Friday, October 29, 2004

Motivated by the story of Uncle Raj

This is story of myself 14yrs, my sister Sapna 21 yrs and Uncle Raj 48 yrs who was a tenent in our house. My sister was married at the age of 20 and because my Jija had gone abroad (just after 2 months of marriage)for his training, Sapna used to spend considerable time with us as her in-laws stayed in a near by city.

Uncle Raj use to stay at the back portion of our house and we stayed on the first floor. On the ground floor, an aangan used to connect his portion with the first floor landing ending up on the verandah connected to that angan. There was also a room on the second side of the angan and the aangan itself was half covered by a shed with an iron jaali (net) dividing the aangan and thereby extending this room. The covered portion of the angan and the room was meant to be store. The door to Uncle Raj's portion was inside this covered area and there was another door which connectes this covered portion and verandah. The room (store) had a window which could have opened into Uncle Raj's bedroom, but since no one used to open this room, Uncle Raj was oblivious to its existence. On the uncovered portion there was a bathroom and a toilet which we used to use as in summers the water supply could only be accessed at the ground floor.

Uncle Raj was of atheletic build and was a divorcee for the last 8 yrs. He was always lusting after my sis since he started staying at our place. My mother a sis, held him in high esteem as he was a senior goverment officer an used to help out in our various problems.

This incident is when my sis was staying with us, actually she had come to attend the marriage of our cousin sister. Jija had been away for the last 10 months to UK for his higher studies. She is 5.6" slim and quite attractive.

We all were staying at my mama's place but on the day of the marriage my and my sis had to come back as she wanted to go to her known beauty parlour and from their directly to the marriage ceremony. We took a rickshaw at around 9AM as we had to enter the house from Uncle's side and he had to leave for office at 10AM. We reached at 9.30AM and I could see Uncle at his front door waiting for us but in a dressing-gown. I asked him what the matter is, is he not going to office today, to which he replied that as we have to leave early in the evening, he has taken a vacation. My sis was wearing a synthetic saree with a short sleaved blouse. She was always weary of uncle as he used to always leer at her and always used to try and brush her body. I could see this as an opurtunity for some action. To enter our house we had to go via uncles's portion then we could enter the aangan and from there to the staircase leading to the first floor.

As soon as I saw Uncle face lighteneing up seeing my sis and me, I knew that soemthing is going to happen today as my mom was also not there today.

Suddenly an idea came to my mind, I looked at the sky and immedtaley asked my sis to give the keys of the staircase door so that I can run and catch some kites which were flying in the sky. She handed me the staircase keys (not the house keys) and I ran inside uncles hall and then unlocked the staricase but didn't go up, instead checked for a minute if my sis is coming after me or not. When she didn't appeared for a minute I went to the store room from where I could check out was happenning.

What I saw was uncle engaging her in some small talk, and praising her looks and the saree and the blouse and trying to touch her hand...and sometime putting his hand on her shoulder. My sister was in an awkarwd position and din't have a clue to get out from there. Uncle was standing or rather covering more than half the door connectiong his outer hall and bedroom. To get to our house she had to cross and brush past uncle. Since uncle was not budging she had no choice but to get past the door by keeping her backside to uncle. As soon as she brushed past my uncles crotch, he caught her from behind and crushed her to the door frame. He caught both her hands in his hands, stretched her hands on top of her hand and kissed her on the naked shoulder. Suddenly he reached out and grabbing the sis from just below her breasts, he pulled her in his arms and crushing her into his body, his hot mouth plunging down onto hers, his tongue trying to plunge between her soft lips. Sis was trying to jerk away her face from his onslaught but then he also cupped her buttocks and thrusted his swelling bulge in the front of his pants pressed into her softly quivering belly. Till now sis was able to ward off his probing from his mouth which in turn was frustrating him. He took both her hands from her buttockes and wanted to hold her face in place but this was a chance that my sis was looking for. She got out of her hold and ran towards the other bedroom door, into the aangan , locked the aangan door from inside and ran up the stairs.

Uncle was furiated and I could make out a huge bulge in his robe. He must have been atleast 9 inches by the look of it.

