Friday, April 08, 2016

My Driver

It was my 18th birthday. I was now legally eligible to get a driving license. I expressed it to my dad and he readily agreed. So it was decided that from next week I learn driving. Dad told me that there was a agency “Prerna Driving Classes”right near our house who taught people how to drive and also assisted in getting a learners license plus driving license.
I went to their office. There was a man sitting at the reception who gave me a smile and asked me to sit. I told him that I want to get a 4 wheeler license. He took out a register and asked my details.”Name?” Lizzy, I said. “Age” ?18, I replied. He looked at me again. “Proof”? I showed him my college id card which read B Com 2nd year. He looked at the photo and then at me and gave me back my card. ”
When do you want to start the classes”? Tomorrow, “I replied”. Then in that case we cannot assign you a lady teacher as she is getting married and won’t be coming in for few months. If you want then you can start right away with a male teacher from tomorrow itself. I was confused as to what to say. I got up and told him that I will confirm with my parents and let him know later. He shook his head and went back to his work.
In the evening I talked to my dad and he told me that there is nothing wrong in a male teacher teaching me how to drive. On the contrary he was telling me that a male will have more control over the vehicle in case I loose control. I thought about it and then decided to go ahead with it. Next day morning I woke up early, took bath, dressed up and went to their office. The same guy was sitting there. I told him that I am ok with male teacher and enrolled myself.
He took the deposit from me and then got up from his seat So let’s start. I was confused. I did not expect him only to be the teacher. That was the first time I noticed him properly. He stood 6feet 2 inched tall, well built in his late 30’s. He asked me to follow him to another room where he had picture of various signals. He explained it to me one by one and I nodded my head as I was familiar with most of them.
He was satisfied with my knowledge and then showed me a dummy model of gear, steering brake accelerator and clutch. He sat on the seat and showed me how to shift gear and press clutch etc. Though it looked simple when he explained but when I tried it, he seemed to point out a lot of mistakes. All this while he never made an attempt to touch me but verbally explained to me what i was doing wrong. I was impressed by his gentleman attitude.
When I changed the gear without pressing the clutch, even when he had reminded me 100 times, he did not seem to get angry. I felt relaxed. After some attempts he let me go home and told me that tomorrow at 5 am, we will try on Santro on road. I was excited as i walked back home. I always wanted to drive a car to college. It would be a style statement. I was 5 feet 4 inches tall with a good figure. I had maintain my figure from school days.
Next day morning, all excited I ran to the driving centre and i found a Santro parked in front of the office. I wore a long t-shirt and a jeans. It was morning 5 am and the road was empty. He told me to come inside the office. He told me that most of the people come half sleepy in the morning and don’t concentrate and create horrific accidents. There was no one in the office. He told me to do some stretches so that my body can become more agile. He asked me to bend and touch my toes with my fingers. He went and stood behind me. I reluctantly tried to bend forward but I was unable to do so. He made me bend again for some more time all the time he silently stood behind me. He then asked me to lie on the carpet on my back and move my legs in cycling motion. I did that too. Once satisfied he took me to the car.
He asked me to start the car. I did it but it failed to start as I was not giving enough force to it. He asked me to move back and cautiously turned the key hard enough to start the vehicle without touching me. I stopped it and again tried it and this time I was able to start it. I was happy. He smiled at me and gave me thumbs up signal. He taught me how to put the car in gear and press the accelerator. It jerked to a stop every time I started it.
But after doing it a number of times I was now successfully able to move the car forward. I cautiously took the car for a round. But I then realized that I was a sloppy driver. I nearly went and hit a lamp post but for the timely action taken by him to press the brake by putting his leg between mine to stop the car to a sudden halt. That was the first contact of his legs on mine. He quickly pulled back his legs and told me to be more careful. I told him that I was not feeling very comfortable with power steering.
He told me to that he will guide my hands from then on. I again started the car but this time he slowly placed his hand on mine and slowly turned the steering so that the car won’t go off the track. I was wearing a half sleeve t shirt and don’t know why a shiver ran through my spine when he touched my hand. He then left my hand in sometime and let me control the steering. He then placed his hand on my bare arm and applied some pressure to control the car movements. I did not oppose to any of his moves which gave him more confidence.
He let me go home after 45 mins training and asked me come back 2moro same time. I went back home thinking about the events. I was not very happy about my driving skills but it was just the first day, can’t expect much. Dad enquired about my progress I told him what I had learned and he seemed impressed. Next day morning, I went back to the office. I wore a short shirt and jeans. He again took me to inside the office room and made me do some exercise.
