmost ecstasy.' I held her both hands, lifted
and pressed them on to the wall. This exposed her breasts, without the cover of sari, open to attack. I rubbed my face on to hers. Kissed her lips before climbing down to neck and finally landed on her small peaks. Her nipples have grown so sensitive she shuddered at the very touch of my mouth on her breast. She tried to wriggle out her hands from my grip but I kept them pressed to the wall. I put my open mouth to her left breast, made it wet with me saliva and started sucking my own saliva from the surface of her blouse covered blouse. This experience
made Nisha to submit herself to me She was pleading to release her hands. I accepted to do that but with a condition that she should place both her hands on my prick. I continue to suck at her succulent breasts while she rubbed her hands on my dick. After rubbing my face on her soft and wavering breasts for a while, I started
unhooking her blouse. Nisha shook her body right and left, not removing her hands off my crotch. I kept on pressing her soft breasts while undoing her hooks one by one. I parted her blouse and saw a pair of lovely, moderately sized breasts sitting cozily in her black laced bra. They were marvelous. I embraced her closely and removed the backside hook of her bra also. Easily I could lift her bra cups off her lovely tits.

Suddenly Nisha removed her hands from my crotch and tried to cover her bared breasts. I again held her hand by her wrists and lifted her hands and crucified her to the wall again. Her round and small breasts, protruding a
little from her slim form, jiggled. I put my mouth on her left breast and sucked her tit. Nisha struggled to release herself, but this gave me further advantage of rubbing my mouth on her mounds. I changed position and sucked in the other nipples. I rolled my tongue around the tip of her tit. Nisha squirmed and moaned. "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH........MMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAA......WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME......SSSSTOP PLEASE....... UNHHHHHH........NO....NO...NO......"She wriggled her lower part of her body, which loosened her sari further making it fall of her waist. With her flat belly exposed, Nisha was looking like a nymph.

I shifted my attention to her navel now. Licking her flat belly and tonguing her deep navel I kindled her libido to an unlimited level. I held her petite ass and while crushing her fleshy ass cheeks in my palms I pushed my hungry mouth between her thighs. She smelled exciting there. Her pussy was already radiating sexuality though her panty, petticoat and sari. I inserted my hand from under her sari into her petticoat. While caressing her smooth thighs I went unto her thigh junction. When I touched her panty I found it soaked wet with her cunts juices. I could trace lines of her pussy lips behind the thin material of the panty. Nisha was swinging her waist in an attempt to avoid direct touch of my fingers on her cunt. I put my hand between her thighs and reached her ass. When I was caressing her ass cheeks my fore hand was actually rubbing her cunt frontally. Nisha went wild with this manipulation.

"OHH...MAA...OHH...MAA...OHH...MAA...OHH...MAA...OHH...MAA...OHH...MAA...OHH...M\ AA..." she moaned,

I decided to go ahead. I stood up and removed my dress and stood there completely nude. Nisha observed this and closed her eyes in shame. Her sari went berserk. I held her sari in one hand and started pulling at it. Nisha
was so much taken over she involuntarily turned and twisted her body to allow easy removal of her sari. I removed her half-open blouse and bra and finally the petticoat and panty also came off her slender, mermaid like body.
Nisha was now in confusion as to which part of her body she should hide from my view. I took her softly in my arms and while embracing warm and soft body fully I caressed her back, then ass and back of her thighs. Her soft and small breasts were crushing against my chest. She seemed to have decided to give way. She allowed
me to lead her to her wide bed.

After kissing her all over her body and licking her nipples, neck, navel and thighs, I flicked her swollen clit with the tip of my tongue. She shuddered with joy.

and tried to close her thighs. I insisted. I rubbed my face on her pussy to further excite her. I came over her and started sucking her small lovely breasts. Nisha lifted her hands behind her head and willfully submitted her
entire body to my manipulation. 

I could hardly wait any more. I came over her, gently parted her slim thighs and descended between them with my hard prick targeting her cunt hole. The first ever touch of a prick tip on her wet cunt lips sent Nisha into her abandon pleasure. She was totally out of her own control. She seemed eager to receive me inside her completely. She had juiced so much, this made the penetration easier. First the swollen knob of my enraged prick found the entry into the threshold of her pussy and things became easier later.

After a couple of jerks I was completely inside her. My prick slipped into her pushing itself between the wet and hot folds of her cunt. I held her breasts in both of my hands as for support. And started humping into her. Each
withdrawal of my prick was bringing her slim body up along with it and then next moment I was ramming my rod to the bottom of her cunt. Nisha moaned heavily and loudly. She had cum more than twice. In a wild effort to have more and more, Nisha was meeting me strokes with earnestness.

The final moment of realization was nearing to both of us. I inserted my tongue into her mouth, more with an intention to stifle her wild cries. I held he tight by her narrow waist and started exercising final attack on her cunt.
When I finally came, I came into the depth of her cunt so profoundly my cum oozed out of her cunt after fully filling it up.

I learnt only later that, the slut, my friend, Suman, was standing at the door with her ears stuck to her door, listening to each and every moan and cry we were making. And she was sadistically enjoying the invasion of her
sister's cunt by me. ..... sorry folks I am not the original writer..........


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