Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Heart Doctor

"I have to tell you something, Anoop," my wife, Kamal, said. She sat across from me over breakfast. Bright sunlight streamed through the apartment window behind her back. Kamal looked stunning as always. She wore just a flimsy chemise and her cotton panties. That was one thing I liked about her. She always seemed to be in a state of semi-undressed.

"Uh-huh," I said. My head was buried in the morning paper. I was following up about the story of the two missing teenage girls. The police had no clues as yet.

"This is a very serious matter that I want to tell you. Please put the paper down," Kamal said. Her silky black shoulder length hair accentuated her pretty features as I gave her my attention.

"OK. Tell me," I said folding the newspaper.

"I did something and I want your forgiveness and understanding," Kamal started. She clasped her hands on the table.

My first reaction was that this was going to cost me money. I braced myself for a substantial dollar figure accompanied by a no win story.

"When I went to India for Mama's bypass surgery, Dr. Dinesh was the only doctor who had the facility and the expertise to handle the operation. Her chances for making it through was non-existant with any other heart specialist. Each day the chances for recovery worsened and it took me three days of pushing the right buttons just to see the doctor," my wife said. She gulped down the rest of the orange juice and proceeded. "When I finally met him, he told me that he couldn't take any new patients for the next six months as his calendar was full."

Since my mother in law did have the surgery and is recovering, I braced myself to hear how my wife had given the doctor some exorbitant amount of money to get my mother in law under the knife immediately. My second thought was that if my wife had given the respectable doctor a handsome monetary inducement, how come I wasn't aware of it.

"I was just quiet...sitting in the doctor's office," Kamal continued. "I couldn't believe my mother had to die because the doctor was just too busy. Her situation was so precarious, she couldn't even travel. Then the doctor said that if I was willing to give him sexual favors, he will..."

"Wait a minute," I said. "Is that what the doctor said. Why didn't you slap that bastard's face."

"Let me finish," my wife said. "He said that he will have my mother's illness immediately taken care of. However he warned me that since the whole operation and recovery would take a month, that I must reside in his house and to be ready to service him or whoever else upon his instructions."

I studied my twenty-three years old wife and I couldn't imagine her sleeping with the aged doctor or anybody else in that case. "So how did you manage around that proposition? How much money did you promise the doctor?" I asked. My wife believed that money grew on trees.

"There was no money exchanged. He didn't want money. He wanted my body and I had

no choice. I agreed. For twenty-six days and nights he had me," Kamal said. She brushed her hair off her face.

I chose my words carefully. "We are not talking about what you had for dinner last night," I said. I slammed my fist on the table. "How could you do this? How the hell could you even consider it."

"Look it wasn't easy doing it but I had no choice," Kamal said.

"There are always choices. Couldn't you even have tried other options. Checked the hospitals in other cities. I cannot believe that you were duped so easily," I said. I felt sick in my stomach.

"My mother has only me to take care of her. Even now that she is recovering, there is really no one to take care of her. I begged her to come to San Diego but she would not leave. We have people taking care of her but it is not the same," Kamal said.

"How could you have given your body so easily. At least you could have consulted with me first?" I said. The energy in my body seemed to have drained out.

"Sure, I could have given you a call and said, 'Anoop, I have to fuck the doctor so that he will operate on my mother,'" Kamal said.

"You should be apologizing and instead you are raising your voice. I should be slapping your face right now. God dammit! Do you know this changes everything," I said.

"I wouldn't have told you this if I didn't believe we could overcome it," Kamal said. She leaned back on her chair lazily playing with her bowl of cereal.

"How would you feel if I had an affair?" I asked. Although it was getting warm, I didn't move to open the window.

"This is different. This is called doing what you had to do. It is called accepting the hand that you are dealt with," my wife spoke.

"Well it is not possible for me to accept this situation. I cannot accept the fact that my wife has been doing who knows what with this so called respectable surgeon," I said.

"I will tell you everything that happened, otherwise I don't think we could ever get back to some kind of normalcy," my wife suggested.