He made me lift my hand up down left right etc and gave me a garam chai also. We again started the same routine story of starting the car, putting into gear. He now had confidently caught hold of my hands and guiding me to drive in a straight line. He lightened his grip on me and told me to change gear to 3rd. I did as i was told. I increased the accelerator and car started picking up speed.
He told me go easy on the speed. But i was somehow pressing the gas too hard. I looked at the speedometer and it read 70. I was shocked. I was going way too fast. I looked at him. He then did what i never expected him to do. He placed his hand on my knee and slowly lifted my leg thereby reducing the pressure on the gas pedal. He told me to look straight and drive and not to worry about the speed as he will adjust it by applying pressure on my knee. I slowly looked down to my legs.
He had initially kept his hand on my knee but now i felt that he was moving it up a bit towards by thighs I was unnecessarily imagining too much. I tried to concentrate on my driving. He meticulously applied pressure on my leg now to speed up or slow down the car.. His hand was on my thighs over my jeans now. I felt he was slowly rubbing it. I tried to ignore it. He then suddenly removed his hand from my thighs and analyzed how I was doing without his support. Without his hand i was pressing the accelerator too hard. I managed to cross 80 kms/hr mark.
I was really not able to control the speed. Suddenly a big truck came into view, even though it was at a considerable distance from my car. i started to panic and my hands begin to shake. As the truck came closer. I brutally turned the steering to the left making the car go off the road. He looked alarmed. He screamed at me to press the brake and i slammed the brake with all my might. The car skidded to a halt. I was pulled forward and my chest slammed against the steering wheel. He was pushed toward the windscreen..
I was still shaking. He told me relax. I was not able to. There was no other vehicle on the road. He slowly adjusted my seat so that i was now in a 150 degrees angle. He asked me to cool down and close my eye. My body was shivering. He then kept his hands on my shoulders and made me lie back on my seat. With his hands he closed both my eyes. My legs were shaking. He opened the window near my side and let the air hit me. I felt cold. He then slowly kept his hand on my thigh. He tried to slowly caress it.. I regained my senses and opened my eyes.
He again motioned me to close my eyes. I reluctantly closed it again. He started gently massaging my thigh. His hand now moved slowly towards my inner thighs. I felt a tingle of excitement between my legs. He asked me take in deep breaths. I took in a couple of deep breaths. I wanted to tell him to remove his hands from my thighs but something in me stopped me from telling him that. I kind a liked that feeling.
After a while he told me that he will drive back and he asked me come at 4:30 am the following day where traffic will be even lesser. I was feeling drowsy. I somehow managed to reach home got ready for college. All the while in college I was thinking about his hands on my thighs. Was it on purpose that he tried to massage it, was it just concern?
I wanted to find out. The next day morning I woke up early and decided to test him. I wore a shirt and a skirt. Not a mini skirt but it came till my knees. It was made of a thin silk material. As i walked towards the office, I had to hold the skirt from being blown up in the wind. No one was awake at that time, but I did not want to take any chance. I reached his office. I did not see him in the reception. I went inside the other room. I saw him sipping chai. He looked different today. He was wearing a short..actually a very short one… a tight one…he wore a t shirt on top.
He gave me chai.. I took it from him..sipped it. He told we can skip exercise…I was surprised.. I could feel that he had bigger plans in mind for me today…We both completed our tea and we got into the car. He asked me to take a different route today the one which ran parallel to the railway tracks and where there was nearly no traffic and most importantly no one at all to see us. I was scared but the excitement to find out what will happen made me act normal and follow his instructions…
I started the car and slowly drove it. He kept in hand on my skirt on my knees he told me that it was just to keep control on the speed. He was talking about how to keep looking at the rear view mirror and overtaking rules. I was so intently listening that i it was late when i realized that he had managed to push up my skirt a bit above my knees. I looked at his short. I could easily see the bulge in his shorts as I cud see the projection of his prick. I felt a shredder go through me. He then asked me a very silly question ”
Why are you so uncomfortable? why are you shifting so much in your seat? is it because your skirt is too tight around your waist? I did not reply. I was too stunned to reply.. He told me that I should wear correct fitting clothing while driving else the concentration will be shifted from driving. He kept staring at my stomach. I lied saying that the skirt was a bit tight around my stomach. I did not want to make him think that I was bad at driving.. He asked me to look at his shorts. he had an elastic one…
I could get a glimpse of his pubic hair peeking from the top of this shorts as he had worn it way too low and butterflies started flying in my stomach. My knees became weak. I told him meekly..”I am not having a elastic skirt”hmmm..” Let me have a look. he replied. No.. i will adjust it..i said in panic. He told me not to worry and concentrate on the road. I tried to focus on my lousy driving. He took his hand and held by shirt. Since my shirt was little long and came over my skirt. He then slowly lifted my shirt.
