Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Aditi And Dhondu

Hi, I am Aditi, this is one of my weird and terrible experience, yet an experience which I cannot forget thro' out my lifetime. I was told that I have a very attractive figure (36-28-38) and my height is 5'6".

I was 23 when I got married to Sandeep a good-looking distant relative from my mother's side. During first one year it was a good going, we had an average sex relation, but then probably for Sandeep it became a routine and I always wanted a real wild sex.

After one and a half years of our marriage, Sandeep got a transfer to out skirts of the city and obviously I had to shift with him there. We were provided with a good independent house with good facilities. Sandeep used to leave the house at around 9 in the morning and come back around 8-9 in the evening. I had all the facilities in the house but then after a few days it was getting boring.

We had a housemaid named Neera around 38 years of age, she was a very nice lady and used to take care of me thro' out the day. She lived in a small house about ½ an hours walking distance with her husband Dhondu and 4 children. After few days she came close to me and started sharing her good bad (mainly bad) things with me.

Dhondu was a mali (gardener) and used to work on few garden and farms around. He used to come home drunk abuse Neera and her children and sometimes beat them also. I started advising Neera that she should revolt against him and not allow any of his nonsense, which she followed. But this proved otherwise for me and went thro' this weird and terrible experience.

It was around mid July and rains were at the peak. Sandeep that morning had gone for a visit for 2-3 days but could not take me with him, and I decided to leave the same afternoon at my in laws. At around 11 Sandeep called me and told that it was raining very heavy and advised that I should not leave that afternoon, but next morning, I had no choice. Neera had left after completing her daily chores and now no body was at home.

I came to my bedroom and started looking in the mirror, since I was supposed to leave to my in laws place, I had dressed up in a pink transparent sari and sleeve less blouse, left my hair loose and sprayed my favorite exotic perfume. I admired myself, I was looking charming and sexy in my smooth silky skin, my heavy boobs and buttocks. I thought of Sandeep and missed him badly and got horny and started moving hands on my boobs and open space between my blouse and sari, tickling my navel. I was lost in my erotic thoughts as the heavy rains outside was adding fuel to fire, my nipples started get hard and got a tingling sensation in my crotch. Suddenly I heard a loud knock at the door and came to senses.

I opened the main door and saw a man standing there, he said "main Dhondu hoon", and I immediately came to know that he was Neera's husband. He was a dark, tall and strong man in his 40's, slightly bald, and unshaved poky face, he was taller than me. Dhondu was wearing a dhoti, and stained half shirt. He was staring at me thro' his red wide eyes, I knew he was drunk as he was stinking of country liquor. I got terrified and started closing the door by force, but he put his leg in between and pushed the door. He said, "apne aapko bahot shani samajhthi hain, meri biwi ko bhadkati hain, wo mere ko paas nahin ane deti" saying this he pushed me inside by holding my bare arms. While doing this he was also pushing against my chest and boobs and entered inside. I started shouting at him and crying for help, but there was no body around and no one could have heard in the sound of lashing rains and thunders.

Chup Sali bhosdi ki maderchoddddddd. Dhondu pushed me against the wall and said "aaj main tumko nahin chodunga, main sirf tumhari choot phaad doonga", while saying this he was moving his hands on my neck and cheeks. There were tears in my eyes and I started pleading with him, and asking him to forgive me, and that I will not say anything to his wife, but all was in vain. He put his hands around my waist and pulled me on him and kept his rough lips on my lips. Oh, he was stinking so badly, I could not stand it. But he kept pressing his lips and started licking my lips, cheeks and neck. In the hush my pallu fell down and my boobs were open to him, he gave a wicked smile his eyes became more red and I could see the "hunters expression" on his face. With full force I pushed him on the ground and ran towards my bedroom. But he got up immediately and caught my pallu, which was lying on the floor as I was running, within one stroke he pulled my sari and I was on my petticoat and blouse. I was sweating and my heart was beating heavily.

Somehow I entered the bedroom but could not close the door, he came in and caught me from behind. He started mercilessly pressing my boobs and biting and licking my open back, he was holding me tight from behind and rubbing his hard on between the gap of my buttocks. I was getting frustrated, shouting and crying, beating and scratching him, but nothing could help. He now started removing my blouse hooks and I pierced my nails on his hand but he was thick skinned and kept on pulling and breaking the hook. Finally he could remove all the hooks tore and pulled my skimpy blouse and threw it away. I started throwing things from my dressing table on him one bottle hit him hard on his forehead and he started bleeding. He got wilder on me and gave a hard slap on my face and holding my hand started twisting from behind and abused, aaj teri chut ka bhosda nahi banya to mera lavda kat ke fek dena. I was in great pain and cried and begged, but there was no mercy now. He put his had on my petticoat and started releasing the nada while holding my waist by one hand tightly. After struggling for a while he could release the knot and my petticoat was on the floor.