To cut a long story short, my sis was lil distrubed by the turn of events and was not herself during next 2-3 hrs. Meanwhile uncle also called up from the aangan in between asking for some cold water, but my sis insisted that I go down and give it to him.

At around 3 PM, when I was flying the kites, my sis came to the terrace and told me that she is now going go for bath and will use the aangan bathroom. She told me if possible not to go out of the house and in no case should I go out from uncle's portion. This she would have said because then the aangan door would have been left open and she didn't want that to happen for obivious reasons. She was carrying a towel and also a fresh blouse, petticoat and saree for going to the beauty parlour.

Well I was I and as soon as she went in for her bath, I waited for 15 mins, went down to uncle by opening the aangan door and told him that I am going to the park for some cricket, and if maid comes tell him that we still won't require her for 3 more days, and also mentioned that Sapna is taking her bath on the ground floor. Uncle said okay and then I got out from his portion went around to back of my house, climbed up the walls and trees to reach my terrace, came down again to the ground floor, checled whther uncle is in sight or not and immediately went in to the store room. From between the 2 doors I could see the aangan and from the window I could see into uncle's bedroom. Checking up on uncle, I came across that he is just strolling in his room, still in his bathrobe and perhaps schemimg out things. After may be 5-7 mins he entered the aangan, came to verandah and stood behind the pillar. I could see uncle standing behind the pillar and from time to time massaging his cock over the cloth. This seem to be longest time of my life. I myself was aching hard, and was actually waiting to see what would happen. The anticipation itself was such that, ki one stroke at my lund and I would have come off.

Well well well, my sis came out of bathroom into the aangan, wearing only petticoat and blouse. The saree was kept on a stool in verandah, She was using towel to dry her hairs which were kind off wet. Her petticoat was tied way below her navel perhaps just above her pubic hairs. The blouse was rally short kind of nylon material. Her back was to me and the uncle. Uncle was looking intently at her like a wolf. He tip toed towards her and then caught her from behind. My sis was zapped, but had the sense to ask him as to how he got here. Uncle told her that I am not there in the house. My sis had nowhere to turn for help now. He immediately tried to kiss her but again my sis managed to avoid him. He told her that he has been looking this for a long time and now he will have it whther she likes it or not. He also told her that her husband is away from her for so long, if she goes ahead she might like it. My sis would have none of that and tried her level best to get out of his hold. Seeing no end to smooth talk, he caught hold of her breast (size 34C) and squeezed really hard. Sis had tears coming out of her eyes now, but in her pusuit of getting out, somehow both of them got themselves inside the bathroom. Now I could not see inside but only the sound of it, apparently he didn't stop his relentless attack on her breast and I could hear my sis squeal in hysteria and pain. After about 5 mins both of them again emerged, with uncle behind her and both his hands on her breasts. Now guys if u rememebr, the aangan was divided by an iron jalli (net) with 2 sq inch square nets. He brought my sis to the jaali, facing me and told her to keep her hands on the jaali otherwise he is going to really squeeze hard. When my sis didn't copertae he really kind off tweaked her nipples over the blouse and reluctantly my sis kept her hands on the jally. He was still squeezing her breats and also kissing her naked shoulder, back and cheeks. He then hoisted her up, with one hand underneath her legs, one hand around her breats and came inside the covered portion on the way to his bedroom. My sister was jerking her legs, her head was hanging down, her taut stomach was quivering, but the face looks as if she wanted this to happen. On entering his bedroom he put her down on the carpet and sat on a chair.

"Ah, Sapna, so you are now where I wanted for a long time eh! Had to use a little push didn't I, too bad, I wish you had come to me without that, but we shall see. In time you will grow to want me so badly, you'll beg for me," he grinned, leaning over to turn off the television and as he did so exposing his naked genitals to the shocked sis's distraught gaze.

She stood silently now as the Uncle Raj leaned back in his chair and staring intently at her body proceeded to mentally strip her. She could feel his eyes boring into her body and she wanted to cringe, to run, to hide and yet she knew that she must bear it.

