Saturday, October 30, 2004

Neighbours Take Houswife

Hi Friends. My name is Jay. I stay with my sexy wife Amisha on the top floor of a multi-storey building. The building has 25 floors and on each floor there are 2 luxurious flats. There is a open space (terrace) of 80’ x 40’ opening from inside, which is shared by the top two flats.

The flat next to ours was vacant for a long time and we had complete privacy. I and my wife are both crazy about sex so we indulge in it whenever we can. It was a pleasure fucking her on the terrace. At times we even fucked in the passage between the two flats. Amisha also enjoys lesbian activities so once in a while we would bring in a young girl and all three would enjoy sex on the terrace.

About a month back a young couple occupied the other flat. The husband Mihir leaves for work at 10 AM and returns at 8 PM. The wife Ratna, a gorgeous female, is alone during the period. Like other residential flats in Mumbai, in our building the neighbours had privacy and didn't interfere with anything. They kept themselves to themselves. Whenever I saw Ratna on the terrace, I would fantasise about fucking her.

Amisha could see the lust in my eyes.

“Shall I bring her here, so you can fulfill your fantasies?" she asked one day.

“Why?" I pretended not to understand.

“Why do you think, To fuck her of course" She laughed.

“But will she agree?"

“Once she’s here she’s got no where to go. Lock her in the bedroom and rape her"

“OK," I agreed.

Amisha went to the neighbour’s door and rang the door bell.

“Who is it?" I heard Ratna ask.

A few seconds later she peeped out from the side window. She had seen Amisha and knew her as her neighbour so she opened the door.

"Yes", she looked questioningly at Amisha.

“A phonecall for you from your husband" Amisha said and without waiting for reply returned.

The very next second Ratna opened the door and came to our house. Amisha pointed towards the bedroom and said,

“Take the call in there", Ratna unsuspectingly entered our bedroom, we followed immediately and shut the door behind us.

“What's going on? "Ratna looked at us frightened.

“My husband fancies you, so go and get in bed with him, fuck him then leave" Amisha said bluntly.

“Are you mad?" Ratna snapped and charged towards the door.

I caught her and dragged her to the bed.

“No, leave me" She fought helplessly.

I pushed her on the bed. Amisha grabbed Ratna’s wrists and pinned them down over the latter’s head. I hooked my fingers in the neck of her kurta and yanked.

“NO" she screamed as the dress ripped down to her waist. Her full breasts were encased in a black lacy bra. She tried to kick me but I pinned her knees down under mine and proceeded to remove her salwar. I pulled the knot of her salwar and pulled the garment down. She wore black matching panties.

“NO, please leave me I beg you, I’m married, I will be ruined" she pleaded.

“Shut up" Amisha snapped.

“If you make a noise I’ll gag you, Just get fucked by my husband and leave".

Amisha took Ratna’s dupatta and tied her wrists to the headboard. I removed her bra exposing the firm globes with light brown nipples. I grabbed the mounds and began squeezing and kneading them.

“Stop it hurts" she cried.

“Fuck her first, you can play with her body later". Amisha said.

I turned to her and saw that she had our handicam video camera in her hands. She intended to film me and Ratna in sexual acts.

“OK" I said and got up to undress. She stared horrified at my erection.

“No, please don’t rape me" she pleaded shaking her head from side to side.

I positioned myself between Ratna’s wide spread thighs and guided my cock to her cunt lips. Soon I was in her to the hilt.
“Aaaaah…awwuuuh!” she screamed.

Though she was a married lady and her cunt stretched by her husband, my huge cock stretched her to new limits. Having gained enterance, I began fucking Ratna with full powerfull thrusts.

“AAAAHH, AAAAHHHH, Fuck me, fuck me" she screamed.

Amisha was busy filming the act. She sat on the bed near the Ratna’s head and took shots of her face contorted in pain and ecstasy.

“Squeeze her tits" she instructed me.

She took close up shots of the boob and nipples being pinched.