I was in bra and panty exposing valley of my boobs, soft fleshy thighs and buttocks, beautiful, sexy and voluptuous female, a desire for many a men, but now in arms of an ugly drunken rogue. He could see this site from behind me in the mirror and went really wild and mad and before I could settle removed his shirt and was only in his dhoti. His dark muscular body was shimmering and smelled of that typical sweaty smell of a peasant, I could see his cock stand clearly now. He pushed me on the bed said, "ab jada natak karegi to, khatam kar doonga Bahenchod" and I knew there was no escape. I started shivering and sweating and he came on me and started kissing and nibbling my lips. Now his hands were moving all over my body; and he moved below caressing and licking my bare body his unshaven beard was pricking my body giving a feeling of disgust.

I could feel his hard on between my bare thighs, he asked me to remove my bra, but I refused. He bit me on the shoulder and said, "agar nahi nikalegi to kaat ke khoon nikaloonga nakhre karti ho kabhi chudwaya nahi kaya" I knew he was like a fierce animal and would tear me apart. I lifted myself and released the bra hook. He pulled my bra and madly started staring at my open boobs and the brownish nipples. His rough and hard hands started pressing and kneading my boobs and nipples, with one hand he was sucking and nibbling my nipples and other hands pressing and squeezing other boob. He now started removing my panty and slid it down my silky legs. Dhondu's eyes were glimmering with lust and fire, here was a young beautiful sexy malkin of his wife lying totally naked in front of him.

He asked me " kyo ab kaisa lag raha hain rani " I did not reply and moved my face away. With force he parted my legs and started at my shaven cunt, and said, "wah, ye amir aur khoobsurat logon ka saman bhi khoob surat hota hai, bilkul malai ke jaisa, chatne ko jee chahta hain" and he started licking and biting my thighs and slowly reached towards my cunt. I tried to close my parted legs but his grip was so farm that I could not move a little bit. He put his hand on my cunt and started pressing the labia and inserted his finger inside and making to & fro motions. Suddenly and unknowingly I started moaning "ooohhhhh" he gave his wicked smile and said, "kyo Aditi memsaab, ab aa rahan hai na maja" and he came down between my thighs and started licking my cuntlips and inserted

his tongue inside my warm cunt.

He was now like a wild dog licking and nibbling my cunt and some how slowly I started getting pleasure out of his roughness. I lost my control started moaning and said, "aur chato Dhondu, kat lo aaaaaahhhh main pagal ho rahin hoon".

I could realize that my cunt had become wet with his saliva and my juices, I had forgotten every thing pulling him on me. He ripped open his dhoti and underwear in a flash of second and was between my parted legs. I was stunned looking at his shaft it was very long, thick and black, throbbing and raring to enter inside my tight cunt. (I started comparing his shaft with Sandeeps thinner and shorter penis and felt ashamed). Suddenly

coming to senses I started pushing him away and said, "nahin dhondu ab bas, iske aage nahi, main ye nahin karne dongi" He slapped hardly on my thighs and said, "kutya ab kisi ka baap bhi aap ko bacha nahi skata" and kept me clamped under him. He again started licking my cunt and mercilessly kneading and squeezing my arse and thighs with his rough hands and I started coming under his spell again. Now he had taken control of me totally and brought me to this extent laughed and said, "haan Aditiji ab tayyar ho jao chut ka bhosda banana ke liye" and rubbed and squeezed my cunt.

Dhondu hold his thick long shaft and started rubbing his dark purple head on my wet wet soggy soggy cunt, I moaned again and felt now nobody (even me) can stop Dhondu from fucking me. I started losing my senses, forgetting that I am a beautiful married woman from a high class society, getting raped by an obnoxious filthy man, my maids husband. (But some body has said "when you can't avoid the rape, lie down and enjoy it", how true it was now) I pulled him over me and said, "bas Dhondu ab ghusao apna lund meri choot ke andar aaaahhhhhh saha nahi jata ab. Muze kutya ki tarah chodo". Getting the signal Dhondu with one strong jerk pushed his shaft in my cunt and I cried with pain. He got over me shut my mouth with his lips and started biting my lips and forcefully pressing my boobs and nipples and slowly moving his shaft inside my cunt. In a short while, the pain subsided and I started pushing my hips from below.