"I don't think I want to hear it," I said. "Even then how would I know you have told the whole truth."

"When you hear it, you will know that I have told you everything," she said.

On that Saturday morning my wife narrated to me with a lot of graphic details the events that took place in her twenty-six days as a slut in Dr. Dinesh's domicile. I was surprised, mesmerized, turned-on and disgusted by her narration.

I became irritated as she chatted away with a certain sense of eagerness as to what transpired during her time at the doctor's house. I couldn't stop her as I wanted myself to hear everything. I needed to hear all the gory details.

"Dr. Dinesh came to me with lust that first night. He practically ripped off my clothes, had his greedy mouth on mine and just shoved his dick into me. He was just fucking me like an animal. It was painful. I thought to myself that what did I get into. But I kept brave for my mother's sake," she said.

"You are not getting any sympathy from me," I said.

She ignored my comments. "His hands would grab my breasts. He was very rough with them. He pulled at my nipples. His greedy mouth sucked on them hard. His fingers played with my pussy. He knew where my clit was and played with it. That first night, he did it to me four times. The worst part is the way he looked deep into my eyes everytime he pushed his dick into me. I couldn't stop thinking that this man would be my father's age and he was fucking me." My wife's nipples became more pronounced underneath the chemise as she continued talking. "At that point, I didn't like the doctor. Then he left for work and I got some sleep. When I woke up, I had no idea where my clothes were kept. Then one of the maids came, gave me a robe and showed me where they were. I went downstairs for my breakfast where I bumped into his son."

"He had children?" I inquired.

"Just one son," she said. "He was my age but he was very rude. He just stared at me angrily. Didn't say a single word." Kamal stretched her arms making her nipples still more pronounced. "My mother was in the intensive care unit that first week right after the surgery. I couldn't get to see her much but I still stayed at the hospital all day. That second night was pretty much the same as the first. He was like a kid with a new toy. He wanted me in every which way. He made me parade up and down in his bedroom naked. He had me spread my legs apart. He sat there staring at it. Then he would grab me, pin me under his body, and shove his dick in me. Another night of intense fucking."

"Looks like you were enjoying yourself," I said.

My wife ignored my remarks again. "Dr. Dinesh left early as usual. I slept on as I was too exhausted. Then the sheets got pulled away and I began shouting at the idiot maid who couldn't see that I was sleeping. I wasn't wearing anything but I couldn't care less until I opened my eyes and saw Rajiv, the son, just staring at my body with an evil grin," my wife narrated.

"Don't tell me you had sex with the son, too," I said. I could feel the acid in my stomach churning.

"Everyday after his father left for work," Kamal answered my question. "After he pulled the sheets out, he took his clothes off and got on the bed. He has a great body. His dick was big and strong. He put his mouth on my breasts and sucked them. He went back and forth on each breast, then he started kissing his way down my stomach all the way to my pussy. He licked my pussy. His own father's semen was dripping out and he was licking it up. It felt strange. Finally he positioned me doggy style on his father's bed and slid his dick into me. After he ejaculated, he left."

"Why didn't you have sex with all the relatives while you are at it. The son had nothing to do with the agreement. You could have resisted," I said.

"If I resisted, I would have been raped anyway. The police would side with the influential doctor, not with me," Kamal said. "Anyway, the son fucked me every morning after his father left home. He told me not to tell his father and I didn't, but I think his father knew anyway."

"So you slept with the father and the son. What else?" I asked.

"Looks like you want to hear all the details," she said.

"Don't I deserve to," I replied. I knocked the salt shaker down, spilling a few granules on the table.

"You're right," my wife said. She had that certain expression that made her so irresistable. "One day, a week later, I waited in bed as I did every morning for Rajiv, but to my surprise he wasn't alone that morning. He had come with his two cousins who were just teenagers. He pulled out the sheet to show them my body. I was so embarrassed. They were staring at my pussy and my breasts. After that initial embarrassment, I just let them stare. I could see they all had a bulge in their pants. They were all hard for me. So I stood up."