The Uncle Raj lay back in his chair now, his crotch completely exposed and Sapna stared at him utterly amazed.

"Tell me my dear, do my bare cock and balls frighten you?"

Sapna stood still, rigid with fear not knowing quite what to say to the older man. He was so totally different from her husband who was a studious kind, yet it looked as if she found herself drawn to him in some strange masochistic way. It was almost as if she wanted him to hurt her in some way, she couldn't quite explain it even to herself.

"So baby, you're silent eh. Well, one thing's for sure, you need it otherwise you wouldn't be here.

Sapna could hardly believe that it was the Uncle Raj talking to her, he sounded more like a hood than a man she knew and respected. "Well Sapna now that I have got you, make up your mind," the Uncle Raj said in a slow voice, the timbre sending sensations of lascivious desire through the young sis's voluptuous body. She couldn't help but be turned on by the very perversity of the situation, she was being asked to give her body and despite her repulsion she had to admit to herself that it was turning her on in some strange kind of way.

"Well Sapna... I'm waiting."

"I'll do as you say, whatever you say," the young sis said, her face blushing a little at the boldness of her decision.

"Ah, my little randi," he said, "I want to see you... naked!" He grinned salaciously.

Sapna felt herself tremble at the very lewdness of the situation. Who ever would believe it that the Uncle Raj is asking her to strip and pretty soon is going to either fuck her or order her to suck his cock. God! only knows I don't!

Slowly and seductively Sapna reached behind her and unzipped her blouse.

"Come closer baby, I don't want to miss a thing," the Uncle Raj said hungrily.

Hesitantly, but forcing herself, Sapna responded, moving within his reach. Then, she felt his hands on her leg beneath her petticoat and she steeled herself to his touch.

"Are you scared Sapna," he said in a soft and tender voice.



"I-I've never done this before, only for my husband, like this."

I could see his lust-contorted face grinning up at her.

Sis pulled the blouse over her head and I could hear Uncle Raj gasp as her melon-like breasts sprang free of their confining garment. "Quick baby, get it all off," uncle whimpered, "I can't wait to see the rest."

Suddenly sis looked just a little bit turned on, she couldn't help it, the Uncle Raj was so taken with her body it flattered her ego, even though she knew she was a beautiful woman, it felt good to have someone acknowledge that fact.

"God! you're beautiful," he moaned as he reached out to touch her bare shoulders with his trembling fingers. "Come closer baby, come closer," he groaned. "You're like velvet, so smooth, so smooth."

Uncle Raj's lips wason her soft, naked shoulders now, "let me do the rest," he whispered urgently his mouth brushing urgently against her firm white breasts, nibbling tauntingly at one ruby-red nipple causing it to quiver into almost immediate hardness.

God! she looked turned on.

Sapna's breath seem to be caught in her throat as he massaged and kneaded, stroked and caressed her naked, palpitating breasts, pinching at the tiny, hard, cherry-nipples and rolling them between his fingers, causing new wild sensations to jolt excitedly through her whole body. Then, he was gently drawing her petticoat down over her tapered thighs and then her panties over her buttocks and hips from behind and she closed her eyes and raised her hand in the intoxicating delight that was enveloping her, his lips suddenly and wetly kissing each of her soft white buttocks, making her tremble, until, at last, as she stood there, her brain swirling in the erotic madness that was rapidly gaining control of her too-long. He spread her buttocks apart with his hands, and the worming hot dampness of his tongue burrowing into the cleft of her soft, quivering behind, finally licking from the bottom of the smooth white crevice to its top and following right up her back until he stood once more with his arms around her.

He had forced the long thick length of his aching cock downward as he moved in close behind her,while his hands reached around to clutch at her firm, rotund breasts, then, he pressed her forward to the bed, removing his robe, his massive rod cleaving the air before him like a great, frightening club.

Sis didn't look resisting; probably now that she'd gone this far, already sold herself to all intents and purposes, so why fight it now? And truly whatever she had thought of this man only a short time before, for some unfathomable reason it was no longer the same inside her. Just as the touch of his gentle hands had more than converted her, it had rekindled all of the want and need she had loyally, if stupidly, struggled against within her unfulfilled, hungry body. Yet, she couldn't deny the unbelievable immorality of her actions, either, not fighting his lustful attentions, but rather, accepting them with growing desire, even finding justification in the fact that at least he was a man, not a boy and the sight of his huge heavy-veined cock wouldn't let her forget that.