My heart was beating at the speed double of what the speedometer read then. He lifted my shirt till he could see top of my skirt. He looked at my skirt in amazement. There was a hook and small zip below it. By just loosening the hook wouldn’t make my skirt loose. He had to unzip it to loosen it. “looks like rocket science to me” he joked.. I giggled half heartedly.. “Ok, now what i can do.. Let me have a better look” I was shocked, stunned .. . He brought his hand back to my skirt and slowly unclasped the hook. I took a deep breath and my belly button went back in.
He then slowly kept his hand on my skirt and pulled down the zip. As the zip came down my red panty came into view. The skirt was totally loose around my stomach now. He let it hang loosely. My panty’s elastic was in full view for him. He was eyeing my panty. Since the skirt was a bit tight. He saw that a line had formed around my waist. “Awww” he said. poor girl. He traced that line with his fingers. My body trembled and i started pressing the gas harder. He suddenly shifted his hand on my thigh. He slowly lifted my thigh so that I wouldn’t press it further.
In that process my skirt rode up to my thighs.. I was in a total shape of undress in front of him. He kept staring at my stomach and panty. He then told me there will distractions on the road all the time so he will teach me how to drive when there are distractions. I did not understand. He told me that he will try to distract me but i should always try to concentrate on the road and not lose focus. I was scared but i replied yes.
He took a water bottle and then poured it into a plastic glass. He gave it to me to drink. I started to sip it. Suddenly he gave a push at the bottom and the entire water poured my shirt and my skirt. I screamed out at him.. He asked me to keep driving. Don’t lose focus from the road…..I was dripping wet on my shirt and the water was flowing below on my skirt. I kept driving. Good he said…I was feeling cold due the water hitting my skin. I shifted in my seat. He then told me sorry and he will wipe off the water. He took a towel from the back seat and wiped my hand. The water had gone into my shirt through the gaps of my shirt buttons.
He then looked at the 4 buttons of my shirt. I was shivering with cold. He told me not to worry and look straight. He kept his hand on my shirt and started removing the buttons from below. I was in panic. “what are you doing” i screamed. He told me relax but did not stop opening my buttons. In a jiffy he removed all four buttons. He told me not to panic and drive with concentrations as this is the ultimate test to check for my focus on the road ahead. He parted my shirt both ways. My white bra was visible to him now. I was driving in the road at 4:45 am, it was still dark with a man trying to strip me off my dress just to check my focus. I was feeling horny..
I let things unfold.. There was no one in view also as the road was so empty with a railway track running parallel to it. He then pulled my shirt back and asked me to come a bit forward. He removed my shirt by asking me to remove my hand from the steering one at a time. I was breathing hard now. I was in my bra now in front of an unknown man. I did not have the courage to look at him. He removed my shirt and kept it in the back seat. He took the towel and started wiping my neck. My breaths became deeper. my navel was rising and falling rhythmically. He brought the towel on top of my cleavage. My bra was also wet. He slowly wiped my navel and belly button. I was wet below.
There was a small mole near my belly button. He touched it with his finger. He told me he had a similar one on his stomach. Do you want to see it? I nodded in shame. He removed his t shirt and showed me his bare chest. He was speaking the truth even he had one on his stomach. Do you want to touch it he asked. I was driving slowly now. He took my hand and made me feel his mole on his stomach. Let’s take some break he replied as soon as we reached near a huge tree. The sun was slowly rising. I stopped the car. I was without a shirt and my skirt was unhooked and i was sitting beside a nearly naked man. It was really happening.
He kept staring at my body. There was some kind of tension in the car. Just to lighten up the atmosphere I asked him “Where else do you have a mole”? He laughed at that question. You do not want to see where that is. he replied. I wanted to play with him now. Oh come mom show me.. I am not that small too. “Don’t tell me I did not warn you” came the reply. I want to see it i replied.
Let’s play a game then, why don’t you find it out yourself? he said. hmmm… that interesting. I moved towards him and started checking his body. I made him lift his hand, made him turn around checked his legs, thighs, etc. It was nowhere to be seen. The only place to be checked was inside his shorts. What give up? he asked me.. so soon? i told him there is one more place to see, after that only i ll give up. “you can see where you want to see but you have to do everything on you own” he said.