"You stood up naked in front of them?" I asked. I felt myself getting an erection. If I stood up, she could see it through the thin fabric of my pajamas.

"I don't know what happened. It felt good to be naked and to be watched. So I walked among them and asked them to feel me up. Rajiv had his hands over me first to show his cousins how it was done. They'd never seen a live naked woman and it felt unbelievable as they touched me. They were exploring me," Kamal said. She stood up and placed her cereal in the fridge. She sat back down and asked, "Do you want to hear more?"

"I must hear everything," I replied. "Did you fuck the teenage cousins?"

"Not that first day with them," she answered. "After they felt me up, Rajiv told them to take off their pants. He asked them if they would like to have their penises put into my mouth. He assured them that it would feel very nice. Those kids were ready to spurt anytime. Their young cocks were oozing with pre-cum. I got on my knees on that hardwood floor and grabbed the older one's balls in my hand. I licked off his pre-cum. With just two strokes, he practically flooded my mouth. It was all over my chin. There were huge globs on my breasts and lots more on the floor. I got a bunch of paper towels and cleaned up the mess while they watched me. The younger one was so excited with anticipation, his cock was twitching every which way. As I approached his cock and started to feel it in my hands, he just spurted all over the place. Rajiv was laughing and the young boy was so embarrassed that he had ejaculated with just my touching his dick."

"What else did the doctor do to you," I asked. I had a raging hard-on. I dared not stand up. My wife exciting those teenage boys had a certain effect on me.

"Eventually it had become pretty much a routine. He would fuck me once or twice every night. He would watch me take a shower first. He would have a glass of Johnie Walker in his hands and sip on his drink as I soaped myself. Usually I would start the evening by sucking his dick and then before he comes into my mouth, he would plunge his hard dick into my pussy."

"Thanks for being so descriptive," I muttered. I was having serious doubts about my marriage lasting. "You mentioned that the doctor also included other men that you had to perform sexually with." I couldn't use the word 'fuck'.

"Oh... Yes. The doctor invited his three friends every Friday night for 'teen pati'. They would drink their scotch with water, munch on spicy cashews and play cards," Kamal said.

"Were you the prize?" I asked. 'Teen pati' was the Indian version of poker played with three cards instead of five.

"Oh. No. I was the entertainment," my wife replied. "I had to remove all my clothes in front of them. They would whistle, cheer and call me a whore and other unmentionable things. I had to play with them while they played cards. I sat on their laps and grinded my butt into their erections. They put their hands on my tits and their fingers in my pussy. Then when one could not hold any longer, he would take me to the bedroom, put on a condom and fuck me like a whore. The others would continue playing. Then we would return back to the card table. He would resume playing and I would get fingered and groped all over


"How many times were you taken to the bedroom," I asked.

"About eight or nine times and that was just his three buddies. They treated me like a whore. All three of them offered me money in private to have sex with them at other times," she answered.

"Did you accept their offers?" I asked.

"No way. I did what I did for my mother and not for money," Kamal replied. She stood up to open the window behind her. The way her little panties hugged her tight smooth buttocks made me jealous of all those uncouth men who had taken advantage of Kamal.

"Why did you fuck the cousins?" I asked. I finally used the f-word.

"Rajiv came back with his cousins during the last days of my stay. He wanted them to experience this ultimate act that would make them into men. I obliged," my wife said.

"Is that all you want to say?" I asked. A slight breeze brushed my face.

"Yes," she replied.

"You had sex with seven different men and you want my forgiveness and acceptance," I said.

"I am hoping that you can understand the circumstances that made me do this. I didn't go out and do this because I wanted to," Kamal countered.

I spoke loudly. "Let me tell you something. If I was forced into a situation like you were, I would not actively participate or reciprocate in these sex acts. I expected you to resist by not participating. You could have lied down submissively and let them do what they wanted. But golly from what you told me, you actually wanted to fuck around."