She found herself dropping to the bed obediently and laying back as he eased down beside her, his handsome, masculine face opposite her own and as he stretched out against her, she lay and waited for his kiss.

He kissed her, this time smashing his tongue between her tender lips, into her mouth and throat, his one huge hand traversing over her breast and down her side, across her belly, finally reaching the moist velvetness of her vibrant, sensitive vaginal split, toying momentarily in the sparse pubic hair, then, searchingly discovering her already excited, erect clitoris. He tweaked it and she gasped into his mouth. He pinched it and she repeated the gasp, then he ran his fingers down through the damp, sensitive, raw flesh to the small opening of her pussy, and while he tongue-fucked into her delicious, receptively sucking mouth, he slipped his middle finger up into the moist quivering passage.

Sapna moaned uncontrollably. "Ooooooohhhhhhh... Godd!"

How long had it been since she was last fucked? Her whole being had seemingly come alive with a seething sexual desire. His wonderful hands were setting her right off into space! Had she ever known anything to compare? Who was this man making love to her, the devil, himself? And then, his finger was slipping smoothly in and out of her rapidly dilating passage, and a wave of new exciting sensations rippled over her flesh.

Oh... ohhhhh! I'm lost, my God! she wimpered!

He was slithering down her body, rolling her gently onto her back, his was a strong, masculine body, powerful muscles of his arms, shoulders and chest ripple as he half-lifted himself and spread her thighs, then crawled slowly between them, his handsome face hovering just above her moist and excited loins.

His large flat palms of his hands pressing against the softness of her inner thighs, moving them wide apart, and her breath bubbled in her chest as she waited with mounting desire for what she hoped would happen next.

"Oooooohhhhhh!" she lurched and groaned, as his hot, moist lips closed over the puffy little mound at the base of her belly. Then, taunting kisses being lavished on the hair-lined slit of her aroused pussy, much more gently and desirable kisses, delightful, tantalizing kisses on the closed tingling lips of her now, feverish cunt, kisses that suddenly would melt her in oblivion, and his tongue gently parted the pubic hair and began to flick snakelike at the delicate, quivering opening.

Every muscle in her body seemed to react at the heavenly pleasurable licking of her still-closed vaginal lips, while uncontrollable moans of ecstasy tumbled from her lovely mouth.

Dear God, don't stop, don't stop, you wonderful lover! All of my life I've waited for this, not really knowing it, and now, you've come to fulfill me with it! Oh, please don't stop... please, please! I don't care what, or who, you are, just don't stop!

Nothing else mattered; insane electric like jolts were setting her whole body aglow with tingling needle-like prickles of carnal enchantments and then, as if her limbs were being controlled by a remote brain, her hands were moving down over her sensuously throbbing breasts, the smoothness of her stomach, and coming teasingly to rest on either side of her cunt-lips. I could hear uncle's breathing from where they lay. Slowly, deliberately, she spread the fleshy, hair sprinkled flanges of her feminine aperture open to him with delicate fingers, her hands grazing the cheeks of his face as he lowered to her and drew his hot, moist tongue up through the sensitive, exposed pink flesh of her flowered cunt.

Again, Sapna gasped, moaned and twitched beneath him. He must have sensed the movements of her beautiful head, tossing back and forth as his spearing tongue shot out once more, its smooth flicking tip circling her quivering, rigid clitoris. He sucked, drawing the warm soft folds of her inner labia deep into the hot cavern of his mouth, while his tongue continued its moral-shattering licking against the tiny nerve plexus between her magnificent legs.

Sis groaned throatily, sounds that were originally deep in her chest, while the hot probing tip of his tongue worked its way up and down the delectable length of her narrow damp slit, starting at the lower belly and slithering its way down, down over the elastic like rimmed opening of her now gently clasping pussy, and into the crevice of her involuntarily flexing buttocks. His hands move down to the backs of her knees that were splayed out obscenely wide on either side of him, then raise and press them up over her body so that the kneecaps touched her desire wracked breasts, exposing the whole flat plane of her magnificently displayed loins to his eager mouth.

