Sunday, May 10, 2015

When my friend came to stay

Just one day was left for Kashif. For next day, we made plans to go out of town and enjoy. From there Kashif will go to after spending the final night with us. We started in evening and reached our destination in about four hours drive. We all were very tired because of fuck load, work load and drive load. So we decided to relax. We checked into the suite of the hotel and went to bed. After some sleep I got up and was not getting the sleep again and they both were in deep sleep.
I woke her up with a scissor and shaving equipment in hand. I told her that I wanted to shave her pussy early for I wanted to go down on her later. After she was all shaved, I gave her a good licking while thinking that maybe later I would get to lick her again, but this time after she had been nicely fucked.
We spent the day in the hotel’s pool, had a nice romantic dinner and I made sure to make her drink a couple of glasses of wine, not to maker her drunk but for her to relax. For all time Yasmin was close to me, as she could not get close to Kashif outdoors. I know he wanted her and play with her in the pool. But still whenever he got the chance he was touching her here and there. He was missing her hugs and smooches that I was getting from Yasmin. I could see some jealousy on the face of Kashif. I asked Yasmin if she want to have massage. She said that she would love to have but from unknown masseur she won’t be comfortable. Kashif got the idea and at once whispered into my ears that he knows the art of massage and will do himself. I winked at him to be keeping quite, as I was having some plans to surprise her.
I asked Yasmin to take a bubble bath while sipping another glass of wine. As she was in the bathroom, I asked Kashif and told him to be in the room in 45 minutes.
After Yasmin came from the tub, I dried her and gave her a very revealing and sexy negligee I bought for the occasion.
I took her to bed and began to caress her. As she was already hot and bothered, I told her that I as a gift for her a professional masseur was coming to give her a massage and afterwards we would have a long love making session. She got kind of scared, but I told her that I would be with her at all times and if she felt uncomfortable at some time, she only had to say and he would stop and leave. I know even after getting fucked by Kashif she was not ready for strangers and even I didn’t wanted her to get fucked by strangers but still I was trying to open her so that she remains comfortable at every situation.
As I said that, Kashif knocked on the door and I went to open the door. My dear Yasmin turned off the lights and covered herself with a blanket. Kashif in a very professional manner explained to her that he was to give her a relaxing massage, that I would be present at all times and he would stop at any time if she asked. But she at once recognized his voice n slapped on my upper arm n said,” chutiya banana chahte the,WANTED TO MAKE FOOL OF ME, now she was very comfortable after seeing that masseur is none other but Kashif.
After turning on a night light to get the proper atmosphere, and in a very gentle manner, Kashif asked her to lie facing the bed so he could massage her back. He brought a big towel and asked her to cover her buttocks with a towel, which she did.
As he began to massage her, I positioned myself on her side and began to stroke her hair and gently touch her face with my fingers. As she began to relax, Kashif began to softly massage her neck and shoulders and after she closed her eyes, he very slowly began to massage her back. By the time he was massaging her lower back, she was completely relaxed.
Without touching her buttocks, he began to massage her feet, and then slowly went all the way massaging each of her legs. When he asked her to turn around, she did immediately complied. He began to massage – almost caress - each leg, and by the time he reached her hip, she has slowly opened her legs, so he would “accidentally” brush his fingers very near her vagina. She kind of flinched and made a very quiet, almost silent moaning sound. Kashif took her toes in his mouth and began to lick them and she moaned a little lewder but did nothing to stop him. Yasmin had her eyes completely closed and I began to kiss her mouth. She responded to my kiss in a very deeply sexual manner. That was the moment I had been waiting for so long! A guy playing with her body I kissing her passionately. I signal to him to go down on her as I kissed her and caressed her tits. Kashif slowly parted her legs, and she didn’t put any resistance. Then he carefully moved her thong sideways and began to slowly lick her well shaved pussy. She immediately came with such a force that I though she would pass out. As was almost coming myself but I wanted to save my orgasm for later for the night was only beginning. As I only had a pair of loose pants and a t shirt, I immediately stripped in a matter of less than on second.
I don’t know how he did it, but as she came he pulled his hard prick out and began to move up. I whispered to her to go ahead and enjoy the moment for I loved her and that was what I also wanted for her and began to kiss her mouth. She relaxed her legs and he began to penetrate her. She let out a moan of pleasure and whispered:”Oh, rabba bahut mazza aa raha hae! Oh, God it feels sooo good!”. As I kissed her and caressed her he fucked her slowly, fully penetrating his cock in her pussy and the withdrawing his cock almost completely just to push it back again, each time a little bit faster and deeper. He suddenly stopped and turned her to all fours and rammed his cock from back. Now I was lying down with her mouth on me. We were sucking each others lower lip at the same time. She was biting my lip in between. She was moaning with sounds like: aaaaaaa mmmmm aaaa aaaa.i got up n sat in front of her. She began to move her hips to match his trusts while trembling from pleasure all the time. Suddenly she pulled me nearer n tried to catch hold of my cock. I got the idea what she wanted. I got up and stood on my knees and she took my cock in her mouth. The position we always discussed and dreamt off. She kept on sucking me but I didn’t wanted to come in her mouth, so pulled my self out. She was moaning loudly. I could see Kashif too was moaning loudly for his final fuck with Yasmin. She must have come three or four times before he let go his stream of juice inside her pussy. When she felt him come, she then came like a volcano. As she came I kept kissing and caressing her while he withdrew from her pussy and quietly got dressed. He was getting late not wanting to miss his flight. He kissed Yasmin for one final time and told that he is going to miss her for one whole year. He promised that next year he will try to come for longer period. I told Yasmin keep lying on bed and saw off Kashif at the door itself as I was not wearing anything.
We were finally alone. Here I was with my recently fucked wife who was slowly returning to her senses. I positioned myself between her legs for I wanted to see and smell her recently fucked pussy. Oh, it was a sight to behold. Kashif really came in her. When I spread her pussy lips, her insides where really full of his white, creamy come. It almost made me lose my load right then and there, buy I held back for I wanted to taste her first. I tentatively began to lick her outer lips and slowly came close to her clitoris which I began to suck very softly, then I put my tongue in her hole and tasted both her and his juices all mixed together. She was rotating her hips faster every time and then she pulled me up and gave me a very hungry kiss in my mouth which was all wet from her pussy juices and his come. “It tastes yummy” she said, and then she begged me to make love to her. “Please honey, I want to feel you inside me, I want to come with you”, As I put my cock in her warm, relaxed and extremely wet pussy I felt the greatest sexual pleasure I have ever felt. Here I was, with my recently fucked wife, whose pussy was full of other man’s come, kissing and sharing his come in our mouths, my cock lubricated by this guy’s semen and knowing that she loved being fucked by my best friend, Kashif. I came with a force that almost ripped my guts. As I came, she came very strongly too. As our tremors subsided, and much to my surprise, she asked me to lick her pussy again, which I immediately did. Now I was licking a cocktail of her juices and semen from me and Kashif. Believe it or not, I got and immediate hard on, and fucked again.