"It is not that simple. I had no choice. If I didn't reciprocate, they would have treated me worse and made me do humiliating and hedious things," my wife responded.

I had to ask the question that gnawed at me all morning. "Why are you telling me this? I would have never known."

"Well...Dr.Dinesh is coming to San Diego for a conference," Kamal said.

"So what has that got to do with us."

"He expects to stay with us," Kamal said. She twirled her ring around her finger.

"Have you told him that would not be appropriate?" I asked. I stared at her well manicured nails.

"No, because he is still monitoring my mother and carefully adjusting her medication for her recovery," my wife replied. She glanced away from me.

"So where would we put up the distinguished doctor?" I asked.

"He expects to sleep in our bed with me," she replied.

"You're kidding me right!" I shouted. I thought my veins would pop. "I am sure you happily agreed to this arrangement. Well, I'm sorry but I am not going to allow it."

"He put it plainly that if my mother doesn't receive the proper medication, she would not recover. He expects full cooperation from you and me," my wife replied.

"So while you fornicate, I sleep on the couch outside. Is that the arrangement he planned?" I questioned. Morning had turned in afternoon.

"Not exactly. He expects you to be in the bedroom and watch," replied my wife.

I had expected the distinguished Dr. Dinesh to be a tall handsome impeccably dressed man. I couldn't believe that he was actually sitting down on our sofa in the living room of our third floor apartment and I was playing the good host. Dr. Dinesh was balding, overweight, sloppily dressed and he had his arms around my lovely sexy wife, Kamal.

I judged men by their socks. If someone's socks covered feet began to emanate an unmentionable odor, he definitely got a failing grade. If they had holes, the pair did not match and the elastic that held it over the ankles were worn out, the score didn't improve. Dr. Dinesh failed miserably in my test. How did Kamal stand to be near this man.

"Kamal is a very sexual woman. You are a lucky man," the doctor said. He munched on a tortilla chip.

I mumbled, "Thank you." It was not the answer I wanted to give. I went to the kitchen to fix myself a drink.

"Such a nice beautiful body your wife has. I really missed it. The way she was so proud of it and always willing to please," Dr. Dinesh said as I walked back into the living room. "Isn't that true, Kamal?" His hand was massaging her breast right in front of my eyes.

"I did my best to please you," my wife replied.

The doctor had arrived just half an hour ago and he was wasting no time. Kamal seemed to have snuggled closer. She wore a knit top with spaghetti straps sans bra and the doctor took advantage of this. His hand easily slipped inside and his fingers were actually touching and fondling my wife's nipples. My wife looked straight at me as she enjoyed the sensation.

This was all happening too fast. "Dr. Dinesh, would you like to take a shower to freshen up from your long trip?" I asked hoping that he would remove his hand from her tits. I wanted to prolong the inevitable.

Still groping my wife's tits, he said, "That's a wonderful idea, Anoop." To my wife, he said, "Kamal, we shall bathe together like old times."

My wife never mentioned sharing the shower with the doctor while in India. I tried to have eye contact with Kamal but she looked the other way.

"Forgive my manners," the doctor said to Kamal. "Please ask your husband to come

and watch us."

I stood frozen. Never before have I felt such a loss of control. I wanted my wife to resist this man. I wanted to know that she was still for me.

He nudged her to say something. "Anoop, would you please watch me bathe Dr. Dinesh?" she said. She didn't seem to say it reluctantly.

I glared into Kamal's face. She knew that was all I could do. I mumbled, "OK." I felt powerless. This was going to be a very long week.

Like in most apartments, our bathroom was cozy. With another stiff drink in my hands, I put the lid down and sat on the pot.

My wife was giggling in our bedroom. She and the doctor were there together removing their clothes. I kept gulping down my drink. My wife entered first followed by the doctor right behind her. His semi-erect pecker gently poking her young well-formed buttocks as they walked in. As she turned on the shower adjusting the temperature, he groped my wife's smaller than average but perky breasts. She submitted totally to his fondling and even turned slightly so that he could access them better. To my surprise, my wife turned her head up and let out a moan.