"Oh, beautiful, beautiful!" she whimpered at the lewd depravity he was subjecting her to, and at her own over-powering animalism as he flicked his tongue into the tight little puckered hole of her ass, reveling in the erotic sensations it brought her. Truly, dear God... truly, he had aroused all of the latent wanton bitch within her, she had ever possessed! If there had been any shame or humiliation before, it had long since been overcome with the licentious excitement flooding through her whole being! She was in heaven, or was it hell? So? So?...? She never wanted him to stop! Never, never!

Uncle Raj could hardly believe it! Sapna had gone to pieces, moaning and writhing beneath his slaving tongue in uncontrollable ecstasy. Christ, she tasted like some delicious nectar of the Gods, themselves. In his most warped and sensual dreams, he could never have imagined anything, or anyone, so delectable. It was fantastic! And the way she was giving herself to him, without the least struggle... Shit! She was like some goddamned nympho who'd suddenly been relieved of a chastity belt! She was out of her mind in sexual lust, and she was driving him even further out of his! Hell, there was no question, she was his own private piece from now on, forever, maybe! Christ! his cock ached like someone had been beating on it with a hammer, he thought, as he ground it into the cushions feeling her soft, damp pubic hair and wet cunt lips brushing tantalizingly against his cheeks, a tremendous feeling of power sweeping over him.

He'd never had any doubts but that he was going to fuck her... subject her to any and every indecency he could think of to help satisfy himself but now she was blowing his mind with her response to his lovemaking, totally blowing his mind.

He brought her legs back down and listened to her helpless moans as he increased the lapping of his tongue, slashing it up and down through her seething vaginal slit.

Hell, she was already too far gone to resist anything he decided to do to her now, and as he licked and sucked at her quivering loins as I began to visualize obscene, erotic things he could perform at will with, and to, her receptive captured body.

Uncle now rammed his tongue up into the soft-rimmed flesh and listened for her groan of delight; then, she was pressing his mouth directly over the tight little hole in her squirming crotch. He responded, ovaling his lips and pressing tight to her passage-mouth; he began to suck, alternating with deep tongue thrusts that raised choking throaty moans from the depths of her chest. I could see sleek flesh slip moistly around his long extended tongue as the walls of her cunt opened and closed spasmodically in a rhythmic sucking cadence, trying to pull the invading lingual organ deeper and deeper into it...

Sapna whimpered and moaned beneath the unbelievable enchantment of his voracious sucking and licking of her loins. She has her complete loss of body and mind control. Suddenly, he was drawing her clitoris up to its full, erect state, using lips and teeth and a liquid tongue. Her sexual genitals were a whirling pool of rapture. And then, he was moving up over her, his tongue trail upward along her belly into her navel, again slithering upward, leaving a hot wet path as he crawled over her breast, and then the right, sucking and bringing salacious gasps of additional pleasure from her. He kissed her while simultaneously, he forced her smooth, white thighs wider and wider apart.

She clung tightly to him, kissing and sucking at the tongue that had brought her so much delight, perhaps tasting her own cuntal nectar there and gasping with the forbidden delectation and the lewd, animal-thought of it. Abruptly, she might have felt the brushing of his long, rigid prick against her thighs, its contact with her hot flesh like a searing rod, and she hungrily reached down to grasp the throbbing shaft, blotting all else from her sex-famished brain.

Uncle now was raised up above her to allow her access and she clutched its heavy, solid thickness, her breathing quickening momentarily, at the feel of the hot massive spear she encircled with both hands, her long slim fingers barely going around it.

"M-My God!" Sapna gasped. "It's, it's tremendous! It'll never fit.! I-I'm not big enough! That thing is a foot long; there's no way any woman could ever stretch to take something that big. I don't think I can do this!"

