Sunday, April 19, 2015

In a Theatre with My Wife

My name is Nithin. This is an incident occurred when I visited a theatre with my wife Soundarya during our honeymoon trip in Kerala -- Gods own country! 

A place blessed with beauty dazzled our views. My wife wore a silk skirt and T-shirt. I did not approve of it, however being the second week of our marriage I did not argue. I donned jeans to match her style. When people stare at my wife, it makes me uneasy and my wife being voluptuous only made matters worse. Her boobs jiggled as she walked even though she wore tight bra. Her ass was a carved piece on which the skirt made a second skin.

It was with great effort during our honeymoon I got permission to go out alone with my wife. People did not seem to realize we needed privacy. Wherever we went aunties, uncles or their children followed us. Therefore, this time I told it was an official visit. My wife did not seem to mind the guest; in fact, she was happy to have all of them around her. She was surprised to see us go to a cinema hall instead of my friend's house as we planned. When I told her, I wanted some time in private she seemed to be more surprised which irritated me. 

'Was she such a naïve or was I the sex hungry guy?'

This film had been running for a week now and I didn't expect any rush. Leaving two seats from the sidewall, to keep our helmet and bags, we sat down like college students. Some people came and looked, then seeing us, they moved on to different seats. Some guys came and sat near me. As lights dimmed, I placed my hands on my wife's hand as she cuddled on my shoulder and smiled. We were immersed in the movie when suddenly someone flashed a torch at our faces. It was the ticket checker. I soon looked for the counterfoil in my pockets. 

"Is the seat occupied?" he asked flashing the seats where we had kept the bag.

"No," I said.

Immediately he flashed the torch to someone and a light was flashed back. Another person accompanied by two men came.

"This seat is not taken."

Before we could say anything, they moved in, handing over our bags on the seat to us.

"Isn't there any other seats?" I asked.

"The theatre is full and moreover the seat is not for placing your things," he said.

He was an old man and the way he looked at me was as if he was disapproving me with the girl. He probably did not realize we were married and perhaps thought we were here to grope and feel each other. I wanted to explain but then let it go. We should have taken our things and moved to the sidewall but it happened so fast that we never thought of that. The two men sat near my wife.

The film was an action packed movie with good songs. I sat back to enjoy the movie. After around half an hour, my wife whispered to me that the people were troubling her. I looked at them giving my sternest look hoping to frighten them and it did. They remained well mannered until the interval. Fifteen minutes after the interval, I felt my wife`s finger signalling me. I looked at her. One of them had his hand on her thigh. He was using his fingers to lift up her skirt slowly. She was busy pushing off his hand. I coughed and looked at him. He withdrew his hand quickly. My wife looked at me and smiled. I wanted to move her from there but the person near me seemed worse. Our only choice was either to create a scene and become the laughingstock or leave the theatre. It was only after months of waiting that we were able to go out, so I did not want to spoil it. I looked at them and they seemed under control now.

After some time, again I felt the fingers of my wife. I turned towards them. The person near her had unzipped and his underwear-covered dick was pointing out. Suddenly the theatre went silent and dark. I wondered what had happened and looked around. It was only the setting of a song, which started with silence, then a bang. All of a sudden, the screen was filled with mini skirt girls followed by a cabaret dancer. Her movements were sexy and her moving around showing glimpses of panty was titillating. For a second I forgot about my wife. It was my wife's pulling that brought me back. While I was deep into the movements of the song, the person near her had begun his movement. This time his eyes were glued to the screen. Therefore, I could not stare him down. His hands were roaming around my wife's thigh like a spider. My eyes were fluttering back to the screen as the cabaret dancer swirled her legs apart to the tune and did a fucking gesture with her legs apart giving a sudden view of a camel toe. The tugging of my sleeve continued. My brain was telling me turn however; my dick was rising and wanted to see the nakedness of the women on screen. Torn between the two I looked at the screen then to my wife thigh and then back to screen.

All this was happening in a matter of seconds though it looked like hours. While the actress parted her legs to show her panties and began to thrust, the person near her had pulled my wife's skirt above her knee. My wife expecting me to intervene had not given her full strength to stop him. She was pulling my sleeve with one hand while she held her skirt as the person tried to lift it. This disadvantage was an advantage to him. He heaved at her dress and placed his hands on her naked thigh. His hand was like an electric shock to her. She almost jumped up. My eyes were glued to the screen and her voice was falling on deaf ears. I tore my eyes from the screen to the person.