"Women are more sensitive to another man's touch than that of their own husband's. No matter how much they deny, they prefer to have a variety of men," the doctor said. His cock had grown bigger. It was as long as mine but definitely broader in girth.

My wife had an awesome body but being naked in front of this doctor, she looked enticing. Her flat tummy smoothing its way to the triangular patch was a sight that would bring lust even in the holiest of men.

"Would you like the usual?" Kamal asked the doctor. She did not pay any attention to me.

"Definitely," he spoke with a strong accent pivoting his head from side to side, an affirmative gesture in South Asia. He carefully sat down on the side of the tub and opened his legs. As my wife turned off the shower, I studied the doctor's penis, its veins and its ridges. It looked menacingly at me. That piece of meat had been in my wife's pussy at least fifty times from her accounts. It had shown its ugly head again, literally.

"Doctor, sahib. I really love your dick," Kamal said. She was on her knees, her face inches away from his purplish organ. She held it with familiarity, stroking the underside of the organ with the web between her forefinger and thumb. The other hand cradled his balls while her fingers like tentacles pleasured the skin surrounding the sac including occasional forays into his anal orifice.

"Stop," I said. It came out as a squeeky croak. "Stop it, for God's sake."

The doctor, sitting naked on my tub, laughed. "My dear Anoop. Your wife is doing this with her own free will. There is nothing to stop," he said.

My voice hadn't recovered. "That's a lie," I said. My palms were clammy.

Kamal was still facing the doctor's erect penis. It seemed she wanted to get back to her task, waiting for the interuption to pass.

"I gather Kamal hadn't told you certain things. She thought you wouldn't be able to handle it," the doctor said. "When your mother in law was released from the hospital, I told Kamal that she had completed her obligation. I told her that she could go back to her mother and to her husband waiting in America. But as you know, your wife had stayed about a month after her mother returned back home from the hospital. In that month, she came back everynight to me,to submit her body."

"Kamal, what is the doctor saying?" I asked.

"She was eager even to go back to my buddies on Friday nights. She was treated like a whore and loved it," the doctor spoke.

"That's not true," I mumbled half-heartedly. I felt dizzy.

Glad that the interuption was over, Kamal gingerly licked up the oozing precum from the tip of his rod. She held the base of his cock with her hand and began sucking on his rod with enthusiasm that I had not seen from her. My wife never enjoyed sucking my cock and did it half-heartedly only upon my persistent requests.

"Enough," the doctor said pushing my wife's head from his pecker. My wife got off her knees, bent forward with her hands against the tiled wall for support. Her perfect ass was waiting for his well lubricated dick.

Well my wife did mention that the doctor would never let her finish the blowjob.

He always wanted to cum inside her pussy. At least that was the truth. Seeing his semen on her lips and chin was a sight I was not prepared for.

"Um," my wife mouthed as I watched for the first time another man penetrate his dick into my wife's pussy. I was frozen. Kamal was enjoying this too much. He was slipping his wide body jet with authority, grinding it deep into her hidden flesh feeling its enveloping warmth that was once only for me.

Still I hoped that this was a dream. I was not willing to register what my eyes witnessed and my ears heard: the grunting from the doctor, the succulent moans from my wife, his balls slapping my wife's flesh as he thrusted himself in and her willful participation.

Like a jackhammer, the doctor pounded my wife. I poured the rest of my drink down my throat, anxiously waiting for the elusive numbness. I was determined to survive these next days and to get the doctor ten thousand miles away from my life.

I believed that my wife's moaning was an act to please the doctor, to show him that he was a good lover. Even that hope was shattered as I realized my wife's body tensed and twisted in a fashion that I had only seen a handful of times in my two years of marriage. My wife had a hard time climaxing and here she was going to do just that in front of my eyes.

"Oh, fuck me. Don't stop," my wife said between her moans. She had never talked dirty to me. Her breasts jiggled deliciously as the pounding from the doctor continued without abatement.