He bent down and kissed her once more, then he put the bulbous head, blood-inflated moving up and down, parting the soft blonde pubic hair between the palpitating lips of her cunt, and then all of a sudden, the small mouth of her tingling pussy pressed open. The tight elastic entrance offered near-virginal resistance; sis was holding her breath as the tip pressed into her, choking suddenly with the pain from the hard, cruel pressure.

"Aaaaaagggggghhhhh!" she grunted, automatically resisting as the harsh torment increased.

Uncle's face gleamed like some wave of sadistic pleasure wash through him at her soulful protest; he was unable to conceal the evil grin that immediately twisted his handsome mouth, and he shoved further, causing her to emit another long, low groan from deep in her throat.

"Aaaaaaggggghhhhh! Oh, oh God, please... it hurts! It hurts!"

He continued to grin, as his huge cock burrowed into her tiny cuntal passage, her agonized pleas sending him wild, algolagnic sensations racing through him.

"Oooooohhhh," she whimpered pitifully, as the huge blunt knob pressured harder and harder against the tight, rubbery opening between her widespread thighs, and then with a little rush the tip slipped inside, just beyond its coronal rim, and Sapna couldn't hold back her little choking scream.

My God, my mind reeled, her thighs were splitting apart from the continual expanding of the small moist hole in her crotch. He was much too big! Beyond human belief! It was going to split her wide open!

Uncle Raj, could hardly contain the excitement her whimpering screams were bringing him at the slow, relentless penetration of her cunt, and again and again he flexed his hips to sink an inch at a time into her, until at last, he couldn't stand it any longer. He rammed forward unmercifully, dropping his heavy weight onto her, smashing her full, firm breasts beneath his powerful chest as he thrust his hips at the same time and his long, thick cock plunged into her moist, frightened cunt with the brutal force of a battering-ram, spiraling the soft, tender walls of her warm vaginal flesh in rippling torrents before it. There was no holding back now and with a loud grunt his sperm-bloated balls smack loudly into her upturned crevice between the cheeks of her tightly clenched ass.

"Oooooooh! My God! Me dear loving God! You've ripped me! You've split me wide open! Ooooh God stop!" Sapna wailed, screwing her buttocks down into the cushion in a futile attempt to escape the excruciating impalement of her cunt. Her legs, splayed wide apart, flailed in the air helplessly on either side of his great muscular body, kicking and jerking as he pinned her securely to the davenport beneath.

Sapna continued to groan beneath the massive Uncle Raj as his tremendous throbbing prick sunk to the very depths of her belly. She would have never felt so full in her life, so complete as she was this moment, impaled beneath the Uncle Raj's enormous 11-inch cock. She was skewered to the couch, she was his slave now and he could use her as he wished, however he wished, she didn't care.

Uncle looked as if he could hardly believe his luck. He knew that she was his now and that he could do with her whatever he wished.

Uncle looked ecstatic, he had Sapna totally helpless beneath his body, his powerful throbbing rod of flesh was plunged between her obscenely split legs and she was mewling and bucking like a randi. He knew that she was digging it though, despite her pleas for him to stop, he could tell by the way she was writhing beneath him that she wanted as much of his 11-inch prick as she could get inside her hungry cunt.

"I can't stand it..." she mewled, "please Uncle no more, no more, I can't... I can't..." she begged. Then he raised his heavy weight off her, his hands pressing her shoulders tightly to the pillows, his widespread knees forcing her thighs wider apart, until the blood-engorged head slipped further into her pressing hard against her cervix, and then, slowly, he began to rub in and out of her, picking up speed as he worked, at last buffeting her whole body back and forth like a rag-doll beneath him while he fucked furiously into her.

His fingers began to trace a pattern on her face now, over her sensitive mouth feeling her lips drawn back over her teeth. He continued to caress her neck as his rampaging cock battered against her tender womb, and her blonde hair cascading wildly over the cushions. God! my sis looked beautiful at that moment!

I could see the tight lips of her cunt stretched to the near ripping point, the elasticized inner pink rim clasping tightly around the white-skinned base of his cock like a hungry sucking mouth.