Now he started ramming his cock with full force and vigour, I cried "aaaahhhhhh Dhondu jor se aur jor se phaad do meri choot" I felt what language I am using but then I was under Dhondu, his whore for time being. He was really a strong man, he was pumping me for more than 10 minutes, I had one orgasm but he was still going strong. We both were now fiercely pumping from both directions, biting and licking each other, he was pressing my arse and thighs and ohhhhhhhhh, it was heaven. The speed and force was at the ultimate and I knew I was cumming. Suddenly Dhondu gave a loud moan and exploded in my cunt, I could feel the hot lava like liquid going between my thighs, and in my cunt and I came at that instant. He was still pumping for a while still his shaft became limp and he crashed over me pressing my entire body.

He lay there on me for a long time and we were cuddling and kissing each other. After wards we had a bath and had 1 more rounds till we were deeply satisfied. Dhondu then was a regular visitor to our house till we shifted from that place. Off course we took care in those sessions (condoms and all).

Aditi ended her weird and terrible experience, yet an experience, which she could not forget. She was holding my hand and suddenly put it between her thighs and I knew she was horny and wanted me. I pulled her near me

As we finished that long and wild orgy which lasted for about an hour, we were so tired that we slept in each other's arms naked for a very long time 4 hours or so. When I woke up I (at around 5 in the evening) saw that Dhondu was sleeping next to me, his hands were on my tummy and hairy legs on my thighs. I felt uneasy and sticky between my thighs touched and saw on my hand it was red, Dhondu had tore my clit as said, which Sandeep couldn't. Somehow I felt guilty and ashamed that I had initially resisted but then succumbed to this rogue and also enjoyed that assault of his.

I slowly got up and headed to the bathroom. I was under the showers for maybe an hour trying the wash out the stains and muck Dhondu had spewed on me.

As I came out of the bathroom in my bath gown, I saw Dhondu was not there but his clothes were lying on the floor. I wondered where is he and heard some sound from outside, when I went there I saw him in the common bathroom thro' the gap as he had kept the door open. He was merrily applying soap all over his body, smilingly singing some local song in his hoarse voice. I was amazed; this rogue after having raped some married women was not bothered but was carelessly enjoying every moment of his bath.

He was now applying soap on his thick long shaft, and it was erect again. I remembered about his huge shaft ramming my tight cunt and started getting horny again.

I quickly moved away kept his clothes out and started getting dressed up. I spayed perfume all over my body, wore set of black laced bra and panty, put on my favorite pink night gown (sleeve less but with a jacket) and started drying and combing my hair. It was still raining outside and my mood started swinging again like in the morning.

Suddenly I heard the door knock, and asked from inside "kya hai?" Dhondu was asking me "humko jana hai ke rehna hai" I asked him to go away, but immediately realized that I was alone in this house and in this rainy and windy night would have died with fear and

scare of any untoward happening. I went out and saw Dhondu was standing near the door; he was wearing Sandeep's lungi and kurta which Sandeep had left in the living room. I was amused at his audacity and said, "yeh kya pehena hai tumne, ise jaldi utaro" he giggled and said

"ab inko utarunga to phirse nanga ho jaoonga". In that tense situation also I laughed and responded to his silly joke. He became bold again came near me and caught my hand and said, "Aditi rani ghar me daru hai kya" I got angry and said "kyon phirse wahin karna hai aur mujhe chodna hai" he said "nahin, ab jo hoga pyar se hoga varna nahin karoonga". I smiled at his reply and agreed to give a bottle of whisky (we used to keep good drink stuff in our house).

He sat on the sofa and started drinking; I was sitting opposite him and watching, he was drinking so fast that the bottle was almost half finished within no time. It was pouring outside and winds were blowing heavily making the atmosphere moist and chilly. Dhondu was high now and asked me, "Aditi rani, tu bhi pee lena ek do peg, thandi nikal jaegi" I was feeling like having drinks but avoiding, but after lot of persuasion from Dhondu agreed to have only one. He filled my glass and we started drinking, after about ½ an hour I realized that I had finished first peg and he had filled my glass again since I was feeling warm now I gulped the 2nd peg within 5 mins, and asked him to fill my 3rd. I saw in the clock it was almost 8 and had turned totally dark. I realized I was also high now and looked at Dhondu, he was staring at me with lust in his eyes. He got up from his seat and came and sat near me, kept hand around my shoulder and slowly started removing my jacket, as he removed my jacket my bare arms and chest were exposed, since the gown inside was low cut and sleeveless.