We kept fucking on and of until about three am, when we slumped to sleep, hugging each other very tight I came three times that night. Yasmin told me that she must have come over seven or eight times (of course, she wasn’t counting).
I woke up before Yasmin. When she woke up and unexpectedly she asked me: “What we have done?” I immediately hugged her and told her that it was all right, that I truly loved her very much and that I really loved what had happened. As we kissed I slowly laid her on the bed and began to kiss her whole body until I got to her still very wet and very full of come pussy, which I began to kiss and lick.
“Oh, honey, you really like that!” she said. “Yes, honey I love it, I love you and love your pussy more than ever. You will see that I will be licking it all the time now on because I know that some one else had fucked you”. Just the knowledge that other cock had penetrated this beautiful pussy of yours and had come inside it is enough to keep me horny all the time. “But what do you really get from me fucking another guy?” she insisted. “Pleasure, honey, pure pleasure. I just love the feeling of your wet and loose pussy full of other guy’s come. I just know that you came with some one else, that his come is lubricating my cock as I fuck you and that I am sharing something which is supposed to be only for me. The fact that I share you and your pussy with some other guy, but that you and your pussy are mine and are my love, makes me so horny I cannot describe it.”
I kept licking her pussy and she began to softly suck my cock. After a while, we fucked again. As she was nearing her orgasm she told me “Honey, I want to do it again. I want to be fucked by some other guy again!” With that, we both came in a most delicious orgasm. My demure and conservative wife was not repentant of what we had done! She actually was quite enthusiastic and wanted more!!!
Regretfully, it was our last day with Kashif, so we left with my fantasy fulfilled but still wanting more and never know when.