He held her like this for a moment, savoring the sensuous, imagined scene of her rare beauty impaled helplessly and defenselessly beneath him, his huge cock entombed deeply in her white little quivering belly. Christ, the feel of her there, hopelessly subjected to his any and every lurid whim made his cock throb and ache, and his heavy balls churn with the pressure that was building inside them. Damn her, he was going to give her a fuck she'd remember as long as he lived!

Sapna lay frozen beneath him, helpless! She'd might have concluded there was absolutely no mercy in the man, that to beg further was utterly useless. He was nothing short of a sadist. Dear God, how could she have been so erotically swayed in the beginning...? He'd become a lust-filled brute, and there was nothing she could do but lay there under him and degradingly let him ravish her until he'd emptied all of his lewd sperm into her cringing vaginal passage. Oh God... Oh God, what had ever come over her that she had willingly given into this, without even so much as a struggle? She must have lost her wits entirely. Oh, how lewd and debasing it all seemed now, with the pain that filled her loins, instead of the bliss of such a short time ago. She'd been hypnotized by the carnal enchantment, had completely lost all sense of morality, or reality, and now, was paying.

The vicious hot pain of his cruel entry still tore fiercely at her insides; yet, his massive cudgel was presently moving in and out of her at a reasonable, not unbearable tempo, if only he didn't increase it, or change it in a sudden burst of lust. She flexed her cuntal muscles tightly together in an automatic attempt at resistance and was immediately sorry, for the sensual throb of her internal sinews seemed to incite him more, and abruptly, his great prick was reaming its way deeper and deeper into her unwanting vaginal passage. The hard rubbery tip pummeled her cervix, and helplessly, she clenched her teeth and endured it.

It fucked in and out of her in an established rhythm. The pain seem to be lessening slowly, while her cuntal walls stretched desperately in their attempt to receive it, and I am sure she could actually feel the tickling hairs of his hairy balls as they slapped solidly into the crevice of her widespread ass when he surged into her, and subconsciously she began to run her tongue around her feverish lips. The tingling seemed to return then. The Uncle Raj's great cock skewering wetly into her upturned loins.

Spontaneously, it seemed, her body began to twitch and writhe of its own volition beneath him, and an incessant sound that hummed up into the moistness of his mouth as suddenly he kissed her, and once again she was thrusting her tongue deep into the sucking warm cavern of his face. She drew back her legs slightly, her buttocks moving voluntarily against the slippery softness of the cushions beneath, and her cunt contracted as the delightfully lewd and lascivious inner sensations increased with his every stroke.

Her smooth clasping cunt-flesh had begun a seizured opening and closing performance around the pulsating member. Her pleasurable mewling and purring sounds were suddenly filling the room, and her head lolled from side to side on the cushion beneath his cock sunk deep in her soft, white belly.

Sis was a mass of exquisite moisture between her thighs, and he was undulating and rotating her hips around his fleshy, impaling cock, plucking her cunt dilating and sucking in tempo to his rhythmic throbs. He had suddenly made himself immobile once more, resting still above her with hands placed on either side of her shoulders, and he was letting her quivering body pump up and down at will on the rigid column of hot moist flesh that fused them together.

Then Uncle Raj moved a hand down between them to feel her moist, grasping cunt sliding up and down his thick shaft, feeling the thin pink ridges of coral-hued flash pulling out and clinging to it as she screwed her soft buttocks down into the cushion, then the salacious pussy mouth between her legs absorbing the delicate folds back into her as it swallowed the slippery glistening length of his prick on the slow tantalizing upstroke. He let her work and strain against him a while longer as he continued to run his fingertips over her, listening to her whimpers of uncontrolled delight while she labored with utter abandon, her sweat-filmed face contorted in a half-smile of sheer ecstasy.

Fuck, she was all gone now, completely lost. I could sense the secretions of her sucking cuntal channel beginning to flow and heard the wet, sluicing noises of the in and out sawing movements as she skewered her hungry vaginal passage greedily up his cock, drawing it deep inside her, her back raised high off the couch to arch her crotch tight up against him.