He started caressing my bare arms and pressing my boobs, somehow knowingly I could not resist his moves, I knew any way if once it had happened there was no way to avoid him any further. I had finished my 3rd peg and really got a kick, but then had not lost my senses. I slid towards Dhondu and put my hand on his lavda and could feel his hard on, he got up removed his kurta and lungi, made me stand and started unbuttoning my nightgown. Within no time I was in my bra and panty exposing my voluptuous and sexy body to this filthy devil standing naked with his only asset his long thick and erect throbbing rod.

Mesmerized and high with drinks, I unknowingly knelt down and started kissing his lund and slowly slid it inside my mouth forgetting the level gap once again. He groaned loudly and caught my head with my hair and thrust his cock further inside till it touched my throat. I slowly started moving my mouth to and fro, a loud moan escaped his mouth, "chus mera lavda bada maza aa raha hai banchod maza aa gaya" and he put the big finger of his right foot in my cunt and started moving it inside and with his knee pressing my boobs while tickling my left ear and neck with his hand, the rascal was not leaving any part of my body untouched and I was enjoying every dirty move of his. As he was pumping his big finger in my cunt juices were oozing out and I was getting hotter.

I increased my speed of sucking and slurping his rod I soon realized that I was getting my first orgasm and moaned loudly. He was also moaning and saying, "aaahhhhhhh kya maza aa raha hain, our zor lagao Aditi, meri jaan, meri maal, meri rani nikalo mera pani" (and many more abuses which I had never heard in my life but was tolerating as in fact I was his whore now) while saying this he was fucking my mouth and pumping his rod to my throat, till he let a long grunt and exploded in my mouth and spew all his cum in my mouth and throat, I wanted to move and throw his shaft out but he was holding my hair so tight that against my wishes I had to swallow his cum till the last drop and till his huge shaft became limp in my mouth.

As he left me I ran to my bathroom and vomited out every thing brushed my mouth and came out and saw he was spread naked on the sofa and enjoying his drinks, I thought what a shameless character no feelings, no care, but then if he had feelings he would not have beaten his wife and not have beaten, abused and raped me mercilessly. I had got very angry on him but then was feeling helpless and knew that his assaults are not over, there was a whole night in front of us. In the fit of anger I went and gulped a full glass of drink in one go and filled another and started drinking it, Dhondu laughed loudly and said, " kyo meri rani, ghusse me bahut chikni deekh rahi ho" and got ahead and pressed my fleshy thighs, I got a strong current in my body and wondering was I becoming shameless also, just sitting in front of him in bra and panty and getting turned on by his mere touch.

It was around 9 and Dhondu said "Aditi kya tumhe bhukh nahin lagi hai ya phir sirf yahin bhookh mitane ka irada hai" and I realized that even I was starving. I collected some morning sabzi from the fridge and bread and eggs and finished eating.

The liquor effect had started growing on me and I now wanted Dhondu again in me. He got up and told me that we should now do in the open, in the rains. Oh what a lover he was, now wanted to be romantic. I immediately got wrapped up in a black nylon sari over bra and panty, Dhondu in the mean time had put on lungi.

We went to the terrace, I saw the surrounding was dark, still and silent except that it was drizzling, with showers and thunders, it was lightning also in between, what a romantic site it was. We stood there holding each others arms and getting wet in the drizzle, listening to the voice and getting to see each other in the flash of lightning, like lovers enjoying our romance. Thinking logically I concluded that, it was this kind of sex I always yearned for since I got to know about sex, rough, tough and wild, and Dhondu was the man who gave me that, may be a rape to start with but what my mind and body really wanted and here he was with me getting me to it again and again.

Dhondu pulled me on him and once again I was in his arms and he kissed my lips and said, "ab to aur bi sundar lag rahi ho rani, bilkul menaka jaisi, mere to bhaag khul gaye hai ke to tumhe mai itni dafaa chod raha hun aur tum mujhse bade maje se chudwa rahi ho" I knew this is his way of romance but what more could I have expected from an illiterate and arrogant peasant. I was shivering and trembling with the chill and drizzle, but then I wanted to have this unique and wonderful sexperience of my life. His rough hands started caressing my open back and my boobs were crushing his chest, I slid my tongue in his mouth and started moving it inside and felt the warmth of his mouth. Now all boundaries were crossed, first time in my full senses I was offering myself totally to Dhondu my lover, my paramour, my sex stud of this night, who was making me feel like a complete woman and satisfying my inner most sex desires.

He now got a little away from me cleaned the floor with is rough hands and removed his lungi and my sari and spread on the floor, what preparations for a session, I thought and giggled. He looked at me and said, "aab ye jamin saaf nahin karoonga to tere peeth me

chubh jayenge aur tum besharam jaise hass rahin ho" and giggled loudly, I was taking all abuses from him happily because he was my man this night. I unhooked my bra and he slid my panty down and I was naked ready for that wild assault in the Slashing rains.