Amisha then untied her hands and legs. Ratna did not fight because she knew that now she had been penetrated and had no escape. Amisha wiped off Ratna’s tears and readied for full length shots.

“Face her towards the camera" I obeyed and she took shots.

“Fuck her hard" she said and I banged harder.

Luckily for us since Amisha too screams, curses and cries for more when I fuck her, we have made our bedroom soundproof. The airconditioner was on full blast.

I had now begun to roll my hips as I fucked Ratna. Her whole body jerked with my thrusts, her boobs bouncing up and down sexily, which Amisha filmed happily. After long minutes Ratna stiffened, her body arched as she had her orgasm.

Soon I came in her, filling her with my seed. I lay atop her for some minutes before pulling out. Amisha hooked the handicam camera to our computer and showed the video she had taken of us. Ratna stared at the computer monitor with horror.

“Now when we call you, you will come, otherwise we’ll show the tape to the whole world not just your husband".

Amisha gave me the handicam and undressed. I filmed as she smooched Ratna. Her tongue entered Ratna’s mouth and sucked at her tongue. Then she licked and sucked Ratna’s clitoris. Ratna lay squirming on the bed and after some time had an orgasm. Amisha then made her suck her.

After some time the ladies separated.

“Has your husband ever fucked you up your ass?" Amisha asked.

Ratna did not understand.

“Has your husband ever fucked your ass?" Amisha clarified.

Ratna shook her head in negative.

“OK Jay fuck her ass" Amisha got up and took the camera from me.

“No it will hurt". Ratna pleaded.

“You don’t have an alternative, quietly get fucked up your ass or this video tape will ruin you". Amisha kissed her.

“Get on all fours like a bitch"

She helped Ratna on her fours. She took out the jar of vaginal gel and applied it liberally into Ratna’s anal passage and on my cock.

“Jay, go for it".

I grabbed Ratna by her hips and guided my cock to her ass hole.

“Aaiiiiieeeee…” she screamed with pain as I penetrated her. I began fucking her in the ass.

“Awwuuuuuu…aannnnnnnghieeee!” she howled. I reached down in front of her and grabbed her pendulous breasts, squeezing them hard. Fuck, fuck.

“Aiiieeeoooooh…..anngghhhiiiiiiiieeeeergh!” Fuck, fuck, fuck. Yes fuck my ass.

I pulled out of her tight ass hole and turned her on her back. My cum and her own juices had lubricated her cunt and I slid in as smoothly as a hot knife in butter. She lay quietly, her eyes closed, and lips partly open, enduring my sexual assault. As I pumped in and out of her, splish-splosh-splish-splosh sounds came from her cunt filled with love juices.

“Jay the tape is finishing quickly fuck her" she advised.

I began fucking wildly and to my surprise Ratna took it quietly. Soon I ejaculated and fell atop her, crushing her boobs under my muscular chest. Later Amisha forced Ratna to say some sentences.

“Harder, Harder".

Fuck me, Fuck me".


These she intended to use for dubbing the video to make it sound as if Ratna was a willing partner. We kept her with us till 6 PM, during which I fucked her two more times and Amisha enjoyed some lesbian activities with her.

Next day, after her husband left for work, I knocked at Ratna’s terrace door. She refused to open the door, but when the video was mentioned, she gave in. She opened the door and stood before me with her palms clamped together.

“Please leave me alone".

“If you come to my bed on your own accord we won’t hurt you and you’ll enjoy it". I said softly.

“Come quietly and get fucked by us, we’ll hurt you if you don’t". Amisha snapped.

Ratna was terrified and followed us quitely to our bedroom. Amisha made her perform a strip-tease dance before the camera before we fucked her.

I got Amisha to use her strap-on cock on Ratna. She did so but only while Ratna had my cock in her pussy did Amisha squeeze the strap-on up her ass simultaneously. Ratna had never been DP'd in her life and having both holes filled for the first time caused her discomfort. It was all caught on tape which Ratna didn't like.