My hands trembled as i touched his elastic of his shorts. My heart was hammering onto my chest, i slowly pulled his shorts, his tiny pubic hair came into view. He started laughing. I asked him to lift his butt so that i can pull his shorts down. He obediently lifted himself. I pulled down his shorts completely. I saw his penis. It was huge. it was standing erect pointing at me. I felt dizzy. I regained my composure. i started looking for the mole. I made him turn around. he was fully naked now. This butt was huge. There was mole on his right butt. i told him that. Found it.
He turned around. His penis was leaking some fluid now. I couldn’t take my eyes off his thing. Now it’s my turn he replied. I slowly nodded my head. He bend towards me and ran his hand on skirt and slowly pulled it down.. He again pushed my seat back, this time to the maximum extent possible. He brought his hand behind my back and unhooked my bra from behind. He pulled it out completely. I was topless now in an unknown road. He then reached for my panty and pulled it down. There was wetness below in my pussy. I felt wonderful lying naked in front of him. The cold air hitting my body made my nipples erect.
Shit!!! i saw a man near our car. I panicked.. But my teacher told me not to panic. As that man came near, we realized that he was around 70 years old and probably come to pee or shit. He seemed to be annoyed by our car. He did not try to look who was in the car, he just moved towards the bushes. My teach asked me ” Are you in a wild mood today?” Why don’t you go naked near that old man and pee in front of him and come back? What i yelled. It took me all my courage to stay naked in front him..peeing was too much to handle common why don’t you just try, He can’t fuck you even if he wants too. i thought about it for a min. I agreed.
I looked outside the car and saw no one was there. the old man was indeed there to pee. I slowly opened my door and walked straight to the old man. He turned around and got shocked to see a naked girl. he didn’t seem to believe it first. I told him hi and sat near him. i was enjoying his look of shock. My piss came out with a steady flow. he did not move at all. He was paralyzed looking at me. I got up.. looked around no one was there… The old man was so shocked looking at my body.. he was in cloud 9. i ran back happily to my car. My teacher was now shagging.. .. he told me drive the car naked for some time with the windows open.
He was enjoying looking at me enjoy..I started my way back to my house driving naked. The sunlight has come back and it was bright now. We put back our clothes. He asked me to come a bit more early and he told me he knows a place where we could have more fun. I went home satisfied. I went to my bathroom and masturbated 2 times. I was weak and my body felt good. i was eagerly waiting for the next day to come….I woke up early. Wore a t shirt with nothing inside and a skirt without panties.
I went inside the office. my teacher was sitting inside waiting for me. I went and hugged him. He went and closed the room. He tripped me off my t shirt and removed my skirt. I removed his shorts. his lips were eagerly searching for mine. He sucked at my lips like a hungry wolf devouring its prey. He pressed my nipples and sucked my breasts like a devil. He bend down and started sucking my pussy. My pussy was wet with his saliva and my pre cum. I was hugging him tight. I wanted him to deflower me today. He stood up made me lie on the bed. He took and cloth and tied my hands and legs on the bed.
You like to do crazy stuff huh. He said. I will show you what can be done. He left me tied to the bed. He had tied my legs wide apart. My pussy was flowing with juices It was 4:30 am now and time for practice. He asked to drive naked today all the way. The thought of taking risk brought back my energy. i drank tea from flask and ran naked to the car. He was at the driver’s seat today. He raced the car to a route which took us near the lake area. As we neared the lake, we saw there were boys around 18 yrs old not more than that taking bath naked..
He told me to go near them and wash myself and come back. I was terrified there were some 4 or 5 boys. They would easily tear me apart if they wanted. He said he will come for rescue if something happens. I wore my t shirt and skirt and went near lake little away from the boys. The boys stopped taking bath. They were looking at me in disbelief. What is a girl doing at 4:45am near the lake. I ignored them and started to clean my face with water. I put some water on my neck and arms and acted really tired. I stepped into the water. I looked around and saw all the guys staring at me.
I asked them is it water clean to take bath. All five nodded in unison. I told them i am tired after a long drive and wanted water to clean myself. I turned my back towards them and removed my tshirt and pulled down my panty and kept it on the shore and stepped into the water. They would have been stunned to see a naked butt of a girl in their life. I immersed myself in water and acted like bathing. The guys came near me. They were younger than me. I looked around and saw them standing near me don’t know what to say.. They looked all excited. They were also naked. i could see their penis.
I acted careless and played in the water for some time and got out and took my clothes and went back to the car. My teacher told me that i was outstanding. I caught him masturbating again. This time i took his penis in my mouth and sucked it clean. We then drove back home. Those days were the best days of my life and i ll remember it forever.


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