It was then that he reached back, grasping her ankles and levering them brutally up over her shoulders, causing her to cry out as he forced her into a painfully contorted ball of helpless flesh beneath him. He held her there securely, making the widespread slit between her legs completely open and vulnerable to his lust-filled cock.

Half mad, now, with desire, Uncle pulled his deeply buried shaft from her until only its tip penetrated the flushed, swollen lips, then, he plunged forward with every ounce of strength in him, ramming the full, aching length of it cruelly into her helplessly exposed pussy.

"Uuuuuunnnn, Nnnggggghhhhhh!" sis groaned as it raced into her, and I could hear the wet smack of his pelvis battering against her tender unprotected genitals. His heavy body dropped down upon her brutally, crushing her full, taut breasts beneath her knees into her chest. His thick cock rampaged into her receptive cunt like a jack-hammer pushing the unresisting moist folds of flesh again and again in rippling waves before its smooth, rubbery head.

UNcle now began long, hard strokes into her seething vaginal channel, and the quivering lubricated walls clasped around the fleshy hot rod hungrily, slithering up moistly to devour its length to the hilt. His sperm-bloated balls slapped into the dampness between her buttocks with a vengeance. She groaned loudly in relief at the complete filling of her stretched passage as he began a more powerful deep thrusting into her grinding cunt. Her head rolled wildly from side to side, her mouth gasping in abandoned ecstasy to the unbelievable delight lifting her into the very heavens above...

Suddenly, it looked as if Sapna realized that this was it! This was it! His cock, ever-expanding, gouging into her like a huge driving piston, was making the cords in her neck tighten in an unmistakable sign of exploding pleasure. It seemed that an agonizing sweet buildup was inside her!

"Oh... oooooohhhhh, God... Oh God! I-I am! I'm going to cum now! Oh Shit, I'm going to cummmmm! Yes, yes... dear Raj, yes fuck me hard. Fuck me, fuck me harder... I'm cummminggg! Raj! I'm cummmmiiinnngggg!" Sapna pleaded in a voice shrill with passion, her hands clawing out and behind his driving buttocks, pulling him in a near-demented frenzy deeper and deeper between her widespread legs.

Her delicious cunt-walls opened into a myriad of tiny wells, emitting a warm flood of gushing, honey-like secretions to bathe his insanely plunging cock, as might a hand filled with heated Vaseline. He rammed harder, faster, grunting loudly as he burrowed deep, deep into the hot liquid depths of her seething, spewing cunt, and the white honey seeped wetly out around his still battering prick, flowing down the crevice of her ass and coating his balls as they whacked rhythmically against her throbbing ass.

"Oh, oh... oh, Raj!" Sis chanted, twisting and writhing delightfully beneath him, spurring him on to force her tortured legs farther and farther back over her head and fucking into her like a blind mad-man. The thick flow of her white nectar gushing in never ending little rivers down the full quivering cheeks of her pumping ass.

Then, Uncle jerked, tense and curse, followed by the hot jets of his semen shooting deep up into the sanctuary of her receptive womb. Again, her head reeled, this time with depraved sensuality, as the hot, powerful squirts of his sperm splattered wildly into her, filling her almost to a delicious bursting point with its sticky whiteness while the hot moist walls of her pussy clasped and unclasped desperately, milking at the jerking organ like a sucking, starving mouth...

All that could be heard now in the room was the ragged sound of their panting breath, sis body trembling and she looked like all the life drain out of it as the ecstasy of the moment began to creep away and the reality of the situation began to take hold.

The Uncle Raj looked at her now, this young sis of mine who had given him so much more than any other woman had ever given him. "You're the greatest Sapna, the greatest," he whispered tenderly to her, allowing a part of himself that he kept hidden to emerge suddenly.

Sis looked at the older man and knew that she had touched him very deeply. God! her body felt like mush, she could hardly move, let alone stand up.

"Here baby, a little something for you. He took out 5000 rupees from his wallet and told her to keep her mouth shut and come again, there's more where that came from," he said gruffly.

Surprisingly Sapna took the money. She rolled it up and as she was pulling back her blouse and she stuffed it into the inside of her bra. What's done is done.

Do let me know how you guys liked it. Write to me at


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