Being bent over with her legs slightly apart, her body rippled with convulsions at the moment of truth. I had never felt so inadequate in my life before. The doctor kept pounding away.

I wanted to ask the doctor when will he deposit his seed into my very willing wife. But I kept quiet and waited for this event to take place. I was tired sitting on the pot watching my wife being taken by another man that I was actually glad when Dr. Dinesh finally ejaculated. My wife stayed bent over just to humiliate me further with the sight of his spunk oozing out around her labia.

"Anoop, your wife wants to show you how much she has enjoyed herself," Dr. Dinesh said with a laugh. His penis still erect glistened with Kamal's juices.

"Why are you doing this to me?" I pleaded to the doctor. My wife had turned on the shower again.

"You are taking this personally, my friend. Kamal was like a flower waiting to bloom. But she never knew what energy was being imprisoned deep within her soul. You didn't have the key and you were keeping her like a caged animal because you didn't know any better," the doctor said.

"We don't need you to save us, especially if it means making my wife into a slut," I countered. Kamal was in the shower and was beckoning the doctor to come in.

"I am saving her and she wants to be saved," the doctor said as he joined my wife in the shower.

The intimacy displayed in the shower sickened me, my wife's young flawless body caressing the middle-aged body of the doctor. She was washing him with a tenderness she definitely lacked for me. I felt I was a nobody.

"Why are you staying in this marriage?" I asked Kamal later that evening. She wore her sexiest and shortest black satin robe and nothing else. The doctor and I were sitting on the sofa while Kamal prepared us some hot Indian tea.

"Because I love you and you are my dear husband," she replied. Her face looked radiant. It seemed that the good hard fucking from the doctor made her more beautiful.

"Your words and your actions are worlds apart," I said as she handed me the tea. With every step she took, her well trimmed triangular patch was exposed.

"You really are an engineer. You see everything as either black or white," Dr. Dinesh said. He was relaxed and in high spirits.

"Do you expect me to stick around in this marriage?" I questioned my wife. She sat down. The thin fabric did not hide her hardened nipples.

"I wish you would. I love you dearly," she replied.

"Then why are you being a slut?" I asked.

"Because you don't know what a woman wants," Dr. Dinesh answered for my wife.

"Kamal, answer me. Why have you become a slut?" I asked again.

"She had found something that she was missing. I don't think she can explain it to you," Dr. Dinesh interjected again.

"Bullshit," I replied.

It was definitely cramp on our queen size bed. Kamal dispensed her little piece of lingerie that she was wearing and squeezed herself between the doctor and myself. I was ignored as her naked body gave its full attention to the equally naked doctor. Jolts of jealousy ran through me whenever her smooth body brushed against mine.

"I want to be on top," Kamal whispered between tender kisses. I wanted to turn away, but I didn't. I watched as she straddled him. She moved up and down riding his strong cock. With every stride, she swayed rhythemically, tossing her hair. The sight would have been very erotic, if it wasn't my wife acting like a pure slut.

"Kamal's breasts are a joy to fondle," Dr. Dinesh said as he was enjoying my wife's eager moves. His hands were playing with her mammary glands.

I finally turned away and buried my head under my pillow. I tried to sleep and I may have dozed off a couple of times throughout the night. I counted without enthusiasm three sessions of lovemaking. Surprisingly my wife had an orgasm on all the sessions.

As I left for work, groggy from lack of sleep, I glanced one more time at my sleeping naked wife, cuddling the middle-aged body of the doctor.

"Good morning," Dr Dinesh said as I walked out of my bedroom.

The next few days were crucial days in the completion of my employer's multi-million dollar project. I could only get home around 9:00 p.m. I made several calls home to my wife but she would not divulge much about anything. When I did come home, I was certain they had started their activities before I arrived which proceeded well into the night on our queen sized bed.

Spells of depression overwhelmed me everyday. The only thing that held me together was the fact that the doctor was leaving in three more days. Other than that, the fact that my wife was able to reach an orgasm every time she was fucked by the doctor troubled me.