Suddenly Dhondu got up and gave me a tight embrace with full force crushing me in his arms and wildly started pressing my boobs and arse and nibbling and sucking my lips. I was crying, "aaaahhhhhhh Dhondu zara dhire dard ho raha hain", but now he was again that wild animal and attacking my tender flesh with utmost vigor and force. Slowly I started enjoying my wild lovers assault and shrieked "ooohhhhh maaaaa zor se Dhonduuuuuuuuuu". It started raining heavily and we were drenched but the heat generated by Dhondu was much more to overcome the chill and my shivers.

While he made me sleep on the so-called bed he had made out of his lungi and my sari, he immediately came between my legs and put his hands and hard pressing my buttocks pulled me up and wildly started biting and licking my fleshy thighs and reached my cunt

and inserted it inside tongue fucking me. My shrieks and moans increased to such an extent that, if it was not raining and silent, some one a mile could heard me, "uuffffffffff chaat lo choos lo maza aa aha hai" I could feel I am nearing my orgasm, what a feeling it was heavens could not been better and I came with flowing juices from my cunt splashed

all over his face and he was licking it like a wild hungry dog. I laid there for a while as he was playing with my body and he came over me licking my thighs, and started pressing my flat tummy and tickled the belly button, making me hot again for the final assault and I was waiting for it like a hungry bitch.

Dhondu now got up on his knees with his monster throbbing cock and started rubbing his hard swollen head on my cuntlips, I was getting aroused once again knowing that his is going to be a fuck of my life. As he rubbed his rod head for 2-3 minutes my already soggy slit with rainwater and my juices was itching to take his massive rod inside and I started wriggling under him. He got the signal and with one solid jerk inserted his entire shaft inside, my tight cunt clasped it giving a perfect position for a hot wild fuck. He started stroking and increased his speed. What a wonderful and mind blowing experience it was the rain was lashing his back and he was pumping me like a bull he was ramming my cunt and his balls were slopping my arse, this was going on for a long while and I was at the peak, "aaaaggghhh mere Dhonduuuu jor lagao aur jor lagao, mere andar aag lagi hai, bujha do" and continued stroking hard, what a powerful and strong man he was, making me completely mad and then with log shriek "aarrgghhhhhhhh mein aa rahi hoon" and I came and pulled him down and started licking his lips like mad. I was lying fully satisfied, the water was dripping allover my body and face but he was still pumping, in the flash of lightning I could see the wild __expression on his unshaved poky face.

I was stunned and said "bas karo Dhondu meri jan ab dard ho raha hain" he slapped me and said "Sali kutti apna huan to mereko sarakne ko kehti ho, main pani kahan nikaloo" and he removed his still throbing fully erect shaft from of my cunt and turned me around with my buttocks facing him and I guessed what was to happen, one more horrifying and terrible experience.

He stretched my legs apart and spat on his hand and applied his spit in my asshole and started fingering my asshole "oohhh" I moaned and he said, "aab choot ke baad teri gaand bhi phaadonga aur maza aayega tereko" and started rubbing his tight shaft on my asshole, it was already lubricated with my cum and it slid smoothly till 1 or 2 inches in my hole and started pumping it slowly but steadily, I gave a long moan "ouchhhhh aahhhhhhh" and he thrust it with force inside, it pained very badly and I shouted at the top of my voice, "aaiyyeeeeeeeee ruk jao, nikalo bahar, dard ho rahahai aaiieeee". while I was crying and tears rolling over my cheeks, but now he had no mercy and kept on ramming and pumping to his wild desires. Slowly the pain subsided and I started enjoying again and lifted myself on my knees to give him full position for the final go he was now grunting and roaring and thumping his rod a fast as he could and I was getting my first ass fuck from this rascal and I screamed in ecstasy, "oooohhhhhhhh Dhondu meri jaaan mere sand, lagao zor, phad dalo apni Aditi ki gaand" I that orgy my language and turned filthy but we were at the peak. After ramming for another 5 mins or so he exploded in my asshole releasing his load and I also came for the 2nd time in that session. And he collapsed on my back completing the total fuck game and we laid there in lashing rains for a long while, his unshaved face was pricking my smooth back skin and the stink of liquor was coming from his mouth, but his cuddling kissing my nape and back was not stopping us moaning with ultimate satisfied pleasure.


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mausi ki tarap
kamsin jawani
maa ki chut
behan ya biwi

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