He had his hand placed on her naked thigh. Seeing her naked thigh, my dick arose. I slowly placed my hand on her other naked thigh. Thinking I was going to do something, she stopped the struggle. She probably thought I was going to twist the person's hand, but her standstill found two hands rushing to her spot. For a second she stood still, not realizing the effect as two hands reached her pussy. It was the other person who first squeezed her pussy under her skirt. With a shock, she grabbed his hand. Abruptly she found my hand wobbling into her panties. As she suddenly moved to block my hand, she lost the grip on the person's hand. The person`s hand now began to tug at her panties. She tried blocking both but the damage was done.

Both of us held on her panties and were heaving. Desperately she left our hands and gripped her panties. I continued my pull on her panties and so did the other person however; he also managed to get his left hand in to her panties and clutched her pussy. I realized that when I heard an 'oomph' from my wife. She let go of my hand and concentrated on the man. She tried to push his hand away but it was like a leech -- stuck there. I found no resistance as I pulled down her panties to her ankle. Either she was busy pushing the hand away or she did not realize it in the struggle. She tried to get up but the man`s hand blocked her. As she gripped the seat to get up, the person managed to insert his finger in her pussy. She uttered 'aah' loudly inadvertently. The sudden sound made him pullback his hand. She jumped up to go but I blocked her. 

She looked at me brusquely saying, "Let's go."

"Sit down," I hissed at her.

She looked at me her eyes widening not believing what she was hearing. 

"Don't make a fool of yourself. People are watching. Sit down!"

Her eyes still on me, she moved to sit but the person had jumped to her seat. Not noticing this, she sat right on his lap. As she tried to get up, he held her. She struggled and got up only to have her skirt pulled up as she was pulled back to his lap. She fell on his lap. The person had his dick out and as she fell on him, he grinded his dick on her bare ass. She didn't realise that although she was struggling to get away, she was actually giving him pleasure. She held the seat in front of her and tried to pull herself up but was pulled back. From my angle, it seemed like they were making it out. The person managed to hold his dick under her as he pulled her back the third time. She was thinking of only getting away and was not prepared as she fell down. The person had positioned it well, so as she fell, her pussy opened to acknowledge his dick that went right thru. She sat prefixed, forgetting to rise up taking in the pain and pleasure at the same stance. She looked at me as if she had done a blunder. I did not understand at first as her skirt covered his lap. Her embarrassed and flustered face made me understand what had happened. 

She sat perplexed what to do while the stranger was fucking his guts out in her. The person was unaware that he was fucking a virgin pussy. My wife was swooning as an unknown sense of pleasure hit her. She felt as if she would fall unconscious as her eyes collapse and she began to shiver. Soon the person started to shudder. I stood in awe as the two began to frisson forgetting their whereabouts. Both of them were shivering as if they were victims of fits. Soon they collapsed to the pleasures as the lust erupted deflowering her. For some time both of them sat like that as lovers. I looked around me. Couple of people was watching the episode blinking in the dark not believing their eyes. The person with him stood up. It was then I saw that he was rubbing his cock watching them. Without any thought of the public, he erupted a load of cum direct on her face awaking her. She suddenly realized the situation and jumped up. His dick was still hard and in her. As she rose, she felt his dick pull out and she shuddered. She wiped her face and looked around - to see us all staring at her. 

She burst into tears and sat down to cry. I put my hand on her shoulders trying to make her calm. People were fidgeting in their seats. They were thinking a couple of youngsters were enjoying a girl in the back and they were getting envious. Now given a chance, they would come and interfere acting as moral police. I was getting worried. Cos if the matter was out and it came that I, her husband did nothing, when she was molested would make things bad. To make matters worse if she says I helped them then it would be a disaster.

As I was consoling her, I found another hand coming in and squeezing her tits. This time I got angry, pushed the hand away, and looked up. I was shocked to see a crowd gathering around us. This made more worried. These fools surrounding her were sure to attract attraction and soon people would be buzzing in to know the reason and matters would blow out of hand. For the men it was fun and a rare chance to grab a woman. They did not care that she was crying, that her husband was with her, or that they were in a public place. Even as these thoughts flashed in my mind, the number of hands were increasing like a swarm of ants. Some squeezed her boobs and would not leave it. She was trying to push them off but she didn't want people to see her crying so she kept her head low. Suddenly I saw some of them pull out their mobiles and start to recording. I decided to move before it blows out of proportion