On Friday night, I arrived home earlier. As I turned the key on my apartment door, I heard the animated conversations among men. My stomach turned. As I entered, I immediately noticed Anil Sharma sitting with Dr. Dinesh. The other man, I didn't recognize but I immediately categorized as someone without the best intentions for me.

"Anoop, my friend," Anil said. "I didn't know you were acquainted with Dr. Dinesh. Did you know that we go a long way back?" His grin was evil.

"I am not surprised," I responded. I was relieved to see Kamal had her clothes on, preparing snacks and drinks in the kitchen. She didn't wear her bra though and the shape of her breasts with the protrusion of her nipples was clearly evident for all to see.

"This is Mr. Gopalji," Dr. Dinesh introduced me to the other man. "He runs a very successful mail order business right here in San Diego."

I shook his hand and sat down on the table with the three men figuring out their intentions. Anil Sharma, I knew was no good. His acclaim to noteriety was well

known among our small circle of Indians living in San Diego. After all the abuse

she took, no one understood why Anil's wife had stayed so long before leaving

her husband.

"Please join us for 'teen pati'," Anil said. His sinister moustache wiggled as he spoke. Anil produced a pack of cards as Kamal placed three glasses of scotch whiskey with water.

"Dr. Dinesh, would you mind having this game at Mr. Anil's residence or Mr. Gopalji's residence?" I asked. I didn't want Anil Sharma to know the activities that has happened in this apartment these last five days.

"Kamal invited my friends here and it would be impolite to have them leave," Dr. Dinesh said. He was shuffling the cards.

"Well, alright," I said. I had no idea why I was not putting a fight. Kamal had probably twenty orgasms in the last five days and in my two years of marriage, I could only remember giving her that pleasure four times.

"Come, join us," Dr. Dinesh said as he dealt me three cards. I had a drink poured out for me and I gulped it down.

"Come sit here," Gopalji commanded my wife. His hands were patting his thighs.

Anil Sharma was studying my face for any reaction as Kamal sat down on the middle-aged gentleman's thighs. He seemed amused that I had become nothing more than a cuckold.

"You're a good man, Anoop," Anil said. He won the first hand.

Gopalji place his hand between my wife's legs right at her crotch. Kamal didn't attempt to remove his hand and sat on his lap rhythmically swaying her buttock over his stiffening rod. I hoped her black polyester boot-cut pants will remain on her throughout the evening, but I wasn't counting on it.

"That feels good," Kamal moaned as Gopalji's hands were inside her sheer top feeling her little titties.

"Her breasts are very bouncy, nice to hold and grab," Dr. Dinesh commented.

It didn't matter that I won the next two hands. Probably I was the only one concentrating on the game. My face had become contorted into a scowl, a look of humiliation and helplessness.

My wife looked vibrant. She tingled with electricity, an excitement that stirred somewhere deep within her legs. She peeled off her pants and her thong and practically jumped on Anil Sharma. Her pussy and her tight butt has now been exposed to these men and news of what was going to take place would definitely spread far and wide. I knew I will be the laughing stock of our tight knit society in San Diego.

Dr. Dinesh and Gopalji helped remove my wife's top for Anil's benefit. "Wonderful," he said before mouthing a good portion of her breast. His hands roamed up and down her smooth back. She, meanwhile, grinded herself, like a professional lapdancer.

I was a coward. I allowed my wife to become a slut. I wanted to hide as these men casually and without fear began enjoying my wife's body.

"I cannot wait," Kamal said as she proudly walked without a single stitch of clothing into our bedroom with Anil Sharma in tow.

I gulped down my second glass of the potent liquor and played another round of 'teen pati' with the doctor and Mr. Gopalji. In the meantime, my wife was allowing Mr. Sharma to fuck her on our bed and in our bedroom. My wife was moaning loudly so that we could all hear as we sat on the table. Dr. Dinesh had a big smile on his face.

"Anil is very clever in sex. He can get women to have big orgasms. I just don't

know how he does it," Dr. Dinesh said. He folded his cards and grabbed a handful

of potato chips.

"I know. There is this oriental lady that is always waiting for Anil outside his home wanting to get fucked. He is always telling her to get lost," Gopalji said.

"I would imagine that Kamal would keep going back to Anil," Dr. Dinesh said. He

flipped a winning hand on the table.

Great! I was losing in the card game, knowing my wife was having sex with a notorious man and worst of all, she was moaning louder than she did even with Dr. Dinesh. My world was quickly swallowing me up. I hoped Gopalji was terrible in sex. I couldn't take anymore humiliation today.

"Why don't you go, see and learn something," Dr. Dinesh suggested.

Like a defeated man, I stood up and proceeded to my bedroom hoping that the door was locked. Part of me wanted to see but the rest of me would probably be unable to handle it. The knob turned and I saw my wife on the bed in the midst of passion. Anil was penetrating his monster deep into my wife. She had her calves over his shoulder and her pussy raised for maximum penetration. I stood outside the open door watching my wife stripping every last ounce of dignity left in me.

There was no acknowledgement of my presence. I was just an outsider to them. My

head was spinning and I closed the door softly. Back at the table, I picked up my cards.

For no better word, it was a 'shriek' that emanated from Kamal's attractive

mouth. The hairs in my body all stood on ends. We all knew that she experienced

the ultimate sensation magnified ten-fold. Worse than that, I expected my neighbors to rush in any moment, wondering what unholy act just took place.

Anil emerged like a triumphant gladiator wrapped in my terry cloth robe. The smirk on his face was an ugly sight to see. "She will take some time to recover," he said.

"Well, I hope she does," Gopalji said. I couldn't figure out whether that was a wise-crack or his selfish concern. The cards were being dealt again.

Kamal emerged in a daze. Her hair was tousled and she walked passed us straight to the sofa. She had nothing on. When she sat, her legs were apart. Spunk like molten lava was creeping its way to the upholstery. The men ignored her but I kept glancing her way.

The men were immersed in the card game. The bets were getting higher. My winnings were getting sporadic. I didn't notice Kamal was sitting on Gopalji. Her arms were around his neck. The game went on.

"Let's fuck now," Kamal was whispering.

Gopalji was on a streak. He ignored my wife's sweet requests until he got a couple of losing hands. Then they left together to the bedroom.

"Do you want me to come over or would you rather have Kamal come to my home?"

Anil asked. He was shuffling the deck of cards.

"What are you talking about?" I said. My voice sounded squeeky.

"Kamal will need me and I don't want to make things difficult for her," he replied.

I folded. I got the worst cards possible, a two, a three and a five of different colors. My wife's moans weren't as loud as half an hour ago. She was enjoying another man's penis shovings its way into her insides right now and I realized that whatever I said would have made no difference.

"Kamal will come back to her senses," I said.

"She has come to her senses," the doctor said.

There may have been words to say or actions to take. As long as my wife wanted these men, I was powerless. I didn't even have enough dignity to leave my wife.

So I played on while my wife was alternated by Anil Sharma and Gopalji. In the end each of them had taken her three times and they left satisfied with promises of further sessions.

"Let's take a shower," my wife said to Dr. Dinesh.

I ended up doing the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen area. They went straight to our bed after drying themselves off. When I finished getting the apartment in order, I went to lie down next to my wife with the doctor on top of her, sliding his prick into her. Soon I managed to fall asleep.

The doctor finally left on Sunday. I didn't know what to say or do with her anymore. Kamal wore a little short skirt that beautifully accentuated her thighs. I used to love when other men became jealous of my having such a beautiful wife but now I felt it was a curse. It was strange now to be alone with her in the apartment. We ate dinner in silence. I did the dishes.

Kamal broke the silence. She had a handbag strapped to her shoulders and the car keys in her hands. "I'm going to Anil's house. Don't wait for me," she said.


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